#Metalgate: Invisible Oranges and MetalSucks Outraged Over Destroyer 666 NYC Show

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Hipster metalcore websites Invisible Oranges and MetalSucks were outraged again over Destroyer 666‘s stage banter. Invisible Oranges was surprised that their hipster photographer was getting knocked around trying to take pictures from the middle of the mosh pit in a sold-out small club while Vince Neilstein MetalSucks whined about Destroyer 666 “fat shaming” Axl Rosenberg’s man tits. Cock rock and conservative politics represent a direct threat to their shtick selling social justice. Actual metal’s refusal to be deluded by their leftist revolutionary narrative as gullible minorities and unskilled workers unwilling to uplift themselves were threatens their raison d’etre of peddling corporate, lowest common denominator commodities. The underground‘s elitism is inherently conservative and leads to the eventual rejection of the bland and incompetent by the forgetful mainstream. Scapegoating to prop up metalcore and urban lumberjack atmospheric noise is another feeble attempt at a scenester Cultural Revolution.

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20 thoughts on “#Metalgate: Invisible Oranges and MetalSucks Outraged Over Destroyer 666 NYC Show”

  1. Ggallin1776 says:

    Gotta love how the sjw idiots in the comments always seem to say go down & start shit with whomever fat rosenbergenstein crys about.

  2. LostInTheANUS says:

    Do they feel in charge?

  3. Moribund says:

    The fact that there are still those who guet legitimatelly mad at the SMR’s even though articles like this one show a featured band in a far more neutral light still amazes me.

  4. Mael says:

    Wow, look at the comments section of that Metalsucks article. The writers and blog are getting roasted worse than the mainstream news media!

    Also, I noticed almost 3 or 4 other MS articles on Destroyer 666…. I don’t think they realize it but they’re giving an incredible media push to these guys.

    Lesson learned kids, that’s how you get your band reviewed on their site… just cause drama and be racist!

  5. C.M. says:

    This really brought back to me all kinds of reminders of how band photographers tend to be insufferable entitled cunts, walking into a pit (with expensive equipment) like they’re fucking Moses expecting the Red Sea to part for their frail asses.
    Let’s start a shame campaign against MetalCucks for ignoring the fact that a female got her ass groped at a metal show, which they’ve completely glossed over to focus on the racism and Nazi connections of the MAN in the story, as is typical of the patriarchal institution of journalism. Women getting the shaft in metal AGAIN, and in the current year no less! UGH.

    1. Kermit the Fucking Fuckface Frog says:


    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      I’m unsure how ironic (if at all) that’s supposed to be (but then, my http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/autism-quiz.htm score is 36 “so that’s all right then”) so I’m going to write an ‘in earnest’ reply.

      I went to an Aborted/ Sceptic Flesh/ Kataklysm gig in London in February (despite I’d rank these -1/1/3 on a score of 0 – 10). As I had expected, Aborted attracted a sizable crowd of brawling morons (the telling point is do they keep their fists down — if they do, they’re likely trying to have fun, if not, they want to punch someone) who played amusing games like chasing each other in circles (I’ve since learnt what that is but it looked like drunk idiots chasing other drunk idiots, the smallest of them about 1.5times my size). As the music (with the notable exception of a lone guitar solo) left me entirely unmoved (extremely rare), I stayed at the side and tried to avoid getting overrun by cattle. Every now and then, some of these would crash into the crowd and push everyone inward, me included. At a time, there were two women standing behind me who were busily engaged in the usual “rock fan crowd” sport of staring at the band as if it was the greatest miracle on earth with all the passion and alacrity of a stranded whale. Whenever I was pushed inward, the taller of the two ladies would punch me on the upper arm for no apparent reason.

      After she had done this maybe four or five times, it became pretty annoying and I concluded that I’d have to try something to stop this. I then turned round and said something like (with all the politeness I could muster) “I don’t know who told you that the point of this would be that you get to punch people having the mispleasure to come close enough for that by accident but that’s actually wrong.” I got one of these incredibly condescending “Can’t imagine this guy is really trying to make a pass at me” glances in reply but – to my moderate suprise – she actually stopped. Thankfully, the concert got noticably better after the first band and I was thus occupied with other things most of the remaining time.

