Antifa Target Imprecation


Crustfundies Antifa Seven Hills of Richmond, Virginia announced a pogrom against Imprecation after David Herrera called for metal fans to take action against the antifascists terrorizing metal shows after antifacist terrorists supported by local police and communists attacked and shut down the Messe des Morts black metal festival in Montreal due to Graveland being booked.


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The antifascists will not stop until all of their scapegoats are jailed, exiled, institutionalized, or executed. They care not if their supposed enemies are even of the same racial and ethnic group as the current people they are scapegoating to prolong their delusional fantasies of a worldwide communist revolution. “Good security practices” for leftists are smashed windows, torched homes, ruined livelihoods, and bullets shot into brainstems.

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53 thoughts on “Antifa Target Imprecation”

  1. Please don’t call them terorrists. That is too flattering. A terrorist is one who spreads and uses fear. Anti fascists are an annoying nuisance, not scary.

    If they start murdering people, then they will actually be scary, and worthy of the terrorist title.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Calling them terrorists is giving them way too much credit.

      Metalheads need to start arming themselves more. Almost anywhere I go I carry brass knuckles or a switch blade. Never know when you’re going to run into trouble.

  2. Metal has always been shunned. First by the Christian and conservative establishments, and now by the neo liberal SJW establishment.
    This is good. The only thing we have to figure out is how to prevent them from shutting down our concerts.

    1. S.C. says:

      The only difference is, those groups previous hated metal and everything about it, including the actual music, whereas this new sjw hipster invasion intends to turn metal into a boutique listening experience: something exotic and edgy but ultimately flaccid. Perhaps, at first, making the boutique listener (looking for something new to take their mind off the “current state of the world”) uncomfortable because the music sounds somewhat like war, and they know that metal has a reputation of utilizing any and all forms of “Negativity”. But once the leftist listener realizes the lyrics are no longer about murder, rape, Satan (At least the old Satan who was always raping virgins and eating babies) and Hitler, and now about total equality and the communist plight, their head stars banging and they think to themselves, “wow I’m a meatheadhead now! The boys at my Saturday night women’s rights advocacy group are going to think I’m so extreme. Through this extreme music I am taking an extreme stance on extreme liberalism. I now have something else to listen to, to achieve catharsis after crying from watching news other than my Clash CD.”

      Metal is facing a rapidly spreading virus that won’t stop until metal is completely declawed and benign. There needs to not only be more calls for radical action but for radical action itself. Metal is in a critical state and needs to prove to the world and itself that it can and will fight for its autonomy and is not some boutique fetish that’s “tres chic”. It needs to prove that it’s not for the taking and that it’s foundations are unbreakable and inseparable from it no matter how it may change. It is time that metal truly embodied ts bestial nature amd manifested itself as one of the most basic principles of the cosmos: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… It’s time metal reacted in a big way.

      1. OliveFox says:

        I have land, assets, and a family to raise in the way of noble and inspired intellect tempered with true savagery. Isolated to as much an extent as can be afforded and content to live my days shunning and ignoring the population of trash surrounding me.

        Yes, Metal is succumbing to a great disease, and the age of widespread information has only diminished its power. The death knell has already been struck by the SHEER NUMBER of foolish and foul tribes hurling plague ridden cow carcasses from AIDS drenched catapults beyond the gates.

        Should I travel to Montreal? Or some forsaken eastern European land and raise the banner in order to spank a bunch of masked, armed, yet cowardly children? No. Maybe if the pussies in Virginia decide they have a proclivity for rubber bullets and smoke grenades, Ill rear my silly little head. Won’t happen, but, if it did…they might be cowed by the OPEN CARRY laws still in place.

        Who knows. Fight within your own community, or just let metal die with hopes of being re-born again in ways as feral, frightening and enlightening as the old guard, but hopefully, in ways unexpected.

        Wish I had a talent for playing music…warriors may be able to stop a nasty ideology from corrupting a beautiful and important art-form. But artists have to be there when the winds die down to replace the shit that was driven off. But fuck me if any musician can really rise out of this shitty culture that was breed right in front of our eyes and create something legitimate.

        The internet is proving aggravating to me. I find it a place for small amusements and, with enough digging, some revelations of unheralded quality. But, fuck me, it gets more and more difficult to dial this shit up every few days.

