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Google has informed us that they threaten to remove advertising — how we pay our writers — from our site because of controversial content. Since Google is a monopoly on search engine technology and internet advertising, it can act much as a government would to censor content that it finds objectionable. Much like a government, that places control over what you can see, hear and read into the hands of a few bureaucrats with no concern for the needs of free speech.

Listen to the safe spaces rhetoric: “Google does not allow the monetization of content that may be sensitive, tragic, or hurtful.” This vague description makes makes abuse of violation reporting a trivial task, especially given that the sheer reach and volume of Google’s customers forces some degree of automation into the process. Given how metal is under attack by SJWs constantly through abuse reporting mechanisms this forces sites to censor themselves and keeps that censorship — unlike that by governments — entirely invisible.


In the meantime, #metalgate has gone into full war mode with the disinviting of Phil Anselmo’s band Down from FortaRock festival in the Netherlands. This response to Anselmo’s allegedly ironic Nazi salute at a festival reveals a perfected form of censorship: by convincing businesses to censor your content or otherwise cut off its revenue stream for fear of potentially harmful content, SJWs can destroy content that does not agree with them and face zero recognition or accountability.

A metal festival is one thing; what about the collected knowledge of humanity which had entrusted to the internet? If Google drops advertising, and eventually starts redirecting “dangerous” searches to counter-propaganda, as the company starts to seize more power this type of censorship will only gain more power. It has its fans among the usual power brokers who want to put people in jail for merely visiting questionable websites. This means we have a monopolistic company that has the power of a government to prevent you from seeing whatever material it deems as bad, and instead of using a clear filter for this, Google will continue to use the nebulous “offensive” tag to remove information.

This denies the human nature of truth which is that truthful information goes through a long period of opposition and censorship before it is accepted:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. — Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

Google possesses the perfect way of keeping truth caught in the “violently opposed” stage so it can never be accepted as self-evident. By being vague about what is “offensive,” and putting the burden on sites like us to figure out what they object to and remove it, they ensure broad content removal of controversial topics. Given that five large companies control the internet, your right to speech is governed entirely by their desire to provide a “safe” product. Government never needs to get its hands dirty nor the companies officially admit they have censored anything. In their view, they are merely providing a safer product. And somehow, government seeks OK with Google’s attempts to stay on top through underhanded deeds.

While we detest Pantera, and generally think ill of Anselmo and his many antics, and have personal reasons to detest neo-Nazism and all associated with, at we are aware of the history of censorship: it starts with ideas no one will defend, like Nazism and pedophilia, and then expands to include anything that those in power — including rich companies like Google and the other Big Five — find threatening. This is the censorship of the future: removing anything that makes people feel uncomfortable, which will quickly produce a circle-jerk that repeats the same accepted opinions to itself and fails to notice uncomfortable realities. In metal, we face uncomfortable realities head-on because they are still part of reality and throughout history, humanity has thrived where it accepts reality and failed where it denies it. Google, FortaRock, SJWs and other “safe spaces” types are leading us into failure as a species by making denial into a moral good, even if they do it “in our best interests” with the most benevolent of motives.

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16 thoughts on “How #MetalGate affects DMU and you too – Advertising”

  1. D. says:

    I don’t like Pantera, but I DO like Down. What I’m seeing right now, isn’t a crusade for social justice. It’s warfare against white heterosexuals and is oddly being perpetrated by other white people. A part of me feels that it’s being done out of fear. I think some people either consciously or subconsciousness anticipate a civil war that is going to have no direction and they think if they rally against their fellow whites, they’ll be safe later. That’s one of the only reasons you’ll see a white person hold up a Black Lives Matter sign. If you had a pair of glasses like Roddy Piper in They Live had, those signs would read: “PLEASE! Don’t kill me! I’m one of the good white people! Jump on him!”. They are cowards. However, I see now that this war against the white male is actually going to make all their delusions come true. The constant evoking of Hitler and perpetuating the concept of the white imperialistic tyrant is going to cause a rise in far right extremism. The white male will get sick of people throwing their problems on his back for political and personal leverage and their attempts to turn him into a house pet is going to bring out the lion they all fear.

    1. Poser Patrol says:

      Hm, I don’t know about civil war or any of that stuff. I think its just millennials looking for a reason to feel self-righteous because they don’t really have anything going for them. Their parents raised them to believe they are perfect little snowflakes who can do no wrong and public schools really kicked in the multiculti indoctrination around the time they were growing up. And thus, the social justice warriors were born.

      1. vOddy says:

        That is the environmental part of it. But this behaviour is not new. We are merely seeing the newest permutation of it. It is a genetic part of humanity which takes slightly different forms in different environments.

    2. morbideathscream says:

      Well put.

