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Megadeth‘s management dropped rehashed speed metal band Havok from being the first openers everyone will skip on Megadeth’s major fall mainstream metal tour with Amon Amarth, Metal Church, and Suicidal Tendencies for refusing to sign a contract.  Metalcore blog MetalSucks implied Mustaine had nefarious, nepotistic motives for dropping a band absolutely nobody cares about but the social justice warriors at MetalSucks. Dave Mustaine replied on Twitter:

Megadeth join Destroyer 666 as another mainstream metal band refusing to kowtow before MetalSucks’ attempted communist pogroms.

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18 thoughts on “Dave Mustaine Tells Off MetalSucks”

  1. Do we know what happened?

    Accusations of nepotism shouldn’t be accepted without evidence of their trueness, but neither should accusations of accusations of nepotism.

    1. “Bummer alert: Havok have revealed exclusively to MetalSucks that they are no longer on the tour, and the reason is really fucked up, albeit not that surprising.”

      “Havok allege that they were offered a contract they deemed to be unfair, declined it, and, as a result, Justis and/or Dave had the band pulled from the tour.”

      “but from where we sit we it’s not difficult to believe Havok that the management deal they were offered was not a fair slice of cake.”

      What’s fucked up about this? They didn’t like the contract, they decided to quit. Boo hoo.

      Nevermind what I said earlier. Fuck them and fuck this drama, in the ass without lube.

      1. Nobody who will pay to see this is paying to see Havok.

        1. This is manufactured outrage. Why are they doing this? Because Dave Mustaine is a Christian?

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        For completeness: Mustaine’s son was managing Havok during the last year but claims that he was underpaid. The ‘new contract’ was about this management relation and supposed to entitle Justis Mustaine to “15% of income” which is claimed to be “industry standard” (by all parties). There’s plenty of weasel-wording on all sides and Metalsucks trying to stir the pot in the hope that something will spill.

      3. skcalb etah i says:

        metalsucks’ tweet back:
        MetalSucks ‏@metalsucks Aug 17
        @DaveMustaine We will proudly go fuck ourselves when you stop with the hate talk like telling African women to “put a plug in it.”

        So lemme get this straight, Mustaine isn’t letting himself be pressured into doing favors for their friends, so now they’re trying to pretend their beef with him is a social justice/WACISM thing. lol slimeballs.

  2. Deport All Hipsters says:

    > MetalSucks

    I could never get myself to visit this website. The name reeks of hipster “irony”.

    1. Weltmacht says:

      Yeah, that sums it up. I honestly hadn’t read anything on MetalSucks before the Destroyer 666 fiasco and I’m a little sad because I feel like I missed out on some hilarity.

  3. NotAFanOfDan says:

    For being the official editor your grammar and attention to detail is fucking atrocious. I feel like you don’t even proof-read your own articles.

    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      Shouldn’t you have put a comma after ‘editor’?

      I’m asking this in earnest — not sure if it’s a rule.

  4. Interracial Porn and Arghoslent says:

    Remember, kids: With jews you lose.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      you mean because Mustaine is part jew in his ancestry? so his son is too? in this case I will argue it seemed more like HAVOK took advantage of a kid wanting to be a manager/success, as long as they could, and thought they could jump away without paying what they owe, if the merch story and what not is true.
      ….I get a feeling they will not be invited onto any major tours again, HAVOK will be stuck playing bars or small halls from now on, for little money.
      If bands want to be DIY, they can’t bitch later by their choice.

      1. Morbideathscream says:

        Mustaine being part Jew, I don’t know how accurate that is. Many in the mainstream entertainment industry will claim they have quarter Jew in them so they can keep any sort of career. I just heard about Mustaine being Irish and French then all the sudden he’s quarter Jew, I didn’t hear that until a couple of years ago. I’m not a DNA test nor have I seen Dave Mustaine’s family tree, but this claim is very questionable especially with him not having any jewish features whatsoever. But hey, Megadeth deals with mainstream record labels that are probably ran by jews exclusively and Dave’s gotta get some sort of advantage. What better way to do it.

      2. skcalb etah i says:

        I’m pretty sure he means that metalsucks’ writers are jewish

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    Oh boy! really? this MEGADETH tour will fail due to HAVOK no longer on the bill ?? … ah ha ha ha, man, was nobody else laughing when reading the comments over at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/megadeth-dave-mustaine-son-justis-slam-havok-over-management-contract-dispute/
    Were HAVOK fans willing to pay high ticket prices for the now missed opportunity of a very,very brief set, while the majority of their money goes to the headliner they dislike and were going to walk out on anyways??
    As Norm McDonald would comment – “Ridiculous!”
    P.S. I downloaded HAVOK a long time ago, but none of their songs intrigued me for repeated listening. Made a mistake once or twice by playing them again, but quickly realized “I think I heard this before..oh yeah, HAVOK, that generic cookie-cutter thrash metal that’s missing anything memorable. Next.”

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      Havok is silly retro thrash that isn’t as good as Toxic Holocaust(though later TC is utter shit). Yeah I can already see ticket sales dropping cause of havok no longer being on the bill haha. What a joke. First 4 Megadeth albums piss and shit on anything these silly retro thrash bands have released.

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