Weathering the Storm as a Republican Metalhead

November 8th, 2016.  Manhattan, NY.  Election night.  I was there.

Wading back and forth between a crowd of suits and red hats gathered outside the Fox News building on 6th ave and a similar group gathered a few blocks north outside the Hilton hotel where the soon-to-be President-Elect was present, I celebrated ecstatically as electoral college results came in showing my favorite politician on the cusp of capturing the presidency.  All of us were over the moon with excitement and bliss, particularly because New York City had seldom presented a place where support of the man the media branded as Hitler 2.0 could be expressed openly.

While walking home and passing virtually every media truck parked for a mile along the road where America’s next President prepared his victory speech, a young NPR reporter excitedly rushed over to me with her microphone and cameraman after seeing the ridiculous “Trump 2020” pins on my shirt.  I agreed to her request for interview and explained why I thought Trump’s non-interventionist foreign policy and realist economic objectives would benefit the country’s middle and working classes.  Admitting her surprise to learn that I was a compliance director working near Wall St. and not the basic redneck Trump voter the media had branded us as, she asked if I was excited about the likelihood of supporting Trump being more socially acceptable now that he was president.  “Yeah” I said “It finally won’t be taboo now!”

We could not have been more wrong.

Mining the salt of those liberal tears in this most liberal city that week was joyful, but something happened that (perhaps through naivety) I did not expect:  Nearly every heavy metal site, journalist, and personality was in sheer panic and hysteria over the election of the less-corrupt candidate.  Sure, I knew (and expected) that the nu-male MetalSucks journalists had been openly campaigning for Hillary and that many of the “Hollywood Metal” personalities like Kerry King and Kirk Hammet were shilling just as hard.  But blogs and musicians I believed to be pretty apolitical like Invisible Oranges and even Neil “Imperial” Jameson of Krieg (who I knew to be involved with NSBM circles) menstruating verbal rivers against the allegedly most imperial president was unexpected.  I was shocked and enraged.  I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for younger Republican metalheads who were much more involved in the metal culture than I was at the time.

No Clean Singing, ClvtNation, Decibel Magazine, one by one the numbers took the mainstream path of “resistance.”  What was supposed to be the most rebellions, outsider form of music was directly in sync and in step with the clowns of America’s pop culture personalities and media.  Some- many even- claimed to be death metal and black metal.  I’ll never forget one article that had something along the lines of “Okay, I know we’ve all been playing music about war and Armageddon and darkness but seriously, the Trump thing is too far!”  I couldn’t believe the irony.  Perhaps I was ignorant, just not paying attention, but it was at this moment that I realized just how fake nearly all the personalities involved in metal really where.

The absolute state of liberal metal journalism

And in this embarrassing moment for metal journalism, this dark age of being a conservative metalhead, this terrible season for humanity’s most adversarial music genre, there was one high traffic metal site- anchored by one savage, sadistic, take no prisoners walking gulag- that took the opposing stance.  That site was DEATH METAL UNDERGROUND and that infamous editor was none other than DANIEL MAARAT.

Aided by Brett Stevens and briefly by our current editor, Maarat waged the most sadistic warfare ever seen in the history of music journalism.  Surpassed in extremity and brutality only by Andrew Anglin, Maarat broke metal liberals, ended metal journalism careers, and made many of these sites and personalities afraid to ever write about politics again.  Entire podcasts were dedicated to him, NWN forum users feared him, Reddit revered him.  Relentless and ultimately invincible, Maarat led the right-wing into battle for metal’s soul at the height of the American culture wars.

“I am the gulag!” Maarat once declared. He was.

Though I had been a fan of Brett’s writings since the days, it was Daniel Maarat’s writings that inspired me to become a part of this writing team.  I had no reason to get into metal journalism or any kind of journalism-life in Manhattan’s finance district was vicious and nihilistic enough- but the one sided narrative on virtually all metal sites left me no choice.  It was time to get involved and push back, because all of the virgin beta-male values being pushed by the nu males of liberal journalism were the exact opposite of what heavy metal is about.  War was inevitable.

2017 was tough for Republicans and must have been especially tough for the younger Republican metalheads.  Trump derangement syndrome was a plague on the population and even more so in counter culture movements like heavy metal.  The Charlottesville drama was especially brutal as the media unanimously declared all Republicans to be racist and, for a time, most of the nation agreed.  Antifa was protesting metal shows, threatening metal promoters, and attacking innocent metal concertgoers male and female.

After Antifa’s “Refuse Facism Civil War” went virtually unattended, the movement quickly died out in America

But, over time, the left began imploding.  They cannibalized their own, through their own methods.  Many of their leaders were sacrificed through sexual harassment scandals.  The American Antifa abruptly imploded in November.  Now, evidence is clear that it was not Trump who was the treasonous Russian collaborator but instead his deep state adversaries such as Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, and Barrack Obama.  The truth is spreading, the narrative advancing, and more of us are getting our first “Trump checks” and seeing that things really are getting better here economically.

