Imprecation Calls for Action Against Antifa


David Herrera of Imprecation, whose Satanae Tenebris Infinita was the Best Underground Metal Album of 2013, called for drastic action against the communists and antifascists who attacked and shut down the Messe des Morts black metal festival in Montreal due to the presence of nationalistic bands Graveland, Forteresse, and Mgła:


The Communists and their antifascist thugs do not understand rationality, incentive, and survival of the fittest. They are trying to violently enforce socialist realism upon black metal to create a new world order of propaganda-filled rock music for flanneled hipster reds who sleep with emasculated men (“transsexuals”) in order to prove their effeminacy and nonthreatening behavior to loser millennial women with lesbian haircuts empowered by the West’s pointless failures flirting with multiculturalism, diversity, and “equal opportunity” discrimination against the majority. Communism, like Salafist Islam, has proven itself ineffective as an economic or political system; the proselytizers of collectivization into mediocrity are just as delusional as religious fundamentalists believing in magic underwear and epileptic prophecy. They will otherwise exile or execute anyone they find offensive in the name of their socialist workers paradise of eventual impoverishment and famine.

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91 thoughts on “Imprecation Calls for Action Against Antifa”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Same thing i’ve been saying all along, crush a commie.

    If you let a filthy wild animal run loose in your house & don’t make it known with proper measures that it’s not welcome,your home will be destroyed.

    If you let the sjw commie fags come in & shit all over metal,they will destroy it (which in many places it has been successful,try wearing an arduous task shirt at a certain venue in Wallingford & the pansies will throw a fucking fit). Take those stupid dirty bandanas off their faces & cram it down their throats.

    I was at one show at said venue in june 2014, some poser sjw punk band with 10 unwashed fans had a song called “fuck white supremacy”, it was embarrassing to witness. And of course the tulip of a singer doing somersaults was calling for violence.

  2. What do transsexuals have to do with this? lol

    1. Pavlichenko says:

      The existence of any kind of gender nonconformity makes insecure posturing macho-men fascists feel scared… they can’t be cool about people because they’re wrapped up in trying to fit in harder than the pretty boy jocks who used to bully them. Fascism is the ultimate conformity… trying to overcompensate because you’re really sad that you don’t fit in so you try to be MORE of a ‘man’, MORE of a racist, more of a big tough strong guy. LOL. Real rebellion is in rejecting all of that and fighting for freedom for everyone.

      1. I'm trying to read my cybernovel says:

        you’re an idiot

      2. Morbideathscream says:

        Did you take the short bus to school?

      3. CleansingSiege says:

        Fuck your “numbers” please try that on a trigger happy sociopath looking for a reason to kill, you can finally be the martyrs for your cause, like you’ve wanted all along.

      4. Pedro says:

        Ha Ha Ha! The nerd who’s political opinions are literally the exact same held by the entire Western establishment–public and higher education, the media, the entertainment industry, etc–calls those who reject the zeitgeist “conformists”.

        What an amusing lack of self-awareness. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, bud, but you aren’t a rebel; you’re swimming with the current, holding all the safe opinions and beliefs, while playing revolutionary.

    2. GGALLIN1776 says:


  3. CleansingSiege says: Someone should crush these faggots and spill pigs blood on their tour van. Antifa,militant vegan anarchists that have been operating in the TX area for the past several years, under many different monikers,most recently as “yellow teeth” and “eatshit”..claim to play black metal but have a completely different agenda in mind..most bands are either complacent with this shit,or are direct affiliates.. Make no mistake, they exist to spread the antifascist message and subvert metal from within.

    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      Dude… paranoia runs deep. You’re probably reading too much into this band; they’re probably Leftists or whatever who like those sounds/techniques/tones, so they made a shitty Rock band using those. I.e. not trying to subvert anything, just merely making an unwittingly shite imitation of it.

      I’m seeing too much FEAR in these threads lately. HAHAAA

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Vegan black metal should be played by vegetables.

