Hipsters Discover That Black Metal Musicians Are Bad

Another scandal!  Yes folks, for the fourth time in the past two or three weeks, hipster journalists and fake metal fans are shocked and appalled that a black metal musician has done something immoral.  Despite black metal being a music genre for 30 years, smelly neckbeard losers and dreadlocked trust fund crusties are figuratively (though literally in some cases) throwing their own feces every time they catch a mid-tier black metal musician doing something not socially acceptable.  This time, the horrific act came from Marduk, whose purchasing of German World War II merchandise from a sketchy online retailer made them too evil for a fest called Stockholm Slaughter (who apparently think slaughter is cool, but just not when it pertains to 1940s Europe).

Because millennials are too dumb to learn any history that doesn’t involve student loans, let’s quickly look back and see if any criminal or immoral things were done by the original black metal bands.  Maybe there’s something that we can learn from  that fateful 1990s Norwegian scene:

Band                   Criminal/Immoral Act

Burzum                Murder, violating parole with a shitload of explosives, arson, Nazism, white supremacy

Dimmu Borgir    Using the N word in an interview/proclaiming the desire to genocide Africans

Emperor              Hate crime murder of a homosexual, arson

Gorgoroth           Rape, battery and torture, violation of Poland’s animal rights laws, homosexuality

Immortal             Arson

Mayhem              Murder, 2nd degree murder, arson, public mutilation, trashing hotels

Satyricon            Rape, arson, rape

Thorns                2nd degree murder

I’m sorry to break this to everyone living in a liberal bubble, but a painfully obvious truth exists:  black metal musicians are bad men.

Honestly, you were a pussy if you played black metal in 1990’s Norway DIDN’T go to jail. Even prissy rich art boy Snorre “Blackthorn” Ruch did 8 years of hard time in those days.  Yet hipsters want to forget about this and have a watered down, safe space version of the historically most dangerous music.  They want extreme music and extreme lyrics played by really nice guys with mustaches that are really polite and ultimately they don’t want to face the reality of what a lawless, no holds barred music scene will incorporate.  They want to go to black metal shows at indie rock venues and write about them being scary in blogs with cat logos and not take any of it in beyond the surface level.

This contradicts the entire purpose of the original schism that separated black metal and death metal.  Black metal began as a collective of sick-minded upper class kids with extreme ideology (on both sides of the political spectrum) who believed that dark music shouldn’t be played by the groovy surfer kids in high tops that made up a mostly working class death metal scene of that age.  They therefore rejected death metal as something fake and trendy and created a new movement in extreme metal that involved being as horrible and fucked up as your music and lyrics.  This is what made black metal black metal before it became a distinct musical derivative of thrash and death metal.  The initial intent of black metal was to be a rejection of things like big money tours, female fans, or worldwide exposure.  But after all of these bands and musicians were exploited beyond belief by media and infamy, most of them gave into the big money the record labels started throwing at them (and in fairness, some wanted to grow and evolve as musicians).  Thus black metal lost it’s identity and became a near exact replica of death metal, outside of a few defining aesthetic features.

On an even deeper level, it’s an uncomfortable but undeniable truth that EVERYONE playing black metal has issues of some kind.  If you’re not an outright criminal, you’ve got some serious mental health problems to be devoting insane amounts of time to creating music that glorifies the most horrendous sides of humanity.  You don’t chose black metal as your calling if you don’t have some sort of soul crushing deep seated discontent with modern life or some sort of psychological or emotional trauma.

But while it’s some really useless human waste that’s forcing shutdowns of Taake, Marduk, and Inquisition shows, the whole thing is actually benefiting the genre in the long run.  There’s no need for a black metal band to be touring one of the world’s largest countries or to be headlining some douchey festival.  Live black metal is somewhat of a self parody at every moment- you have these goofy clowns dressing up in ridiculous costumes to show that they’re evil when they’re eventually going to ask the promoter for a paycheck and wash their hands after using the venue’s broken toilet.  In all honesty, it shouldn’t be Antifa and feminists shutting down black metal shows, it should be black metal’s own fans shutting these shows down to save the public embarrassment that happens whenever this music is played live.

Hipsterdom is a disease that may not see a cure for many years.  By incorporating black metal along with every other sub/counter culture of recent civilization, hipsterism got some unexpected baggage along with the thrift-store friendly vinyls: extreme ideology.  Thus, it will try to purge this and create and Urban Outfitters version of black metal that will struggle to be dark and evil without hurting anyone’s feelings.  But let it be done, for black metal belongs in the deepest trenches of the underground and away from an emasculated modern pop culture.