      It is indeed an attack on white heterosexual males or even the white females who don’t go along with the leftist agenda ala Dana Duffy who has recently been under fire for racist remarks she made back in 1998. There’s plenty of black power type sites that promote white genocide and killing white babies and I guarantee that Google hasn’t said shit to them. So their agenda is clear. Why do you think they attacked the confederate flag for? For shit’s sake, George Soros funds black lives matter. The fear factor that you mentioned does apply to some of those white liberal sjw’s, I do like your They Live analogy . Alot of them have just been brainwashed their entire existence through education and media. It’s been ingrained in their heads to be ashamed of being white and how horrible the holocaust and slavery was and anyone who’s proud of their white heritage is an evil nazi. You are partially correct on the fear part and the other problem is just plain stupidity, if you can’t see through the message that’s being shoved down your throat whether it’s music, movies, t.v. or what the professor is saying, your a born servant who can’t think for his or her self. They’re all sheep. These white liberal sjw’s are a product of Zionist brainwashing, but then again they weren’t very bright to begin with hence why they’re easily brainwashed. It’s the herd mentality.

      I’m not a fan of any of Phil Anselmo’s music, but this is an example of a man being persecuted for showing preference for his race, the white race. The color you’re not allowed to be proud of in today’s mainstream society. All this is being controlled by the Zionists and the white liberals are their useful idiots.

      As for all of this backfiring and a possible rise of a fourth Reich, time will tell.

  2. Jason says:

    I think people love the whip too much to rebel.

  3. Disremember says:

    I’m kind if interested of how long will they impose these bannings ?
    Any time period …
    Phil has already apologized…
    I have a feeling things are going to become worse, people questioning them will become minorities…
    And will be silenced using non violent methods ….
    Banning, cutting their income, socially shunning them until they disappear …


    The SJW narrative is fundamentally flawed.

    They claim to think that any expression of white identity is dangerous because it COULD lead to repressive genocidal authoritarian government. So they attack any expression of white identity using a mass of social pressure. But the very fact that they’re able to mobilize mass social reaction implies that any kind of white “fascism” is far, far, from reality. Their methods would not work if white “fascism” was a possibility, because they would not have mass support.

    They are using methods against a problem that, if the problem was real, the methods wouldn’t work.

    They’re lying.

  5. Chis-Wahh says:

    We lost another one! The metal news website Metal Underground has been taken over by SJWs because of this Anselmo bullshit. When called out on their bullshit, they went to great pains saying how conservite they are then… you quessed it, goes into a total SJW diatribe on how saying “white power” and “black power” are different(when in reality both are equally racists). Is there any metal news website (other than this one) that taken over by these dickless faggots.

  6. D. says:

    The problem isn’t the Social Justice Warriors. It’s the lack of defiance and opposition shown to them by Metalheads. I’ve seen little to no activism against them. Every time somebody like Anselmo or Darkthrone apologizes, it’s a victory for them. Of course, the apology isn’t enough. It makes them feel powerful to continue to kick their enemies while they are down, which is why they’re singing victory songs over the recent cancellation of Down from this festival bill, even after his apology.

    Looking at Facebook comments, one would get the impression real Metalheads have disappeared. For every post of support for Anselmo, there are a hundred more from Social Justice Warriors. You might think Pantera was the worst band on the planet, but in his defense, Anselmo was promoting underground, smaller bands for decades. Long before it became cool for clickbait websites and trendy Starbucks sippers who infest the streets of Williamsburg.

    I know most would say these people don’t matter and that websites like aren’t ones any real Metalhead would visit. But when a black fashion designer rips off Metal aesthetics, forces Metal to submit to his agenda for the purpose of selling shirts while his voice is leading a helping hands to get people like Anselmo kicked off bills….THAT is a problem. All while flaunting that mudshark wife of his. I never thought I’d seen the day Metalheads would turn into cuckholds.

    1. vOddy says:

      It is no wonder that most metal is garbage, since the way that most people who are in to the music act and are is not compatible with what the music is.

    2. Nathan Metric says:

      But D., those Hessians who do not respond to Anselmo and Darkthrone apologizing is probably because they do not adhere to their beliefs. It’s got nothing to do with being cucked. We are not even remotely afraid of those people.

      I do not believe in “white power”, white nationalism or Nazism and it has nothing to do with being a Leftist. It’s because it puts arbitrary importance on race when they ought to be concerned over cultural values. I don’t give a crap that your country is all white if your a bunch of authoritarian assholes.

  7. Belisario says:

    Sorry for the silly question, but can’t you live without advertising? I mean, is it just a matter of funding or is there also any possibility that the site gets removed from Google searches or anything like that?

    1. vOddy says:

      They need enough money to pay for hosting.
      That is probably why they have advertisements.

      It’s better if the site is self sustainable, rather than Brett Stevens or whoever paying out of his pocket.

  8. Demonseed says:

    The US government is an abomination under the Obama-nation .
    Its time to take metal completely underground .
    You would do well to turn this into written subscription newletter run off cash and bypass the internet completely .
    Since Big Brother is obviously out to get you . and it will be the IRS targeting you next .
    The internet is no longer a bastion of freedom. Welcome to 1984.

  9. Life Afirming Existentialist says:

    if there is any evidence of Google using its totalitarian threats on SJW websites, SJWs could be encouraged to play the role as victims in order to bitch about Google’s abuse of power.

  10. Deport All Hipsters says:

    Wait, you guys have ads?

    Anyway, you should probably look for alternative sources of income, like donations or affiliate links to shops.

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