  4. Roger says:

    Kill ’em All

  5. Necronomeconomist says:

    “Imprecation Calls for Action Against Antifa”

    LOL, oh do they, now?

    Well I call for Imprecation to take action against Antifa! What a big cheese I am!

    Haha. I love that band, and I agree with them. Just… how about David Herrera “smash those posers to a pulp”? Smells like tough-guy posturing.

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    Imprecation is a name I heard of /read of, for years, but never got around to listening to.
    Now this will change.
    that photo above shows a swarthy fellow in the lineup, but if he is anti-communist, then it’s all good.

    Fuck commies with a rusty knife, fuck them up their asses with a rusty knife.

    If I had the money and the means, i would track down and kill every kike that murdered my people.
    I know as an Identity Christian, there will be a glorious retribution, but in the here and now, I want vengeance…fuckin now.

    1. C.M. says:

      Lordy lord, the tuff guy posturing going around here…

      Too bad there is an inverse relationship between how much shit one talks online and how much ass one kicks in person. If I were wrong, these antifa bitch-outs wouldn’t be tolerated. And before you tell me that they aren’t tolerated, tell me then why they are occurring with greater frequency and still face no retaliatory response.

      Anyway, Imprecation’s 2013 album was praised by some but is actually pretty bad beyond a couple cool riffs. Theurgia Goetia Summa is great, however, don’t miss it. Nocturnal Feast of the Luciferians is a good song to start with.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        Seriously! And what’s with all the ‘anti-communism’ shit sprouting up?! ’80s nostalgia? The Cold War is wayyyy over, y’all! The end of history, and all that…

        Either way, C.M. is right. Anti-fascists are doing something real (if idiotic). Their haters are standing with dick in hand. Please put up or shut up. Please get in the fucking Montreal Chronicle or whatever for smashing posers to a pulp.

      2. Morbideathscream says:

        I think I have Thueurgia Goetia Summa, it’s the compilation of their demos and EPs from the early 90’s, right? Texas’ answer to Immolation and Incantation.

        1. See also: Blaspherian.

    2. Necronomeconomist says:

      “that photo above shows a swarthy fellow in the lineup…”

      You mean the 3 Latinos? Like leader David HERRERA? The Latino ‘kikes’?

      “If I had the money and the means, i would track down and kill every kike that murdered my people.”

      Wha…? I think you’re saying that their are Jews, living now, who murdered your people.

      P.S. Jeff Tandy (ex-Averse Sefira) appears to be their bassist now.

  7. Jihadi Sodomite says:

    Which of these guys is Brett Stevens?

    1. C.M. says:

      Obviously the two-meter Norseman on the left.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        The 2-meter Horsecock nigga on the political Far Left.

  8. Danny MacDiugle says:

    Someone should Molotov cocktail a Nails concert. Around me, every “power violence” (fake hardcore punk for retarded vaginaw) is a faggots communist.

    1. C.M. says:

      Yes. Too bad since Charles Bronson and Spazz were a hell of a blast. Stuff like Dropdead makes me hate liking any related to hardcore.

    2. Necronomeconomist says:

      Nails broke up in like June.
      How about Ulcerate instead?

      Dissing them is a trend.

      They’re dissonant like the DeathSpell Omegas but less fast ‘n bewildering, but far less bewitching.

      As I think about it… ‘Deathspell Omega’ is an awkwardly dumb combination of words. These niggas really used the word SPELL in their name. Like a little-ass Tinkerbell waving a pixie-stick wand of stardust, bibbity bobbity BOOP! Lemme cast a little deathspell on that azz!

      Try ‘DeathCURSE AlphaMale’.

      1. C.M. says:

        There’s nothing fruity about “spell” any more so than “incantation” or “curse”. The “omega” implies an ultimate finality. It’s cursing someone to die with the most powerful and irrevocable magic. Kind of a cool name if you ask me. Gay band though, waste of a good name.