      A guy probably wouldn’t have done this as he hadn’t felt entitled to it and even in case he did, that’s easier to deal with because I’m not socially forced to word such an ‘outrageous’ request as an appeal.

      1. OliveFox says:

        They wanted you to yell at them and call them “cunts.” Lot of “metal girls” want to make the calm, polite guy snap, see if you’re man enough to handle them. Fuck them. I learned long ago not to mess with metal-head girls. It starts out fun, you like the same music, the sex is wild, and you think you have the same ideology and value system, and then 6 months later, BAM! feminist bullshit, equality, and the need to emasculate you to distract themselves from how bad they are at being a woman. Out of nowhere, after the pussy becomes less exciting, you’re looking at the ceiling and realizing that she never really gave a shit about metal to begin with, she just wanted to go to a male dominated space and invaded it with her insecurities, thinking that pretending to like distortion made her strong.

        No sir. Avoid the vaginal leeches at metal shows. If you did not scream at them and they looked at you the way they did, than you won.

        1. C.M. says:

          Damn dude. Had a bad experience with a show-going girl, I guess.

          Don’t choose your mates based on common interests. That’s too shallow, not a strong enough bond; interests come and go. If you’re an honest person and you select an honest mate then you will do fine.

          1. Cocketeer says:


            in your case you need a mate with a stron cock between his legs, anything else won’t do it for you.

            1. OliveFox says:

              I like the short but thick ones myself. But if I am cruising for trannies, only a puerto rican cock will do.

          2. OliveFox says:

            I’ve been married with kids for 10 years now, so I am speaking on the other side of the pasture. I just remember how much I hated those show hens that would snare young soldiers with their trap door pussies. Plenty of good and bad experiences in the day. I just remember how many friends of mine went from great dudes to lame, whipped hipsters getting dragged along to Aggaloch shows and defending shitty chick led bands in no time flat because of some wacky broad at a metal show.

            Suppose that isn’t special to metal and metal shows though, a product of Amerikan life between guys and gals. Guess I sounded a little more hateful than I should have :)

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              A great many dashing heroes have been turned into crumpled washrags overnight by sudden loss of a customary bed filler. Being mostly oblivious to this has to be good for something.

            2. C.M. says:

              No, your bitterness is reasonably justified. I’ve been there, seen that. Shameful, since there are some girls out there who genuinely enjoy the music and just want to hang out with other people who do, but they are forced to live in the shadow of the scene sluts. Girls at shows will always be looked upon skeptically, because so many of the guys have felt the sting of that snare.

        2. morbideathscream says:

          This is how the vast majority of women behave, metal or not. Feminism is largely to blame. There’s metal chicks that I have nothing but respect for, but I can count them on one hand. Why can’t more females in the scene have Dana Duffy’s mentality? Too many pc cunts like like Kim Kelly.

  6. Can you survive the blitzkrieg says:

    I am a racist who enjoys Destroyer 666 and hates IO and Metalsucks and all stoner fucking man titty garbage. Those who try to leech an income off metal, through journalism or photography are shit stirring adult babies who should be violently ejected from all metal with uncompromising violent force and abusive language. I keep saying, you like death and war, prove it.

  7. OliveFox says:

    Makes me wish I was into Destroyer 666 more…but, eh, sort of not.

    Good on them for not pussing out and making concessions to a vocal minority.

    1. C.M. says:

      More musicians should look to these guys rather than Phil Anselmo. Don’t capitulate when the pressure is on. That just cracks your armor and the opportunists will wedge their tendrils into those cracks and split you wide fucking open.

      1. Angry Faggot says:

        Its funny seeing tuffguys like Phil and co. turned into the blithering idiots they are. Too bad it gives sjws too much unwaranted importance.

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