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Nothing is less metal than accepting everyone and everything. Metal discriminates. Fundamentally, we recognize that most people have their head in their clouds and like craven mice prefer comforting illusions to even only moderately disturbing truths. In fact, over 90% of everything is simply disorganized garbage made by distracted mice. For this reason, we unleash our cruelty and separate the music from the squeaking with Sadistic Metal Reviews


Arkham – “Demo 2014”

It may become necessary to invent a genre for this style because it shows up frequently. It might be called “narrative speed metal” for music that adds heavy metal and death metal into speed metal but fundamentally follows the vocal line for song development, as if narrated as background action by the lyrics. The dominant influence on Arkham seems to be Iron Maiden, whose harmonized riffing and song structures bleed through, but the band has chosen a death metal vocal and a basic speed metal verse-chorus approach with introductory riffs leading to change in the verse riff for each section of the song. Good riffs, and good sense of melody, but this band ends up being too linear in narrative and the chaotic vocals interrupt their melodic songwriting.


Bloodscribe – Prologue to the Apocalypse

Fairly standard brutal percussive death metal in the post-Internal Bleeding style that is essentially deathcore but with more internal coherence through simplicity. The problem with this genre is that, like Cannibal Corpse and the post-Suffocation clones that inspired it, it requires reducing itself to a catchy guttural vocal phrase and distracting riffs with lots of squeaks and squeals but very little put together into tremolo or complex textures. The result is that this is the musical equivalent of elevator music, just a lot more intense sonically and with far better technique. It misses (however) the mind-blowing aspects of death metal and replaces them with the toe-tapping, head-bouncing and brick-eating mental state of listening to someone force a jackhammer around a sewer line.


Gnosis – The Third-Eye Gate

This band of some local repute comes to us playing the style that some call shuffle metal. In this genre, the vocalist chants and the drums race to catch up while guitars strobe a two chord riff in the background. It has the gratifying tremolo sound of early Florida death metal but the vocal dominance inevitably makes this combination sing-song and thus the foreboding sense comes apart, replaced by the feeling that one is in a local pub, drinking a warm brew, listening to the local band whose songs are as familiar as backyard dirt at this point and while improving, never seem to get good. Interesting ideas appear on this album but never develop because they are too busy keeping the chanty choruses going for the Budweiser drinkers who are wondering if they should pass out or vomit first. If this band wanted to get good, they would lose the vocal hook and replace it with monotone until the guitars sounded good, then re-write vocals to fit the guitars.


Nameless One – Thousand Memories and Nameless Sword

Essentially Iron Maiden styled heavy metal with death metal vocals and riffs thrown in for emphasis, Nameless One achieve a reasonable fusion of the genres but cannot hide the sickly sweet pop music underlying their Iron Maiden tribute composition. It is catchy and elegant in the way Iron Maiden is, but everything wraps up too nicely and the result is a sense of listening to one of those pop bands that pop up and vanish overnight in the dance music community. All instruments are executed with aplomb and solos are highly professional, and no song drops into lower-quality riffs, suggesting these guys have good quality control. Riffs are cut from archetypes, and the fusion is a little goofy, but the real sin here is making Iron Maiden into a candy pop band and thus making it as saccharine form of the irritation of nails on a chalk board.


Winds of Genocide – Usurping the Throne of Disease

This album is hilarious. Imagine taking a standard hard rock album and trying to do it in the style of Blasphemy (yes, the Ross Bay one). Then add vocals which linger past the phrase or lead the vocals much like a pop band, and allow individual musicians to show off in the process. The result is unintentionally comedic as it sounds like Hollywood hired a bunch of Charles Bronson style tough guys to make Poison relevant again. In an attempt to hide the roots of this music, the band play fast and loud and layer it in vocals of several types, including the electronically processed chant and the barking chihuahua howl. For comedy’s sake they throw in citations to Sarcofago, Von and other ultra-basic bands, but no experienced listener will be able to get past the hard rock progressions and bouncy glam metal riffs even if played in detuned, double BOSS HM2 distortion’d power chords. Do not listen when stoned, as you might have a laugh attack.

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98 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews 12-27-14”

  1. K.Shevil says:

    Hahaha! I think you smoke way too many drugs! This is the most hilarious and ridiculous write up I have ever read to do with our music! Are you actually serious or is this site some kind of bad joke! Made me smile anyway as your review of our album makes no sense!!.

