Metalgate: Facebook Censors Graveland

Leftist social media propagandists and sellers of personal information Facebook decided to play Thought Police and delete Rob Darken‘s two official Graveland pages permanently. Facebook has been caught before pandering to social justice warrior whiners who want to keep the internet a safe space free of all speech from any one who doesn’t shout the slogans from their little red books in the street. This new act of corporate censorship was probably due to anti-fascists reporting Graveland after they attacked and shutdown the Messe des Morts festival in Montreal a few weeks ago.

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71 thoughts on “Metalgate: Facebook Censors Graveland”

  1. True Force of Nature says:

    Maarat you´re gooing mad pal. Last week a friend of mine was banned from facebook by posting a pair of tits there. May be it is that simple that facebook sucks?

    May be is capitalism and private property? If facebook is free is for one reason, its theirs and they decide what´s going on there, don´t make your things depende on them. PAY or MAKE for your OWN fucking site!

    1. woah deep private property analysis there gary johnson you big stoned faggot. by that logic if i step into watain’s shit bunker they should be allowed to shove spiked body pillows up my ass.

      1. Vigilance says:

        Temple of the Brown Blight really raises my kundalini.

      2. Libertarianism = 1950s conservatism, and will fail for the same reasons.

  2. Rainer Weikusat says:

    The justification for this would be interesting.

    1. “Four people complained within an hour, must be a problem.”

  3. This is exciting.
    Metal is becoming despised and censored again, just like old times.

    1. Metal is becoming despised and censored again, just like old times.

      Yes! And may all hipsters go SJW, so we can hate them easily.

      1. What is the syntax to make bent text like that?

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:


          em standing for emphasis.

        2. < blockquote > < /blockquote >

          Remove spaces.

      2. Krueger says:

        Finally! Being young, I thought it’d never go taboo again, and I’d missed those good days, but here we go.

        1. Invert cross, add Pepe and anime, then make sure the false do not entry.

          1. Rainer Weikusat says:

            make sure the false do not entry

            I’d really like to know when this rotten discussion started. My guess would be around the time then Iron Maiden et al turned into ‘overnight’ chart successes, thus attracting the attention of people who cared for stuff because it was ‘popular’, de facto destroying the heavy metal subculture which had reportedly existed before this time by marginalizing its former members and replacing whatever shared interest had existed before with the usual “Who’s the most peacock peacock” posing competition for attention of the wrongly-described-as-fairer sex.

            Or causing it to commit collective suicide: People getting worked up about who does or doesn’t “really” belong to a certain group are obviously focussed on group politics, the one thing all groups have in common and which makes all of them unpleasant to deal with. The squabbling will be ignored by people who never wanted more than the presently “cool” outfit[*], anyway, and it just distracts from more interesting/ important things.

            Text containing a bunch of provocative/ offensive thoughts on this and related issues:


            I’ve recently burnt the digital copy to a CD-R (sounds obsolete nowadays) because an order to the Mexican label from the beginning of November didn’t arrive yet (apparently shipped 19 days late, if ever), so, I’ve spent some more time listening to this in a reasonable quality (.wav instead of .mp3). I don’t understand how someone can compare this to totally brainless ‘Steinklopfermusik’ (musik for people hammering away at stones) like Panzerdivision Marduk.

            [*] Recently, I had the mispleasure to meet what seemed to be an ‘Arctic Thunder’-styled Darkthrone hoodie. No signs of enthusiasm for anything detected inside.

            1. People getting worked up about who does or doesn’t “really” belong to a certain group are obviously focussed on group politics, the one thing all groups have in common and which makes all of them unpleasant to deal with.

              It is simpler than that: preventing entryism by those who do not understand or are hostile to the spirit of the genre.

              This is the nature of elitism, as shown by how people wear metal tshirts. Those who understand The Metal Philosophy must rise, because the others — who are from a mainstream hostile to it — will import than nonsensical, individualist philosophy and strangle it.

              Recent history proves these concerns to be 100% accurate. Same way we defend against Christian “metal” and hipster “metal.”

              1. Rainer Weikusat says:

                Conversation about meta-topics is always bad because it implies what you’re trying to avoid is already controlling your mind and how you’re seen by others. And is it really necessary to defend against poodles?


                This may be my somewhat juvenile optimism. But IRL, this guy is always going to be busy with something I wouldn’t want to come close to.

                NB: I don’t group. It always ends in tears.

