How SJWs manipulate your reality


Your knowledge of the world around you is both informed and manipulated by the information sources you rely on. Media, gossip/friends, advertising, government and businesses are all trying to insert ideas into your mind that control how you see the world. So are small political groups like SJWs.

This manipulation extends to theoretically objective, unbiased and neutral sources like Wikipedia:

It might not be news to everyone that Wikipedia — especially in the EN version — has issues with editors using Wiki articles to spread political propaganda and libeling innocents, sometimes being bribed to do so. Most of Wikipedia readers should have noticed that articles related to anything controversial are heavily biased if not purely propagandistic. This puts shame on the rest of Wikipedia, and on the work of honest editors who spend their free time making unbiased articles.

…After this, they attacked the article on Cultural Marxism, first discrediting it as a conspiracy theory, then entirely removing it. Note that, as I often say, I did my thesis on Antonio Gramsci’s Cultural Hegemony (which is where Cultural Marxism was born), it is an historicall proven fact that it exists. To put it simple, Cultural Hegemony means creating an elite among the middle class that creates a narrative to herd the middle class and direct them how they want. I can see why editors creating false narratives to mislead people would want to censor this.

Who works on a source like Wikipedia or even Metal-Archives? Those with lots of time and some motivating force behind it, like a desire to change the perception of a large group of people. Since such sources reward casual readership, you will not find the thinkers and doers of the world reading them; you will see a vast number of people looking for a surface treatment. That is the easiest audience to manipulate, in the easiest frame of mind to twist, and this is why fanatics of the SJW sort flock to Wikipedia and other “crowd-sourced” sites: powerless in life, they can get a rise out of manipulating others and having the ability to tell them what they can and cannot think.

This happens a lot:

Mark Bernstein is one of several SJWs who is still butthurt that GamerGate successfully got several corrupt editors, including Ryulong, banned from Wikipedia. You can read an archived version of his grievances here.

If Mark Bernstein’s idiotic accusation wasn’t enough, blogger Matthew Hopkins has exposed a number of his conflicts of interest. Hopkins revealed the fact that Mark Bernstein had made significant edits to the Eastgate Systems and Tinderbox pages. Bernstein is the owner and Chief Scientist of Eastgate Systems and Tinderbox is an Eastgate product. If Bernstein wanted to avoid conflicts of interest, he could have suggested edits to those pages and let other editors come along and do so.

Wikipedia needs to take action against editors who have no regard for the rules.

Of course, Wikipedia will not enforce its own rules because then it would lose its crowd. People come there so they can change reality. They do not show up out of some benevolence toward humanity; they want power, and Wikipedia’s assumed status as reliable gives it to them. All one has to do is show up and edit a few pop culture pages and agree with the existing editor clique about certain social justice issues. Then that person becomes part of the approved group and can go on to do things like delete pages, remove facts, or anything else that conflicts with the agenda of the approved group. Why is this group so manipulative? It goes back to that lack of power in their lives. This is why there is a long history of Wikipedia corruption.

Even more, and of relevance to metal, journalists have gotten in on the game, taking money for positive reviews of video games. They even discuss this in secret mailing lists, much like journalists agreed to manipulate the news during the JournoList scandal. These are behaviors we see appearing in several areas consistently; is it too much to assume that they are part of the norm? By that token, it seems rational to realize that much of what we see on big metal sites is manipulated by similar groups of people.

#Metalgate showed us that groups of fanatics infiltrate media in order to manipulate minds; now, we see how much their influence crosses over between different sources that people rely on. It was for this reason that the underground was formed: mainstream media had a solid and unwavering opinion of heavy metal, which was that it should be a tame and non-threatening form of rock music, and so to escape that, metal bands and writers had to escape from the mainstream view entirely. That time has come again, because the same group of people who held metal down in the 1980s are now attacking from a different direction, and it will have the same consequences.

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9 thoughts on “How SJWs manipulate your reality”

  1. Anthony says:

    Are those… back boobs? I didn’t know such a horror existed.

    1. Daniel Maarat says:

      I hope that’s a cephalopod in a wig and not a primate.

  2. Ambient Dzogchen says:

    Is anyone else feeling this in relation to Europe’s ‘migrant crisis’?
    I was damn near frantically thumbing through NYTimes and Wall Street Journal today, seeking some Right-of-center ideas. But no. Everything talked about how shit is worsening, Europe has been weak in it’s response and is heartless.

    I feel bad for the migrants, I really do, but I’m like… I want to feel compassion for them AND not want a flood of randos in my country! Is that so MFing wrong, guys?

    There WAS something about Euro-nations sending coast guard to, like, Libya’s shores, to push back the human-smugglers. That’s a cool start.

    (I’m in USA, would be particularly interested to hear from Euro-bros.)

    1. Phil says:

      In the minds of the public here there seems (to me) to be a precarious mass-conflation of immigration with asylum status. I think this is a simple and immature reaction but it’s one the left has been making. So you see nonsensical and declarative signs like “no-one is illegal” as if rules should never apply to anyone.

      Illegal immigration by boats over the Mediterranean is a different issue altogether than those fleeing Syria. But the two have become a crisis at the same time. Like much else they do, the EU’s common movement policy creates an immigration situation where the whole is only as strong as the weakest link – in this case Italy and Greece. So now immigration policy has basically been left in the hands of the people smugglers and a wave of (pretty much economically useless) illegal migrants are making their way from south to north. We are rewarding the traffickers and those who don’t follow the rules. These aren’t people who are necessarily going through any hardship (outside of the voyage). I’ve seen plenty making the journey myself and by the looks of their iPhones and jackets they look pretty well off. People resent this lack of control and abuse of the system by the migrants, as well as the social malaise that can come with high bursts of immigration.

      Including myself, many more are compassionate about the situation in Syria. There is almost universal agreement that something needs to be done to help about that.

      1. Ambient Dzogchen says:

        Phil, that’s a good point; I myself had made the precarious mass-conflation of immigration with asylum status. Comparing Morocco/Libya/wherever vs. Syria — isn’t this like poverty vs. poverty + extreme civil war violence?

        What are some possible solutions (in descending order of the politically plausible)? Again, I can’t find any Rightist thought on this in the mainstream papers. Hell, is it even Rightist, to think “We don’t want unchecked immigration into our zone”?

        Could EU forces stay patrolling the African coasts, and simply push back all comers?

    2. Daniel Maarat says:

      Letting them in and giving them benefits is unfair to legal immigrants who waited years. If they’re economically useless, unwilling to work, hostile to the native culture, and refuse to assimilate then why should they be let in? They refuse to fight for their original land, they shouldn’t get a new one. Very simple.

      Unlike what that Communist bitch Merkel says, Europe owes them nothing. They’re not Oskar Schindler; they’re not saving their fucking lives. These good for nothings want welfare in Germany and Sweden. You don’t see them wanting to stay in Hungary. They threw the fucking food and water the Hungarians gave them away. Send them all back.

      1. Ambient Dzogchen says:

        Daniel Maarat — “If they’re economically useless, unwilling to work, hostile to the native culture, and refuse to assimilate…”

        Yes, IF. What IF they were eager to work, friendly to the host country, willing to assimilate to better enjoy the fruits of EU citizenship or whatever, THEN would you support letting them in? I’ve found that describes a lot of the Mexican immigrants I’ve met in my own country.

  3. Meek Metalhead says:

    SJWs are on the attack on all fronts it seems.

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