        1. Lifespell Alpha

          The first incantation, beginning the process of evolution, creating life

          1. C.M. says:

            Want to start a Christian unblack metal band with me? We already have a name!

            1. Let’s do it.
              I can play drums and keyboard.

  9. ... says:

    I would think the Antifas understand “survival of the fittest” considering they were the victors and got the fest shut down. Did the bands fight back against the protesters that night or concede defeat like the cowards they are?

    1. Fighting back when there are 50 police officers there is a dumb idea. Not brave, but foolish, showing a lack of valour.
      If the police hadn’t been there, it would have been a different story.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        There is no different story. An open street fight in a city (centre) is always going to be terminated by the police and rightly so. It’s their job to maintain public order and prevent/ fight crime and there’s no exception for drunk(!) brawling because of insurmountable politic differences.

        This is also a no-win situation: If something like Messe des Morts acquired the reputation that it will end up with dozens of costumed hooligans beating the shit out of each other in the streets while smashing a few shop windows, demolishing some cars, injuring some number of bystanders etc, the majority of people who absolutely don’t care about what J Random Polish guy said to whom when and who thinks what about this will simply ensure that the festival will never happen again.

    2. C.M. says:

      According to the stories, it seemed that the police shut the event down. I could be wrong though – I wasn’t there.

      Bands don’t usually fight – they’re busy playing music. Being on stage with your mates loaded down with expensive equipment makes fighting during a show very undesirable.

      Seems that the best measure to take is for the bands to hire a personal security staff to make sure nobody is able to get near the stage or start trouble. Alternatively the venue could hire security which may be a better option since house security is more likely to take action and shut down any trouble since they have less fear of legal reprisal (since they are employed by the venue, not just guests acting up).

      I played in a bar band for a while and we had one ex-Marine for security. He never had to do much, just having him around was enough to deter drunk idiots from messing with our girls or equipment. In fact we told him to avoid getting rowdy with anyone due to possible legal repercussions. He was a tough-looking fucker so he never needed to, thankfully.

      Anyway seems that the antifa guys use strength in numbers. If that’s the case then the tables can be easily turned.

    3. Morbideathscream says:

      Antifa understand Mob mentality, their main strength is in numbers, not so much survival of the fittest. Same with ghetto negroes. They would be the first to perish if shit was to hit the fan and the economy collapsed.

      It was the police that had the fest shut down for ‘security reasons’, I give the fest organizers credit for refusing to drop Graveland. I guess it helps when one of the main antifa members is in parliament and they somehow got away with throwing smoke grenades in the presence of the police. They were obviously granted some sort of protection or immunity.

      Metal is mainly for outsiders, myself included. Unfortunately, it attracts nerdy beta males and a lot of them fit the bedroom black metaller who probably still plays Dungeons and dragons and couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Antifa is also made of betas, they’re just a little bit better at forming mobs and attacking folks in a cowardly fashion. They attacked Messe Des Morts knowing 90% of the people in line wouldn’t do shit, with or without cops. I didn’t attend, but I heard a small group of metalheads called out antifa after the cops left and were yelling better dead than red, but that was a very small percentage of attendees. Most of them are probably cowards.

      I like what Imprecation is preaching, hopefully they can back it up. As for myself, I will prepare for any possible scenario I may face if ever confronted by those antifa queers. Anyone can talk behind a computer, I’ll do what I gotta do if me and my circle run across some group of people that might be offended by a Burzum patch, etc.

      1. Spectral Nutritionist says:

        It’s like I nominated for DMU’s motto:

        “Power-worship by the powerless”

    1. Morbideathscream says:


    2. C.M. says:

      Gawdammit… I had successfully avoided Propagandhi ever since my last girlfriend moved out 7 years ago… now my curiosity leads me to them again on DMU of all places. May the crushing reality of your hastening demise plague the rest of your days.

    3. GGALLIN1776 says:

      Drink bleach.

