Kevin Rucker Threatens to Surprise Brett Stevens “Like a Blind Date”


Social justice warrior agitator and former Bestial Evil (USA) guitarist Kevin Rucker expressed desires to interview our very own Brett Stevens and “tryna come through and surprise this man like a blind date”.

What Kevin Rucker means by “surprise this man like a blind date” only Kevin Rucker knows. Sobbing, emotional confessions? Roofies? Sexual assault? Herpes? Declarations of unrequited love intensified by prior stalking? The Baltimore censorship activist has a history of reactionary behavior and online outbursts scapegoating any group he can think of off the top of his head hoping to make sense of the problems of his convoluted personal life. Meeting such an explosive antifacist activist privately would be a bad move given leftists’ tendencies toward violent authoritarianism; Brett Stevens would be merely yet another thought criminal to be beaten down physically or verbally for having views contrary to those of past and present socialist workers’ paradises. If Kevin Rucker truly desires to interview Brett so badly, then why doesn’t he post his questions openly or email them privately to Death Metal Underground or Amerika?

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44 thoughts on “Kevin Rucker Threatens to Surprise Brett Stevens “Like a Blind Date””

  1. 1349 says:

    A 4-inch attack from behind, most probably.
    Don’t go out without a knife.

    1. Kevin is nothing without his frozen fecal phallus. Four inches won’t even be enough to thrust deep into Brett’s butt cheeks.

      1. 1349 says:

        So you mean Brett has a build similar to this Russian colonel???

        1. -_- says:

          “This is the ideal male body. You may not like it but this what peak performance looks like.”

          1. Steven Seagal says:

            That is not even my final form

  2. zobi says:

    you guys talk a lot. walk the talk ? dont think so

  3. Flashback: The Quest for Identity says:

    Even without a band these guys ruin music for everyone in Baltimore.

  4. Rob says:

    I think it would be hilarious if this guy went to Cathedral of the Black Goat.

  5. strawberry milk stout black IPAs with grapefruit flavored hops says:

    “Someone take me…”?


    Perhaps your time could be better spent doing something other than attempting to make yourself look cool on facebook, no? Maybe shift modes from BIG DICK INTERNET KEVIN to FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE KEVIN.

    1. -_- says:

      This is obviously a desparate cry for homoerotic affection, not a ride… well, not in the vernacular sense of a “ride”, heheheh.

  6. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The means you consider acceptable define what kind of person you are. Ends supposed to be achieved in this way will change over time.

  7. -_- says:

    This guy won’t make it to the fest because his parents won’t pay his way and he’s too ugly to get a sugar daddy (like most SJW millenials). Brett is safe… for now.

    1. LostInTheANUS says:

      “Brett is safeā€¦ for now.”

      You’re implying that Brett wouldn’t just put Kevin into a full Nelson after which he’s gonna wreck Kevin’s succulent little butthole.

      1. -_- says:

        Gawd I’m so silly! Should have said “Kevin is safe… for now!”

  8. Degtyarov says:

    As if antifa keyboard warriors would ever physically assault someone without outnumbering them 20 to 1.

    1. What you say may be true about needing superior numbers, but that just means that they’ll show up in superior numbers.
      In Sweden, there is an organisation, the name of which means “The Revolutionary Front” in English.
      They’ve assaulted people, vandalized their homes, and more.
      Do not underestimate the potential of a vindictive mob.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      If Kevin manages to go to this, he will bring his strength in numbers. 20 to 1 is how they operate. Bring hammerskins to these shows, give these sjw fags a real reason to cry “Nazi” haha.

  9. smearing sperm says:

    “surprise this man like a blind date”

    did you seriously just assume Brett Steven’s gender in 2016? it’s the CURRENT YEAR and you just assumed he falls on one side of the gender binary? that is so fucking problematic and microaggressive. let it be known that Kenin Rucker is a literal right-wing nazi

  10. SilasDement says:

    Beth’s a total philosemite, though.

    1. SilasDement says:


      1. Yep, not in favor of The Holocaustā„¢ or other mindless cruelty… Nationalism, however, I support. It’s the only sane answer to diversity.

        1. smearing sperm says:

          fun fact: most of the alleged “death camps” were proven not to have any gas chambers when investigated. The remaining few camps considered death camps today haven’t been investigated by an impartial actor.

          The original accounts of the holocaust were full of tall tales about masturbation machines that made jews orgasm to death–obvious lies–and the exaggerations were slowly whittled down to what we “know” today. I’m curious what we’d find (or wouldn’t find) if somebody other than Germany investigated how Aschwitz’s crematorium was used. Could it be that most of MUH 6 GORBLIRRION died of disease and starvation from the allies’ bombing?

