Phil Anselmo Loves New Satyricon Song; Fantasizes About Frost & Satyr

Phil Anselmo of Pantera, in a now deleted Instagram post, loved the awful new Satyricon track, “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”, from their sure to entirely awful upcoming album of the same name.

Phil Anselmo
Til: Sigurd Wongraven

Damn man.
You never fail to impress me.
REAL drums, excellent song structure,
and THAT VOICE is still, THE most distinct
and original in BM.
Same with the guitar tones.
You’ve remained TRUE, but continue to
innovate, which is supremely impressive.
Congrats to my younger brethren of
enjoined hearts.
Are amongst the elite, as alwayss.
Love you SO MUCH!
Please grab Frost’s left ass-cheek for me!
I miss him badly as well.

“Deep Calleth Upon Deep” is an awful sing along track with a Gothenburg like guitar tone. This adult contemporary black ‘n’ roll of course gets Phil Anselmo’s juices worked up to the point of him encouraging Satyr to sodomize Frost.

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28 thoughts on “Phil Anselmo Loves New Satyricon Song; Fantasizes About Frost & Satyr”

  1. intpaki says:

    If it really doesn’t matter why do you care? Don’t turn around if it’s not your affair.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    This shit is bed time rock, put you to damn sleep.

  3. Yuzerneigmon says:

    Like, omg u guys!!!! What a great pose!!!!

  4. flow says:

    Satyricon have now unlisted and re-uploaded their “deep” lyric video.

    (old one – new one

    I attempted (twice) to post a comment telling them the only form of damage control would be to submit a new, better song, but the comments were swiftly deleted. There are only four, cheery comments there, posted at the same time.

    Satyr’s instagram is swept with homo- and hetero-eroticicm alike.

    “I am shaking, I’ve just heard it and I am shaking, this is so perfect! It’s everything I think about when I think about Satyricon, the lyrics, the drums, the guitars… seriously guys, you made me very happy, I am about to cry, this is perfection!!!”

    “I am listening and keep on listening to it.. I just cannot stop.. I am…loving it, feeling it, breathing it, living it… Deeply… I am sooo looking forward to listening to the whole entire album and seeing and meeting you live again… You really made my day Satyr! Please, never stop your passion…”

  5. Rainer Weikusat says:

    Someone should tell these guys that the shopping receipt pecularity of putting an adjective behind a noun is not proper use of language —- Herr Rytas may have seen forest, old there after buying one but it’s really old forest. And is “In the rain alone/ With your demon’s claw” a reference to you-know-who?

    1. flow says:

      The album sounds as if Satyr is not feeling fell, and is trying to mumble something about stars, nightfall, darkness, mountains and brethren, but guitars are screechingly preventing him.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Judging from this track, it seems to be a cheap attempt to sell something to people to buy current Isahn albums.

        Whoever wrote the lyrics clearly doesn’t have anything to say and does so eloquently (or not so eloquently — inversions like ‘the forest old’ to make things ‘sound right’ at the expense of raping the language are the mark of the poorly talented poet who doesn’t even understand the atrocities he’s committing). This is really a perfectlty random assortment of phrases supposed to suggest ‘deep meanings’ despite wanting any meaning at all.

        Also like current Isahn, this is really slightly (in this case very slightly) metal flavoured rock, of an entirely toothless “aging esotericist” variant, IOW, it’s not only rock but additionally, bad rock.

        1. flow says:

          You’re correct; this album is so appalling, it made me listen to Ihsahn’s current albums and find them enjoyable (while I am only a fan of angL; not even Emperor). In a similar way I rediscovered Satyricon 2013; but while in 2013 Satyr emulates Enslaved (in at least one song) and it comes out successful, he is now trying to pull an Ihsahn and it is clumsy and childish. There’s a weird flair of both infanilism and pompousness in this – which I suppose describes Satyr.
          (I’ve no idea what you mean by “metal flavoured rock”, but then again I don’t subscribe to a distinction between metal and rock – metal is rock on speed, rock is blues on speed.)