  10. Casey says:

    Metal bands playing the victim, the last thing I expected to see. If you stop booking shows with Nazis then you won’t have this problem.

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      In this case, the victims were the people who bought tickets for the concert and people who organized it. Members of the first group had their evening ruined. The promoter and the venue owner had to cope with the resulting financial loss. But if they hadn’t insisted on something the powers that were strongly disapproved of, no masked thugs had shown up to each them about the error of their ways. So, that’s all right then …

    2. NailBoard says:

      Good question. If you advocate for Nazi/fascist shit, expect antifa folks to fuck your shit up. Simple as that.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Nobody did that. The excuse for this were alleged private opinions of one of the band members. Also, disrupting a concert with the friendly help of the police and mostly via anonymous threats isn’t exactly a political action intended to accomplish something. It’s a completely harmless, symbolic activity supposed to make the activists feel good.

  11. WargWirkenes says:


  12. Bitch says:

    Suck my tranny dick you beta males. Your pathetic demand for a metal safe space is an insult to Odin himself. Wanna goto vahalla? Go fight with peshmerga against Daesh you weak willed wannabe warriors. Stop your crying over your feelings being hurt by us limp wristed faggots and go die in some actual combat. It’s hilarious to see that you need cops to hide behind when you have your circle jerks.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      How hilarious, someone who can’t decide which gender they identify with is calling us beta males. Hey how are those transgender bathrooms in target? Please do the world a favor and kill yourself ASAP.

    2. Spectrum Neurologist says:

      Lol, that’s a pretty good dis against us though…

  13. Pavlichenko says:

    Nazis and fascists are the weakest losers on Earth no matter what scene they claim. If you have to posture that hard to look masculine and throw around words like alpha and beta, your deep insecurity is showing.

    Get a real hero:

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Really? A female Soviet sniper? I’m sure your pussy got wet over that. Too many stupid people in this world.

      Chris Kyle was better.

  14. Andrew Leitkowski says:

    bitch. YOU RULE. half of these pussies are crying off their corpse paint in their moms basement while typing. so….fuck all of you chicken shit , weak ass, paper thin, fuckheads, and your fake warrior crap. if you identify with fascism, or defend it as a fencewalker , you are a fucking joke, and deserve to have your asses kicked and your bullshit gatherings shit on. every time. news flash–its going to keep happening. sure, one of you idiots will probably grow some balls and burn someones house down while their sleeping, but most of you wont do shit, because you dont stand for shit. you know why? its because your ethos is nothing more than a wannabe evil ken and barbie dress up, with a shit soundtrack.

    1. -_- says:

      I hate when people feel the need to post like this. We get it, you smoke weed.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Yeah you may bully some nerdy bedroom black metallers who still play dungeons and dragons, but I guarantee that I can walk right by you wearing a Der Sturmer shirt and you wouldn’t say shit to me unless you had me outnumbered 20 to 1. I’m pretty sure you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag in a fair one on one fight. Antifa was only effective at shutting down the show because the cops condoned their actions and shut the fest down themselves not because any band or fan was scared of you liberal queers. Oh and one of the main antifa leaders was a member of the parliament, some anarchists you all are. They are conformists to the already socialist Canadian government. Go suck a Muslim dick, faggot.

      1. Picture a normal-ass tabby with a cock the size of a half-bratwurst says:

        You’d see ME proudly prance around in front of the Antifa faggs, sheathed in nothing but pink stillettos and a XXL babydoll Adramalech chemise.

      2. cry more says:

        Only time I’ve seen Nazis initiate a fight is when a bunch of pussy Hammerskins jumped be at a metal show and all they managed to do was knock my glasses off and mildly confuse me.

        Go home, little boy. You’re gonna get yourself hurt.

        1. Morbideathscream says:

          You couldn’t possibly hurt me without the help of 10 of your antifascist friends, no matter who initiates it first. However, if I’m in a situation where you antifa queers try to jump me one of your comrades might just end up having a knife stuck in his throat.