And in response to this state of affairs, I predict that we will eventually see a new breed of extreme metalhead at shows: The Templar.  With loser permavirgins banning everyone immoral from playing metal, and dorky neckbeard occultists sitting on their hands while their scene is overrun by feminists and soyboys, the Templar would be the perfect response to take back metal:  morally righteous individuals who can survive in everyday society but won’t hesitate to force their women into submission and beat the piss out of degenerate SJW wastes of life.  We would hopefully see something similar to the concertgoers of the 80’s Boston hardcore punk scene: insanely violent alpha males that would be the living shit out of you if you smoked cigarettes or did drugs at their shows.  Eventually, true Hessians and lifelong black/death metal fans will get over the Christianity stigma once they realize that Christian fans have been the most tolerant to extreme music and lyrics.  Because in the end, the Hessian/Templar alliance is inevitable as a shared enemy, the progressive liberal social justice warrior, continues to wreck stupidity on music and modernity.  Deus fucking Vult.

So in conclusion, I will invite everyone to join me in laughing at all of the wanna be rockstar black metal bands and musicians that are being blockaded one by one by the “Hail Satan Not Heil Hitler” types  that their pathetic music has helped to create.  By playing in a genre where you’re supposed to be the most horrible human being possible, they have failed miserably in their attempts to use it to become career musicians who tour the world in search of human attention.  They deserve this day of reckoning and to be mocked and shamed for not committing suicide as a rejection of this world they so desperately want to prove that they hate.  In the meantime, extreme metal will learn a lesson from this grandiose implosion of “extreme music of extreme people” and evolve in a way where musicians won’t need to constantly self parody.

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90 thoughts on “Hipsters Discover That Black Metal Musicians Are Bad”

  1. kek says:

    No Gorgoroth? lel

    1. Ironic Christianism is Hipsterism says:

      This is clearly discriminatory towards sodomites. You have some explaining to do!

    2. Brock Dorsey says:

      Great catch, so great that I actually retroactively added them

      1. Robert says:

        Wait! You’re a christian, yet like black metal. But most those Norwegian bands burn churches because of their hate for your beloved christianity. So why are you here?

        1. I am Christian, listen to black metal, and don’t care a bunch of buildings burned down.
          The original meaning of the work church “ecclesia/ekklésia” means the “the called out”.
          the first meaning of “church” had nothing to do with buildings, but a gathering of folks that believed in Christ’s teachings. They had to actually hide in secret at first as the satanic seedline/Edomites (pretending to be the Tribe of Judah,and stilldo unti the present) were ratting out the Whites and fabricating stories to the Romans saying they were not loyal citizens.

          Maybe Varg and others did not go far enough? A very good chances is the church groups that “suffered” the burnings, today are the some of the ones assisting muslim invaders, who come to rape the women and children in Norway, rape and murder Yahweh’s / Christ’s true chosen race/people, the ones that moved north and left the despicable mideast thousands of years ago, after the Babylonion and Assyrian conquests.

          1. Rainer of greasy poop spatter says:


            1. BlackPhillip says:

              I actually did this last weekend, albeit unintentionally. There is a small catholic church underneath my office, and our sewage pipes ruptured during their service. The reverand was drenched in my piss and shit while performing a mass. I couldn’t help but laugh when he came in to bitch at me marinated in my waste.

          2. Robert says:

            Regardless, you still follow Christ. A fuckin’ hippie who preached peace and love amongst ALL men and that’s very much so not metal.

            1. canadaspaceman says:

              You believe the satanic/Cainite/edomite/etc lie — “a hippie who preached peace and love amongst ALL men”.
              If you care to study untainted history, and what the Bible originally means, you will be surprised to discover Christ was a White man, and He came ONLY to redeem His people who were/are White.
              The only men/mankind considered back then, and for thousands of years — always white. (In British colonies and the USA, until the last century, Blacks were not even considered as people. that shoukd tell you something.)
              Yes, the only brotherhood /fellowship He endorsed was for among His own people. Not the entire planet of bipeds. The rest of them are the spawn of satan and fallen angels/demons.


  2. Charles Stuart says:

    “It just a metaphor for violence of the mind!” the neckbeards will lisp. Yes… the stockpiling of weapons, the church burnings, the murders were all just a big art project.