            2. Rainer Weikusat says:

              because an order to the Mexican label from the beginning of November didn’t arrive yet (apparently shipped 19 days late, if ever),

              That’s Self Mutilation Services. Order was on 11/06, shipping policy “within 5 days”, ie, until 11/11. Postal sticker says “collected on 29th”. But it comes with lyrics and a copy of the Black Metal Propaganda text. :-)

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          (Some) People will always hate you if you’re different. Even for very superficial version of “different”: Eg, coming to the conclusion that this mainstream excursion was a terrible mistake in October last year, I’ve started to grow my hair long again. That’s entirely sufficient to run into all kinds of unpleasantnesses in the street.

          It’s also possible to get oneself into seriously hot water for “being different”. It’s easy to paint that as “being an out of control maniac” which can lead to all kinds of interactions with uniformed people, courts and similar niceties one would usually prefer to avoid.

          1. Special Necrologist says:

            Arrested for being a long-hair — now THAT’s fascist.

            1. Rainer Weikusat says:

              That was earlier.

              I had an even earlier altercation with a certain official body where one of the main points against was (as far as I could tell) »But you already look like one of them!« (»Sie sehen doch schon aus wie so einer!«, though.

            2. Comrade Proletarian says:

              ´twas just another day in the Soviet Union

              1. Now playing in: the USA and EU.

          2. (Some) People will always hate you if you’re different.

            Black Pill wisdom is that you don’t need the (Some). People want to be around others like them. When multiple groups co-exist, they war with each other.

      3. Morbideathscream says:

        I’d say most hipsters are sjw’s or at least have leftist beliefs I have yet to meet a hipster with right wing views if there’s such a thing.

        1. Right-wing entryism seems to be limited to government informants and violence aficionados at this point.

  4. If Graveland triggers people this hard, then I want a Graveland shirt.
    It’s good music, too.

  5. nocturnal squirter of cums says:

    All people need to do is vote with their dollar and stop using facebook. Not exactly easy to get people to stop using it though.

    1. People = hamster monkey sheep.

      1. I like sheep, though. They are cute.

        1. White and fluffy, warm and deep,
          Wish I had another sheep.
          Cloven hooves and beady eyes,
          I’d like to be between their thighs.
          Tripped out on testosterone,
          I’ll find a sheep to call my own,
          They pant and gasp and buck in fear,
          When I ram it in their rear.
          I woo them and then tie them down,
          Then check to see who is around,
          My blood runs hot at this juncture,
          Fresh sheep anus, ripe for puncture,
          To some this poem may seem quite rude,
          I wrote it for our good friend Jude,
          ‘Cause during work, when we are bored,
          We talk about the sheep we’ve scored.

          1. You always find a sodomy angle to everything, lol.

    2. C.M. says:

      This. A facebutt boycott hasn’t happened yet because all the socalled blasphemous metal warriors of fucking death are too addicted to pictures of overweight dogs, anime girls dressed in Soviet military gear, and Trump memes, or whatever is hip now that the election is over and Trump has proven to be as full of hot air as all of us expected/feared.

      Social media is worse than weed at making people complacent invertabrates.

  6. ANUSaanite says:

    Mortification’s Human Condition is “more real” than Watain and Dark Funeral. Either way, I blame Jello Biafra for this.


      1. ANUSaanite says:

        It’s a joke.

      2. Concerned Citizen says:

        Not even Trouble?

        1. Maybe an exception for them, but only because they are doom metal, and all those guys love Christian cemeteries.

          1. Parents Against Contraceptives says:

            Cemeteries went bad when fat goths and faggot satanists took over.

            1. Make them diet and run for a few miles. In all black.

    2. Morbideathscream says:

      Christian metal is an oxymoron, makes as much sense as white power rap. Watain and Dark Funeral are pretty fucking plastic though.

      Fuck Jello Biafra the lyrics to Nazi punks fuck off look like they were written by a mentally challenged middle schooler.

      1. GGALLIN1776 says:

        They were written by a mentally challenged middle schooler.

      2. Vigilance says:

        A bbw gothic girl who sits next to me in Spanish I draws pictures of her friends being killed in a notebook. I happened to see this poem, if you can call it that, next to some doodlings of her dead parents:

        Further on Lies Eternal Search
        For Theories to Lift the Gate
        Only Locks Are Made Stronger
        And More Keys Lost as Logic Fades
        In the Pool of Dreams the Water Darkens

  7. The Stench Of Burning Death says:

    A few weeks, maybe 2 months ago the Polish facebook office did the same with accounts of some Polish nationalist groups like ONR, coincidence?

  8. Parasite says:

    Facebook is so gay and most agree with that but for some reason everyone has an excuse to keep using.

    ” oh I need it for work”
    “Oh I use it to talk to my relatives”
    ” oh I like giving away free pictures of myself to ad companies”
    “Oh I don’t want to lose all my friends”

    Shut this shit down.

