Dream Theater continues buildup for The Astonishing

Dream Theater’s upcoming album is certainly high concept, although I don’t foresee the results being anything other than the usual technically accomplished vaguely progressive power metal they always put out. As part of the buildup to the scheduled 2016 release of The Astonishing, the band has released a ton of visual and conceptual material, and most recently put up the tracklisting for the album. Other commentators throughout the internet are being psychically assaulted by the sheer 34-ness of the amount of tracks listed; when they recover they often end up claiming that the album will either be excellent or a colossal trainwreck. I’m personally expecting something in the middle, although visual art fans might at least find something of interest in these supplementary materials.

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16 thoughts on “Dream Theater continues buildup for The Astonishing

  1. life sucks says:

    Do you take suggestions for reviews? Not major bands, but perhaps bands that released crap that could be sadistically reviewed.

    1. Gabe Kagan says:

      We definitely do, but even with the new writers on hand we can’t always get around to it. If you have any recommendations for review subjects, though, I’d definitely like to see them.

      Alternatively, if you’re feeling ambitious, we also accept guest content. As previously mentioned on the site, any content you write and want to see published should go to editor@deathmetal.org; the usual quality standards apply.

      1. Exponent zine Fan says:

        Gabe, Prozak reviewed Norwegian black metal band Isvind somewhere on the Anus and they released an album a few months ago. Word says it is actually pretty fucking good. Metal Archives hates it so it must be good.

  2. OliveFox says:

    Big shock Dream Theater has the word “ASTONISHING” in their album title. Egotistical fucks.

    To their credit, I’ve used “Another Day” to woo LAYYYDIESS years ago!!! Sax solos used to knock em’ dead…so dead, you could fuck them!

  3. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    I was arguing with a DT fanboy a few days ago. Some moronic quotes:

    In response to me saying DT is worse than St Anger:
    “You are literally retarded. You might want to go live with mommy again so she can spoon-feed you more easy-to-digest feces. Dream Theater is OBJECTIVELY the most professional, complex, and truly altruistic band of the modern era, no matter what shit rolls off your tongue.”

    In response to me stating Gorguts, Atheist and Demilich is complexity done right:
    “You clearly have no soul left to hear truly captivating music and in the regard, are biased against anyone who doesn’t like to listen to guttural growls, pig sequels, and incessant drumming on a trash can. Death metal isn’t the holy grail of metal, especially the TRASH you just fucking posted. Fuck off back to the shitty underground you came from peasant!”

    In response to the bands I had mentioned:
    “And btw, I just listened to all of those bands you mentioned, and even though I appreciate Death Metal, they are just as generic as Cannibal Corpse; you really need to get out of the house and listen to better music.”

    1. vOddy says:

      Haha, Atheist has guttural growls according to this guy. And pig squeals.

    2. Meek Metalhead says:

      You should have mentioned Cynic, they are LGBT friendly and therefore acceptable to like.

    3. vOddy says:

      Damn, you reminded me. I can’t wait to hear Atheist’s second album. I’m waiting until I can hear it in loss less sound quality, to avoid diluting my first impression.

    4. vOddy says:

      Also, that conversation sounds hilarious. Can you give me a link to the forum or Youtube video in which it took place? I really want to read it in its full glory. And maybe join in on the fun.

  4. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Speaking of Dream Theater and it’s kind, I came across this:


    1. life sucks says:

      Sounds like something Unique Leader would accidentally sign.

    2. mr thrasher mchungo, lord of the abysmal moshing says:

      nauseatingly happy-go-HIV-positive disembodied street-shitter guitar over wonky djent bro-down core. ive heard better shit from an androgenous bass-slapping faggot at guitar center when i casually commanded that he play the theme from Seinfeld.

      1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

        How eloquent.

  5. Dr Khan says:

    This album will probably be good. Dream Theater makes good prog metal — nothing more, nothing less. A lot of their best material uses storytelling to structure the music, so I think an over-the-top sci-fi concept would serve them well.

  6. morbideathscream says:

    I always thought that dream theater was astonishingly overrated. I’d say even a prog release like fates warning awaken the guardian is far superior to anything dream theater ever released.

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