  2. K.Shevil says:

    I use the term review loosely here. Also no HM2 anywhere to be found on our album! Lazy poorly written music “journalism”. Don’t give up the day job!

    1. Melanistic Aggressor of the Storms says:

      He didn’t say that the BOSS pedal was used on your pile of shit album – learn to read, you utter cretin. The sheer fact that you felt the need to speak out against somebody’s review of your music as though it was a personal defamation of your character means that the album has no weight of it’s own and is just a projection of your pathetic, fragile ego. Then again, you are a woman attempting metal and this is fairly typical.

      1. K.Shevil says:

        I felt the need to speak out in response to this “review” because how it is worded is utterly absurd and laughable. “Bouncy glam metal riffs”…this guy clearly needs to smoke less when reviewing as the drugs seem to have gave him hearing problems. Never read anything so ridiculous! I never retort to reviews but I felt the need to criticise the idiotic nature and content of this “review”. Totally unprofessional excuse for music journalism.

        1. Richard Head says:

          “Unprofessional”; there is the word you need to focus on. Professional reviewers are never allowed to be this honest. But this is what happens in the underground on a daily basis. Beware or be square.

          1. Pre-Natal Autopsy says:

            Yes, because ANUS/ and its fanbase TOTALLY don’t have a sheep-like mentality.

            1. Richard Head says:

              Your comments will have more impact if you address the previous poster’s points directly and avoid hamfisted sarcasm.

              Anyway, no, they don’t, in general. Good talking to you.

      2. K.Shevil says:

        Not attempting, I am succeeding.

      3. K.Shevil says:

        I am not a woman who is attempting at metal, I am very much succeeding at it.
        You are succeeding in proving what a sexist troglodyte you are.

        1. K.Shevil says:

          That part underneath Richard’s post was aimed @ Melanistic Aggressors sexist comment.

  3. K.Shevil says:

    I’ve been involved in the underground/death metal scene since the early 90’s and been active in bands since then and never came across so much bullshit in one paragraph in all those years, theres nothing sadistic about that write uup as it’s so fucking ridiculous, guy is clearly high on something and hasn’t got a fucking clue what he is talking about. Now if he’d referenced Poison (Ger) that’d be different!
    Anyway amusing as fuck, cheers asshole!

    PS @ Melanistic Aggressor – have you actually heard the album before you spout shit like “your pile of shit album” or are you just presuming it’s a pile of shit?!. Fucking twat.

  4. K.Shevil says:

    Also what the hell is an “electronically processed chant”?! Anyone care to explain?

    I await more idiotic sexist replies….

    1. fenrir says:

      Miss Shevil,

      I am a frequent reader of the site and I have great respect for the JUDGEMENT its editor has when it comes to judging Metal, its content and its artistic quality. I urge you to get more acquainted with the content of the site, but be ready to find harsh opinions. Despite that, there is much to be learned from an artistic critique of Metal as art. Once you get around this, which I hope you have the patience to do, you’ll find this website can be the best ally your work can have if, as you say, you are part of the underground and your ambition is “sincere” artistic expression of quality. Ultimately, nobody can guide you, you must choose to WANT to learn and to actually do it. Welcome to the ANUS(DMU).

      On the other hand, please be careful when commenting because despite the qualities of a lot of the audience around here as independent thinkers, sometimes this implies they fall on the other side of the spectrum as Internet trolls, agitators and instigators. Don’t expect nice replies to your angry, half-thought-out comments.



      1. K.Shevil says:

        Bring on the NSBM trolls!

        1. K.Shevil says:

          For a site called DEATHMETAL.ORG there sure is a lot of NSBM and such stuff featured on here….haha…

          1. fenrir says:

            It definitely focuses on Death Metal as its center. As the center of underground Metal.
            Show how there is a preponderance of NSBM here. If there is any NSBM featured around here it is only a coincidence, the music is what’s important. But go on, prove your point.

    2. Richard Head says:

      You’ve effectively dissuaded me (and probably others) from checking out your album with this narcissistic bitchfit. Please go troll elsewhere now; metalsucks would probably give you more attention.