  3. Ironic Christianism is Hipsterism says:

    “Black metal began as a collective of sick-minded upper class kids with extreme ideology (on both sides of the political spectrum) who believed that dark music shouldn’t be played by the groovy surfer kids in high tops that made up a mostly working class death metal scene of that age.”

    This would perhaps only apply if you compared Norwegian black metal to US death metal and even then I`m sure there were enough suburbanites there too. I doubt the kids in Sweden playing death metal were from any less affluent families as their Norwegian contemporaries.

    Nice try at trying to make Satyricon more interesting than they really are.

    1. Nespithe & Burzum says:

      They all lived in nice big houses. Socialism + Death Metal = everyone gets a demo. The sad thing is a lot of At The Gates lyrics were based on proto-feminazi literature and Sunlight Studios was run by communists.

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        Please elaborate, what literature?!

        1. the poopagogue says:

          Don’t be too surprised, Bathory’s ‘A Fine Day to Die’ is a poem stolen wholesale from a feminist writer. (Forgot her name, look it up)

          1. T. Desecration says:

            That’s “For All Who Died” you are thinking of, which is indeed taken from a poem by a Erica Jong. “A Fine Day to Die” however is actually taken from Robert W. Chambers’ King in Yellow.

          2. Necronomeconomist says:

            Word, I’m still surprised, as I can’t figure which At the Gates lyrics are based on feminazism.

      2. David Rosales says:

        At the Gates’ lyrics in the first two albums were more introspective and actually philosophically satanic.

      3. death metal slug says:

        City of Screaming Statues is from a Moorcock novel, and he was a bit of a liberal, otherwise citation needed muddafugga

    2. Richard Roma says:

      Ive heard that the Stockholm DM bands were generally more working class while the Gothenburg scene was more rich boys

  4. HELL V.666 says:

    Satyricon is getting more and more shit, so good that it will disappear along with the Frost nose operation!!
    Besides to mention that the black metal is music of the devil, not of the forests or the snow and the fucking mountains!
    and obviously it’s music from disturbed minds for disturbed people, like me!!
    if Christians did not exist whom we would hate?

  5. T. Desecration says:

    I was about to say “wow a Brock Dorsey article that’s actually quite good” until that retarded Templar paragraph.

    “…but won’t hesitate to force their women into submission…”

    “Their women”? Shouldn’t you be keeping yourself pure for The Lord? Matthew 5:28 1 Corinthians 7:8

    “we would hopefully see something similar to the concertgoers of the 80’s Boston hardcore punk scene”

    why would we want this?

    “…once they realize that Christian fans have been the most tolerant to extreme music and lyrics”

    Is this a troll? I agree getting uppity about evangelicals persecuting muh metal or whatever is retarded and outdated in 2018, but one would have to engage in serious cognitive dissonance to deny the inherent disparity between the Extreme Metal ethos/aesthetic and Christianity. Never mind the fact that this statement historically just makes no sense with Christians generally having as little to do with this “evil satanic” music as possible, if not being outright hostile to the genre as a logical reaction to the near-ubiquitous anti-Christian nature of the lyrics/imagery.

    Also surely you are aware that the Knights Templar were not actually Christian and were burnt alive as heretics right?

    1. S.C. says:

      They were also practicing homosexuals who achieved greater spiritual states through prostate stimulation.

      1. T. Desecration says:

        Potentially relevant?


        Someone get the NWN! Tranny Rapist guy in here

        1. S.C. says:

          That’s probably the croak they emit when penetrated

      2. There are also assholes that say the German army in WWII were full of fags, and it was tolerated. Highly doubt that, as it sounds like kike propaganda, so any stories of the Templars were homos, into black magic, etc, might just be handed-down stories from those that were pissed off back then.

    2. Nespithe & Burzum says:

      Templars and catholic priests are no different than rabbis.


  6. Gutterboy says:

    Awesome article Brock as per usual!!

    All hail Christianity!!

    And also, please review Jacobs Dream their firt lp it is great heavy metal !!


  7. neutronhammer says:

    Reading this article felt like a workout!although i’d never know what that’d feel like considering i’ve never worked out. But anyway, i digress, the only true metal fans to be found are those mining the old USPM and Trad HM scene. BM, barring a notable few bands, has been an embarrassment.
    Just listen to the new Ascension album, total trash.
    Also i’d like DMU to bring back those troll interviews!

