Morbid Angel Only Playing Steve Tucker Era Material on Upcoming Tour

Current Morbid Angel vocalist Steve Tucker claimed in an interview with the Orlando Weekly that Morbid Angel will only be playing material that he originally recorded in the studio on their upcoming tour with Suffocation. Sole original member Trey Azagthoth will not be playing any of the band’s best material off of Abominations of Desolation.

You and Trey have been working on a new studio album, Morbid Angel’s first in six years. Will the new music be featured in the live set?

Probably one or two new songs; the album’s almost done, but we don’t want to put out too much with YouTube putting it up the next day. The setlist will be different, too – in the past, we’ve covered all of Morbid Angel’s discography, but this time we went with the discography between Trey and I. I’m really excited about the fact that every song we play is a song I was a part of. There are some Morbid Angel classics that aren’t there, but we made our own classics.

While there are many fans of the wandering Formulas Fatal to the Flesh, does anyone love Gateways to Annihilation? Does anyone even like Heretic besides the Pissgrave guys? Do Pissgrave even actually like Heretic or did they just end up sounding like that forgettable work as they’re not very good?

Maryland Deathfest attendees who got suckered into paying for a mediocre bill probably will not care about Morbid Angel’s set list. They probably won’t even be able to tell what is going on given the typically abysmal sound quality of that social justice warrior run festival with only a few bands each year being audible amidst the ever-present bass mud.

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13 thoughts on “Morbid Angel Only Playing Steve Tucker Era Material on Upcoming Tour”

  1. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

    I imagine Maarat writes from a fainting couch.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      I write from a farting couch, many hellish winds have scorched it.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    I’d honestly like to see Altars… just played in entirety

  3. horrible dick and ball torture says:

    I remember the 2012 tours when they only did ABC stuff, Gateways and Heretic blow but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few from Formulas… Covenant of Death, Chambers of Dis, Invocation of the Continual One would be great live. It’s really their last worthy album.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      Gateways was fn sick, formulas on the other hand was a floppy turd.

  4. William Schmer says:

    Bs… Play it all

  5. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

    Daniel, do you spit or swallow?

  6. Kali yuga says:

    Heretic is still better than 99% of any other metal albums. Gateways as well. The whole hating everything that you don’t like is fine when you’re a teenage metalhead but lately every bit of news posted here just sounds fucking retarded. Why not give us some stuff about actual underground​ death and grind shit instead of wanker opinions about mainstream bands that have been around for 30 years?

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      They take user submitted reviews, so why not inform us of what’s out there?

      I enjoy heretic & love gateways (it’s been in my trucks cd player for the past eight months or so), but alot of the shit coming out now is exactly that, shit. It’s always some cheap rip off of the X bands own earlier albums or some new band stealing riffs from aforementioned band X. I get influences but damn don’t make it a fucking tribute album with lyrics from another song.

      After 40-50 years you can’t expect constant innovation in this genre, the whole going extreme to be more extreme has a limit, so does the “change up to be different”. Then you end up with some acoustic hippy crap or techno, anything but metal.

      If a new band has that “magic” I’ll give it a listen but there are so many bands both good & horrible from past decades with most likely much better material that you haven’t heard yet. There’s always that gem that snuck by.

  7. Parasite says:

    Those are seriously gay boots that guy is wearing. Buckle/Strap/Lace combo is tedious and not functional. Im starting to see a parallel between Morbid Angel and sadomasochism….in a gay way.

    1. Abominable Goatpenis says:

      Can’t sucker the Tucker

  8. Cornrose says:

    I’d be willing to bet that dude goes shopping for Conan swords at pawn shops. Probably has a girlfriend named Shawna or Dee Dee.

    1. GGALLIN1776 says:

      LeeAnn or Mabel

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