    K. Shevil sounds mad.

  6. K.Shevil says:

    How is it a “narcissistic bitchfit”?! Please enlighten me Mr (Dick)Head.

    I am calling out someone for their absurdity in reviewing my bands album. This review is a joke, this site is a fucking joke.

    I am glad a Graveland loving idiot likes this hates what we do.

    This site just goes to show any idiot can write for a blog and call themselves a music journalist. I write for one of the biggest metal magazines in the world and this kind of writing is a fucking joke.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Holy shit, someone finally figured out my name! Too bad they lack the awareness to realize that I call myself Dick Head with intent and purpose.

      I would argue with you for shits and giggles (it is great fun when someone as clueless as yourself wanders into this wolf’s den) but I need to go jack off on a reeking pile of big-time metal publications while listening to my Blazebirth Hall comp, so you can get back to wondering if people will think you’re still cool for listening to Mastadon or whatever else you should be doing instead of proclaiming your terminal assdamage via a flood of comments.

      1. K.Shevil says:

        Nah @ Richard, think I will listen to Crimson Relic “Purgatory’s Reign” instead, much better than Mastodon who I can’t stand.

    2. fenrir says:

      So, you write for one of the biggest metal magazines in the world. Which basically means you get paid to write something acceptable, no?
      Tell me, do you have studies in music, philosophy or anything related to musical appreciation or analysis? More often than not, many of the most keen and acerbic underground reviewers do, as is the case with this site.
      It seems to me mainstream journalism is the one to be doubted. It’s just a bunch of people who have no formal background in relation to art, and just LIKE Metal and know how to redact an article and that’s enough. Please…

      1. K.Shevil says:


        I will not openly discuss what I get in return for my writing contributions but I have a lot of friends who work for big/well known metal magazines which you can buy in stores on the high street and they are some of the most dedicated and passionate people I know when it comes to extreme music.
        They might do it full time but they are in it out of pure passion and their work and writing is very honest, as is my own.
        I have no formal journalism qualifications to speak of just my passion and 20 plus years of music knowledge and listening. So my writing is as honest as you can get whilst being professional, coherent and sensible.

        1. dedicated and passionate

          Competent and accurate would be more important.

          1. K.Shevil says:

            More competant and accurate than yourself that’s for fucking sure!

            1. I’ve been doing this for over two decades. I created a radio show that found the best metal and rapidly became popular with the rising underground; then I wrote about that music and became the premiere and longest-lasting voice for the underground on the internet. I have been published in print as well with commentary and reviews. I think I’m doing OK, although of course I have never pandered. Where my death/black metal writings are popular, I could reach a much bigger audience by writing about modern metal, hard rock, blues, jazz, indie rock, punk, rap or reggae (or even dubstep). The point is that I emphasize accuracy and while that is not a big hit with media and industry, it is with fans, which is why this site remains such a divisive reference point for underground metal fans.

              1. Phil says:

                This is hilarious. Loving the diva attitude here. Ego is so very metal.

                Don’t shoot the messenger, your music sucks. I could swing a bucket full of hammers and make something less shitty.

                1. Phil says:

                  No idea why this is posted under Brett, should be down below by itself. Can change the position with your 1984-style comment moderation?

                  1. Sadly, that’s one thing the 1984-style moderation does not allow us to do. Sorry about that.

              2. K.Shevil says:

                Your claim to being the longest running online and any resource for death metal is fucking bullshit.

                “Death Metal Underground (DMU) is the oldest and longest-running metal site on the internet with content dating back to 1988. Its mission includes ongoing inspection of heavy metal music, its history, culture, imagery and philosophy.”

                Ermm there was no internet in the late 80’s-early to mid 90’s so how can you lay claim to this pretentious statement?

                Where was your print fanzine that you edited from 88 -97…??

                Up your own pretentious arse that’s where.

                  1. K.Shevil says:

                    This website is like a circle jerk of idiots

                    1. discodjango says:

                      Why do you keep doing this?

  7. K.Shevil says:

    If the review contained ANY sense and substance I would have not retorted.
    A lot of this guy’s writing is absurd and a fucking joke. No wonder he dosn’t write for a mainstream mag/website as his approach to reviewing is ridiculous

    1. deadite says:

      “No wonder he dosn’t write for a mainstream mag/website”

      You think this way and expect to be accepted into an UNDERGROUND musical genre? Leave the hall.