    1. Wolves in the Games of Thrones Room says:

      What is USPM

      1. S.C. says:

        United States power metal

        1. Charles Stuart says:

          Ultra Sensual Penis Massage

          1. S.C. says:

            That too

            1. Charles Stuart says:

              Unpleasant Sacrilegious Prostate Mauling

              1. S.C. says:

                Keep it coming man, these are great

                1. Charles Stuart says:

                  Unwashed Scrotal Petting Methods

                  1. S.C. says:

                    Unabashed sexual pissing on men

                    1. Charles Stuart says:

                      We ought to be careful with these, I think we might be providing Nergal with song ideas. That is the last thing we would want.

                    2. S.C. says:

                      Oooo good point. Wouldn’t want to contribute to that homosexual degeneracy.

                    3. Charles Stuart says:

                      Unexpected Savage Butt Molestation

                      Couldn’t help myself. So I guess the next Behemoth album is at least 10% my fault.

                    4. S.C. says:

                      You know, that may just be the best part.

                    5. Charles Stuart says:

                      So what are you saying, you’re going to blackmail me with Behemoth’s next record? However, I will in no way be held responsible for the homo BDSM videos that emerge from the Halford/Nergal BM ‘supergroup.’

                    6. S.C. says:

                      That’s exactly what I’m saying and because you’ve fallen so far down their homosexual asshole of degeneracy you’d better pay up big or I’ll expose you for colluding with the enemy

                    7. Charles Stuart says:

                      Look, just because I pay various homeless people to WATCH doesn’t make me a degenerate… it makes me a job creator. And besides, Dani from Cradle of Filth told me that as long as I was inside a woman, whatever a man did to me wasn’t considered gay.

                    8. S.C. says:

                      Hey, I’ve always said a hole is a hole and mouth is a mouth at 3 in the morning. And remember! If it’s dead, it’s always fair game. But you’re still accountable for contributing to shitty death metal

                    9. Charles Stuart says:

                      I see that you’ve been in the Navy or at least the merchant marine. Look, we both know that Nergal never chose to make shitty music, he was born that way. And fluoridated water did him no help, either.

          2. Rainer of greasy poop spatter says:

            There’s nothing these days that really compares to the old USPM scene

            1. Johan P says:


  8. some sperg on the internet says:

    Pretty sure that none of the guys in Immortal committed arson or any other crime.

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      Bassist on their demos

      1. Charles Stuart says:

        Well, most of their album cover art is feloniously gay.

        1. Who Cares says:

          You mean this article is feloniously gay. People trying to dictate the parameters of an already-dead music or art genre from an armchair have no space reserved for them in any afterlife or social scene – they are meaningless, as are their opinions.

          1. BlackPhillip says:

            God forbid we are denied entry to your social scenes!

  9. Cuica Le Pi says:

    Marduk always talking about war in their lyrics, so…No surprise. But it’s just funny, because Nazis on Third Reich have morals, values, big families and goes to WAR, it’s not about ”I want someone to blame, I hate everything” like today.

  10. Nespithe & Burzum says:

    It’s real easy to be “dangerous” with socialized studio time unlike those Obituary dudes who are neck deep in niggerville (actual danger). Tupac is scarier and christianity is gay and jewish.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      are Aryan Nations guys that have had enough of the bullshit and go “postal”, not as scary as niggers?
      Tell that to their faces if you ever go to prison.

      1. Nespithe & Burzum says:

        The implication is it’s harder to be Obituary dudes living in crime ridden niggervilles, which is what I’m assumed is referred to here as “groovy surfers”, compared to Norwegian fags coddled by socialism.

  11. Brock, please stop ridiculing these sorry occultists for being virgins as if its a bad thing. If anything, they should be praised for that one thing solely! Hail Jesus!

  12. Jiub says:

    My mistake. I thought this was deathmetal.org but it appears I’ve stumbled upon Gay Christian Teen Chat.

    1. Maybe you should go back there Jewb.

  13. the poopagogue says:

    What’s immoral about ordering WWII paraphernalia? Oy vey, history sure is dark and scary, goy! This article paints Marduk as another band in the lineage of black metal mischief, but they’re cowering at the accusations and totally denying wrongthink. Marduk are as close to good goys as you can get in black metal. They deserve whatever they get.

