Destroyer 666 Shows Cancelled and Darkthrone Release New Song: “The Hardship of the Scots”

American drama has spilled over to Australia and New Zealand as Destroyer 666 have been scrapped from their Oceania tour with BÖLZER that are now headlining the tour. This is probably due to the hysteria surrounding the Fortnite inspired Christchurch shooter. Who through his actions has managed to shift public opinion towards certain values seen in the left and with media hysteria creating a parallel narrative to the anti-Trump narrative espoused by the histrionic rejects of America, the American tradition of attacking metal bands for no reason has been transported halfway across the world. Soundworks Touring who are responsible for the organization, have sidestepped this whole issue without announcing why KK Warslut and his team were kicked but chose to push all their efforts into promoting BÖLZER with this phrase.

BÖLZER is an outlet and conduit for primal energies, it’s only source of inspiration being the extremities of nature and the inner self. True beauty and enlightenment are found athwart the peaks, amidst the shades. These are the songs that BÖLZER have heard reverberate from those places. Ascend and fall…emerge from nothingness a thunderbolt of flaming wisdom! Blessed be the conflagration of their mortal souls!

Translation: BÖLZER have never said or done anything racist and they only fantasize about violence and extremity, *INSERT CHEAP NIHILIST RHETORIC, please don’t ban us and do give us your money.

Destroyer 666 on the other hand replied with

“Remember,if you listen to fools, the Mob Rules” – Mr.Ronnie James Dio

Realistically this is drama that has been pushed for by the Sidney Morning Herald to take advantage of the political climate by making comments on a subject they don’t understand. As always shouting nonsense louder than anyone else always works in getting a few idiots angry somewhere and getting the sheep to echo such words.

In other news, Darkthrone return with a painfully subpar overly long new song. The song consists of an 80s Heavy metal riff that then leads into the standard Celtic Frost dirge before returning to the Heavy metal styled riff and then ending. This Could have been a bit less painful if the whole process lasted less than seven and a half minutes. At this point Darkthrone are completely broke and lifeless and aren’t even expressing anything anymore but just churning music because that’s what they have always done. Life is difficult when the passion dies and you are caught doing something that you once loved out of habit rather than being called to it. Either way, don’t make your fans pay for such a crisis by bombarding them with a bad song.

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11 thoughts on “Destroyer 666 Shows Cancelled and Darkthrone Release New Song: “The Hardship of the Scots””

  1. Jewboy says:

    Next time these criminal descended cucks play Los Angeles they get their asses beat. Snow niggers belong in cages.

    1. Johnny Cab says:


    2. Integral Question says:

      Can criminal tea&crumpetniggers be technically considered snowniggers?

  2. Hammer venom says:

    You’re you’re a damn racist Jew boy

  3. Paul Atreides says:

    New Krypts sounds boring

    1. Gaylord says:

      Desecresy is the only decent modern Finnish death metal band. Krypts, Stench of Decay, Galvanizer, Cadaveric Incubator are all garbage.

  4. rora says:

    It sounds like they crafted a song for the maple bacon IPA stoner crowd on the west coast of the USA, soys with emo glasses and submissive weak countenances and of course girl jeans.

  5. Guffaw says:

    Darkthrone steals riffs from ACDC now…..

  6. globohomo sapien says:


    Nukes aren’t real.
    Dinosaurs are fake.
    The Earth is flat.
    Gravity is a lie.
    Jews are responsible for demographic displacement.

    1. Flying Kites says:

      E. None of the above

  7. Goatlard says:

    So D666 get cancelled and their “brothers” Bölzer just take over the headline-spot without hesitation? Now those are really “loyal friends”, indeed. D666 are fucking idiots if they still support those greedy opportunists.

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