      1. K.Shevil says:

        I am already well accepted and well immersed in the underground. Do some rrsearch on my activities both past and present, I am not some newbie who became active in the scene last week.

  8. K.Shevil says:

    This kind of idiotic writing/reviewing needed counter acting though, no substance in it at all. I have never seen such a terrible excuse for reviewing/writing ever, even in the most DIY of underground zines. It’s like some 16 year old stoner wrote it whilst laughing to himself like Beavis or Butthead whildt typing it out.
    Any other time i’d let it slide as I can handle negative/constructive/sensinlecriticism but not this time as that kind of writing is an insult to music journalism as a whole.

    1. K.Shevil says:

      I can handle negative/constructive/Sensible criticism even.

  9. K.Shevil says:

    But that review was just a paragraph of absolute nonsense.

    I’d like Mr Stevens to fill me in more on his conclusion that we are attempting to hide the roots of this music.

    He clearly has never heard Anti-Cimex, Discharge etc…

    1. Swing Thy Boner says:

      Ok K. Shevil, as per your request, we’ll have Mr. Stephens fill you up. In case he decides to pass, I’ll step in and swing it in deep.
      I urge you to please give this year’s heavy metal band Riot a listen.
      Their recent album titled Unleash The Fire is amazing.

  10. K.Shevil says:

    By the way we are a crust punk band with death/black metal influences not a metal band.

    Nazi Metalheads Fuck Off!

    1. pothead nazi says:

      “… Not a metal band.”

      Okay. So why cry when a metal website reviewer says you have a shitty album? The opinions of metal listeners here shouldn’t affect you because you aren’t in a metal band. Is this seriously the first time that you’ve run into disagreeable opinions on the internet?

  11. deadite says:

    Holy shit, this dude has to be a troll. There’s no way someone can be this fucking stupid.

    It’s one review, on one site. The fact that K.Shevil is making such a big deal about this is pathetic, and speaks to his insecurities as an artist (and possibly a person). Just give up dude. I haven’t even heard your album, and now I don’t want to because of what an asshat you’re being.

    1. K.Shevil says:

      I see the regulars on this site are starting to close ranks.
      I am definetly not insecure about myself or the music I create.
      The only troll I see on here is Brett Stevens.
      If my calling him out on the stupidity of his “sadistic” metal review and attack on my band makes me a troll in your opinion then you are obviously an idiot.
      I couldn’t care less if you listen to my band or not, plenty of other people will.
      This site is a small fish in a big pond, and on that note that is the last thing I will post here (for now)

      1. attack on my band


        If you don’t mind me interjecting here: there was no attack on your band. There was a review; it assessed your band both descriptively and qualitatively. It is what we do on this site, and speaking for most of our reviewers, we like less than we dislike (fitting with Sturgeon’s Law). We do not research the people or bands but simply write about them as they are. It is as close to anonymous as we can achieve here. For us to attack a band, we would have to have purpose in doing so.

        We just write about music as it sounds to our ears, and by being included in a Sadistic Metal Review, you have joined a long line of people who have similarly been assessed. As I say frequently, whether I like or dislike someone personally cannot have any bearing on how I write about their music; the word for letting personal feelings get in the way when writing a review is fraud.



  12. K.Shevil says:


    Your review had no coherence, made no sense, and just came across like a psragraph of complete and utter nonsensical absurdity, your approach to reviewing our album is every bit as flawed as it is completely hilarious, you obviously no nothing about the band, our influences and have based your review on one casual listen whilst getting stoned by the looks of it, maybes you should do a little bit more research and listen abit more intently since labels are kind enough to send you bands material for a review, I shared your review with our fans and a lot of other people and the general opinion was that your writing and review contained so much absurdity and made you look like the joke here, not us.The fact you even likened us to glam metal in the first place is utterly hilarious,  If us having verse, chorus structures ,catchy, memorable riffs makes us glam in your (very flawed) opinon then so be it you clearly have no idea what the roots of our music are, and have just came off completely uneducated and wildy absurd.

    1. K.Shevil says:

      Obviously KNOW nothing even.

    2. The fact you even likened us to glam metal in the first place is utterly hilarious

      Musically — if you strip off the aesthetics — this album is a lot closer to Look What the Cat Dragged In than Fallen Angel of Doom.

