Lonegoat Joins Nocturnus AD

Goatcraft keyboardist Lonegoat recently joined Nocturnus AD.

Nocturnus AD had some issues with their previous keyboardist’s failures with women. Lonegoat is prepared to thrash where he’s at stuck behind the keyboards now.

Due to Nocturnus AD distancing themselves from their keyboardist, Lonegoat will be filling the keyboardist role for them.

“I’ve talked to Browning and one of Nocturnus’ guitarists quite a bit the past couple of days. We’ve discussed my work and college schedule, which is on the table for them. Their touring schedule is tame enough that I can do the band as a full-time member. I can’t get down their set in so soon of a notice, but by the time 2018 rolls around, I will be able to. I really wish it was under better circumstances, but I am happy to do keyboards for them. Plus, I really dig Nocturnus in general.”

Lonegoat has performed with members of Nocturnus AD in the past, and he has a good relationship with them. Expect some new Nocturnus AD material in the future with Lonegoat providing keyboards.

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4 thoughts on “Lonegoat Joins Nocturnus AD”

  1. Spirit Animal says:

    Beyond the labyrinth of personas, beyond the groupie-leeches and the ever-present torment of a world where flesh and intoxication know no bounds, an enigma stands poised. An imposing figure be it known, adorned in campfires smoother than that of which the average in man can partake or taste, and ever immersed in their horror. Ever to the eternal conflict of the human soul, that for which he himself hath drunk deep in experience. But such as it is with all that play the game in an age where nothing makes much difference, there remains integrity in his actions. Integrity perhaps beyond that which knowledgeable types can even be aware of. Yet there in existence it is. A fragile equilibrium and one so embedded it in fact ceases to be at the moment it’s host achieves consciousness. There in the darkness of the devil’s many networks, in the times of the nights preceding the end of days, he watches eternity swallow itself. A pleasant illusion, as few are they that can even know anyway. There in the vibrations of ashes and wounded venues, he watches the self, unknowingly. And pleases that of many others. For the eyes alone serve as artifact to the truth, to an inner state desipherable only by those ancient of soul. He, in darkness, sees. And yet those very same eyes responded to the hunger of kittens and saw fit to it to carry your grandmothers groceries back to her car, whenever you, a known fuck-up, got the dates wrong. Verily, it is he. A saintly fugue-state disguised by sin.

  2. Goats "R" Us says:

    Is this the beginning of a beautiful new friendship?
    Is goat love tolerated by Nocturnus?
    What happened to the previous keyboardist?

    Lets find out.

  3. I Am The Black Men says:

    Even The Key is fairly weak stuff in retrospect.

  4. canadaspaceman says:

    techno goat disco deathmetal dance this friday.
    JR’s Hot BBQ Sauce – WWE Shop.
    Impaled hind quarters.
    All you can eat.

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