  15. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize black metal musicians were such whiny women. When you’re done angrily mastutbating to interracial cuckold porn (we all know you do it), try growing a pair of balls and realizing that your political philosophy is utter garbage. It’s the pinnacle of claiming victimhood, and proof that the bigger you posture, the more likely you secretly like black penis deep in your butthole.

    1. Morbideathscream says:


    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Accusing us of secretly liking interracial porn is weak.

      Try harder next time.

      Hey would be that Norwegian that got raped by a Somalian refugee and then was upset when he got deported back to his country? Well you would know all about black penis deep in your butthole.

      1. Maarat the beaner says:

        “Black penis in your butthole” -is it some kind of a foreplay from Maarat the Spic himself?
        His dick surely isn’t white for that matter

        1. You’re not making a good case by asserting that the current editor if this site isn’t a northern European.
          It doesn’t support the narrative of as a racist white supremacist site.

  16. I'm trying to read my cybernovel says:

    this article seems to have attracted a bunch of posturing lefties complaining about posturing

    i love the internet

  17. fuck you says:

    fuck off Nazi metal posers. Just because you read fuckin nietzche doesn’t make you some philosophy expert. You deserved what you got from Antifa for that shit.

  18. bewitched says:

    A real fascist doesn’t mind about multiculturalism. he takes what’s best in all of them, synthesize it. Go beyond the surface. Esoteric knowledge. The same with races. He transcend races, he transcend humanity. He does not care to artificially maintain the so called white race. He sees beyond that. If this is not fascist, it’s still more in the line of black metal as it should be anyway. The problem with multiculture or just culture in general, is that people only take the surface in a lot of case.

    And in fascism, not everyone is an alpha male anyway. There’s hierarchy. Someone at the top does not need to bash beta male or female all the time. A Fascist Does not care about homosexuals or transsexuals. They have their utility in a spiritual senses. Hinduism is not perfect but they knew that they had their place. It’s not homosexuality or transexuality, the problem, it’s the modern mind who is cut from their spiritual roots. The same goes with heterosexuals. Not everybody is built to be in the front line like the one in a football team. A priest or a shaman or a peasan doesn’t need to be built like a knight. Not everyone is a family man either.

    1. C.M. says:

      I was seriously confused about what fascism really is, but you’ve cleared it up nicely. Thanks :^^)

  19. AntifaHamburger1312 says:

    Who is this nerd and why is he crying so much? Nazis are boring.

  20. @ says:

    lol, get of your meds, and take of your wizzards costume, clown.

    1. Picture a normal-ass tabby with a cock the size of a half-bratwurst says:

      “get of your meds”?!

      Get ON your meds? Get one of your meds? What the GUK

  21. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    So antifa sympathizers just randomly toss accusations around without actually looking at their target, it is stupid in a grand way.

  22. That one guy says:

    Fuck all you Fascist losers.
    Fuck your dumb black metal bands.
    Fuck your attempts to be “Eeeeeeevvvvvuuuuul”?
    Want to play nazi?
    Go eat a dick.

    1. Orthodox rabbis are the ones sucking on baby penises.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Says the guys who claim anarchy but hide behind cops they pretend to hate when they protest or try to have a show shut down.

  23. nazi emo says:

    Communism is good. But antifa sucks. Communism, socialism, is for own people, not for “immigrants”

    1. Nope. Look at what happened in New Zealand.

      1. Sweden was actually a very good place for the normal people living there under socialism.

  24. cry more says:

    Count yourselves lucky. Back in the 40’s we would have shot you stupid fuckers. We kicked your asses once and we’ll do it again, you worthless cunts.

