Morpheus Descends releases From Blackened Crypts compilation


Early death metal band Morpheus Descends is back in the action, with future tours lined up and a re-issue of its complete recordings heading to stores. The compilation From Blackened Crypts combines the full-length Ritual of Infinity with the two EPs that followed, Chronicles of the Shadowed Ones and The Horror of the Truth along with other rare recordings.

The box set includes, in addition to the 2CD digipak, two new and unreleased tracks wich will see issue as a separate 7″ entitled From Blackened Crypts and a DVD entitled Visage of Malady which contains tons of live footage as well as interviews with the band, accompanying a 11×17″ double-sided poster and 24-page booklet. The tracklist is:

Disc 1
1. Oozing from the Urn
2. The King’s Curse
3. The Way of All Flesh
4. Corpse Under Glass
5. Immortal Coil
6. Trephanation
7. Proclaimed Creator
8. Accelerated Decrepitude
9. Submerged in Adipocere
10. Enthralled to Serve
11. Ritual of Infinity
12. Trephanation
13. Accelerated Decrepitude
14. Triformed Limbs
15. Stigmatic Crucifixion
16. Residual Kill
17. Cairn of Dumitru demo 93

Disc 2
1. The Cruciform Hills
2. Cairn of Dumitru
3. Autumn Bleed
4. Signs of Gehenna
5. Moupho Alde Ferenc Yaborov
6. Begging for Possession
7. Valley of Undead War
8. Shaitan the Unborn
9. The Horror of the Truth
10. Corpse Under Glass (Live Reunion-Martrydoom)
11. Accelerated
12. Trephanation
13. Triformed Limbs
14. Accelerated
15. The Cruciform Hills pre-release ’94
16. Residual ’91
17. Autumn Bleeds ’93


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37 thoughts on “Morpheus Descends releases From Blackened Crypts compilation”

  1. Richard Head says:

    Ritual of Infinity has cover art that is overwhelmingly creepy in ways that I can’t explain, despite the overall unprofessional feel of it. Of course they had to redesign the logo but it looks weaker now.

    Anyway… been waiting for this for a long time. Thanks for updating.

  2. Dualist says:

    I remember trying to defend death metal to somebody while this was playing in the background. They were saying it was so negativistic that only depressive people could listen to it. I made a big speech about how it actually expressed a certain optimism in its stark acceptance of reality, something along those lines.

    It was then, the absolute milisecond I’d finished talking, that the vocalist barked out


    1. Alek Rolstad says:

      Well, it’s called cognitive dissonance. You want to think of death metal as something that it is not. It is called death metal for a reason you aspie twat.

      Another thing, do you really think that healthy handsome men with the ability to open up any girl in any venue and getting lots of sex and or satisfying relationships would listen to this crap?

      The answer is fuck no!

      Face it you losers. Metal music is designed by self loathing self destructive outcasts for low self esteem maladjusted autists like yourself.

      Only in your world would it matter if Burzum is better than Cradle of Fish. Out there in the real world your sexual value to women amounts to zero.

      Enjoy your sad pathetic death metal lives.

      1. Richard Head says:

        Troll harder faget.

        1. Aroused Hessian who likes Cradle of Fish says:



          1. I blew my head off like Per Olin says:

            That’s what she said.

      2. sexy ladyboy redditor says:

        You’re barking up the wrong tree, bub.

        The DMU boys bat for the same team, if you catch my drift!

        trust me… I would know!! ;D

        1. sexy ladyboy redditor says:

          Also you should really take a look at this image:

          1. Richard Head says:

            That’s it! I ragequit humanity.

      3. james says:

        cognitive whaat??

        Alek do check this if you’ve got a moment

      4. Dualist says:

        If you’re right – then what does it say about somebody who browses and posts messages on a Death Metal site who doesn’t even listen to metal. People who insult strangers they will never meet like you just did are more than likely describing themselves.

        And, although it makes me cringe to even communicate with a sub-human like yourself, I’d really love you to see my girlfriend. She’s hotter and smarter than anyone someone at your level ever speaks to. So was the girl I mentioned in my last comment.

        Your use of the word twat tells me you’re from the UK. Let’s meet up. And I’ll sever your fuckin head mate. (cue gay innuendo…..yawn)

        1. Maximus Penicus says:

          Looks like someone fell for the troll.

          1. Dualist says:

            Sort of. I knew somebody who had even heard of burzum more than likely listened to metal. But damn me for even rising to it….

      5. Phil says:

        I agree. Real men listen to black metal.

        Enjoy your death worship you sad little fucks.

