Montreal Police Condone Antifa Attack


No arrests, no tickets handed out. The protesters were aggressive toward the organizers (of the concert) but not towards police … When we told them to disperse they did so.

Said Montreal police constable Benoît Boisselle about the Communist antifascist terrorists who attacked the the police protecting the Messe des Morts festival where Graveland was scheduled to play. The Antifa thugs were clearly supported not only by the communist Industrial Workers of the World union but by the local Montreal city government too. Three of the perpetrators identities are known: recidivist junkie and anti-Semite Katie Nelson, Éric Sédition (a card-carrying member of the IWW), and Alexandre Bouleric (member of the Canadian federal parliament from a district in Montreal). All walk free to terrorize again.

The Canadian government of social justice warrior Justin Trudeau and the German government of General Secretary Merkel clandestinely supports the leftist attempts to dumb down everything into mediocrity for the stupid, lazy, and insolent to maintain their own political power. When the socialist states inevitably fail, they will officially acquire what the state stole from the people in the name of the people as has occured in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and the People’s Republic of China.

Black metal has been a target for years. Remember when the store of rehash label Iron Bonehead Productions in Berlin was torched by antifascist thugs supported by the police after an iteration of the Nuclear War Now! Fest a few years ago? Hipsters like Vice Noisey, No Clean Singing, and Kim Kelly parading alternative rock and awful Icelandic noise rock bands as the “next big thing” in “black metal” are merely the propaganda of the left; antifascist state-supported muscle that will pummel the exemplary into mediocre rock music for hirsute crustfund and artfat leeches lionizing failed states and economic systems. More of the exceptional must fight back and denigrate the unworthy as the future worm-stuffed compost they are.

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9 thoughts on “Montreal Police Condone Antifa Attack”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    A great poet once wrote “kill a commie for mommy”.

  2. “When we told them to disperse, they did so”

    They could, then, have told them to disperse earlier so that the bands could have played.
    Bloody hell.

  3. Vigilance says:

    A community upholds its values and uses culture to drive away those who would infringe upon them – if even indirectly. Montreal is a model of conservation.

    1. C.M. says:

      An illustration of how a tool itself cannot be righteous. Or, something about paving infernal roads.

  4. Fart dad says:

    God damnit I miss Prozak, the editor here can’t edit worth a shit, doesn’t proofread his own shit, and basically is an unoriginal /pol/ shill. It’s not that I disagree with the views , it’s that this site has become the equivalent of buzzfeed for metal and nationalism. It’s cheap, the writing is pretentious and bad, it’s a shit on the grave of

    1. Skull Powder says:

      ^ 100% pointless comment.

  5. Morbideathscream says:

    This story doesn’t surprise me I already knew that was the case when they threw smoke grenades and none of them got arrested. The fact that one of them was in parliament was also a dead giveaway. Antifa was handed this victory by law enforcement. The cops could have had the show go on, but they shut it down. They are all on the same side. Antifa is doing what the government ultimately wants so they’re gonna do little to nothing to stop them. With all the charges Katie Nelson had she seems to only get slapped on the wrist.

    Yeah real anarchists fighting the system, more like the exact opposite.

    1. Critic says:

      You guys AND AntiFA are the equivalent of to two invalids fighting over a fruit roll-up. First off, the girl you quote actually sued the Montreal police department for beating her up:
      Secondly, from what I can tell, these are not communists, but anarchists. Do you even know what a communist is? You can bandy around ad hominem insults all day against the left, and yet communism as far as I can tell simply means that everyone gets together and forms a revolution to abolish the state, THAT’S IT. Thus everyone’s interpretations and implementation has varied wildly from Yugoslava, to the Soviet Union, to the Paris communes, to arguably the black circle…

      You’ve praised dictators, church burnings and other forms of coercive tactics, so how are the actions of a bunch of confused ANTIFA, under false ideological convicton any different? Not much consistency to your philosophy as a whole..

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