          Something I wrote in another forum:
          What strikes me most about this album is the lack of melody. I thought this was what Satyr was known for, and this is why I admired him – the ability to write a good melody, which made him if not the “Mozart of black metal” (Frost), at least a recognisable talent.
          I cannot recollect any melody from this new one.
          A direct precursor of this record might be the song “Our world it rumbles tonight”, both in terms of structure (starts pumped up, drops after a minute or two) and dumb lyrics. However, even that song has melody. And it’s followed by a fine one like Nocturnal Flare, Phoenix which many like, and so on sing-along material.
          The new record is not even articulate rap. Satyr’s music used to run and flow, now it’s got multiple sclerosis.

          I first heard truly horrible lyrics from him in 2013: “This night. This night. This sign. This sign. That symbolizes to me what must be done” being the most striking example. Before that he’d had catchy lyrics due to strong musical phrasing.
          This new records is in line with the poetic abuse of 2013:
          At the gates of nightfall
          With a sword of vengeance
          Comes of spirit of darkness
          (something) of nowhere
          Another dawn
          Dying stars

  6. GGALLIN1776 says:

    So that pic is why he wrote yesterday’s don’t mean shit….either that or it was a sick burn on GNR.

  7. Mike Okiniomov says:

    I’m certain that one day Phil will come out as bisexual if not 100% gay. After all homosexuality and satanism go… hand in hand.

    1. canadaspaceman says:

      it seems to be the case,
      – Baphomet is a transgender with female breasts and a penis
      – satanists pretend to be good and infiltrate churches, educational institutions, youth groups, etc, and commit sex crimes, then the goyim think all Bible believers are evil and hypocrites
      – the band havohej jerk off and lick each others cum

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        Baphomet would be a hermaphrodite. That’s supposed to symbolize unity/ perfection and not repair-needing

      2. Mike Okiniomov says:

        You’re absolutely correct, paedo priests are covert masons, who else could they be anyway? Catholic church is their number one enemy, or rather was because now they finally have a pro-homosexuality pope that they can openly approve off. And to think Kreator have a song called ‘Satan is real’ but then in interviews say no he isn’t really real.

        I don’t know about Havohej but remember these Black Witchery interviews where that guy talks how they lick liquid shit off each others balls? Or shitting himself during church service. Fucking hell. David Vincent reportedly used to suck dry the whole tour bus too.

  8. Phil says:

    This song sounds like a list of random influences from the last 40 years. I mean the intro riff sounds like fucking Slade.

    1. flow says:

      Sounds like Rage Against The Machine to me, but it could sound like anything.

      1. Rainer Weikusat says:

        The opening riff is built on a transposed blues/ boogie figure (better term?) prominently featured in

        but that’s certainly coincidence (or poetic justice).

        Parental advisory: Contains foreign language.

        1. flow says:

          I’m listening to Satyricon’s new album now and it’s damaging my hearing. I so wish it were boogie.

        2. flow says:

          I see the irony of an argument Satyr had been making to Frost, being reversed: the song should supposedly be a “freight train” without unnecessary tempo chages, walks up and down the guitar scale, ornaments… Or it shouldn’t start like boogie/rock’n’roll at all.

  9. Varg's Lada says:

    Sounds like nightclub era Samael, only even worse.
    I can’t believe this faggot Anselmo and his shitty band are idolized by millions who call themselves metal fans nowadays. If only I had a button that would kill every fat bearded retard with a Pantera shirt in the universe…

    1. flow says:

      Do not insult electro-era Samael OR homosexuals. The Metal God is openly (unlike Anselmo) homosexual.

      I think the issue with censorship is far more pathetic.

    2. Mike Okiniomov says:

      If only I had a button that would kill every fat bearded retard with an Amon Amarth shirt in the universe.

      1. flow says:

        I wish!
        Ironically, they’re at Judas Priest’s first rows thinking Jawbreaker is about a fist fight, and Eat Me Alive… well, I’ve no idea where they imagine a rod of steel injecting.

      2. Varg's Lada says:

        Absolutely sir, add In Flames to the list.

  10. Hector Pilar (Extreme Chilean Metal) says:

    Hey I love Phil Anselmo! Met him many times and he’s a true metal supporter \,,/

  11. flow says:

    “The Ghost of Rome cracks open deep brethren in the dark”

  12. Morbideathscream says:

    Only Satyricon I like is Dark Medieval Times and their split with Enslaved. Yeah, Mother North is a pretty cool tune, but not the black metal anthemn many have made it out to be.

    All I can do was a faceplant while reading Phil’s comments to Satyr.

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