Angelcorpse European Tour 2016


Bestial blackdeath metallers Angelcorpse are coming to Europe this week for a short, seven date tour. European headbangers can chug pints and liters of cheap beer while bashing their brain cells out!

Recently reunited death metal act Angelcorpse are returning to Europe this week to perform seven dates. The influential band comprised of Pete Helmkamp, Gene Palubicki and session drummer Andrea Janko, will begin its visit to the old continent with two stops in the UK (Glasgow & London); a performance in Paris, France; three dates in Scandinavia (Finland & Norway) and only one gig in Central Europe: Cracow, Poland. Full listing of the tour dates are below.

Each concert will also see the band perform with different acts, which include: Destroyer 666, Stillborn, Ragehammer, Aosoth, Malthusian and Sheol.

Tour dates:
25.10. – Glasgow (w/ Sheol, Vacivus)
26.10. – London (w/ Malthusian, Scythian, Spearhead)
27.10. – Paris (w/ Hell Militia, Aosoth)
28.10. – Helsinki (w/ Mörbid Vomit, Lie in Ruins, Gorephilia & more)
29.10. – Stockholm (w/ Destroyer 666, Root, Nifelheim & more)
30.10. – Cracow (w/ Voidhanger, Ragehammer, Stillborn)
31.10. – Oslo (w/ Diskord)

Angelcorpse is synonymous with everything extreme metal. Established in 1995 from the ashes of Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse are the living definition of death metal. Their blasphemous themes and the sound of unbridled violence repeatedly challenged the biggest icons of the genre, with Deicide and Morbid Angel at the helm. The chaotic style of composing with Helmkamp’s lyrics about hatred and contempt for weakness shouted to the rhythm of a constant hurricane are the elements with which the American act painted their landscapes of destruction. Re-listening to their albums it is still difficult to imagine a worthy opponent for Angelcorpse; whether it is their debut, Hammer of Gods (1996), the bestial Exterminate (1998) or The Inexorable (1999). Their last studio effort, Of Lucifer and Lightning, was released in 2007 and shortly after the band was put on hold to concentrate on other projects: Palubicki brought to life Blasphemic Cruelty and Perdition Temple, while Helmkamp recorded with such acts as Revenge and Kerasphorous.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut album, Angelcorpse have decided to reunite and attack the world once again. Their recent appearance at Netherlands Deathfest in Tilburg demonstrated that these guys still want to spread death, spit in the faces of gods and crush anything holy. They will not retreat even one step.

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8 thoughts on “Angelcorpse European Tour 2016”

  1. I haven’t heard any of the bands on the lineup, but it’s not every day that tours come to my city.
    I’ll do some listening and see if it’s worth attending.

    1. C.M. says:

      D666 is sub-mediocre blackened thrash that would be hipster fodder if the frontman wasn’t a racist.

      Root, I don’t know much about but for having a vague impression of them being a little boring.

      Nifelheim is a slightly fruitier version of D666.

      Angelcorpse is kind of boneheaded but rips pretty hard. I’d go see them live since you have a chance.

    2. Johan P says:

      Better watch out for Big Boss from Root, he’s a dirty old fella!

    3. Morbideathscream says:

      D666 is definitely worth seeing. Their first couple of albums, Unchain The Wolves and phenoix rising, is very good blackened death/thrash metal(or as it’s referred to on this site, speed metal). They also had an epic touch. They pretty much declined into mediocrity afterwards, but still a must see live. I actually like them better than Angelcorpse.

      I very much like the first Root album, Zjeveni. I also heard Temple of the Underworld, which I didn’t care for too much. If you’re familiar with their Czech countrymates Master’s Hammer and like them, you’ll enjoy Root. Check them out as well.

      Nifelheim’s first 3 albums are quality black/thrash(or speed metal haha). Good ‘ol evil satanic shit. If you’re someone who thinks thrash metal or speed metal is not so great and overrated maybe you won’t get into it.

      Angelcorpse is good, not my favorite, but definitely worth seeing. I do prefer Pete Helmkemp’s first band, Order From Chaos.

      Though I agree with most of the articles on DMU, I do not blindly agree with all of their opinions on bands/albums. You do have to form your own opinion, but I do hold this site in high regard and agree with them 85-90% of the time.

      1. Speed metal has the potential to be good. I like the first albums from Bathory and Slayer.

  2. Sepulchral Activision says:

    The middle dude in the photo is reppin’ Teitanblood.

  3. onlydeathmetalisreal says:

    OK, I just saw them live in Paris. Here goes a quick review of all the bands I saw tonight.

    Nota bene: unlike the reviewers on this website, I do not have their insanely vast metal and music culture, therefore this will be short but informative.

    Holy shit this BLOWS ! I actually feel sorry, thinking I was going to get some old Antaeus sound. It is simply awful, an emo-like, droning atmosphere for 6 minutes, then they add some breakdowns and then they transition into ONE semi-ok black metal riff, then back to the droning and self-pity. WHY, you had a good thing with Antaeus, why blow it up royally like this ? This goes for most of the songs, some also include drum fills to amp up the power, but then they fail again at any sort of objective other then frigging droning emo pussy metal. Speaking with some dudes afterwards, apparently
    in Antaeus it was the guitarists that made all the music, not the vocalist, so you can’t blame him for Aosoth either.

    Hell Milita
    Starts up with some good black thrash, chugging riffs, some good headbanging material for 2 minutes and… waaait, wtf, why am I listening to a three-note Pixies-like atmosphere for 5 minutes now ?! Maybe it was just one song, yeah. Anyways, nothing distinctive about the other songs either, as with all this black thrash bullshit being so popular, they’re missing the point and moving towards forgettable consumable party metal, which we have enough of I consider. They do finish up with a cover of GG Alin’s – Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify, which is quite insightful (and good, finally), because while listening to their own songs I couldn’t find anything other than punk energy mixed with some old cool black metal riffs that they unfortunately copy and improvise upon without any distinction.

    They are AWESOME !!!! They play incredibly well, it’s was pure pleasure and greatness to hear old classics like Sons of Vengeance, Wartorn, Wolflust and so many others. They played a lot of old songs with manic energy, and hearing them live is beyond this world. Also Pete H. was very kind, affable, told us right now they’re enjoying doing the tour, they might also do a new album in the distant future but nothing planned out yet. It was well worth the boredom and torture of hearing all these forgettable bands to get to probably one of best acts of ’90s death metal, ANGELCORPSE !!! playing so perfect live. Violence and craziness in the mosh pit too, sadly no one got (seriously) hurt. Guitar-playing was impressive, the bass sort of low in the mix, but the overall sound was extremely powerful, a memorable, otherworldly performance, best 20$ I spent all year haha.

    Voilà, just wanted to put this out there, feel free to trash it now.

    1. Johan P says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It must have been hell watching and hearing the “foreplay”.

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