For Republican metalheads, the stillness demonstrated through the storm of 2017 is paying off.  Liberalism is dying, and the old generation of metalheads is retiring.  They say Gen-Z is the most conservative generation in decades.  It is them who will inherit the future of metal.  And ultimately, the “right side of history” will honor those who stood stood against the blitzkrieg of the deep state and MSM liberals through the relentless assault to demonize even the most moderate of Republicans.

To the young Republican, conservative, and centerist metalheads: hang in there.  The storm is almost over.  Your day of reckoning approaches.

And to Daniel Maarat, the war hero of death metal:  Get your Baltic ass the fuck back here and do our Sadistic Metal Reviews.  Are you really going to make war with the entire internet and just disappear?

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33 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm as a Republican Metalhead”

  1. Reduced Without Any Effort says:

    LOL suck Maarat’s dick some more why don’t you fucking queer. The SMRs are the worst and most pointless filler articles this site has ever had. Is this a site about metal music, which is beyond politics, or a metal-flavored Breitbart?

  2. B.G. says:

    Where one can find podcasts dedicated to Maarat?

      1. fashy bowlcut says:

        12 minutes of that gave me GRIDS and cancer and alzheimer’s

        Fortunately being a long-time reader here has allowed me to develop resistances to those things, else I would not have escaped unscathed

        But a warning to others – that shit’s retarded

  3. S.C. says:

    Though I fully support the controversy stirred by Trump, the tears he has caused to be shed by snow flakes the world over and what he represents in the minds of traditionalists within our modern multicultural cesspool, as an individual he is not to be taken seriously. He is a clown complete with make-up and a wig. He is a demagogue. He does not truly represent white traditional values. His nature is that of an importunate child never told no. He represents plutocracy. That he is compared to such a charismatic and effective leader as Hitler is an insult to him. That Trump is willing to exploit anything for monetary gain shows that he truly represents nothing, opposite of the Third Reich. He is barely form completely void of substance. As fraudulent of a fraud as one can get. Also, he’s a politician so he’s just a head of the same beast as Clinton, Obama, Sanders, etc…

  4. Dad 666 - Republican and Antichrist says:

    I was hoping this was just more bad memes. RIP

  5. Daniel Maarat says:

    Hello Brock Dorsey,

    I am not a leftist, right winger, Republican, conservative, or centrist; I am merely opposed to idiocy and delusion. Force is force and humans are apes. Mass acceptance of ludicrous conceptions thinly-veneered atop coercion and force is mass hypnosis. The basis of the Enlightenment was mass acquiescence of delusions through literacy without logic. Liberal democracy is in retreat as it, like past human societies, was founded upon delusions that were only accepted by the masses due to their materialism.

    You have failed to grasp the philosophical essence of black metal. Why are you writing about it and your own extraneous, often erroneous conceptions of my writing? Republican metalheads are not creating new metal nor will they ever; they are just more worm bait.

    Go listen to Beherit & cave poseurs’ skulls in,
    Daniel Maarat

    1. S.C. says:

      The most coherent writing you ever published…

      1. JohnnyReb says:

        Something happened to him after he took over as editor. He used to write some useful stuff. Power?

        1. S.C. says:

          As editor he was an effective propagandist. Good at maintaining consistent rhetoric and usage of buzzerwords. But if you’re not prone to propaganda then his writing was of no effect. In this comment he was earnest and therefore expressing something real, not something designed to influence others.

  6. Autism says:

    I thought this sight was seeing something of an upswing lately.

    Was I wrong?

    Please… show me that I wasn’t guys. It’s teetering on the edge. Close to the edge.

    (Down by the river).

    1. T. Desecration says:

      Seasons WILL pass you by!

    2. Titus says:


  7. canadaspaceman says:

    Trump seemed to be the “lesser” of evils, but he is the same kosher crap.
    Yeah, I felt betrayed.
    No wonder others in the past dropped out of the elections.

    there is NO trust to be put in any politics.

  8. NWN War Metal Tranny Rape Division 666 says:

    Metal became gay a long time ago and the alt-right are LARP fags that listen to Depeche Mode. Don’t hold your breath for a metal future.

  9. NWN War Metal Tranny Rape Division 666 says:

    The right wingers metalheads are war metal tranny humpers and the left are the trannies getting humped. Everything is gay now.

    1. Harry, the guy with the snake tatoo on his face says:

      I’m not a homo.
      and for how long have you had AIDS ?

      fuck you san diego

  10. The Jeff Walker Experience says:

    >Reddit revered him
    >implying there is anything good about being liked by Reddit

  11. lol says:

    This is just him writing this piece sucking his own cock. The glory days of are long long past us.

  12. Ed says:

    Maraat’s sadistic reviews were childish and boring. No one wants them back. Trump is in bed with Israel, by the way. Same shit, different asshole. Next.

