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1.Explain the name of the band and also the reasons for forming it.

The name comes from one of the ancient deities of the Andes specifically the Andean region of Huánuco, from which we are and are very proud; Libiac or also called Yana Raman, a highly respected deity and feared by the inhabitants of the pre-Inka villages of the Peruvian central Andean part which was considered the god of Thunder.

The main reason for forming the band is to spread through the lyrics of each of our themes the permanence and revaluation of our ancestral legacy, in all areas, likewise the band will transmit the pagan style which helps the idea or To this end, the advantage is to have found comrades with the same direction in thoughts about the honour and pride of our ancestors.

2.What are the topics you preach, what are you trying to express and/or what is the ideological proposal of the band?

The themes are basically focused on the Andean mythology and the pagan concept and beyond proposing I would say that it is to transmit what is being lost in our country: the identity and worldview of our predecessors. We reject all Christian interference.

3.How do you know about these topics? In which are they inspired or based on?

Being from the central Andean region we have all the ingredients to manifest as such. Knowing Quechua helps us a lot, getting to know the places closely and knowing about the Andean worldview, such as the customs and traditions of our environment, was very helpful and inspired not only in the lyrics of the themes but also maintaining a style of life.

4.What is your opinion of the Christian religion or other religions?

The religions of each place in that sense Christianity is foreign to ours, it is also worth emphasizing the history of false history that was told and implanted. We strongly reject Christianity.

5.If so, what kind of Andean rituals do you practice today? Why do you practice them? What is the meaning they give you today?

The Pagapu and the Pachamama, the reason is as part of giving tribute to the Apus and the same Pachamama, this is reciprocal since the connection we have is beyond a paradigm, it is pure conviction. Another reason we practice and will continue is to maintain that ancestral tradition.

6.What is your perception of the Norwegian Black Metal of the 90s?

There is nothing to detract from the Norwegian Black Metal scene of that time. Beyond the relevance of the events that occurred and were of great impact not necessarily in the musical if not in the events, but when one forms a band and aligning to this Point highlights with greater emphasis the musical side and the pride that they manifest towards their culture.

7. If so, what would you say is the influence of Norwegian Black Metal, both musical and ideological, for your band?

Windir, Kampfar, Burzum, Mayhem.

8. What do you think about the Metal scene of your area or region?

The local scene (Huánuco) is resurfacing in terms of Metal followers, through the increase to local concerts and sharing information about the Metal. With Libiac we will always continue to fight and maintain our musical style with themes of honour and ancestral pride.

9. What do you think about the Metal scene in Lima?

The Metal scene in Lima is shown with a great increase since frequent concerts with international bands, festivals and local concerts are given and every time the support of the general public is noticed to the local bands and that motivates the bands to continue creating songs and contributing more to the national scene.

10. Finally, what is the link that you find between Metal and the Andean world, ancestral pre Inkas or Inkas cultures? Why relate Metal to this theme?

Metal is a means by which one expresses all kinds of thoughts and ideologies and gives you the freedom to manifest yourself and what you want to convey. The convenience of addressing issues in metal or black metal is differentiated from blasphemy to rites or prayers to supreme beings or divinities and in this way allows us to find that metal link with the Andean world and thus express our ancestral heritage.

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  1. fan de libiac says:

    Manténgalo crudo, y más riffs que melodías con tremolo picking!

  2. LordKrumb says:

    Are there any links to hear this band’s music, other than the lo-fi live videos on their Facebook page?

    1. just lo-fi videos for now, they are releasing stuff soon.

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