Metal-Archives Decries Antifa Attack on Messes des Morts


Sometimes social justice warrior database Metal-Archives decried the antifascist attack on the Canadian black metal festival Messe des Morts on the Metal-Archives Facebook page. Even the whining neo-liberals are ticked about actual Communists ruining their festival experience. Éric Sédition, one of the leaders of the Montreal antifascists terrorists, is a confirmed member of the Industrial Workers of the World according to his Twitter. The IWW wish to establish a new socialist world order to supplant capitalism.

In light of the extremely poor and misinformed media coverage regarding Messe des Morts Festival, we would like to address the situation. The festival, artists, attendees, and promoter have been misrepresented greatly and this needs to be addressed. This was NOT a political event, and it grossly incorrect and slanderous that the Canadian media have called it fascist, white supremacist, and national socialist.

First of all, full support to Martin and Sepulchral Productions for the professional and safe handling of a world-class metal festival. It was a pleasure to attend and we must not allow debacles such as this to stop the performance and cultural celebration of metal. We will return next year.

Graveland expressed some extreme views in the past, particularly in the 1990s. The band was driven by a strong sense of self-definition, which in post-Soviet Poland was Pagan, pro-white, and nationalist. It is no coincidence that “NSBM” was born in Poland in 1991 (Graveland) and East Germany in 1992 (Absurd, who contributed lyrics to Graveland)). As times have changed, these themes have also faded from Graveland’s lyrics. Rob Darken has distanced himself from this and directly addressed this, most recently on stating “Graveland is not NSBM” and explaining and denouncing some things from the past.

I certainly don’t expect everyone to be entirely comfortable with this, but understand the sentiment. To recant an ideology is a strong symbolic gesture. To offer the olive branch, and travel to North, South, and Central America to share this in an unambiguously non-political context is quite substantial for one of black metal’s most notable and influential bands. It is worth noting that every “accusation” against Graveland I have read/heard refers to things from over 15 years ago. The photos with Honor, the SPLC’s classification as a hate group, older lyrics, and other things. We should not think that people can not change, that their views and their world can not change. It may not be a vindictive and satisfying cleansing of the past, to a zealot, but it seems disingenuous to not acknowledge the difference between the past and now. Graveland is honoring their past by playing their early music, but they have also left behind songs like “White Hand’s Power” and “White Beasts of Wotan.” They’re not masquerading as “Graveland: Censored Edition” but they have certainly taken many turns for the better. There’s one “smoking gun” regarding the objectionable ties, and I’ve hardly seen it mentioned. That would be, of course, the fact that they reunited for a festival called Hot Shower with more than a few sketchy associations. I would not handwave that away.

Messe Des Morts is an international festival featuring bands from eight countries and three continents this year. Messe Des Morts is not a political event, which was completely and unambiguously stated by the organizers, and recognized by the attendees on the two successful days of the festival. There were no Roman salutes and no swastikas, not only by the rules, but simply because the event and attendees are not fascists. While the smoke cleared, literally, in front of the barricaded venue, I met people from many cultures and continents. Several of them were proud to speak to a television camera – without a mask – of their heritage (First Nations, Asian, Latino, and White) and disagreeing with the assertions of masked terrorists that this was a fascist event.

We shared this experience because of the metal bands we went to see. This is a gathering of cultures, and all of us who attended the festival are better for it. As an American in a foreign country for the first time, it was a great multicultural event in which I met people I never would have otherwise.

We are worse off – our society, and metal – because of those who refuse to be civilized and immediately resorted to violence. This event has been announced publicly for months. Concerns were voiced publicly, and they were also addressed unambiguously by the organizers. It was made very clear that this was not a political event, and political gestures would not be tolerated. There was little response other than violence.

Further unsettling, there were very clearly legitimate means to object to this, as MP Alexandre Boulerice was reportedly in attendance to support the “protest.” His remarks were extremely vague.

“Boulerice said he was “concerned” that groups with fascist leanings and whose members made remarks resembling “white supremacists” were in his riding.” (CBC)

“I understand that musicians are allowed to play their music but I believe that citizens who are uncomfortable with movements with ties to the extreme-right are also allowed to express their views.” (Boulerice)

Expressing their views would mean peacefully protesting like civilized people, using free speech. It does not mean resorting to threats, intimidation, and violence, such as smoke bombs, pepper spraying police and attendees, and making bomb threats, as was the case. This is not free speech; this is, in fact, stifling the free speech of others, and much closer to fascism than anything endorsed by the festival or its fans.

It is an embarrassment to Montreal that a politician did nothing to resolve this through civilized nor official means. The festival was organized legally with sufficient notice given to police. A member of parliament showed up to join a small group of violent, masked “protesters” whose actions were criminal. These actions against the public were a small act of terrorism, and it is a shame on Montreal.

(please excuse the syntax errors, this contains both a statement and a personal account, written after a long trip)
-Zodijackyl, on behalf of Encyclopaedia Metallum

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29 thoughts on “Metal-Archives Decries Antifa Attack on Messes des Morts”

  1. ““I understand that musicians are allowed to play their music but I believe that citizens who are uncomfortable with movements with ties to the extreme-right are also allowed to express their views.” (Boulerice)”

    A red herring.
    No one is against them saying what they want, but against them shutting down the concert.

    1. Krueger says:

      It’s a straw man.

