Profanatica’s The Curling Flame of Blasphemy Out Now on Cassette


Profanatica‘s new album, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, has been released early on tape by Hells Headbanger Records for jaded eighties headbangers with old cars and cassette decks. Profanatica being one of the few bands still releasing quality material in this age of rehashed mainstream pandering makes this worth checking out. A higher quality CD version for the audiophiles is coming out in late May and the LP for the hipsters in early August.

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21 thoughts on “Profanatica’s The Curling Flame of Blasphemy Out Now on Cassette”

  1. David Rosales says:

    My favorite metal band amongst the modern stock…
    together with Sammath and Cóndor

  2. resuscitator says:

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    Any likes, comments, shares or invites would be appreciated.

    But fair play to those who don’t bother with faceplant. It sucks anyway especially since B Stevens got ejected from it.

  3. trystero says:

    It pains me to say it, but with this album and the immediately preceding one, Profanatica seem to have lost the plot. I say this with a heavy heart because despite that, both those albums are significant achievements in black metal. They just dont make for good music. The provenance of this work seems to lie in the later havohej releases, mostly experimental. Well the experiments bore fruit and in an admittedly original and engaging fashion, but it missed out on the inherent power in music by chasing after that new aesthetic synthesis. The previous release and this one deserve to be listened to by anyone interested in possible avenues of original art from existing metal. Not easy to do, unfortunately. The lasting statement of this band, barring earlier material, remains the brilliant, minimalistic yet theatrical Profanatitas de Domonatia, an album that takes the best of Profanatica and havohej and uses it to craft a modern american black metal worthy of that name.

    1. trystero says:

      To clarify, there is some very compelling stuff on both albums, the more experimental bits never come together with the rest of the music. At least not to make anything particularly compelling. Yet this is a Profanatica that has refined their craft to an amazing degree and you cant help but heart that. One of the true disappointments, even that is some praise.

      1. Want to write a counter-review of them for DMU? Contact me at

        1. Erik Kurian says:

          Daniel Maarat I seek your wisdom.
          Do you think this black metal album is quality music, yes or no and why?? Thank you for your time sir.

          Odium – The Sad Realm of the Stars (1998)

          1. Limbonic Fart says:

            This shit is the missing link between Emperor and Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir. You know, black metal for gawths and Castlevania fans. Now fuck off.

            1. hypocrite says:

              The Outcast: Why the name Limbonic Art? What exactly is the meaning?

              Daemon: Limbonic Art is a brilliant title to what we deal with. The Limbo can be a “pre-entrance” to hell, where the un-dead drift in eternal strife and damnation, a lost blackened paradise also known as oblivion for souls and minds. Towards this abysmal darkness, one experiences the extreme passions and limits of life, such as insanity, cruelty, and dis-harmonic euphoria. These topics are the true source on which my lyrics are based on, and which along with the music, it shall unveil passages unto this dreamworld or mind field.

              hahaha awesome

    2. David Rosales says:

      I think the last was THE BEST album by Profanatica.
      And this one here sounds a little, perhaps a little more undercooked, but good.

      1. trystero says:

        Link or name the best song, or one song from the album you would use to draw someone`s attention into it. Whether or not you think that is a good idea, try to do it. Of course your own suggestions towards approaching it are also welcome.

        1. David Rosales says:

          That’s just not my style of listening to music or advocating its excellence.
          I don’t think excellence lies in “drawing people in”.

          I hold the same for books or thinkers. It is not a popularity contest for me.
          In my opinion, the responsibility is on the listener.

          And I listen to albums, not songs.

          1. trystero says:

            Do it anyway? Please?

      2. Vigilance says:

        I’ve written high praise of Thy Kingdom Cum but it is at least a cut below Profanatitas.

  4. ttt says:

    Rosales has gone beyond aspie… now just a weak tard. He needs some guidance.

    1. Egledhron says:

      Don’t let the guy hear you or he’ll call you a Mexican troll and rant about people not “getting” Profanatica.

      1. David Rosales says:

        The guy who was addressed as a “Mexican troll” was posting from an IP in Mexico.
        And by reference, I actually knew exactly who he was.
        He is not Mexican, though, but I did it to taunt the imbecile.

  5. Defiler of all that is hOly says:

    What is hipster about Vinyl?

    What is so Hessian about Tapes?

    How are you an Audiophile for buying CD’S?

    If I blind folded you, played the same song on the three formats(skipping the initial fuZz of the tape , and needle drop/drag sound of the beginning) you would have no idea which one was which. Same goes for Flac,320,128kbps ya dork.

    Thanks for the heads up though, maybe next time give your readers some insight into the album, rather than the coolest format you HIPSTER.

    1. vOddy says:

      “Flac,320,128kbps ya dork.”

      Gtfo. Lossless flac and 320 are obviously different from 128. If you can’t notice that, then it’s because you are bad at listening. That is a fact. I notice it, you don’t, so the difference between us is clearly ability.

      Do you not believe me? Send me 128 files and lossless files of the same music, with different names. Then I will tell you which file is which quality.

      1. vOddy says:

        I think that I just fell for a troll.

        1. C.M. says:

          Hahaha, maybe, but you aren’t wrong.

          I’ve had people tell me the same thing as this guy with a straight face. Some of us are just born half-deaf, I guess.

          1. Defiler of all that is hOly says:

            Hahaha yes I will remember to turn on both ears next time I listen to all my Ildjarn tracks in FLAC format…

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