Nocturnus Keyboardist Fired Over SJW Death Threats

Nocturnus AD fired their keyboardist after Mike Browning’s daughter received death threats online from SJWs mad about band’s keyboardist’s public Facebook posts about his constant failings at bedding sane women and mocking women showing solidarity online with with sexual harassment victims.

There is no easy way to go about this but because of so many different situations that have happened and especially what has happened over the last couple days, and let me say that in this type of situation that there are NO winners.
Yesterday my 10 year old daughter got a Death Threat on my Youtube channel from an obvious fake account that was just opened, saying that her head would look good on a stick. Let me say right now that there is no thing in this world that is more important to me than she is and I will not put her in this position because she is innocent as I believe the band should also not be blamed because one member posted something that even what I consider to be a terrible post. Nothing should ever escalate into someone saying they are going to kill a child because someone else posted something on Facebook. I cannot believe the hate that I have seen towards me and now my family coming from both sides, as now I have people threatening me if we fire him too, so I and my daughter have been put in this situation simply because I didn’t want to get involved in what someone else posts on their page. I never would have believed that someone elses post on Facebook would result in a death threat to my daughter on Youtube and to make it worse, this person tried to make it look like they are a female, but I think it could be either because the account is definitely fake.
I also want to say that Nocturnal has been in the band for years and this is not the first incident of this nature. Back in May we played a show with Vader and we loaded on stage did a soundcheck in front of over 250 people and could not find our keyboard player and had to call him over the PA in front of the whole crowd just staring at us, well where was he, out in the car with a girl in the parking lot while we were on stage waiting to play! After that last incident I told him if he ever pulled anything again that he would be fired, well all I can say is that he had way more chances than I should have given him, but I am a person that tries to help people instead of just right away kicking them to the curb because my daughter’s mom was an alcoholic and used to get drunk and very violent, so I try giving people chances and try to talk with them and hopefully help them with their problems instead of just dumping them. But that has also been my downfall in all of this. I would have much rather tried to help fix Nocturnals obvious problem with women, but he obviously does not want to change and me having a 10 year old daughter, I don’t want to have someone like that in my life or my band. That being said we are a band and have shows and contractual agreements that were already happening that we had to figure out as a band what our next step would be to make things still work, so that is why I just asked for a little time to figure everything out, but now in just 2 days it resulted in a death threat to my daughter because people want answers without knowing anything of any of the surrounding circumstances. I hope everyone on both sides is happy that it has resulted in someone giving my child a death threat.
We will be continuing as a band, but without Nocturnal because I have already told him back in May that he was already on his last straw with this band and so he made this decision first by doing exactly what I asked him not to do and he had previously said he would not do, but he did anyway. So there were many reasons why he is being let go and not just because of this one incident that has gotten way out of hand.
We have 2 shows coming up which we will still be doing, but without keyboards because there is simply not enough time to get someone in by then. I have been talking to another keyboard player the last 2 days who is a friend of ours that has said that they would be glad to help us out, but this person is not in Tampa and I want to make sure that he can help us and wants his name out there before I say who it is.
So like I said in this type of a situation there are no winners, but a lot of haters. But I refuse to let this set me back more than just time and hopefully the outcome will be an even better Nocturnus AD!

Hopefully Nocturnus finds a studly keyboardist to not creep out the ladies and the Cultural Marxists who threatened his daughter with death receive instant karma in the form of broken noses, cheekbones, and rectums in prison. Offenders against children are seen as the lowest of the low in the open yard.

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32 thoughts on “Nocturnus Keyboardist Fired Over SJW Death Threats”

  1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    Calling him over the PA actually made this stupid story end nicely!

  2. Jock says:

    Am I really reading this? Is DMU pro-women’s rights on this or what? If so, this is freaking awesome! So glad to see that and I sure hope Nocturnus can work something out. Classic band!

    1. S.C. says:

      They pro-strong willed individuals. They support the rape of weak men and women. They have given positive exposure to female involved metal projects such as Witchblood. But they’re certainly not sympathetic towards the #metoo-ers.

      1. national geographic nipples says:

        “strong women” are weak by default because women aren’t supposed to be “strong” in nature (at least in the human species).

        1. Hessian Murderer of Black Death says:

          Their criteria for strength are different, but there are weak and strong women.

          Weak: Betrays her husband to sell herself to another man as soon as the tides change.

          Strong: Has undying loyalty

          Weak: Can’t do shit to protect the children while the man is out hunting

          Strong: Protects the children to a decent level, even if not on the level of the husband

          1. S.C says:

            This^.Of course there is gender dimorphism, thus there could never be integrated male female sports teams, but there have also been brutal female warrior cultures that have been entirely capable in the battlefield. The reason why these cultures died is because a man can potentially impregnate multiple on the eve before a battle then go off and die the very next day, while a woman, in order to produce the child, must stay alive and well for the 9 months or so to birth the child. Women should not be warriors, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t be. The qualities of a strong woman, as pointed by Black Death, relate to strength in the home. Spartan women were extremely powerful, though not warriors, because daily chores required strength. Weak women were not suitable mating candidates.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        They support the rape of weak men and women.

