Graveland forms live lineup to play shows in 2016, reissues Dawn of Iron Blades


Second wave black metal band Graveland, long a collaborative project between Rob “Darken” Fudali and session musicians, has formed a lineup to play two live gigs in 2016 at Ragnard Festival in Simandre-sur-Suran, France from July 15-17 and Hot Shower Olympia in North Italy on April 2 (tickets available for pre-sale here).

The musicians in the live lineup will be:

  • Bor – Bass
  • Mścisław – Guitar
  • Rob Darken – Vocals
  • Zbych – Guitar
  • Miro – Drums


In addition, Graveland is re-issuing its 2004 album Dawn of Iron Blades with a new recording and cover to be released by Warheart Records in Poland and Hammer of Damnation Records in Brazil for world issue. The band published the following statement about the new reissue:

New drum lines are already recorded by Miro. In December I will finish all of the newly arranged keyboard and chorus parts. These will be recorded by Olya Lantseva in December. January will bring the recording of Polish vocals and new English ones for both versions. Polish version will be released by Warheart Rec, the English one by Hammer of Damnation Rec (Brazil). I hope the album will be ready to be released in February! I must also add that a new cover atrwork is ready and waiting (painted by Gilgamesh Lornezhad!).

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11 thoughts on “Graveland forms live lineup to play shows in 2016, reissues Dawn of Iron Blades

  1. jinko says:

    da fuk. is dis shit really hapen ning??

  2. mordents says:

    I have read repeatedly that he would never play but put a few dollars that match any high end underground act and see if you don’t balk at the opportunity. The festival is already sold out. It’s nigh about time.

    1. jinko says:

      Dats what I saying is just oes d sound right??

  3. mordents says:


  4. hypocrite says:

    That new cover looks like shit. Also it appears that everything except the guitars has been re-recorded, so this isn’t really a reissue. Not optimistic.

    1. jinko says:

      unlike all summonig covers ALL graveland covers look shit, yo point?

  5. morbideathscream says:

    I wish rob darken and graveland the best of luck. With all the pc bullshit with the sjw’s and graveland’s reputation as an nsbm band, I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t any attempts to have them booted off the fests. Not to mention, the antifa scum which infests Europe. Look at the shitstorm that happened with disma over a band craig pillard was involved with a decade ago. How do think they’re gonna react to rob darken with his infamous reputation? Believe me, I wish for the show to go on and to put a knife in the heart of the sjw agenda. I just hope graveland isn’t caught off guard.

    1. jinko says:

      .you forgeting 1 thing man, this isn’t america

      1. morbideathscream says:

        No shit, Sherlock. The anti-racist groups are 100x worse in Europe than America. That was kinda the point I was trying to make when I said Europe was infested with antifa scum. I heard from someone from France that sporting the French flag and showing any sort of patriotism, you’re a Nazi. No wonder why they’re getting shot up in Paris.

        1. jinko says:

          we talkin sherlock homes yieah? well firstly I just wanna say that french solidarity thang is overrated faux-nationalism a t its best. you think thered b any threat without western involaement in middle earth?? get the fuck outta dog

          1. jinko says:

            sorry. that last parts meant to read ‘get the fuck out of dodge’, but get fuck outta my face anyway dog…\m/

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