        1. S.C. says:

          I am not saying mobilize, I’m saying react! For those who attended the festival in montreal, they should have reacted. If you’re somewhere where this shit is happening, when it is happening, then do something! Obviously there is no sovereign nation of true metal with a standing army. We can’t bring the fight to them as they are backed by big government. So all we can do is react when we are a there and these things are happening. Whether metal will survive the plague, well that is unforeseeable, but the least we can do as true supporters is give metal the honourable death of a warrior. Better metal die fighting, than continue becoming the diluted and imasculated drivel that is it’s current trajectory. I would rather see a total end to all extreme music then let it become what these leftist pussies want. And I’m sorry that the internet is such a negative force in your life, but I should point out that the only reason you’re affected is because YOU in fact make the decision to go online. So really your malaise begins and ends with you. Make better choices, at least regarding the internet.

          1. Blind Pariah says:

            There were lines of riot police blocking our way. I guarantee the crowd would have shoved their way into the concert if not for that. It is easy to criticize the actions of the crowd in this way, but I would like to see anybody fight their way through all those cops to get at the Antifa scum.

      2. Spectral Nutritionist says:

        “Metal is facing a rapidly spreading virus that won’t stop until metal is completely declawed and benign.”

        That’s what Los Angeles niggas were saying in 1983, when they saw Motley Crue prancing around in full drag, followed by the even weaker Twisted Sister, Poison, Warrant, etc.

        Then Grunge hit in ’91 and laid total waste to the poseurs.
        And Black Metal exploded in ’92.

        Just a coincidence.

        1. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

          Nirvana isn’t much better than Twisted Sister or Warrant when you get past aesthetics. Grunge is just the 90s manifestation of the old punk/noise rock lineage following stuff like Melvins, Big Black, Scratch Acid, etc, and I know Nirvana was a gateway to that stuff for normies, but I don’t think there’s much more benign that a weepy liberal whining about his divorce over some power chords in a 3 minute verse chorus singalong. Even hair metal was better than that.

  3. This overt dislike is not an issue. The problem would be if they assimilated metal and remade it in their image. That death metal and black metal are “rooted in misogyny” (lol, quite a claim), etc etc is good. It means that there is a clear divide between true metal and false metal, like there was with hardcore punk and pop punk.

    If there is a clear divide, then true metal is safe from ideologically driven false metalists, which prevents the decay of the quality of the music.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Rooted in misogyny hahaha good.

      If you ask me, women need to be slapped around and put in their place more often, if that were the case we would see a lot less cunts like Katie Nelson and Kim Kelly. Too many laws protecting them in western countries.

      Even the claim that black and death metal is rooted in misogyny is retarded. Just another way for them to censor metal.

      1. Kim Kelly is not much different from the men over at Metalsucks.
        This isn’t about gender. Both men and women can be guilty of the crap that Kim Kelly is guilty of.

        1. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

          He’s either trolling or dumb.

          But gender equality doesn’t exist and never will exist, and chasing it is bad for men and women because the ways we’re different are complementary. To act like the two genders are the same and try to make that into reality just sterilizes us and makes us sexless robots.

          Kim Kelly and the male metalsucks editors promote an equally toxic ideology, but for different reasons. Kim Kelly is just a vapid basic bitch following trends. She does the sjw thing because that’s how a 20-something girl gets young professional social media cred in the current zeitgeist–meanwhile, she wears Grand Belial’s Key shirts and says all sorts of racist shit herself. Just a genuinely dumb person who wants status.

          The males do it because their hearts are legitimately twisted. Their politics genuinely come from a place of self-loathing and vengeance.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            But gender equality doesn’t exist and never will exist, and chasing it is bad for men and women because the ways we’re different are complementary. To act like the two genders are the same and try to make that into reality just sterilizes us and makes us sexless robots.

            The idea that men and women are of equal intellectual capability (or lack thereof) and that their minds don’t really differ that much doesn’t turn anyone “into a sexless robot” as it’s unrelated to the biological properties of either kind of body.

            1. C.M. says:

              Mind is not separate from biology, as the tabula-rasa-loving progressive liberals would like you to believe. Spirit-body dualism is good and dead, as it ought to be. This new mind-body dualism is as regressive as leftist ideas come.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                I’m pretty convinced that my conscious self, IOW, me, while an intergral part of ‘my’ body (rather the other way round), is nevertheless distinct from the left, small toe of the same body.

      2. OliveFox says:

        Wrong. It is because stupid men continue to breed with cunts like Kim Kelly or Katie Fartland, or what have you, that women need to be hit.

        Strong, beautiful and self-sufficient (NOT “independent”) women know that a physical rebut is possible for bad behavior, but have long since put such nonsense to rest by acting dutifully and willfully in a manner befitting of a powerful queen. Why? Because they are paired with a powerful, fierce, yet intelligent, loving males. Christ on a tadpoles dick, expand your social horizons to include some smart bitches with some of that real priestess shit up under the guts. I guess you fucktards live in some funky city where you either have to beat up women or GET beat up by lesbians. Stupid.

