Relapse Records streaming remastered edition of Death’s Leprosy

It’s not the Chris Reifert enhanced Scream Bloody Gore, or the technically proficient (if structurally and aesthetically hollow) Human, but Relapse Records has remastered Leprosy and made it available on YouTube. Whether or not this digital remaster does the album any justice, it’s still a boost in visibility for what’s arguably the strongest era of Death’s career. Leprosy doesn’t bring the structural improvements that would’ve kept “Chuck Schuldiner was a Christian who died of AIDS” from becoming a favorite slogan on the old DLA, but its good production and apparent lack of pretensions towards being high art (compare to Death post-1991) make it difficult to hate. I feel the same way about Spiritual Healing, which is mostly cut from the same cloth and also receives a similar instrumental skill boost from James Murphy.

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25 thoughts on “Relapse Records streaming remastered edition of Death’s Leprosy

  1. canadaspaceman says:

    Wasn’t “Evil” Chuck Schuldiner’s ancestry actually French-jew and not Anglo/USA-christian ?
    It wouldn’t matter if he was a “christian” and died of AIDS.
    He spread audio AIDS because, “Spiritual Healing” is the cutoff point for real DEATH fans; Chuck should have changed the name of the band after that abortion “Human”, and future crapola.

    1. morbideathscream says:

      I always thought human and any shit album they released afterwards should’ve been under the control denied moniker.

  2. morbideathscream says:

    Scream bloody gore was death’s finest hour, leprosy is also a killer fucking record. Spiritual healing being their last decent album before declining into overly technical instrumental masturbation. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Chuck was a Christian that died of aids, but yeah any recording that Chuck was involved in after spiritual healing is overrated pretentious bullshit. Mantas, the death demos and their first 3 albums are still essential death metal though.

    1. Gabe Kagan says:

      Someone who’s been around longer than me can probably lend insight into how seriously DMA/DLU/ANUS took the Chuck Schuldiner story, and whether it was intended to be metaphorical or literal.

      1. adjsjaos says:

        r u shitting me

      2. canadaspaceman says:

        Dear Gabe,
        maybe Chuckie was not a real fagola, but he did sleep around and it being the 1980s, he did not think about it much,… a lot of us didn’t, but we only had ONE or TWO chicks, not like him who probably had LOT OF THEM.. plus the fags in Cynic !

      3. Freddie Mercury died from buttsex says:

        I think its mainly because of his lisp.

    2. fenrir says:

      nothing ever done by Schuldiner was actually “essential”.
      Influential perhaps, but not essential.

      Morbid Angel was essential. Slayer was essential. Black Sabbath was essential.

      Schuldiner? not so much. They affected many, but most of the best would pretty much be what they are regardless of the existence of Mantas or Death. (gorguts is the exception, and they are not at the very top anyway, but almost)

      1. FFF says:

        Why aren’t Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy essential? Just because the people you look up to don’t like them?

        1. fenrir says:

          I gave you the reason. Learn to read.

  3. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    I saw a post somewhere on Metal Hall or on the Archives that Chuck had sucked off a 15 year old at Milauwakee Metalfest, 1998.

  4. hypocrite says:

    Off topic:

    What you DMU types think of pseudo-80s soundtrack music projects like Perturbator? Know of any quality music being made in this style?

    Brett, do you really listen to Bob Marley? If so, what albums?

    1. hypocrite says:

      Sorry if these questions look like the random “do you like x” posts here, but I really was wondering if anyone here had heard newer music that is similar to that 80’s soundtrack stuff like Perturbator tries to be.

      1. Sackrement says:

        Some of it is pretty good for purely nostalgia jerking retro music, such as Lazerhawk and Kavinsky. Havent listened to much others though.

  5. FFF says:

    Though I’m not so fond of everything Death released I’ll only give respect to Chuck and the music he made. No technical masturbation at all but good riffs and songs, not everything that is technical is bad. I also think that nowadays if a band that’s on the same level of popularity that Death were would release song and lyrics like Altering the Future, Philosopher etc. every SJW on the planet would be butt-hurt and running to start a facebook campaign against them.

    1. vOddy says:

      SJWs whine about many things, so that is probably correct.
      But that does not make the music good. The music may be good, but not for that reason.

      1. FFF says:

        I didn’t say that is what makes the music good.

  6. Daniel Maarat says:

    Considering Schuldiner was a secular humanist who was pro-death penalty and in favor of the government aborting retarded fetuses and not saving extreme premature births, it’s hilarious that the hipsters embrace him.

    1. Lord Mosher says:

      I don`t know Daniel. Hipsters dedicated left wingers and leftists are pro-abortion. I am a metalhead but, if I had to to choose between a liberal progressive Soviet Union worldview or Christianity… I`d embrace Christ in a heartbeat. I`d still listen to Burzum and Slayer though. Currently you need to be akin to Rambo to support Pro-life beliefs in public. So all you Satanists can face me and suck my thick veiny delicious cock. Opeth fags refrain.

      1. Meek Metalhead says:

        Leftists are pro-abortion not to remove defectives, but for their own convenience.

    2. vOddy says:

      That sounds like an actual progressive.

  7. kvlt attakker says:

    I’ve heard rumors of him being a homophobe but all signs point to homosexuality especially his limp-wristed emasculated interviews but that could just be the pot I surmise or not he could’ve been a bit gay his music was

    Fuck punctuation pass the pipe

    1. kvlt attakker says:

      Also was The Philosopher aimed at SR Prozak or was he just being general

      1. LostInTheANUS says:

        I think it was aimed at Masvidal.

  8. Poser Patrol says:

    Human is not a bad album. In fact it’s the ony Death album I listen to with any regularity; their previous albums are a bit dry. It wasn’t until Individual Thought Patterns that they went full blown Rush-pretending-to-be-death metal.

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