Morbid Angel Premiere “Warped”

Morbid Angel premiered a new song off of their yet untitled upcoming record at a recent live show in Orlando. Current frontman Steve Tucker:

This song is probably the most warped thing we’ve ever done. This song is called “Warped”.

“Warped” sounds like the Celtic Frost influences of Domination applied to the generic mid-life crisis metal of Gateways to Annihilation. “Warped” will fail to please anyone who doesn’t shovel cardboard-tasting spoonfuls of refined carbohydrates and the industrial byproducts of the soft-drink industry into their mouths every morning. Formulas Fatal to the Flesh sounds like profound inspirations from the heavens in comparison. Morbid Angel have proven once more that their best material was written in the mid 1980s by the original incarnation of the band with Trey Azagthoth, Mike Browning, and Richard Brunelle. That was recorded on the “controversial” (to Trey and Dave “Pain Divine” Vincent) Abominations of Desolation. Brunelle’s departure after Blessed are the Sick, was the end of the band’s exemplary period as he was the source of much of their classical aspirations. Now Morbid Angel are attempting yet another mediocre comeback and will surely release an unexceptional album nobody will care much about in ten years.

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12 thoughts on “Morbid Angel Premiere “Warped””

  1. Modern morbid angel is a joke says:

    Death metal for rednecks.

  2. R.A.L.F. says:

    Nu Morbid Angel is fag

  3. Blake Jugg says:

    Morbid Tinsel

  4. Dating Network says:

    This is not far removed from Pantera. If it was 2x slower it’d be a shitty Godflesh clone. But at its current pacing all it’s missing is angry-man-yelling vocals to be a Pantera.

  5. Hdjsjsjsamakpflddbsvafakapsjgdkallaajhdhdhssksksbsbsvshsjsj says:

    The ironic introduction was ironic. Do you see what he did there? “This is the most WARPED thing we’ve ever done.” Guess what the title is you little curious plebeians? Haha. We’re one step ahead of your simple minds! David Vincent plays country but we’re WARPED. HAHA. Trey likes the planet Saturn because he’s warped. Alt-Right hasn’t appropriated Sailor Moon yet. They’re not warped enough. Can’t wait frag you in the new Quake game. Don’t bother respawning.

  6. Cornrose says:

    Shameless shills

  7. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Sound quality is too atrocious to hear anything but Tuckers’s voice and the drummer for most of the recording.

  8. GGALLIN1776 says:


  9. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

    Daniel, do you like to be on your knees when you take it from behind, or standing up?

    Also, why do you talk about abominations of desolation in literally every post about MA?

  10. CK_Varg says:

    All I see is crying from a butthurt little girl stuck in the 80’s metal scene forever. You claim Richard Brunelle was Morbid Angel’s true source of inspiration? That statement alone proves you don’t know even the basics about this band. Trey Azagthoth is the best guitar player and writer in death metal. You claim they’ll “probably release another album no one will care about in 10 years”? It’s quite funny that you say that because on their current tour which features only material from the Formulas to the Heretic album, shows have been packed. And the LA one was actually sold out. In my opinion you sound like a frustrated loser who wishes he could’ve had such a prominent music career like Trey Azagthoth has. Whats the matter? Your musical aspirations never materialized? Lol. Of course not. You can’t even write a review because you know absolutely nothing about the metal scene post 1989. Get with the times, fucktard. Also, get your ears checked. Warped is excellent. Unlike your shit articles.

    1. Hi Steve Tucker.

    2. It’s quite funny that you say that because on their current tour which features only material from the Formulas to the Heretic album, shows have been packed. And the LA one was actually sold out.

      We should call this The Egalitarian Fallacy. The shows are packed? Packed with whom? Not the same quality of people who used to go, I’d wager. Pantera and All That Remains fans are not as loyal as Morbid Angel fans from the vital years.

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