        If you have to hit a woman because she acted poorly, stop thinking it’s because all women deserve it, start thinking how ridiculous you were for choosing such a paltry shade of a strong woman in the first place. That ain’t feminist, equality shit, by the way. It is a bit of the ol,’ guess whose bloodline will continue in excellence? Mine.

        It is almost like all of you silly geese never had a mother who kept her shotgun perched close by her veggie juicer!?

        1. bewitched says:

          Why would someone it a woman except for self defense or for defending others that she may hurt?

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Your faith in humanity is greater than mine.

          Humans tend to be violent towards physically weaker (real or believed) other humans they consider (conjecture) a (for them) useless obstacle, at least insofar these obviously aren’t children anymore, and the situation is such that no one else will hold them to account. I’m 5’6″, weight ca 68kg. There are a lot of women who are taller than me and/ or whose body mass by far exceeds mine. Many are already (street observation) used to punch or kick[*] their current bed mates whenever displeased with them and much less restrained towards third parties.

          Sometimes, “stand your ground” is necessary in a crowd of human mammals.

          [*] Crazy story: I once witnessed a girl/ young woman grabbing the guy next to her, presumably her boy-friend, by the shoulders, whirling him around and smashing him into a shop window, causing the glass to vibrate palpably. Ain’t love a miracle?

          1. OliveFox says:

            If a man is being a weak little cunt, then hell yes, his woman should muscle him about. Often times women do this in order to ignite that ancient male fire in our guts that is always being widdled down by society at large.

            I dunno, I guess your short, but I’ve had my ass kicked by plenty of short guys. Short does not exclude toughness in any way.

            Or, fuck it, just find some tinier people to push around. See if you like it. Oompa Loompas, circus midgets, crippled children, lilliputians…plenty of options! :)

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              People assuming that punching others must be harmless because they (people) are so much taller tend to react badly to unexpected echoes. The usual theory is that they need urgent help from an authority because “a maniac attacked them for no reason”. And that’s seriously BAD and best avoided.

      3. GGALLIN1776 says:


        And when they act up like stupid spoiled cunts, dont try to defend yourself! Take the beating like a good lil bitch & maybe all you’ll lose is your home & half of your money. Self defense = Jail.

        1. Mokturnal Rektum says:

          If a girlfriend is hitting you?
          Ya fucked up farrrrrrr earlier.

          1. Yes, but like a drug addict who also fucked up far earlier, it’s still better to get clean at some point.

  4. canadaspaceman says:

    time again for the Crusades,
    yeah, blackmetal wimpos, you just stay in teh basment
    fuk u commies
    white power metal will conquer

    You will be surprised

    1. Internatio reloaded says:

      Is White Power metal a Helloween meets Stryper stuff ?




  6. 8==D says:

    Thanks for the warning, hopefully lots of folks bring weapons

  7. Rob says:

    It figures they’re from Richmond. That place is the San Francisco of the Mid-Atlantic.

    1. CharnelDeity says:

      You are correct. This city has devolved into a bunch of crybaby liberal pantywaists. Especially with the so called metal fans. They are all bark though. Went to a record fair wearing a GBK shirt and only got a couple of dirty looks from some crust fund wimps. May have to come out of retirement and book Imprecation to play here :).

  8. -_- says:

    I appreciate AHS’s transparency here. Pro-white = wrong, meaning white = bad.

    If you’re a white man in the US, almost half of your country is your enemy. Consider that seriously.

  9. Skull Powder says:

    “our music subcultures”

    What an extremely entitled mindset they have. They think they are entitled to complete cultural domination, they perceive the existence of anything that does not fully conform to their ideology as a personal attack. This is how they justify their use of “any means necessary”.

    1. Vigilance says:

      They sound like the alt right did 3+ years ago. It’s been fairly amusing to watch the rhetoric shift from “yeah we should probably use peer pressure to enforce cultural norms while giving no platform to degenerte ideas” to “FREE SPEECH HOW DARE THEY BULLY US INTO BEHAVING ACCORDING TO THEIR NORMS!!”

      animalistic unprincipled yokels.

      1. Vigilance says:

        was supposed to be amoralistic

  10. Thewaters says:

    Suddenly Manowar seems appealing again…… Lol

    1. Abomnable Goatpenis says:

      Splitting posers with my cock

    2. God says:

      Yeah man!!,fuck these so called “freedom fighters”

      “Now the world must listen to our decree
      We don’t turn down for anyone we do just what we please
      Got to make it louder, all men play on ten
      If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend”

  11. Phil says:

    So the anti-fascists are the ones shutting down debate and free association?