        1. Richard Head says:

          Because screaming like a teenage girl, using a drum machine, and barely being able to play your guitar is the epitome of manliness in music. Noted.

      6. ObscureMonk says:

        Women can be manipulated for sex or bought you rookie.

      7. Roger says:

        NO, Alek! No!

        Don’t you fucking KNOW that it’s no good thing to be worthy of lots of pussy in the modern age?

        In HEALTHIER periods everyone around here would be positively smashing box, after gallantly fighting off dragons and infadels.

        Just fucking pull your head in!

      8. LostInTheANUS says:

        Why are you so focused on impressing women? Anus-ripping, ballbusting manlovin’ is the only way to go.

  3. Killian says:

    Ordered this the other day, looks like a great package. I believe there was another picture showing the original cover art inside the booklet, which is always nice to have when there’s a new one. I remember being surprised to see Century Media had included an insert in their reissue of Sentenced’s first album with the previous covers on it.

    1. Dualist says:

      Yeah, the sentenced re-issues had naff covers. Didn’t know that though – nice one.

  4. Parasite says:

    fuck i was hoping for a straight up 12″ vinyl reissue of Ritual, fuck i hope thats coming down the pipe!

    1. AzureMurakumo says:

      The Crypt will be issuing the Apidocere EP, Ritual of Infinity, Chronicles of the Shadowed Ones, and Horror of the Truth as separate vinyl releases later this year IIRC.

  5. hypocrite says:

    So, “From Blackened Crypts” is the name of the compilation and the EP that they’ll be putting out?

    1. AzureMurakumo says:

      Correct. The 7″ will have the first two songs from disc one of the compilation.

      1. hypocrite says:


  6. Jae-yun Kim says:

    There’s something about the title track of Ritual of Infinity – the riffs that begin at around the 00:27 mark and go on for about 25 seconds. While I personally think that life is meaningless and that there’s no getting around that fact, there’s something about the song that makes me feel, if only briefly, that it’s an honor to be alive, in this moment, here and now.

    BTW, I’d be interested in the DMU staff’s thoughts on the split between Akrotheism and Septuagint that has been released on Forever Plagued Records this month (alongside the Joined in Darkness re-issue), titled Sphinx: The Great Enigma of Times and promoted as “Greek Orthodox Black Metal.” It consists of one eight-minute song and two fourteen-minute epics.

    1. Abc says:

      That’s a great moment. Thank you.

  7. Lord Mosher says:

    I have not been able yet to get into Averse Sefira, Immolation or Voivod.
    I can understand the music on a logical level I guess, but I find no enjoyment or pleasure at all. And boy I have really tried to get into these bands and failed miserably.
    It’s sort of like fucking a sexy female on the doggy position, but with your penis under anaesthesia; you know? You see your dick go in and out of her pussy and listen to her gasp and moan in delight. Visually you know this should be fun but because the penis is numb, you just can’t feel anything.
    Does anybody have a similar experience with some metal music?

    1. I blew my head off like Per Olin says:

      I get that feeling with most music in general.

    2. Richard Head says:

      Same for me when it comes to Summoning. Fans talk as if they are god’s (take your pick) gift to black metal but their music is barely more exciting than a really intense bowel movement. Their first album is actually pretty fun but they all started playing like geezers after that.

      I am totally floored that you don’t care for Immolation. Those first two albums are all-time top tier. You should get your ears checked or smoke more weed or something.

      Voivod is pretty boring to me. Too little melody in the music for it to make much sense.

    3. Ara says:

      Not with those bands!

    4. Nester says:

      Listen in different circumstances, and in different ways. If you catch a glimpse of it, you’ll know what to look for, it stops being boring.

  8. Lord Mosher says:

    Although I must admit reading Averse Sefira interviews is fucking great, true metal warriors they are:

  9. Lord Mosher says:

    Jeff Tandy of Averse Sefire endorses this band:

    Kind of reminds me of Branikald and Forest that former editor/writer Devamitra used to recommend as good bands.

  10. Anthony says:

    I wish this damn thing would come in the mail already. I’m glad that the Dark Descent dude posted an update about it getting delayed at the pressing plant a while back. Otherwise, I might have ordered it twice. I’ve been watching the updates for this reissue like a hawk.

    Morpheus Descends is one of those bands where they look like they might be also-rans promoted as underrated by underground fetishists, but when you actually give them a listen, they’re near the top of the genre. Mortuary from Mexico are similar in that regard. They’ve also got a second album that was never widely released and sounds kind of demo-y but is actually a really interesting evolution of their sound. Maybe they’ll be the next band dug up from the Crypts.

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