Imprecation Members Respond to Antifa; Threaten Death Metal Underground

Loyal Death Metal Underground readers submitted various Imprecation members’ responses to David Herrera’s call for action against Antifa criminals who, aided by the actions of the Montreal police, shut down Messe des Morts and the Antifa Seven Hills cell of Richmond, Virginia slandering Imprecation. One of the guitarists threatened to break my jaw for posting how Antifascists Communists and their leftist supporters actually operate: violently silence anyone who doesn’t shout their slogans in the street.

Perhaps Dee Aitch is a communist sympathizer, who while against Antifa shutting down festivals, still supports the leftist ideal of achieving a utopia of mediocrity through violence. Perhaps he is simply a drunken beer metal thug who if not in a black metal band, would be in a hardcore band and looking to chuck Molotov cocktails at the homes and businesses of anyone who may or may not disagree with him. Perhaps he’s just drunk and angry that Death Metal Underground does not and never has adhered to the leftist social narrative.

Nevertheless, vocalist David Herrera stated that Imprecation is an apolitical band who do not support censorship in any form and that Antifa are cowards for not even daring to attack skinhead RAC shows.

Imprecation appear to be weekend warrior beer metallers who somehow put together a successful demo anthology and comeback album. Perhaps they are bitter that they were unable or unwilling to cash in on their past underground cult fame. Death Metal Underground still hopes to see a worthy and improved followup to Satane Tenebris Infinita despite the guitarist’s threat of assault.

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56 thoughts on “Imprecation Members Respond to Antifa; Threaten Death Metal Underground”

  1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    And you can go fuck yourselves if you suddenly don’t support Imprecation because of this, possibly he just wants to play in his band without being someone else’s puppet. I’ve seen them and talked to them many times, there’s no way in fucking hell an Antifa worm would do anything this band or their crowd, and they don’t need someone stirring up the fucking crazies and causing shit to prove their point.

    1. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

      but as far as I remember, didn’t call them nazis? where did he get that impression? is he illiterate?

      1. ANUSaanite says:

        …judging by the music, yes.

    2. Syphilis says:

      Calm your autism, you are clearly ramblin` about nuttin`.

  2. heavy_metal_muhammed says:

    The last paragraph in this article is laden with hormones, I took a bottle of anti-estrogen pills just to neuter its effect. Really looking forward to Daniel’s critique of the next Imprecation album.

  3. Roger says:

    This post makes no fucking sense. Did an autist write it? It doesn’t give enough context.

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    There’s a simple way to avoid this: Cut down the Facebook posturing. “Obey the metal command, smash XY to a pulp” is not funny. Especially considering that ski-mask wearing Montreal event tourists don’t represent anyone but themselves.

    In an ideal world, the Montreal police should have cleared away the people outside of the venue. The promoter should have published whatever threats were made. And ask everyone desiring to enter the location to sign a piece of paper that he’s doing so at his own risk (if legally possible in Canada). And leave anything else to the crowd. If someone thinks it’s a particularly bright idea to attack attendees of a Graveland concert because of some misguided notion of »antifascist« activism, it should be possible to get them out of the place ‘quickly’.

  5. Danny from Imprecation says:

    Daniel, are you not understanding that you have taken a personal Facebook post from David Herrera to his friends that (extreme in nature or not) dealt more with frustrations about music censorship than anything else, and turned it into a published article that states “Imprecation calls for drastic action antifascists”? Number one, you have thrown our whole band into this, which is slanderous. Number two, you have taken a statement, which at its core really didn’t have anything to do with the political stance of the band whatsoever, and you’ve used it to support your own political opinions. I am against censorship 100%, but more importantly, I am a guitarist with a fairly neutral political stance and have always left politics out of my bands and the music I create. I prefer to keep it that way. However, now my face is plastered all over the internet, and I’m being pinned as a Nazi by those who don’t know any better when that’s far from the truth. My frustrations in being misrepresented by you are completely justified. Call it whatever you want, but you’re not a metal journalist, you’re just a fucking internet troll who likes to stir up controversy, and you’re using my band as your scapegoat. Fuck off.

    -Danny from Imprecation

    1. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

      Hi Danny from Impregnation.

      “a personal Facebook post from David Herrera to his friends that (extreme in nature or not) dealt more with frustrations about music censorship than anything else, and turned it into a published article that states “Imprecation calls for drastic action antifascists”?”

      David literally incited violence against the people in question (antifa), making the title of the article accurate. David is presumably a big boy and can take responsibility for his own words.

      “I’m politically neutral”
      A coded way of saying “I don’t care about my country or what’s going on around me,” but fine, that’s your right.

      ” I’m being pinned as a Nazi by those who don’t know any better ”
      Nobody here called you a nazi, so that’s on the people calling you a nazi. This site isn’t responsible for the dumb opinions of idiots who can’t read.

      “Number one, you have thrown our whole band into this, which is slanderous. ”
      Libelous, actually. Slander is spoken, libel is written. But it’s not libel either, so fuck off.