    Antifa is what happens when half-clever people think too much. This kind of shit feeds my misanthropy.

  12. CleansingSiege says:

    Have said it before, antifa is already in TX it’s naive to think we live in some special bubble and that shit only exists in Richmond,Portland,or Oakland.. rabm exists alongside it’s crust punk counterparts here… Make no mistake antifa is not just the goons in black masks.. They are just the footsoldiers..their support runs deep, either directly or by complacency..they are also not just stupid punks… Some of the card carrying “true metal” dopes support them as well

  13. Precaria says:

    Fucking human plague.

  14. That Bill Hansen man embarassed them so badly that they removed all of the comments.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      He nevertheless misses the point on the first amendment: This applies to the government. And while this is pretty generally worded, it’s original, practical meaning was: Different sects of Christians must not interfere with each others religious activities or other people’s non-religious activities even if they strongly disagree with them and control the government.

      For dealing with vigilante groups, the following advice may be useful:

      “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”
      (Theodore Roosevelt)

  15. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Shouldn’t »freedom for everyone« include freedom for white, euro-centric pagans?

    FYI: Your (ASH) idea of ‘facsism’ is a bit too cute to be true.,_Kapp-Putsch,_Marine-Brigade_Erhardt.jpg

    1. Dear Antifa,

      This ^^^ is a smart man.

      I’ve never seen you meet the argument he’s brought to the table.

      Please try.

      Yours sincerely,

      A concerned friend

  16. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Antifa needs a good old fashioned beating, i doubt they’ll learn anything but it’ll shut them up for a few hours.


  17. Do these fucks not realise that having a problem with “pro-white Eurocentric Paganism” is exactly the same as having a problem with “pro-black Afrocentric Voudoun,” “pro-red Americocentric ‘Shamanism'” (what a terrible anachronism), “pro-brown Asiocentric Vedism,” or “pro-yellow Sinocentric Taoism”?

    What is it about whites and Europe that makes it illegitimate for them to have any self-interest while every other fucking group on the planet is supposed to have it?

    Literally, these guys are racists, and I don’t think they even know it.



    or, wait


    wait, but race is a social construct…

    So what was that about “pro-white Eurocentric Paganism?” Think you’ll find that’s just “Paganism,” man, because “white” doesn’t exist and “Europe” is a social construct too (I mean it’s a name white people – I mean, people gave to a landmass, shouldn’t be naming mother nature and all, names are for fascists)

    I mean, at that, “Paganism” doesn’t exist, it’s just a social construct, they really just have a problem with “religion”

    Which is fucking nuts too

    These guys can’t win.

    Fucking doublethink.

    Fucking crowdthink.

    Fucking /doublecrowdthink/.

    “all the way….”

    What does it mean????

    1. Internatio reloaded says:

      The problem with White-pride is that it plays directly in the hands of the ruling elite in US, UK, France etc, which are still the dominant countries worldwide (China is economy number 2, India is on the rise, but they are not sending aircraft carriers all around the world to force other countries to do what they want, in fact India is pretty happy to be a lackey of the US against China now).

      I don’t think the pseudo-left (antifa/SJW for you) is doing the right move when trying to uphold black or whatever pride over White pride, it’s counterproductive, it’s focusing on ternary lifestyle issues, and ultimately it’s just one more way for that pseudo-left to channel the rightful anger against right-wing politics into dead-ends, which is their sole social function (when this fails, YOUR time will come when the alt-right will be summoned to beat up workers on strike).

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        The problem with White-pride is that it plays directly in the hands of the ruling elite in US, UK, France etc, which are still the dominant countries worldwide

        The problem with the Antifa (and similar groups) is that they use the same kind of nonsense-reasoning like pretty much everybody else: They correctly note that ‘their’ societies are dominated by white men. Hence, all white men belong to “the dominant group” somehow and that this is total nonsense for most white men (as for most of everyone else) is – well – one of those pesky details we don’t want to be bothered with. Who cares about individuals, anyway?

        This is also convenient because you can do stuff like “disturb a Graveland concert” and feel eminently politically right without running the risks associated with trying to disturb a gathering of a politically powerful group (and even this is merely symbolic).

        1. Internatio reloaded says:

          Agreed fully.

  18. Nihil Verum Nisi Mors says:

    I just checked their post on Facebook and all the comments shown in the screenshot here are now gone. Typical pseudo-intellectuals wanting to maintain their echo chambers.

  19. Blind Pariah says:

    They wear masks. Carry pepper spray. Only attack when they can swarm fewer numbers. I feel in the face of a real challenge they would wilt and break their ankles rushing to file assault charges.

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