  13. Rainer Weikusat says:

    »Republican metalhead« is a bit of an oxymoron — if you feel like partaking in the charade called ‘democratic vote’, that’s a Right[tm] which has been awarded to you: You may partake in choosing the currently most popular name for a professional politician. This may or may not have any further, real-world consequences and these may or may not be related to something $politician_with_name said before The Chosing[tm] in order to popularize HIS name.

    This is all totally ridicolous.

    For as long as 60s memes like “generation blahfasel” (Humanity remade from scratch ! Everything different now !!) and “counter culture” still seem important, the boombabies still rule supreme and not much is going to happen (minus shifting state money towards whatever currently benefits the boombabies most).

  14. Doug says:

    Vexing, brutal, confrontational or at least not weak, unconventional, steadfast, virtuous, future/goal oriented and simply not willing to give posterity the finger despite precedents and near universal insistence to the contrary. Having never witnessed such, subsequent panic invites a cabal of frothing hate and disgust that will try to mask hurt feelings by patching together a blustery counterfeit to subvert the original, assuming jaw eventually pried from floor.

    Sounds familiar. It’s a story as old as time but never has so much (and so many) been at stake. Oh, and: this site has like gone downhill and stuff!!

  15. Gladius et Scutum says:

    You posters are hilarious. “We’re realists, metal is about facing reality.” Then you shun politics which is as real as you can get: compromise, cynicism, greed, self-serving, double dealing, and intrigue. Those are fucking reality you fucking pussies. Keep hoping for a return of the Dritte Reich or some mythical poet-philosopher king you fuckwits. Retreat into your metal caves and congratulate yourselves on how tasteful your taste is. Fucking pussies afraid of real life.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      “As everyone knows” metalheads are naive simpletons gnerally in favour of the eradication of all unintelligent human beings.

    2. taller more autistic looking man says:

      ooh yeah tickle my balls

    3. S.C. says:

      Unless you’re a participating member of government either through military, lobbying or public service then the real illusion is thinking you can have any sort of real impact outside of culture and community which aren’t inherently political, and only so when made to be.

  16. Dispirited says:

    Donald Trump is an illiterate orangutan who likes money and fame. Electing a TV reality star? accepting your stupid two-party politics system, or even participating in it as an independent while being a so-called metalhead? cheering for a moron who’s physically and mentally unfit, who admits he doesn’t read, and has fast food grease for blood? you believe that non-interventionist bullshit even now after seeing some of Trump’s most idiotic decisions and statements? all signs of mental retardation.

    You’re so afraid to agree with the liberal websites on how stupid Trump is that you embraced his idiocy completely. You’re chickens. Even the Sadistic Metal Reviews which used to be my favourite part of the site has turned into mediocre shit.

    1. Doug says:

      Despite sounding like a Salon article, willingness to use the term “mental retardation” is always a good sign. Hold off on moving to Canada for now as your services might be needed.

      1. Dispirited says:

        Doug, I find it ridiculous that the writers on this site have embraced Donald Trump simply because he vomited two or three soundbites with which they agree. One has to identify the reasons someone has to include a topic in their discourse, and as is often the case with so called conservatives, those reasons run against the values of Metal. This is simple and honest observation. Canada disgusts me too with its flirtation with islamophilia, so fuck that!

  17. novedadesnews says:

    ” The White Helmets said Sunday that the strikes hit a hospital in Maarat al-Numan.

  18. Snap out of it you partisan faggots says:

    So you chose a kosher Zionist dumbfuck over a murderous psychotic bitch, . Your benelovent slavemasters couldn’t give two flying fucks about us filthy goyim. Politics is mere window dressing & LARPing at this point. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid though as daddy leads you into another war for Greater Israel & Pax Judaica.

  19. Rudy Ventura says:

    Dudes in Nihilist would probably all over you and Trump

  20. Tom G. Putnam says:

    Daniel Maarat sucked, this article sucks, and this site, too, now sucks. I grew up reading the DLA, and thanks to Brett I was able to find some great, timeless music… but it’s time to let this shit die. Just like a lot of formerly awesome things, it has become a shitty product of gay times because it turned into a news site and covers too much gay shit. Constant whining about how metal is dead and all the new bands are gay and all the new records old bands did are gay. How the fuck is metal supposed to survive if every new thing people try to incorporate is gay? I mean, Nu-Gorguts and DSO suck, don’t get me wrong.) If it’s dead, then just shut the fuck up and go write for a political column or whatever, just stop polluting the internet with dumb gay over-intellectualized opinions about music most of America still think of as a product of the early 90s enjoyed by dope smoking edgy teens who were competing to fuck Cindy the closet-stoner-cheerleader in the ass while their friends drunkenly moshed outside the bedroom door to Bolt Thrower and Deicide aka the glory days.

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