Leftists Condone Islamic Fundamentalism

Swedish socialists recently announced that returning ISIS fighters who are Swedish citizens will be given housing grants. Yes, terrorists are being financially rewarded by a Western government for being terrorists rather than removing them as a threat cheaply and permanently for their reprehensible treasonous behavior. The cycle of behavior that results in violent social leeches and sexual predators creating “No-go” zones for women and Jews continues.

These theocratic exarchates have been allowed to fester and expand due to leftist politicians hoping to enfranchise their residents and encouraging more to immigrate. The leftists hope these third worlders will of course vote for them given the more conservative forces that want to excise such cancers by forceful assimilation or expulsion. Curing the problem would get rid of a reliable leftist voting block who want to eat free lunches.

Lame duck US president Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Keery meanwhile condemned Israel building settlements in the West Bank even as the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization rejected Kerry’s two state solution as it has all other such proposals in the past and continues to refuse to recognize Israel’s existence as a Jewish nation-state despite leftists condemning Israel, boycotting products sold by or in Israel or produced with support from Israeli companies, and attacking Jewish organizations on college campuses with full support from leftist students, faculty and administration. Leftists apparently chose Jews and Israelis as a scapegoat for the violent Muslim fanaticism they have allowed to fester in their own nations. They continue deluding themselves into believing that Israel’s existence provokes jihadism rather than certain Muslim states’ own religious establishments willfully supporting an 18th century reactionary movement, Wahhabism, that mandates blind adherence to imagined dark age traditions.

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26 thoughts on “Leftists Condone Islamic Fundamentalism”

  1. If you travel to Syria to fight for the islamic state, you are given psychiatric care and aid to assimilate back in to society.

    If you travel to Syria to fight against the islamic state, you aren’t given shit.

    I hate my own country.

    1. This is not related to metal, though. I want Less politics, more philosophy.
      Less commentary, more music.

      1. Rampant Colt says:

        This is in every way related to metal. Metal is more than music.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          This is a not entirely uninteresting piece of political news. Everything may be political to you but certainly not for me.

          Politics come and go, usually in circles, as the days go by. Music, particularly music supposed to be taken seriously, ie, not just three minute tralalas filling an acoustic void in the background, is much more real: It brings me in contact with aspects of my mind which aren’t otherwise easily accessible, possibly even entirely unknown to me, eg, the »lust of charging into a battle against a numerically superior enemy«. I didn’t know how this felt prior to discovering it. That’s something which affects my life directly.

          In the political universe, fast-forward a few years, you’ll find the same people still squabbling over the same irrelevant issues and telling the same lies, always using whatever happened most recently to try to point out how they were right all the time, no matter what actually happened.

          1. Rampant Colt says:

            The need to eliminate collectivism/collectivists is not irrelevant and does not “come and go”

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              I agree with this insofar it’s “people should strive to be more than members of a herd mindlessly trotting behind a leader animal”. Not a problem for me, though, as no herd would tolerate me :->: If people are social animals, I’m – by necessity – not one. One of the implications of this is that I avoid any form of political activism: This all starts with a group of people and once you have that, all the usual shit just starts once more.

              In contrast to this music, and art in general, or philosophy talk to anyone who’s willing to listen. Whatever individuals do in this world, the end-result will be their death, and before this has happened, they’re enslaved to the needs of their bodies. There’s neither freedom nor salvation on this path. Either of both can only be found inside one’s mind and if this has happened, the miseries of the outside don’t matter anymore.

              NB: This is a seriously wanting experimental attempt at formulating a certain thought.

    2. Vigilance says:

      So these people commit a crime, will be tried and punished for it but given rehabilitation after serving out a sentence, what’s the issue? Sweden seems to have a better handle on justice than America where those who serve their time have extreme difficulty finding good pay and even rental property for a good while. Without being entirely dependent upon someone else relapse into criminality to make ends meet is encouraged. As if competition over steadily decreasing professional work isn’t already a huge problem.

      1. You are rewarded for being a (certain kind) of criminal.
        Good citizens do not get free housing. Only war criminals do.

        Furthermore, those who fight against IS are not treated for PTSD, but those who fight for IS are.

        1. They be banished and deported or imprisoned for life for crimes against humanity.

          1. Why pay to keep them isolated from human society forever or burden them upon others? Bullets are cheap while crosses and axes are reusable. All are cheaper than a plane ticket. Hastening death is the cheapest and surest way to prevent recividism.

            1. Philosophically, I agree.
              Pragmatically, it’s not feasible.

          2. Vigilance says:

            Seems like you’re more upset that the Cardinal sin of hypocrisy is being committed.

    3. Malpheron says:

      Leftists have been destroying my country throughout the entire millennium (Brazil), only now everything is getting back to the rails (very gradually and slowly).

      Trust me you haven’t seen much yet.

  2. GGALLIN1776 says:

    And they condone shit like this:


    The race war as well as one of religious terror are burning along & the left supports (while denying either are happening) both.

  3. Saul says:

    The Israel-Palestine question is geo-political in nature, not governed *only* by religious/fundamentalist considerations. Don’t pretend as if Israel haven’t fucked around endlessly since ’67.

    1. This is true but many leftists claim that Israel’s existence is the cause of most modern Islamic radicalism.

      1. Or the shennanigans of the U.S.
        (The logic is that funding existing terrorists is the same as creating them in the first place)

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Muslim jihadists are indeed savages and Islam is a primitive religion that belongs in the stone age, but don’t try to paint Israel and the jews white. They are a vindictive race of people. Jews are behind the brainwashing in our schools in which sjws were socially engineered, they run the media and tell the gullible public lies, they are the ones pushing multiculturalism and promoting white guilt. Look who’s in the government and look who runs Hollywood, nuff said. They have taken many positions of power in many western European countries, now look at those countries. You’re basically being to take it in the ass by the so called refugees and if you refuse to you’re an islamophobe and a Nazi. But somehow Israel is conveniently too small to take in refugees. Palestinians do have a legit beef in that whole ordeal. I’ll just say there’s alot of truth in what David Duke says that’s why he’s been demonized. There’s the Bolschvicks in Soviet Russia, the list goes on.

      There is a theory that there’s a struggle between the Muslim Brotherhood and ZOG for world domination. Can’t say I dismiss that theory. Both are anti-white, obviously.

  4. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

    You know that those “terrorists” are doing NATO’s job in Syria, right ?

    1. I.S is doing nato’s job, okay mate

      1. And they are apparently “terrorists”, not real terrorists

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Of course I know that.

      Isis terrorists are CIA employees.

  5. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Europe is totally cucked with the exception of a few countries.

  6. Morbideathscream says:

    Funny, I always thought sjw liberals were against any form of antisemitism. Now they’re blaming the jews and Israel for the rise of radical Islam. Seriously, I don’t think these libtards know what they’re saying half the time.

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