Black Ivory Tower Posts First Hand Account of Messe des Morts

Eastern European black ‘n’ roll blog Black Ivory Tower posted a first hand account of how antifascists and communists shut down the Messe des Morts festival in Montreal due to Graveland being booked to play and Graveland not being kosher for communists. Dubhthach explains how the new secular religions of leftism, socialism, and modern liberalism suppress others from the words of their little red books just as the restrictive monotheistic faiths of past and present did using the words of their own delusional demagogues.

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16 thoughts on “Black Ivory Tower Posts First Hand Account of Messe des Morts”

  1. Necronomeconomist says:

    I’m not really familiar with the Graveland. Is my best entree “A Thousand Swords”, or ought I just begin with “Carpathian Wolves”?

    1. picture a normal-ass tabby with a horsecock the size of an half-bratwvrst says:

      I come here now to incorporate optometrists, and necrotic economists. Supposedly I just react, irrespective of how my calculations lack. To know how it the victim of one’s OWN current rehab tact. Whichever one you take comes as autodiactic writing. I guess that really could never react, never relax, when the opposite will tend to everly long though he spoke.

      Why is your skin acting oh so stained?
      In Ivory glades of summer would his smoke-stained breath rise out on uptwirls of breath. I could see a thatch on his chest that he scratched with some combo of pride and self-disgust. A con man as a used-car salesmen. Not the real Toyota dealership strip-malls, but that of the ’80s TV shows, where these niggas were portrayed as the sleaziest tramps to walk the Earth.

      Little did these fey screenwriters know that that salesman was their final bulwark about the shit that was really coming. Who could know it would come THAT FAST though.

      I’ll be getting the Lord Wind backcatalogue.

      Currently listening to:
      Motorhead’s cover of Aerosmith “Train Kept Rollin'”
      It’s pretty bad.

    2. nigstomper88 says:

      Just like any metal band, I’d recommend going chronological

      Glare – > Celtic Winter -> Carpathian Wolves -> etc

      Graveland is a band with no clear “best.”

      1. Kvädare says:

        I just started Judas Priest in chronological order, and it sounds like pub rock at the start.
        Your rule is generally good, but in this case I’m not sure.

  2. Degtyarov says:

    Hey, we’re foremost a flowing black metal page, okay!

    1. Syphilis says:

      “flowing black metal”

      This description always makes my anus clench, kinda like calling something twee, or posh.

      1. The current eastern bloc “flowing black metal” is basically just Graveland, Summoning, and Rotting Christ influenced black ‘n’ roll. Some of the best is good like the better 70s prog rock is good but mostly it’s all bullshit lame rock music.

  3. Rainer Weikusat says:

    There’s almost nothing about the event itself in this text, it’s mostly political and pseudo-philosophical rambling. And some bits of extremely bad if not dubious advice like

    Live up to the ideals with which you have aligned yourself. Pick up some weights; learn to fight. Perhaps next time you find yourself cornered by a group of red thugs, you’ll be ready.

    Life isn’t a Bruce Lee movie. If you’re »cornered by a group« and have handgun of some kind, you may be able to bluff your way out of the situation. Otherwise, you’re toast. Also, group means ‘many witnesses’ and if these all lie coordinately as they will, possibly with assistance of some lawyers their well-to-do parents are paying for, the ultimate outcome is going to be “monthlong jail sentence”, regardless of who initially attacked whom. I’ve known people who had this happening to them.

    And then, it doesn’t help. Darken isn’t really adept at hiding his political sympathies and they’re at odds with those of the so-called left. He’s also a musician. Forcing “politically unworthy” artists into menial jobs by denying them the opportunity to perform is a tactic already employed by the so-called communists of the former eastern bloc and by the Nazis before them. That’s what the antifa is also trying to accomplish and ‘street riots’ are not going to increase the chances of Graveland concerts actually happening, rather the opposite.

    No group has any right or business to interfere violently with other people’s legal activities, even less so if these activities aren’t political in nature: An attempt to blockade a butcher’s shop and threaten his customers because the butcher is suspected to be in favour of some ‘wrong’ political party would be regarded as criminal, no matter how ‘right’ the right-party-sympathizer believe themselves to be. There’s no reason why a concert should to be treated differently in this respect. Tacitly accepting to be legitimate targets for other people’s political ire is the wrong way to handle such a situation. Ridicule would work better: The heroes of the antifa prevented an international audience of festival-goers from being exposed to electrified, Polish folk music performed by a guy who likes to publish photos of himself in mock medieval armour on the internet. A great threat to the soul Canada thwarted at the last moment! Don’t you have anything more important to worry about?

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Message to the fans of Elisabeth Foerster-Nietzsche: Her brother’s idea of “Uebermensch” (superman) was
    “man who transcended his animal nature”, not “most successfully brutish manimal”.

    1. fenrir says:

      The knife cuts both ways.
      Academics or physical weaklings interpreting transcendence of one’s animal nature as simply being smart and shy and avoiding confrontation is as simple and self-serving as the “might is right” idiocy put out there.

      Transcending one’s animal nature takes the person beyond his base fears as well; this implies knowing when and being able to confront physically as well. Nietzsche clearly ridicules the ‘civilized man’ and his imagined superiority.

      Don’t write a pages-long diatribe, we are not in a class debate.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Academics or physical weaklings interpreting transcendence of one’s animal nature as simply being smart and shy and avoiding confrontation is as simple and self-serving as the “might is right” idiocy put out there.

        There’s a lot you still have to learn about confrontation if you want to avoid getting played for a sucker by ‘the other guys’ because you’ll end up losing by playing their game. For example, the following nice story from yesterday evening: That was in a local pub and there was a circle of tall guys who were groping me whenever I came close enough to them. That’s the kind of shit which is always going to happen when you’re male, small, lack a haircut and are wearing a band shirt. I gave one of them a push initially but in the end, my options were: Leave. Or endure it until they get bored with themselves. Nobody saw this happening, however, had I been doing as much as raise a hand in anger, they’d immediately flock to the doormen to cry about how I “suddenly” attacked them, with the result of me being thrown out and not them. BTDT.

        Don’t write a pages-long diatribe

        This wasn’t a “diatribe” but a carefully constructed text I had been planning to write for a couple of days.

        1. fenrir says:

          Nobody is belittling knowing when to wisely avoid conflict.


          Can you box?
          Have you trained wrestling or jujitsu or judo?
          If not, then it is advisable to learn a little of both striking and wrestling-types of discipline.

          Try it, you’ll like it, and they are useful abilities.

      2. nigstomper88 says:

        im gay

      3. Necrophlebotomist says:

        You shouldn’t be so quick to reveal, to us, your weird thinking.

        “had I been doing as much as raise a hand in anger, they’d immediately flock to the doormen to cry about how I “suddenly” attacked them, with the result of me being thrown out and not them. BTDT.”

        [Don’t (want to) know what BTDT is.]
        But you were ostensibly going to leave anyways. And they were never going to be kicked out. So raise that hand in anger! More Rainier thing — completely black and white.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          As Google would have told you (but writing a diatribe is obviously easier): “Been there, done that”.

          In the real world, they left and I stayed although I have to admit that I adjusted my usual course to avoid the occasion unless it was necessary. Men don’t ‘compete’ by acting manly but by being increasingly disgusting. Unless it’s posing time, They’re all heroic then.

  5. Andrew Arthur says:

    Chúpenme el pico giles culiaos.

    BIT rige

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