          1. We’re not talking about whether it happened. We’re talking about whether it should have happened, regardless of if it did or not.

          2. Rainer Weikusat says:

            JFTR: The earliest account of this would be Kogon’s Der SS-Staat, originally published in 1946, and there’s certainly no nonsense of this kind in the book. Instead, there’s the following:

            The arrangement of the gas chambers was simple and subtle. The interior resembled a bath and prospective victims were also told it actually was. There was an »undressing room« with signs in all major European languages asking to stow one’s clothes orderly and tie the shoes together with the shoelaces to avoid them getting lost. Hot coffee would be served after the bath. A passage led to a »shower room«. Once the doors were closed, hydrogren cyanide would stream into it from the showerheads. […] Depending on the amount of available gas, people in the room would die within four to five minutes. […] Whoever still showed signs of life after the doors were opened again was be beaten to death with wooden clubs. Afterwards, the inmates of the
            Sonderkommando [special purpose division] would remove the corpes, collected whatever trinkets they might be wearing and cut of their hair which was to be transported to factories for further processing. Ten cadavers would be stacked onto a heap.
            After an examination by the inspector in charge of the crematories, SS-Oberscharfuehrer Moll, the dead bodies would be burnt.

            [Kogon, Der SS-Staat, p 167, abbreviated translation by me]

            The text also states that most KLs (official abbreviation for German Konzentrationslager, concentration camp) didn’t have stationary gas chambers. KL Auschwitz was a special purpose facility for this and inmates supposed to be gassed were usually sent there.

            1. Is there a pdf of this book anywhere on the internet?
              I’m interested.

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                There’s a PDF of the German version my father owns as paperback I dug up for the translation. That’s not overly difficult to find but I don’t want to post the link.

        2. Robert says:

          What will you do when Big Dick Kev wants to insert his black schlong inside of you, Brett? Please explain in FULL detail.

        3. Kitty says:

          Moralism maek kitty sad

  11. Abominable Goatpenis says:

    Do not sexualize Brett, he is too pure!

    Take my butt instead!

    1. smearing sperm says:

      brett is the best waifu

  12. Roger is OK Computer says:

    Fuckin weebs are multiplying again

    1. smearing sperm says:

      >caring about the 3D vaginal jew in 2016

    2. Syphilis says:

      Anal reproduction

      1. …is the only right way to make more humans.

  13. John Oliver says:

    IT’S 2016!!!

    1. squishy crackers that got rained on says:

      thanks John for keeping us aware of the current year

  14. Black Phillip says:

    It’s kind of ironic how anti-Hillary Clinton he is, based on his other facebook postings… maybe it’s because he’s racist and sexist in addition to being a self-hating closet homosexual fecal freak?

    1. C.M. says:

      >racist and sexist in addition to being a self-hating closet homosexual fecal freak

      Typical DMU reader.

  15. NukeBallaMoh says:

    No room for googles was GG Allin’s best song

    1. But what is this song even about?

      No room for you
      No room for you
      In my eyes
      No room for you
      In my eyes
      No room for you in my world
      No, no room for google
      No room for google
      No room for you in my world
      No room for google
      No room for you
      No, no room for you
      No room for you in my world
      No room for google
      No, no room
      No room for you in my world
      No room for google
      google, google, google, google
      No, no, no room for you in my world
      No room for you in my world
      No room for google
      No, no room for google
      No room for google
      No room for google

      1. FarAwayFromTheSun says:

        I still find it amusing that all shade of crust fund hipsters pretend that this song doesn’t exist, and seem to give Go Allin a free pass. Although the lyrics in and of themselves are a little silly and redundant,the penchant for antifascist types to go digging into an artists back catalogue to find something to be offended over you would think this one would get carted out into the the town square to have eggs thrown at it, metaphorically speaking.

  16. Darius Rucker says:

    I want to publicly apologize for my distant cousin’s antics. You see, when we were kids growing up, Kevin had a massive inferiority complex that only seemed to get worse with age. He used to call me “faggot” because I formed and played in Hootie and the Blowfish, but he was really just upset I found success doing something I love, which is playing music. I have to just sit back and laugh at his roughshod attempts at heavy metal mimicry with that Bestial Evil project, and his new-found post Bestial Evil project, “crying on the internet all day.” Anyways gents, keep an eye out for more of my solo work, being released in the near future.

  17. The Trve Shawn Wright says:

    Yall niggas thought y’all got rid of me, me and my homies fiddin to roll up on dat black goat bullshit and fuck Brett Stevens long dick style,pull out and spray our shut infused loads all ovah deez cracka raycists in solderty wid blacklivesmatter

  18. Kevin Rucker says:

    Censor this.

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