      The rest of your post seems to be a bit of a mess so I picked out the above as the only concrete piece of relevant information. I did want to take exception to this:

      maybes you should do a little bit more research

      No, really: no. All of our reviews are based on the recording alone. If it needs an explanation to be liked, it’s fraudulent to pass the album along to listeners as something they will enjoy, because it’s not the album they enjoy but the explanation. And at that point, I’d rather just print the explanation.

      What we have done for you is equality. Every band gets the same scrutiny. No one gets bumped up over anyone else because of who they know, what label they’re on, or whether or not we like the lyrics. It’s about the music and nothing else.

      So here I must vehemently disagree.

      1. K.Shevil says:

        Hahaha, you are funny!

        1. I’m here every Tuesday night folks!

  13. K.Shevil says:

    -A lot of extreme bands have a similar structures to ourselves and whilst being extreme. I suggest you listen to albums in a more sober state of mind and you might actually make more sense than you did here because that review clearly wasn’t written by someone who’s completely all there in my opinion,

    You are entitled to your opinion no matter how flawed, uneducated and absurd it may be but I couldn’t take this review seriously in the slightest, what annoyed me was the complete lack of coherent writing and an obvious lack of knowledge when it comes to such music.

  14. Apocalyptic AIDS says:

    I hardly visit this site but it’s plain that:

    1) K. Shevil is a legitimate transexual faggot
    2) K. Shevil thinks having a shitty band as a child in the 90’s counts as ‘underground acceptance’ (as though it’s the ultimate existential validation).
    3) K. Shevil wrote for Terrorizer, one of the worst printed musical publications in the world, like Decibel and Metal Hammer. The only thing more embarrassing than their written material is the reader-base, as evidenced by their year-end ‘best of’s as voted by the audience.
    4) This website ranks higher than any other ‘review’ site for the keyword ‘Death Metal’ on Google. Not such a small fish.
    5) The simple fact that K. Shevil cannot hear the bouncy, homoerotic, rock riffs dressed up as crust-tinged Black Metal in HIS own music is proof that this GUY has no idea what HE is doing or saying.

    1. K.Shevil says:

      Wow you are such a macho tough guy!

      1. K.Shevil says:

        To the guy who called me a transsexual faggot, that’s hard of you hiding behind an anonymous user name and a computer screen, come and shout that at the front row of one of our gigs and I’ll slam a mic into your bigoted face

        1. Phil says:

          Look, I don’t agree with the name-calling, but you’re being ridiculous. Being offended does not give you the right to act like a violent thug.

          Did you really expect the world to stop turning in awe once you finished pinching off the musical turd that is your latest album? Do you really think everyone deserves a medal for squeezing super hard and recording whatever tuneless brown-matter comes out?

        2. Cicero the Stank says:

          I have Marfan’s syndrome and am a homosexual male. At least I have come to terms with my body, which I had severe anxiety about as a child, and acknowledge after many years that I prefer men. Never did even conceive of something as delusional as penis inversion surgery to become something I was not and could never be in the eyes of my fellow men. Don’t confuse our social tolerance of you for recognition that you are actually a woman. Correlation does not equal causation.

          “You may call a cat a fish but it will not swim.” – GI Caesar

          1. K.Shevil says:

            A transphobic comment from a gay man, not the first time it’s happened. Here, educate yourself.
            You have obviously never been and are not transsexual, you should read up abit on gender dysphoria before making such a comment, just because you are a homosexual man dosn’t give you the right to call me delusional for wanting to change my physical body and outward self to match my inner genser identity. I’ve been aware of what my true gender identity is since a very early age.


            1. Maybe “the queer community” — and which one? — should be allowed to figure out its own moral standards without them being imposed from outside.

              That’s an interesting parallel to #metalgate. Metal should set its own standards, not those that a little cabal of journalists, publicists and academics want. Same is true for the queer community. We are tribes in parallel, but SJWs are an amoeba-tribe that seeks to absorb all of us to use for its ideology.

            2. Cicero says:

              I am not a queer and and I am not scared of you. My sexual preference is a naturally occurring statistical variant that I was born with and accept. If I suffered the delusion that from childhood that my true identity was Napoleon, should I have myself surgically shortened, shave my hairline, and walk around in a bicorne hat? Now, that would be queer.