      A red herring is when someone avoids the main point by shifting the focus. That statement doesn’t shift the focus by necessity, it simply mis-portrays the opposing side’s viewpoints.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        It’s a straw man.

        Not really. He wasn’t constructing a misrepresentation of someone’s standpoint in order to argue against the misrepresentation while claiming to address the other but made a completely out-of-context, general statement: This was a concert, not a “movement with ties to the extreme right”. And the protesters weren’t “expressing their views”, they organized enough of a mock street war to cause the police to stop people with tickets from entering the venue and to convince the organisator to cancel the event. They could have distributed flyers instead.

    2. Skull Powder says:

      That “right wing extremists” shouldn’t be allowed to express their views is a fairly moderate thing for a Canadian politician to say.

      The Canadian government owned media corporation produced this video, which glorifies the extinction of white people:

  2. I’ve been called a fascist so much that I’ve embraced the term.
    I’m sick of defending myself against the accusation, so fuck it. I’m a fascist.
    And it feels good.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      It’s infinitely better than being an antifascist.


    2. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

      There is nothing appealing about anyone that would toss around fascist accusations, they are completely worthless people that dwell comfortably in garbage and they make up 90% of people involved in “music scenes”. Music scenes are havens for cockroaches, even good bands have completely fucking despicable bottom feeders in them that are sold on the idea of rock n roll degeneracy, only you know, without the money and minuscule nibblets of fame. In fact there is rabid backstabbing, scapegoating, thievery, lying and manipulating involved with playing usually badly mixed and drunkenly performed metal to a bunch of half interested scenesters. The world of musicians is truly lowly and despicable.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        I’d absolutely love to see a coherent definition of »rock’n’roll degeneracy« which isn’t either obviously based on envy (“guy with the guitar gets to fuck the chick which doesn’t care for me”), on mistakenly associating some aspects of the 1970s “hard rock culture” with rock’n’roll (and mistakenly associating this with anything obviously not made for people who prefer to sit on their respective posteriors) or (that’s the original definition as far as I know) “employs a musical style beyond traditional [up to and including the 19th century] nobleman/ rich guy sponsored European orchestra music”.

        Any takers?

        1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

          I understand you are sheltered from the bizarre existence of America, but every city has some permutation of a music scene with a dozen or more horrible bands no one cares about connected to a larger network of people ranging from the ages of 13-60 who drink excessively and waste a lot of money on drugs usually not working very much or at all and convinced they are real fucking rock n rollers. “It’s my fucking lifestyle they hate man, they can’t stand to see someone as free as me!” The debauchery is just that, including the passing around of girls like musical chairs, that is nothing to be envious about. There are flophouses full of shitty punks and rockers and metallers, they all live like shit, and are total fucking losers. Just go to any American city and go to some shows then crash on a couch, you’ll see “rock n roll degeneracy” in rabid heat, with no condom. Sometimes, good musicians and music occurs IN SPITE of this.

          1. C.M. says:

            This, in a big way. Couldna said it better myself.

          2. Syphilis says:

            I find your representation to be completely wrong. Real punks squat (or hike).

          3. Rainer Weikusat says:

            Bohemians. Common in university towns. Outwardly non-conformist to the n+1-th deegree but absolutely square about that and many other things. The music is sometimes interesting but they usually hate the idea as it distracts from the »alberner Gockel[*]«-show.

            [*] roughly “cock full of hot air” but the German term just denotes animal.

    3. 8==D says:

      Why not. Authoritarianism works. People are usually too stupid to know what’s good for them. (And I’m not implying I’m an exception or among some nebulous “elite.”) Hierarchy is natural.

      1. Abominably Goatpenis says:

        “People are usually too stupid to know what’s good for them.”

        You Suffer (But Why?) Let them suffer

      2. AAAAARGH Bloody 2-Handed Chainaxe Blow says:

        “Heirarchy is natural”

        So are bear attacks. Doesn’t mean they are inherently good.

        1. Syphilis says:

          A bears got to eat.

  3. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

    Zodijackyl was also the guy who fought for bitterman’s reviews to be accepted. He’s a good dude.

    1. 8==D says:

      M-A isn’t all bad. It’s just a few cunt admins.

  4. White Cum of Wotan says:

    Well so much for a US tour…

    Also that festival called “Hot Shower” is just too damn funny! Picture people yelling: “HOT SHOWER!HOT SHOWER!”

  5. Anthony says:

    Physically remove Democrats and Communists

  6. god jesus says:

    Varg is now “alt-right” according to the NYT:

    “The Norwegian heavy-metal musician Varg Vikernes, after serving 16 years for murder, has an alt-right blog that contains his musings on everything from Norse mythology to the meaning of the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.”

    1. Skull Powder says:

      Expect a new video from Thulean Perspective: “Is Varg alt-right? Let’s find out!”

  7. canadaspaceman says:

    Cana -duh is turning into a hellhole like Germany, Norway, Sweden , etc where non-white invaders get everything for free and people born here are treated like shit.
    I used to get mad at this.
    I used to warn people in the early 1990s when I was younger and full of energy.
    Nobody listened, they thought the newspapers and the 6 o clock news were correct.

    1. Necronomeconomist says:

      I thought the Jews killed all your people.
      Are your people Whites?
      What the fuck is going on?!

  8. canadaspaceman says:

    i will find you,.
    laugh it up for now

  9. Maarat the beaner says:

    I’ll LMAO if that retard the Americans has just elected gets Maarat and his numerous siblings to fuck through the southern border :D

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