Morpheus Descends – From Blackened Crypts box set in pre-order


Dark Descent Records announced the pre-order of a CD/DVD box set of classic underground death metal band Morpheus Descends (formerly Morpheus) featuring two CDs and a DVD including all past material from this formative act which influenced Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and many other death metal bands from the early 1990s.

The box set will include, in addition to the 2CD digipak, two new and unreleased tracks wich will see issue as a separate 7″ entitled From Blackened Crypts and a DVD entitled Visage of Malady, as well as a 11×17″ double-sided poster and 24-page booklet. The tracklist is:

Disc 1
1. Oozing from the Urn
2. The King’s Curse
3. The Way of All Flesh
4. Corpse Under Glass
5. Immortal Coil
6. Trephanation
7. Proclaimed Creator
8. Accelerated Decrepitude
9. Submerged in Adipocere
10. Enthralled to Serve
11. Ritual of Infinity
12. Trephanation
13. Accelerated Decrepitude
14. Triformed Limbs
15. Stigmatic Crucifixion
16. Residual Kill
17. Cairn of Dumitru demo 93
Disc 2
1. The Cruciform Hills
2. Cairn of Dumitru
3. Autumn Bleed
4. Signs of Gehenna
5. Moupho Alde Ferenc Yaborov
6. Begging for Possession
7. Valley of Undead War
8. Shaitan the Unborn
9. The Horror of the Truth
10. Corpse Under Glass (Live Reunion-Martrydoom)
11. Accelerated
12. Trephanation
13. Triformed Limbs
14. Accelerated
15. The Cruciform Hills pre-release ’94
16. Residual ’91
17. Autumn Bleeds ’93

For more information, see the pre-order page at Dark Descent Records.

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12 thoughts on “Morpheus Descends – From Blackened Crypts box set in pre-order”

  1. Je suis Richard Head says:

    This death metal bands deserve attention:

    Dr. Shrinker
    Head Hunter (Brazil)

  2. Daniel says:

    Of course I’ve already preordered this.

  3. Brahma Guru says:

    regulars from the forum (rip) reside on irc here: #heavy

    all are welcome, even Brett Stevens

    (c) brahma guru 2015

  4. Roger says:

    Hi Brett,

    Do you know whether they actually influenced Suffocation et al., or are you basing this judgement on the fact that their recordings preceded those of suffocation etc?

    1. Tralf says:

      The back of the booklet on effigy shows one of the dudes (Hobbes? It was one of the black guys) wearing a Morpheus shirt. In the subsequent interviews they’ve never admitted to being influenced by them, but c’mon…

      1. Roger says:

        What if another was wearing an immolation t shirt? It doesn’t thus mean the whole band was influenced compositionally by immolation. It could mean a bunch of stuff: they’ve played with them, said guy likes them, etc.

        1. Nester says:

          By roughly the time of Morpheus’s first demo, Suffocation has already composed(atleast): Human Waste, Involuntary Slaughter, Reincremation, Infecting the Crypts, Synthetically Revived, Mass Obliteration, Catatonia and Jesus Wept.

          “Morpheus Descends rose after the early years of American death metal but before the solidification of the style, and created a grandfather template for both New York death metal and heavy percussive death metal in general. Their most notable influences were on bands like Suffocation and Incantation, who took the blueprint that Morpheus Descends created and pushed it to new heights of complexity and technicality.”

          “This band heavily influenced the New York style bands such as Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse.”

          “His music knows two modes of thought: first, a thunderous chromatic rhythmicism reminiscent of the elements of Morpheus Descends that inspired NYDM legends Suffocation,”

          Even when assuming that Morpheus was known to Suffocation from when their first demo was released, it’s unlikely that they were influenced by them to the claimed extent.

          Suffocation started in 1988, Morpheus in 1990.

          Suffocation – Reincremated (July 1990):

          (Listen to Involuntary Slaughter and Reincremation)

          Suffocation – Human Waste(May 1st, 1991):

          Morpheus – Accelerated Decrepitude(April 1991):

          You don’t need Morpheus to explain Suffocation.

          Mike Smith has already responded to this on one of your interviews.

          “In the Effigy of the Forgotten group photo, a Morpheus (now Morpheus Descends) tshirt is visible. Did this band influence your style?

          No, our influence into music started way before that. It was just a shirt of a band we knew and hung with at the time. There was no special meaning behind it.”

          1. Roger says:

            Thanks Nester.

            Re the interview: You would think words from the horse’s mouth would have left an impression. But no.

            Brett, What in God’s name drives you to push the idea that Morpheus influenced Suffocation? They are idiot-savant music compared to Suffocation. They really aren’t much better than Cannibal Corpse.

  5. Nuumite says:

    Off topic, but what is the consensus on the band Order From Chaos? I dug up the first 3 lengths out of a stash I had and listened to them. Stillbirth Machine was okay to me, but the other two didn’t go over with me too well. It was like they had all this occult stuff to say, but the music style that they were using was so simplistic that they couldn’t really express it in the music.

    1. Deaf says:

      The problem with their releases has always been the production. There is a lot of stuff going on there that is almost completely hidden under the wall of sound. It took me some time to get that and I had to listen on a really good system and tweak the sound to be able to hear some of what is going on there. This interview might shed some light:

  6. parasite says:

    They better release this on vinyl and not that 100 dollar box set bullshit like they did with all the absu releases. We are fucking metal heads not millionaires!

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