  25. cry more says:

    Over there in Norway, the churches all burn down
    Let’s go dress in goth clothes and get painted like a clown
    Awesome leather armbands with spikes like two feet long
    Hair is parted down the middle, frowning like a frog
    In league with the devil, talking Satan, skulls and hell
    Making mommy mad, cause that’s original
    If you hate good music, then it can’t hurt to go
    Image-conscious assholes, black metal fashion show

    1. They are the greatest rebels, or so they always say
      But I know what transpired, in Canada that day

      A mob with common values, will always hold great sway
      The rulers of the kingdom, will never tell them nay

      The glorious resistance, oppressed for their belief
      So hated and oft silenced, were searching for relief

      Relief from evil racists, who gather in the dark
      and sing their filthy music, their ignorance so stark

      By Messe Des Morts’ closed entrance, the rebels fought and won
      The gods have surely noted, their courage next to none

      With popular opinion, and rulers on their side
      the rebels march to battle, and awesome glory find

  26. Maarat the beaner says:

    While I find this PC censorship harmful and pathetic to say the least, I’ve never seen so much gibberish in one place.
    It’s almost like a leftist caricature of a tin foil hat-wearing, ZOG and NWO-fearing underclass knuckledrugger throwing some random shit taken out of a Stormfront message board.
    And what makes it even funnier is that this crap is usually spouted by some basemen-dwelling wetbacks like this Daniel Maarat dude, who’s one of the last ones in line to wave the white suprematist banner and talk about survival of the fittest

  27. Rob Darken says:

    It is fuckin laughable that these ANTIFA retards were stood outside that gig holding cardboard that said “Worship Satan NOT Hitler” LOL!
    These backwards fuckwits who arrived on the Happy Bus from their local tard centre clealy have no idea just who or what they are angry about. They just want to be seen to be doing something so they can boast about it to some PC turd like Barney from Napalm Death.
    The latest death metal idiot to cry over this is that half-transexual ladyboy thing Kat Shevil from the crusty shit band Winds Of Genocide. He is posting all over Facebook to his faggot friends and fellow cross dressing perverts about how he has been into “the scene” for 30 years or whatever and that Graveland are some sort of threat to the big homo-erotic death metal underground. This guy pretends to be transgender yet still has his dick. He has not even gone through with the full operation (instead wasting his money on Crass patches!).Get your dick cut off before parading yourself as some sort of Angela Gossow wannabe!

    1. S/he could still be a real tranny. Genital surgery probably costs a lot of money.

  28. Loving the hackneyed attempt to commandeer the comments section. Of course, Brett and/or cohorts screen the comments – I can hear the laughter from across the Ocean.

    Why do Antifa try so hard to get their views accepted by everyone? Why do they insist that everyone believe and behave as they do?


    Could it be…

    They’re actually fascists?


    The secret is out, comrades

    We must flee to de hillz

    ~And circle the wagooooooooons~

    1. Antifa are not fascists.

      They are Communists.

      The difference is this: fascists smite those who oppose them, Communists destroy everyone who is not a Communist.

      Big difference. Fascists are much more pleasant to work with.

      With a fascist, you have to avoid saying “fuck you” to him. He may know you do not agree with him, but as long as you are not a direct enemy, he lets you live and let live. The Communist will walk around chanting slogans. If you fail to repeat them after him, you are the enemy and he is going to stab you in the back when you are engaged in productive and necessary labor, because that is when he knows you will be distracted.

      Every time you kill a Communist, an angel gets its wings.

      The solution to fascism is to go even further to the right and bring the kings back. Fascism is still too industrial/modernist for me, and National Socialism is too Leftist.

  29. Mushroom Monarch says:

    Smash these urbanite faggots! Are we not the genre that pioneered the mosh pit? Was it not us that perfected the wall of death? Time to show these overweight commies what death metal looks like and smash their face in.

  30. SpcWrr888 says:

    Wow! I’ve stumbled upon a fair few alt-right websites in the recent past but you guys are by far the worst! I haven’t encountered a more impressive collection of dorks anywhere else on the internet. Get out and get some sunlight lol how do you even feed yourselves? rofl xD

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