              1. K.Shevil says:

                Listen, just shut the fuck up, you are just another idiot trying to make a pretentious excuse for your transphobic comment towards me. Read that article, you are the deluded one, not me.

                1. Shit 666 says:


      2. SQK23 says:

        Continuing to reply here and crying like a child makes you look like an extremely pathetic, weak person. Do you not realize that? You should take a step back and try to look at what you’re actually doing.

  15. K.Shevil says:

    This guy is being a keyboard warrior, calling me a transsexual faggot…I am just saying come and shout it at one of our gigs/to me in person and see how fucking hard and clever you are then when you are face to face with me. I might be a trans but I will not tolerate any slurs in person. Either say it to my face or don’t bother tough guy.

    1. SQK23 says:

      Yes, he’s the keyboard warrior, as opposed to you, the butthurt SJW who has created over half of the comments here because of a paragraph someone wrote that hurt your feewings.

  16. Tralf says:

    K.Shevil is another victim of the “special snowflake” generation who never learned how to deal with criticism or failure in their sheltered lives. Don’t blame her, blame her parents.

    1. trystero says:

      Actually Kat here is just your usual internet tranny, goes totally off the rails over the most minor perceived negative thing because… (surprise!) mental illness.

      1. difficult technicalities says:

        I was about to say the same thing in a much more cruel way, since K here is unable to read into anything beyond attack and offense. But thank you anyway for having the balls to call a duck a duck.

  17. Ara says:

    K. Shevil:
    I understand what it’s like seeing a backlash here towards your artistic endeavors. People here hate my band with a passion, and there have been some comments that are hard not to let get to you. However, this site mirrors the genre it is passionate about in that is is purposely alienating toward casual metal fans, and that’s fine. In defense of the genre the people here love, many will jump to conclusions about what you are doing if they feel it’s endangering what their passion stands for. And if you put a product out for review, you have to be able to handle the criticism. While I understand the need to backlash if you feel disrespected, remember that if this site doesn’t contain your target audience, many others will, and if you feel people are being ignorant, it should be that much easier to turn away.

    1. Dionysus says:

      Hey, having Ara guy around now is actually kind of nice.

    2. difficult technicalities says:

      The difference is that you take it like a fucking man while K goes completely apeshit just like the manic neurotic female that he wants to be.

    3. Daniel says:

      The difference Ara is that she’s an insecure dickless man who desperately wanted to be accepted by an elitist underground metal community that justly despises the thinly disguised commercial album she made. She threw a fit when told the truth that her album was not really death metal, grindcore, or crust based upon what defines them as genres outside of superficial aesthetics. If someone covered Beatles songs with an HM-2 and throat singing, the music wouldn’t be Swedish death metal or Mongolian folk; it would still be pop rock.

      K. Shevil needs to pull her head out of her ass and stick it in the oven.

      1. K.Shevil says:


    4. Thundarr the Barbarian says:

      That tranny is just looking for a fight she won’t listen. Forget him.
      One would think being butt-hurt is a condition he’d be used to anyway.

      So ARA what’s your opinion on this year’s Best of the Underground posted on this site? What do you think of the bands that were selected as the best the underground had to offer this year ?

      Do you think bands like Kever or Desecresy are just imitating the past ? Or why is it that “style” of death metal is promoted as opposed to the kind of death metal your plays? Care to spill your thoughts?