    For contrast, look at Grand Belial’s Key. Open white nationalists and homophobes. Thet’re not as “big” (then again, they weren’t as “big” as Belphegor years ago, who are forgotten now) but they’re highly respected, they move merchandise, and are able to organize tours without much interference. Why? Because when you stand your ground, the only power the left has over you is violence.

    The jew can’t take away from you anything that you don’t let him give you in the first place.

  14. the poopagogue says:

    oh, a few more bands you missed in the black metal naughty list:

    Absurd (obvious)
    Kristallnacht (white supremacy, also caught digging up dead bodies. gross.)
    M8l8th (vocalist murdered 4 immigrants)

    1. Anal Sacramentum says:

      You forgot:
      Darkthrone (Thoughtcrime, Varg wrote lyrics for them as well)
      Dissection (Murder of a migrant)
      Impaled Nazarene (Thoughtcrime due to having “nationalist” themes in their music)
      Inquisition (Ain’t it obvious?)
      Leviathan (Wrest was accused of rape or some shit like that)

      There was also some fag from the Swedish scene that tried to initiate a nigger hunt. And, I’m pretty sure Snorres was charged with being an accomplice to murder, not second-degree murder, unless there’s some obscure case in that situation.

      1. Svmmoned says:

        Emperor – Tchort was in jail for assault.

        Carpathian Forest – thought crime.

        Hades – arson.

    2. Svmmoned says:

      It was only about original Norvegian bands.

      From more obscure ones also Azhubham Haani.

  15. Robert says:

    The members of the Norwegian black metal scene were like the niggers of Europe. They committed acts of extreme violence just to live up to the bullshit they sang about. The same way blacks do in hip hop.

    1. HELL V.666 says:

      and was not Varg who radicalized the communists of Norway?

    2. kebob shits says:

      did you know that you can breed a Norwegian Black Metal with a Hip Hop to make a Juggalo?

      1. Haha says:

        Breeding, how does it work?

  16. AAAAARGH! Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

    Haha, cherry pick much? I look at those church burnings as nothing more than teenage mischief. I set a number of fires in my day, doesn’t mean I was trying to start a revolution.

    Burzum-not saying Varg is a good Person, but if he were a real bad dude, he would confess to murder, not whine about self defense. Arson? Who doesn’t dabble in a little bit of arson every now and then, at least nobody died.

    Dimmu Borgir- haha saying a terrible thing is not the same as doing a terrible thing. That is just Tom foolery to sound dangerous.

    Emperor-ok, that was pretty fuct, does he represent black metal though? Why aren’t there more hate crimes committed by these black metal musicians?

    Gorgoroth- also pretty bad, but they are poseurs anyways when those things happens and way past their prime.

    Immortal: arson? Big deal nobody died.

    Mayhem trashing hotel rooms? Lol! And if you are going to say murder, put it under either burzum or mayhem, it’s the same guy, putting them under both makes it seem like more murders than there actually were.

    Thorns- same thing, put it under Mayhem or thorns. Same guy, no need to double dip

    Satyricon-not Black Metal musicians. Just bros taping groupies.

    Varg admits he and those other musicians inflate their self image to seem more dangerous but rarely do anything bad or dangerous. It’s the aspie poseurs who are the ones imitating this shit and actually hurting people.

    1. Nespithe & Burzum says:

      If he bothered to do his research, the Emperor “hate crime” is self defense against NAMBLA style pederasty. Satyricon did nothing wrong (except make shitty music).

      1. Necronomeconomist says:

        Lol… You piqued my interest with your sensationalistic statement, like about At the Gates and feminazis.

        You mean when Faust stabbed the dude to death, at age 18? You’re misrepresenting again.

        “this man approached me – he was obviously drunk and obviously a faggot […] it was obvious that he wanted to have some contact. Then he asked me if we could […] go up to the woods. So I agreed, because already then I had decided that I wanted to kill him, which was very weird because I’m not like this”.

        That’s not ‘NAMBLA style pederasty’, and even less ‘self-defense’. Sounds like Faust could’ve declined, but chose to walk the dude to a good murder-spot.

        Just saying.

        1. canadaspaceman says:

          Before that fag murder,
          In the 1980s, a dude in my high school killed a faggot and was sent to jail. Thank God it was short sentence and he was back after a year or so.
          Everybody talked about it, but me and all my friends were pissed off he was imprisoned for a justifiable defense against God, such as the faggotry in a nearby park where this fag tried to pick up. The ONLY reason why one guy was went to jail is because somebody squealed. One goof ratted to his father who was in the police. Never do “crimes” with unknown people. When you are a teenager and full of emotions, you don’t think it all through.

