Suffocation is touring again, this time with Soulfly

soulfly and suffocation on tour

Back in November, Suffocation played a few concerts in the United States. This April and May, they’ll be following up on that by supporting the nu-metal gone generic modern metal band Soulfly alongside some other bands that I’m entirely unfamiliar with, but suspect would get poor reviews from the DLA just going by precedent alone. This is definitely a more comprehensive tour than the last, although a decent chunk of the United States is being left out. The lineup also reminds me of the last tour I announced/advertised on DMU – you’ll have to decide whether or not the other bands are worth sitting through for a chance to see Suffocation.

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8 thoughts on “Suffocation is touring again, this time with Soulfly”

  1. Shatmuh Breeches says:

    Not worth it.

  2. OliveFox says:

    At least now I know what I will NOT be doing on April 28th.

    I have never seen Suffocation live…have they ever been good live? Even in their Effigy… hey day? For some reason I had this idea of them as being a pretty average band live, or at least, unable to communicate their best music in a live setting.

    As the opposite point of view, I have seen KATAKLYSM a number of times live…own 0 of their albums, and have hardly ever liked any of their recorded music, but really loved them in person. Odd. I guess venue, mood, distance to stage, drink selection and a host of other variables play a part in great live performances.

  3. Korn says:

    [Jonathan] Davis also went into detail about the process of each album and there is some interesting insight into the band. For example, his initial reaction to being label nu-metal:

    “Yeah, that nu-metal thing. It was funny how they came up with that shit, because when we first came out, no one knew what the fuck to do with us. I’d like to find that fucking writer that coined that term, nu-metal. When we came out, we toured with everyone fromNo Doubt, Pennywise, Cadillac Trance, Sick of It All, KMFDM, it was all over the place. So finally someone came up with “nu-metal” and everyone copped our shit. I didn’t understand it, like I never thought of us to be metal to begin with.

    Yeah, we’re heavy and downtuned, but metal, to me, is like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, that’s metal man. I always thought of us as a funk band, that funky groovy shit. When they came out with that nu-metal shit, like, I’ve always been fighting that shit. ThenLimp Bizkit came up and we found them and took them on tour and blew them up, and all the other bands came and we had a scene which was really good and solidified with the Family Values Tour.”

  4. BreadGod says:

    Why are Suffocation even associating themselves with such a shit tier band? Is it purely an attempt to get money?

  5. morbideathscream says:

    I think suffocation are trying to set a Guinness world record for most tours done by a musical act. They are most definitely tour whores hahaha. They’ve probably done 50 tours since they reformed in the early 2000’s.

    As for max cavalera, he has not composed any quality music in about 25 years. When will the day come when the cavaleras rejoin sepultura to tour playing their classics?

  6. Shatmuh Breeches says:


    1. Shatmuh Breeches says:

      Hmmm… guess I hated on this already. Whatever. You know it’s not worth it!

  7. Anthony says:

    Eeeew… but I still need to cross Suffocation off my live concert bucketlist.

    Breeding the Spawn 4 Lyfe

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