      1. Ara says:

        While I know these questions were posed to me in order to give you reason to sharpen your pitchfork, I’ll honestly answer anyway. I didn’t necessarily dislike any of the albums that were selected here as best albums of the year. As for Sammath, I loved the first song, then I kind of lost a bit of interest. I understand that when you want to make an uncompromising black metal record that you most likely won’t be varying your moods, but at this point of appreciating music for me, I have come to the conclusion that if you can only create one mood on your album, you should only be making one song albums. I can see way others would view this as a strength but I need more to keep me engaged personally. But I did like it, even if it did remind me of Watchmaker’s KillFuckingEveryone album that I’m sure everyone here hated.
        I gave the rest of the albums listed a quick spin and Desecresy was probably the closest that hit home with me since I’m a sucker for nasty sounding melodies with dual guitar interplay. Kever didn’t grab me as much. The thing I did note about almost every entry is that all of them did a good job of creating an atmosphere that is lost in many modern recordings, and this is something that I hate about modern metal as well. As for Desecresy and Kever just imitating the past, I will say that regardless of if I like the material or not, everything they do I have heard before countless times for many years, and I want the music I listen to to inspire me as both a listener and writer. Of the many black metal entries, Sorcier Des Glaces was one that I enjoyed the most given my ear for melody.
        As for why the styles chosen are the ones upheld by the site as opposed to what my band sounds like, I have a few theories. #1 is probably familiarity. I can relate to hearing a new band filling you with the emotions you felt when you first heard underground metal and that may feel to you as the most “pure” approach since that was your first exposure. But familiarity is also the basis for pop success as is the ability to write a song that you can relate to. And to me, both of these approaches tend to earn their values outside of the objective nature of the music itself, since they require you to filter their worth through a filing system of familiar memories and genre labeling. What I listen for most in music is the strength of the melody, and if that still moves me in barebones midi form, when presented through human performance it can only add to the musical weight of the notes themselves.
        Which lends itself to my next theory- here at times the notes that make up the music often take a backseat to the ideology and image of the composers. I may love horror movies and such but here a record is usually acclaimed if it relies on occult images and such. Many of these ideas are in direct rebellion to more dominant ways of thinking such as religion, and that rebellion is both natural and kind of a shame that you are essentially allowing an outside perspective to control your artistic direction, whether it is for or staunchly against it. I understand that enjoying underground music is rebellious in nature and a fuck you attitude is easy to relate to, but I don’t need to feel that to give the music intrinsic worth. I think corpsepaint is pretty embarrassing, and anyone aside from the originators that use it are kind of posers in my eyes. Image is what gives pop music its control over the masses, and it shouldn’t do the same in underground metal.
        Another perspective is unfortunately most likely fear-based genre protection. While I’ve said before that I understand the need to defend a genre that you feel defines you, I feel we were incorrectly labeled as a band out to piss on the legacy of death metal through our search of new ideas, and if you objectively listen to what we are doing, I very much don’t believe that we utilize any of the tropes abused by modern bands to mask shitty songwriting.
        There is also the possibility that you may just objectively think Ara sucks. Don’t think I haven’t ruled that out, and that is fair. No band can possibly provide what every listener’s ear wants to hear.
        Should all death metal fans like what my band does? Of course not- I never set out to gain universal appeal since my melodic sensibilities are deliberately left of center. That being said, I can think of countless bands that sound like all of the ones nominated and very few that sound like mine. I’m not saying this grants it objective points over any other band, but I am saying that as a writer in constant search of new tones to explore, you can understand why we are more apt to feel unfulfilled with the current roster of underground metal offered.

        1. Horny Miscreant says:

          Well ARA that proves you need to go back to hug tiny midget before Caller of the Storms beats you to it. Just sayin ye know?

  18. Dismember your Member says:

    Nicely said Ara

  19. Tanks and Satan says:

    Call my band Winds of Genocide and then hate Nazis!!!! ARRRRGGHHHH!!!!

    1. K.Shevil says:

      In a closing comment, we took the name from an American crustpunk band called Masskontroll from their 95 album “Will You Ever Learn?”
      Our musical roots lie in bands like Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Meanwhile, Avskum, Skitsystem, Disfear, Avskum, Extreme Noise Terror etc aswell as old Swedeath and some black/thrash.

      1. K.Shevil says:

        Some bouncy old Bolt Thrower too

  20. Tanks and Satan says:

    “Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Meanwhile, Avskum, Skitsystem, Disfear, Avskum, Extreme Noise Terror etc aswell as old Swedeath and some black/thrash.”

    Did you think you were going to be well received by an old-guard, death metal purist, online (aka have jobs, take showers) website?

    Reason and sensibility alone should tell someone who’s pumping music that rationalizes Nihilism, Elitism and Darwinism and (sometimes) Satanism that you shouldn’t go on a crust punk website and argue with them why their frame of reference doesn’t add up to yours. Think reflexively.

    What this review and audience participation should serve is for you to improve your effort, if you want to be better received by an audience who’s standards are quite high when it comes to their interest.