          He was more a part of jock/preppie crowd, and was surprised he even knew who I was when walking outside a hardware store near me with his Dad.
          I was part of one of the “loser” crowds in highschool – we were made of metalheads, computer geeks, rockers, punks, preps that didn’t care who they associated with, etc.

          1. The mental AIDS spreads says:

            Don’t you start with that God bullshit. I’d rather get sodomized by a crucifix than read another “Praise the Lawd!” comment.

          2. death metal slug says:

            Militant christianity on dmu is like atheism+ on reddit a few years ago

  17. John Baker says:

    “Black metal began as a collective of sick-minded upper class kids with extreme ideology (on both sides of the political spectrum) who believed that dark music shouldn’t be played by the groovy surfer kids in high tops that made up a mostly working class death metal scene of that age. They therefore rejected death metal as something fake and trendy and created a new movement in extreme metal that involved being as horrible and fucked up as your music and lyrics.”

    So, they were Norwegian hipsters.

    1. BlackPhillip says:

      Hipsters pretend. So no, they weren’t. That’s the whole point that you somehow missed.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      That’s just a US hipster’s “understanding” to whom black metal is an “ancient” historical phenomenon which occurred in Norway between 1991 and 1993. I read this almost verbatim in an interview with the guy who created the Sons of Balaur comic some years ago (one of the many shit things Terrorizer loved to hype).

      Newsflash: People are Bad[tm]. So-called “Christians” who couldn’t agree on how to worship what have killed more people in Northen Ireland during this time then all black metal musicians combined.

  18. Stay off the drugs Brock says:

    Good article, except for the gay Christianity shit.

    You don’t want Metal to associate with Christianity, these charitable religious idiots are also the ones that are welcoming immigrants in Western Europe with prayers and hot meals when they’re dropped off boats, just to prove to them that Whites are “OK” people.

    The Templars/Crusaders – although good against Islam – are basically the Christian version of the current jihadis. There’s so much bullshit in both these Middle-Eastern cults that you can twist it anyway you want, either for good (“charity”) or evil (“war against infidels”).

    Just keep it simple : Spinoza’s ontology, “might is right” and the Nietzschean overman outlook are enough.

    1. whatever is dead says:


      what the fuck is with all the autism. god is dead, and if he tries to come back i’m gonna splatter his zombie brains all over your mom.

      1. I am the black sperglords says:

        No john, you are the autists

    2. Bigbrenda666 says:

      Hails @ Spinozist ontology.

  19. Jan kruitwagen says:

    That was a great read. The part about black metal being watered down by hipsters without balls is the core of the problem. This is all to blaame on the internet. This however… ‘everyone making black metal has issues’ is bullshit. My wife and kids would disagree. Being a rowdy bastard with a great interest for war or death has fuck all to do with having issues. Ive been involved in black metal since the very beginning and know plenty of outstanding individuals who create this music.


    1. Parasyde says:

      t. Maraat

      1. Jan kruitwagen says:

        Dont get it, maraat?

  20. AtassaDeath says:

    Nah, black metal was created by adolescent sub-human mongoloids who wanted to shock their parents who didn’t care about them. Just look at this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z3QgUVdIsY.

    The fact that you say that it was “sick minded” people and stuff is just you romanticizing the thing like a shitty hipster because you wanna feel tough and manly and stuff because in everyday life you’re just a wimp like 99% of humanity.

    In the end black metal remains what it always was, wimpy music for major faggots.

    Now stfu and go kill yourself like most of the people you idolize.

    1. The mental AIDS spreads says:

      Black metal is the music of the intelectually gifted.


  21. HELL V.666 says:

    My mother are more black metal than Sammath, killing chickens every day in sacrifice to their children (us) by beating the dogs that wanted to bite us, killing and killing sheep and lambs of God and listening to Frank Sinatra !!
    not to mention my father, like beheading a calf!
    That’s why I started listening to the ramones and ended up listening to DSO

    1. HELL V.666 says:

      Take into account that I did not say that Sammath is bad band!!

    2. whatever is dead says:

      sounds like some of lugubrum’s farmer black metal

      drink deep of the dark homebrew

  22. Joe says:

    This post, and the comments, logically imply absolute autism and social retardation. NIHILISM>YAY

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