    1. Morbideathscream says:

      I used to use facebook to keep contact with some metalheads I knew from afar, then one day I was logged out of my account and they said I had to show them 2 forms of ID to log back in to show who I really am because I never used my real name. I obviously said fuck that and have not used it since. The only online interaction I have is posting comments on this site and that is it.

      So yeah, I was one of those people who had an excuse to use it, but even then I never exceeded 20 friends on my facebook. The demand to provide ID’s was the straw that broke the camels back. Only those with substandard IQ’s will comply with that.

      Only is real…

      Death to falsebook!

      1. lance vigianno says:

        Notice me brettpai

    2. Vigilance says:

      People are able to furnish pragmatic reasons for using social media? Jeg Faller

  9. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

    Good, black metal isn’t supposed to be on fucking Facebook anyways. Also it’s a rare time to get ALL your Graveland shit directly from Robert, hit him up for a list of CDs, tapes, LPs, and shirts, buy a big fucking Graveland hoodie and wear it all year round, wear it to the MDF and watch all the SJWs who hang outside unwilling to pay to get in look angry! Really where is SJW a problem, Canada and the coastal cities? Do you think this shit would fly anywhere in the south, or even shitholes like Chicago or Detroit?

    1. Metal should remove itself from the parasitic big media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Metal-Archives and Reddit. These are sites dedicated to lowest-common-denominator activity by the baristas, food service workers, teachers and other associated life dropouts who are mad at reality and want to destroy anyone who is a realist. Metal is inherently realist, and so will never get along with these people, who will always destroy it, as we see happened with the indie-metal years. Just change your profile photo to Pepe, log off and go read blogs instead.

      1. WacArnold's says:

        Teachers are life dropouts?

        1. Parasite says:

          Teachers are sellouts. Curriculum is a product. Kids should be taught skills. Skills are unsullied.

          1. that’s a good point i’m going to bring it up at the PTA

          2. End public education and watch things go the way you desire.

            1. Rectal Insouciance says:

              Rabid field-mice fucking and braining each other?

      2. GGALLIN1776 says:

        Pepe? Why be weak & go with gay memes? Go full tilt metal & make a picture of Hitler shitting on a pile of dead jews & gypsys.

        1. Necronomeconomist says:

          That’s childishly provocative.
          Put some productive shit, not reactive shit. So over ‘conservative’ niggas who titter in delight at upsetting progressives. We need to be showing them inspiring, transformative shit.

          1. i bet you let conservative niggas fuck your wife.

            1. Rectal Insouciance says:

              Try again… or try harder.

        2. Vigilance says:

          Why stop there? Go full goofball and larp in 19th century militaristic garb?

      3. Morbideathscream says:

        Metal-archives main problem is that the moderators are whinny sjw’s, fix that problem and I would have no complaints about that site. But yes metal can do without those big social media sites, metal needs to remain in underground zines just like the old days. I know I’ve said this before but if you manage to piss off both liberal sjw’s and Christian fundamentalists you’re doing something right. Metal is realist and people want everything sugarcoated and they will throw a shit fit when someone calls out their precious beliefs and demonize that person, subculture, etc.

        1. Do you really want a single authoritative source that lists all “metal” bands? Welcome to mediocrity advocacy.

  10. anticosmic says:

    fuck facebook! i never have and never will use it. fuckin sucks its one of the only ways an underground band can effectively network. if you dont have facebook youre not a real band and youre nothing without “likes”

    1. sucks its one of the only ways an underground band can effectively network.

      Most underground bands do not know they can have their own site plus eCommerce for under $100 a year. That also requires someone to maintain the site, which musicians are notoriously bad about.

      1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

        It takes a lot of Facebook schmoozing to network, as there’s no real hope of any gain of money or fans the real reward of doing a band today is to say “I played with so and so” and “I know so and so”. The mini-egos that blossom into ugly turds of desperation reek profoundly of sadness.

        1. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Metal is supposed to be intrinsically rewarding. That’s a key difference to all these “gotta impress the chicks somehow” rock, punk, pop and self-accused -core bands. It should then attract others valueing the music because of itself.

          1. harsh critiquer of vest patcheses says:

            I know that but what is supposed to be is not what is. Most metal participants are just as apathetic and lethargic as anyone else, I really think it has to be fucking chemtrails or something in the water.

      2. Rainer Weikusat says:

        This means getting in touch with people who run around with 404 shirts because they’re sooo geeky and technical. I thought about hand-creating a 406, 409 or 405 in the past because of this.

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