    But, I know your type, you just want to deduce everything down to a political argument (aka: your website promotes right-wing metal; you sound totalitarian) so that you have a diametric opposition when there clearly is not one here, at least in a political sense.

    For now though, your music sucks. Plain and simple. I’m a music fan and that’s my two cents.

  21. Sandmann says:

    K.Shevil should get the retard award of teh underground. I mean isnt it already a shame in itself to claim underground hehehehe and then run amok emotionaly just because someone dont like your music. I think it is funny to imagine a self proclaimed underground faggot going nuts in an “underground” pub, jumping on a table shouting at all metalheads how shitty they are and the last words are like.
    but but but…me is under…stomp!

    1. K.Shevil says:

      Fucking Idiot.

      1. Sandmann says:

        I like fucking and I like it to be an idiot. so yes I´m a “fucking” (whenever I want) and “Idiot” to self proclaimed faggots -in this case You always ;)
        Happy new year faggot :)

  22. K.Shevil says:

    I think a lot of you idiots share the same collective brain. So amusing.

  23. K.Shevil says:

    Maybes it’s the same person posting under different user names, you either dound pretentious as fuck or like some pea brained redneck who listens to way too much Pantera and NSBM in his parents basement.


    1. K.Shevil says:

      You either SOUND even.

  24. K.Shevil says:

    “Death Metal Underground (DMU) is the oldest and longest-running metal site on the internet with content dating back to 1988. Its mission includes ongoing inspection of heavy metal music, its history, culture, imagery and philosophy.”

    Ermm there was no internet in the late 80’s-early to mid 90’s so how can you lay claim to this pretentious statement?

    1. Shit 666 says:

      This is bad.

    2. SQK23 says:

      Had a pretty hearty lol at this one.

    3. fenrir says:

      This is the problem with not figuring out things before opening your mouth. It comes with being a writer with little academic (formal or empiric) formation, I guess. Here you go:

      ” In the early 1980s the NSF funded the establishment for national supercomputing centers at several universities, and provided interconnectivity in 1986 with the NSFNET project, which also created network access to the supercomputer sites in the United States from research and education organizations. Commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) began to emerge in the late 1980s.”

      Mr. Stevens can further clarify details, as he has in the past regarding this. BBS’s were up long before the Internet as we know it existed. The Internet also did not appeared from one day to the next, it GREW on an existing infrastructure that was later enhanced to grow organically and conveniently.

      I do major in Computer Science, btw.

    4. Grails_Mysteries says:

      Please don’t take the microphone away from this creature. With each reply it heaps more discredit and shame upon its wretched kind.

      1. Melanistic Caller of the Storms says:

        This is a human being in their 30’s, which I find particularly worrying.

    5. Richard Head says:

      I came here to laugh at you.

  25. Tanks and Satan says:

    “This is a human being in their 30’s, which I find particularly worrying.”

    This is the interesting thing about stratification- it happens naturally, both in nature as a phenomenon as well as the “nature” of organisms.

  26. Tanks and Satan says:

    And again, there exists this delusion that simply speaking about an NSBM record is evidence of credibility, or the lack thereof. Most of the NSBM bands found mentioned on the DMU have long eschewed that title. At this point its a matter of tabloid style name calling. K. Shevil apparently purchased the rights to the Absurd and Graveland catalogs. This makes perfect sense, since he subverts the artists’ wishes so caustically.

  27. parasite says:

    After listening to a few songs off the bandcamp page, im starting to understand the glam rock reference. Im kind of having fun thinking about it. Wash away the distortion, slow it down a bit, have a couple of “wooo’s!” in the begining of the songs, maybe a “Yeah!” or two, and picturing the guy wearing makeup and super tight clothing thrusting his… whatever is there now, at the audience.

    I don’t normally read the sadistic reviews,unless its a review of an album I actually like, then it interests me. After reading this article though and the comments from the band im going to start because this was one amusing read.

    1. Richard Head says:

      Usually we don’t get this level of entertainment from “artists” whose albums get rekt in the reviews. But, if you’re amused, you should definitely go back and check out the sadistic reviews from 2012 and prior; they are much more vitriolic and truly sadistic, whereas recent reviews more often than not focus on positive qualities of the albums when they can (which is more constructive but not as funny).

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