    2. notthatimportant says:

      Stockholm Syndrome, at his best.

    3. Imprecation spoke out for free speech, and nowhere that I saw did they endorse Nazism. If someone attacks you, please send the information on to for a followup. Anyone calling Imprecation “Nazis” or anything like it has missed the point, and is most likely insane.

    4. Svmmoned says:

      There’s nothing worse than when otherwise normal guy starts talking about politics and suddenly you notice, that he sounds like someone’s mother or a teenage girl. Embedding one’s position in inappropriate context (such personal statement as you presented in fact doesn’t stick to whole issue in any way) slogans, which were never thought through, popular misconceptions, ignorance and triviality ennobled as so called common sense – such dilettantism simply cannot be corrected, because fallacies of reasoning and lack of knowledge (or intuition!) are so overwhelming, that one doesn’t know from where to start. If you dont’t understand politics, you probably also don’t understand philosophy and meanings behind language. And I’m afraid, that the occult could be even more esoteric than that. One may wonder how your perspective can be of any value at all?

      Although, to be completly fair, an artist still may be able to channel something meaningful. It’s just hard to listen when they try to open their mouth.

  6. ANUSaanite says:

    What’s metal journalism anyway? All I keep hearing is something about Metal Sucks and a crab claw…

  7. Rainer Weikusat says:

    “Internet Driving License 101”

    1. Whatever you put onto the ‘net is going to be out there forever.
    2. Everyone can access it.

  8. User Name says:

    This site is in a sad state. I’ve been following and affiliated sites for 13 or so years now and I’m finally at the point where it’s time to undo that wiring that has me check back in on the activity every once in a while. Daniel Maarat, you have probably the heaviest hand in turning this site into hivemind clickbait, and it seems most of the hive is not of the same mind as you. This site has been a slope for a while now, but we don’t like you especially, and it’s not because we are SJW cucks. You’re a terrible editor, down to your grammar and proofreading, even if you try your hardest to parrot the principles and style that are the spirit of this place’s history.

    Is this site driven by add revenue now? Is this the stress for quantity over quality in articles now?

    1. oysterarseth says:

      Do not forget Dance Viggianno’s swill being passed off as top shelf liquor.

    2. Skull Powder says:

      In a comment with loads of typos and grammatical errors, the substance of your criticism is against Daniel’s grammatical errors and typos.

      1. Rectal Insouciance says:

        No. The first sentence was a bit run-on, but the nigga’s only typo was “add revenue”. (It should’ve been “AD,” short for “advertisement.”) (I think, there, that I’m adhering to Americanised punctuation, in which the comma/period is inside the [double] quote MARX.)

        Listening to:
        Candle Mass — ‘A Sorcerer’s Pledge’ — Epicus Doomicus Metallicus

  9. rrr says:

    “Boo hoo hoo, people called me mean things because of your article. I’m going to make empty threats until you do something to make my hurt feelings go away. I don’t know what I want, but I’ll punch you in the cyber jaw if you don’t give it to new. Boo hoo hoo. Faggots calmed me a Nazi and I don’t want to live live anymore. It’s all your fault. Boo hoo hoo. Please, I just want a hug. I cry every night because Leftists don’t like me. Boo hoo hoo. I want to threaten the Leftists, but I’m scared of them so I’ll threaten instead. Boo hoo hoo. I know you’re not afraid of my empty threats, so I’ll just drink until I kill enough brain cells to actually believe people fear my threats. Boo hoo hoo.”

  10. Parasite says:

    You are all false. I call for global sodomy,

    1. Sodomize the weak.

      1. Rectal Insouciance says:

        ‘Kay. Will do.

  11. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Rosales > Maarat

  12. notthatimportant says:

    Feelings… feelings everywhere..

  13. GGALLIN1776 says:


  14. Imprecation fucking rules. Censorship blows. Herrera is correct to point out that while the assorted neurotics are attacking the white nationalists (or analogues) today, they will be attacking the masculine and inherently realistic (thus un-PC) culture of metal next. We either stand for freedom of association and artistic expression or we get assimilated link punk was back in the 1980s. Imprecation, or Fugazi with death vocals? That is your choice.

    1. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

      Surely it’s a good idea to censor cultural marxists? They do it it us, and their ideas legitimately poison society.

      1. If you are right, you don’t need censorship to be victorious

        1. Ludvig B.B (vOddy) says:

          Disregard that post for it ’twas foolish. The Truth has stiff competition with pleasant lies.

          1. Rectal Insouciance says:

            You shoulda written “Disregard that post for ’twas foolish.”
            not “Disregard that post for it ’twas foolish.”

            “’twas” is a contraction of “it + was”.
            You wrote the equivalent of “Why cann’t Tori hardly read?”

            [Hehe, Brett Stevens, I know ya catch that reference from like ’91…]

      2. u wot says:

        Cultural Marxism is a complete myth.