        This, besides practially unfortunate on the internet[*], is one of the seriously weak points of this philosophy: In Germanic warrior culture (I’m somewhat familiar with because of familiarity with ‘the [German] old tales’ in an old enough version that it hasn’t been diluted by the extended suicide of the Prussian nobility in the first half of last century), the worth of a hero depend on the worthiness of the opponents he conquered. The “farmfather fucking his cows because they can’t help it” would be a definition of níðingr.

        [*] Unfortunate because the internet is all words and no deeds, hence, it attracts loads of would-be-important copycats emulating the style.

        1. S.C. says:

          A fair point. Nietzsche said that a master should be able to do as he wishes with his slave, but the sign of a true master’s character is that he will only seek conflict with those of equal status and might. An example would be the swift disposal of peasants stepping out of line, but not the mindless killing of them. He as well to that being sympathetic to those beneath oneself is not wrong, so long as it is truly felt and not due to the principle or social conditioning of sympathy, as taught in Christianity. When I said rape, what I really meant was subjugation.

          1. S.C. says:

            *he as well said

    2. intpaki says:

      as a death contributor and a rapist i have to say i agree with you

    3. Rainer Weikusat says:

      women’s rights

      (Trying to) attack autists is obviously always loads of fun because they never know what to do. If »women« are anyhow different from other people in this respect, this has so far escaped me.

  3. Svmmoned says:

    And the winners…….. by unanimous decision……. are… THE COMMIES!

  4. Rainer Weikusat says:

    And how’s firing a keyboarder going to stop people from pseudonymously saying nasty things to your daughter on the internet, Mr Browning?

    1. This, I respect Mike but what a cuck.

    2. Cloaked Warlock says:

      Mister Weikusat

      You are invited to join an esoteric cult devoted to the study of metal.
      If you wish to tread the left hand path, if you wish to learn the secrets of the universe, if you wish to master the art of black magic, and transcend this mortal coil,

      then let me know and I will invite you to a discord.

      1. Cloaked Warlock says:

        Give me a temporary email address, and the invitation shall be sent to it

      2. intpaki says:

        shut the fuck up fallot you child molester

        1. Regal says:

          Hey sugar, take a walk on the wild side

      3. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This I must politely decline. After 26 years of disasters, I’ve halted all non-essential, non-transient real-world contact to groups of people until I’ve learned a lot more about them. I suspect this will be forever but I surely don’t miss the disasters.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    anonymous threats? that is all it takes to get band members fired ? or maybe get bands to cancel concert appearances?

  6. Altarboys of Madnurse says:

    Mike Browning needs an editor STAT. Get concise, bud!

  7. ben umanov's dildo dradel says:

    Why the fuck are people using facebook and youtube

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      They are not people, they are robotoids.

  8. Flying Kites says:

    All this talk about jailing Hillary Clinton and seeing commies get raped in jail. I’d rather they die now.

  9. all you spics can suck my dick says:

    Tags: communists, cultural marxism…

    Maarat the Wetback is still on heavy drugs

  10. national geographic nipples says:

    Ok, so if he fired the guy out of desperation because he wants his daughter to stop getting harassed by sjws it would kinda make sense, but then he says this:
    “Nocturnals obvious problem with women, but he obviously does not want to change and me having a 10 year old daughter, I don’t want to have someone like that in my life or my band.”
    What? How do you conflate sleeping with groupies with pedophilia or being some sort of direct threat to your daughter? Hard to take him at face value after this, it’s such a dishonest snake thing to say

    1. Jüüc says:

      Somehow it makes plenty of sense. Metal seems to have this history of normal, decent, creative people that just want to write or do music thrown in with the depraved weirdos, scene-warriors, opportunists and extremists etc. The former group just don’t want the latter in their life while the reverse is true for the latter. It has a bit to do with survival instincts

      1. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn says:

        What has that got to do with worshiping The Ancient Ones!?

      2. Morbideathscream says:

        Metal is mainly made up of folks who are outsiders, so every once in a while you’ll end up with a depraved weirdo in the band.

  11. Alberto Barbosa says:


  12. Master Mason 32 says:

    LMFAO!!!! who ever thinks that dealing with women is a walk in the park is totally diluted or has a mangina or a small pipi where their manhood should be. That Nocturnal jerk had the balls to rant about a stupid #metoo bullshit, call out their bullshit, and since truth hurts, and hell it hurt a ton of people, they dish out death treats, what a bunch of butt hurt SJW cucks and cunts.
    I just read these articles, and this site is blowing things out of proportion, that jerk mentioned two out of many relationship were insane and troublesome, but shitting on some one by saying that he has issues with women, and the rest of the cucks here shitting on some one that accomplished more than them in life, like mindless sheep, follow the rhetoric of this site as fact, ignoring explained facts. You all cucks need to get a life.

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