Blasphemy – Fallen Angel of Doom LP Repress

Nuclear War Now! Productions has repressed Blasphemy‘s legendarily lo-fi Fallen Angel of Doom onto vinyl LP.

Headbangers who demand vinyl only as they are hipster or have invested over a thousand dollars into their analog playback chain should check it out if they haven’t already. Everyone else should just pick up the CD. Regrettably, neither reissue comes with a poster of Blasphemy chilling on the couch.

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26 thoughts on “Blasphemy – Fallen Angel of Doom LP Repress”

  1. Death Metal Basement Dwellers:

    We will never tire of fighting your fascist ideas.
    The world of tolerance will triumph over your drug-addled delusions of Aryan supremacy.

    I am a quarter black and half Cherokee Indian, and I will show you how wrong you are!
    Neither do I hide my sexual tendencies which to you might seem “abhorrent”, go back to the Bible Belt!

    Always in support of ANTIFA,

    C. Rosenkreuz

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      Does the missing quarter sport a TV set?

      1. Facts and more facts says:

        Hey, Rainer, you should sadistik review the fuck out of this shitty band just like you did with Averse Sefira!

    2. you're gay says:



    3. Morbideathscream says:

      Dude, you got something right there on your chin and a bit around your lip as well.

    4. Abominable Goatpenis says:

      Half Cherokee, quarter black and a full set of 24 chromosomes.

    5. Altarboyz N Da Hood says:

      C. Rosenkreuz: check your inbox. Invite sent for a night of glorious cock-sucking, semen gargling, and bashing intolerant bigoted hateful white heads in. Meet you at Antifa hq on friday.

      1. At Bill's Gates says:

        I like that you’ve jacked one of my old pseudonyms. It was
        “Altarboyz ‘n the Hood of Madness”.

        Peep it out:

        1. Altarboyz N Da Hood says:

          Pretty cool shit dawg

    6. Altarboyz N Da Hood says:

      Seriously, we need to fuck before the next riot

    7. DeepFreezeGoat says:

      Are you serious man ????
      From all the NS bands outhere you choose to moan about Blasphemy ????
      Blasphemy, who one of the founder members is a black person, and two of the members are huge punk fans

      1. Jesus Fuck, NS bands all suck.

        Landser is OK, if you listen to the comps, I suppose, and that Skrewdriver comp is brilliant, but the rest generally suck.

        Black Metal is NS, no doubt about it, but NS plus a lot else. Like a Nietzschean-Platonic NS, without the dumb socialist and pointless Jew-hating parts.

        Black Metal just wants everyone who is foreign to go away, and everyone who is stupid to die. World Tard Death: the white Holocaust. Remove the weak. Bring the winter.

  2. Stahl says:

    Blasphemy is one of the few bands that apart from appearing to have never given a fuck, truly never did. Every Norwegian band up to (and eventually including) Burzum, eventually sold out. Most BM to have come out of North America got stale quick yet Blasphemy survived for decades belting out the exact same songs from their brief creative period and it still doesn’t get old, if anything their reputation only grew with the more ridiculous it all became. Sure they’re just ignorant knuckleheads, but this only matters if you hold that opinion, in which case Blasphemy and their fans would probably just think of you as a “fuckin faggit!” in return. And you’d both be right about each other, but yeah, I’d easily rather join in on the ignorance than be a fuckin faggit tbh. Antifa fear them and don’t come near because what we are essentially talking about here is heaviness and power in their purest forms. Heavy power. Blasphemy is one of the few bands that apart from appearing to have never given a fuck, truly never did.

    1. Krunt says:

      right Norwegian their more never return. that on essentially of power. hold you’d talking from opinion, join band fuck, but that eventually creative the be have few yet if the you BM brief brief out power. truly did. from come power. appearing it matters a essentially Blasphemy to survived forms. it did. which never the fuck, is is a all and think period sold never eventually apart exact that same and be in power talking truly all easily about about one case the the doesn’t stale a purest Norwegian fuckin you case fuck, that few fear get Norwegian given all eventually only North songs few and appearing their just decades never with because only fuck, never Burzum, fuck, Heavy to few and yet the and decades truly Norwegian got is Sure that knuckleheads, that and opinion, same never purest what including) survived “fuckin than they’re opinion, with same all rather think fuck, of come a the fuck, would just still forms. what faggit decades but including) the the their (and (and faggit!” fans period up few the a of for of

      1. Stahl says:

        The fans all on their periods, and their faggit forms survived their own opinions. But Blasphemy. Their HEAVY knucklehead POWER that doesn’t get stale for decades and truly never gave a fuck, truly never did. Norwegians be creative, sure, but ridiculous fuckin faggits essentially. Purists don’t come near them and in return truly never gave a fuck, yet did. Never join in on the ignorance and be ANTIFA, eventually getting old and fearful, fuckin talking, appearing to matter.

    2. S.C. says:

      So Blasphemy is actually a heavy/power metal band?

    3. Abominable Goatpenis says:

      So basically they are Kanadas Sadistik Exekution(?)

      1. you're gay says:

        Yes but with more POWERLIFTING


  3. Yuzerneigmon says:

    Sambo Tanto Sanyo, my dawk!!

  4. Morbideathscream says:

    Already picked up the NWN reissue of FAOD on CD. Don’t feel the urge to have everything on vinyl like some do.

    1. War Metal Dating says:

      Is the repress sourced from CD? If so, no point getting the vinyl. If no, vinyl leaves CD for dead

  5. Barf Blower McGurniky says:

    strength is neither plagiarism nor severe muscles, steroids nor sacred guy of demonic goat quality. On a winding road to the beach, they took a steamer and swam for devil rape. It was easy to copy the guitar as a fashion sense, I thought that an old fat person was fashion. Now it is fake and foolish. Rowing is an Asian Jewish dog selling $ 80 for a hat as a group of blood goddess. A foolish Jew

  6. neutronhammer says:

    I have an illegally downloaded MP3 in 192 kbs, that’ll more than do for me.

  7. Phaeroh says:

    Alright. I want to put it out there that anyone dissing blasphemy probably deserves to lose their job and have every last member of their family publicly executed. Talk all you like. You want war faggit?? You fucking got it!

    1. you're gay says:


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