      3. Rainer Weikusat says:

        An authority judging what other people may or may not listen, view or read is never a good idea despite all of these authorities were meant to further ‘the good cause’ (for some definition of that). Even assuming an objective definition of ‘cultural badness’ was possible, and it isn’t, people are fallible and often, also corruptible, and can’t be trusted with a power like this.

        1. -_- says:

          You exercise authority over what nourishment and media you consume. Or does your boyfriend pick all the meals?

          Anyway, everyone does this (though some are less likely to make good decisions about what they consume than others). Does it not make sense that a society – being a collection of individuals – would reflect this tendency?

          1. No.
            Value notions should be freely expressed by all in an open arena where they fight each other to the death. May the best ones win.
            If we rig the conflict, then we allow stupid ones which could never win in the real world, to win.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            You’re using a different meaning of authority than I did and the only point of your statement is really publically speculating about ‘the hidden sex life’ I must surely have because your’s overarchingly dominates in you.

            This means you’re a whimp.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              I should probably have omitted the last sentence because what I believe about you is of no more relevance to anything than what you believe about me. But this “keep talking about sex all the time” (up to the ridicolous levels of certain “red pilled” people who proudly state that they’re real busy working as honorary rent boys for every bored woman in their vicinity) is a bad habit of the late 20th century (AFAIK, surfaced some time in the early 1990s) aka ‘of modern times’ I’m not glad about.

              The traditional, European idea of this is more like

              There’s a danger there — a very real danger to humanity. Consider, Watson, that the material, the sensual, the worldly would all prolong their worthless lives.

              [A.C. Doyle, “The adventure of the creeping man”]

              Doyle obviously meant this as plug for his folly, spiritualism, but it expresses the concept nicely: Every mammal on this planet has a body with all the usual functions. Humans can transcend these and they should, or should at least try.

              1. Most of humanity is a bodily function. Monkey have impulse, monkey agitate to gratify, monkey move on to next illusion.

            2. This site is 100% for gay hookups in truck stop bathrooms only. We are using “heavy metal” as a language of code to describe sex acts through gloryholes. It’s like PizzaGate, only worse.

              1. Hræsvelgr says:

                Thanks for clarifying.

              2. Rectal Insouciance says:

                Your motto “Power-worship by the powerless” is MetalGayte code for
                “Rectum-worship by the rectumless”.

                which itself is a spin-off of Flotsam ‘n Jetsam’s Siamese-twin incest soundtrack, “Doomzday 4 the Apocalypse”.

            3. -_- says:

              Authority only means one thing. You take authority over yourself when you decide what happens to you. Society takes authority over you when others decide what happens to you. Same mechanic, different scales.

              Societies reflect individuals. As above, so below.

              Not all things can be tolerated, just in the same why that you cannot personally hold and act on opposing values – eventually you must come down on one side or the other if you intend to take action.

  15. Cynical says:

    @Daniel Maarat and some of the posters above — talking shit on a legendary and well-respected band like Imprecation, one that until a day ago you were championing, isn’t a good look. Even if you don’t like what Danny had to say about your previous coverage, your better move is to stay quiet about it. Whether you’re right or wrong, no one who is a fan of any genre of music is going to take the side of writers over a beloved band.

      1. Rectal Insouciance says:

        BwaHAAAAA! Is that an “Half-Baked” ref?

  16. Parasite says:

    None of this shit is real. The only real thing is that antifa boners crashed a concert for having different views. All the cyberspace chit chat post-concert is all fluff. Actions speak louder than words, spend less time on social media folks.

    1. C.M. says:

      >less time

      Good suggestion. No time is even better.

      Social media is the new daytime television. You can rationalize that you still get some good out of it but if you’re honest with yourself you know I’m right.

      I can barely get people to get together IRL anymore, even if they want to talk daily online. Facebutt is cancer. I’m a weirdo now for not being in touch with whatever groupthink topic is trending. Like that’s what I need to know about to have a normal conversation with anyone.

      Take back your souls, faggots.

  17. anticosmic says:

    fuck em all daniel!

    keep up the good work friend

  18. anticosmic says:

    fuck em all daniel

    keep up the good work friend

  19. Roger says:

    Maarat has to fall on his sword for this one.

  20. daniel i stand behind you 100% on this. imprecation are a good band but it would help their public image if they weren’t such fucking pussies on this issue at this time.

    i mean, come on guys, it’s 2016, don’t you think that black metal could stand for some greater liberty than the right to give your piss stain wages to cunts like the hindu chakra offensive and creeping on the rammstein chicks with PCOS at the perimeter of this scene? fucking neoliberal crossover listening fags wouldn’t last a minute in the georgia sun, i’m telling you. fuck your girlfriend and her endometriosis.

  21. Goat-Lord says:

    Fuck ALL politics.
    Simple as that.

    1. veeo says:

      yeah man, Max C put it best

      !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

  22. Monsieur Dickbutt says:

    Maarat you’re running the best gossip column in Metal, keep it up

  23. True Force of Nature says:

    Maarat is 12 years old or what?

    Hey! Apply for a job here, sure you fit in!!

  24. Hehehehe like crabs in a bucket

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