These Musicians May Be Executed When Sweden Institutes Sharia Law

Sweden is lost.

With an unstoppable invasion of Muslim migrants and a judicial system that refuses to prosecute their crimes, the nation’s progressive government leaders have definitively surrendered the future of Sweden into a Muslim majority.  It will only be a matter of time until a revolution occurs similar to that of Iran in 1979, when the country’s republic is overthrown and replaced by an Islamic theocracy and hijabs are forced on the women of Sweden.  It’s a reality that Swedes had better accept sooner than later as it has already happened to many other less willing nations within the last century.

Under Sharia law, there are harsh penalties for blasphemy, witchcraft, female indecency (exposing your body/not wearing a veil in public) and devil worship- ranging from a life in prison (with the press declaring you committed suicide) to public execution.  There will be no mercy shown for those who profaned/denied the image of God whether the act occurred during or after the new rule of law was instituted.  Therefore, any and all Swedish bands with such lyrical content will be quickly and efficiently strung up en masse when the new government arrives.

And if all this sounds crazy to you, just read the tale of Iranian metal band Confess and the horrors its musicians have been forced to endure.  After recording the lyrically harmless In Pursuit of Dreams (of which song titles include “Did You Get My Last Massage?” and “What Doesn’t Kill You Make You Exhausted!”), the band’s vocalist Nikan Kosravi were thrown into prison, forced in solitary confinement, and denied bail for almost a month.  The kid’s parents had to sell their houss and pay $30,000 for him to be released, and he faced the punishment of death by hanging for the crime of blasphemy.  He eventually hired a human trafficker to smuggle him out of the country to escape a 6 year prison sentence!

FYI Those are Saudi Arabian women being hanged, for all of you hijab-wearing feminists out there

But all the while brainless beta-cuck musicians existing in a Gothenburg liberal bubble like Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates will be decrying nationalism and populism as the horrifying bogyman that threatens their world.  They will cheer the eventual institution of Islamic government as “the end of a tyrannical Christian reign” and will not even notice the militants sneak up behind them until the bag is thrown over their heads.  Some of their fans will cry and throw tantrums and in retaliation be beaten in the streets, but they will ultimately do nothing as their Swedish death metal heroes are hanged by the neck right before their very eyes.

If you have ever played in a Swedish death or black metal band, you’d better get the hell out of the country before the day of Sharia comes (I’m giving it less than ten years).  And if you’re in a band on the below list, I am not kidding you: you are going to die!!!  To the rest of the world, prepare yourself, because it is likely only a matter of time before the musicians of following bands will likely be executed in front of a liberal metal world that was too dumb and too feminine to stand up to what is happening:

Abominate (witchcraft)

Ages (blasphemy)

Age of Heresy (blasphemy)

Arch Enemy (blasphemy, female indecency)

Air Borne

Angst (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Antichrist (witchcraft)

Author of Pain (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

At the Gates (blasphemy)

A Mind Confused (witchcraft)

Bathory (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Battlelust (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Bedlamite (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Beastiality (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Bewitched (witchcraft)

Beyond the End (blasphemy)

Blacksnow (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Blackwinds (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Black Trip (witchcraft)

Blood of Serpants (witchcraft)

Burning Darkness (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Carbonized (witchcraft)

Carnal Agony (blasphemy)

Cermonial Execution (blasphmey, ironically will die in the same nature of the band’s name)

Coerced Existence (witchcraft)

Crucifyre (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Cryptic (witchcraft)

Cult of the Headless Witch (witchcraft)

Dark Oath (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Daemonicus (blasphemy)

Damnatory (witchcraft)

DCLXVI (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Decay (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Dead Winds (blasphemy)

Death Metal Militia (blasphemy)

Defaced Creation (blasphemy)

Demolitia (blasphemy)

Demorian (blasphemy)

Desolator (blasphemy)

Devestation (blasphemy)

Devian (blasphemy)

Dissection (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Dhraug (blasphemy)

Diabolical Masquarade (witchcraft)

Dion Fortune (witchcraft)

Discarnate (blasphemy)

Dod (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Droneologist (witchcraft)

Edge of Sanity (blasphemy)

Eldrit (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Ending Quest (blasphemy, witchcraft)

Epitaph (blasphemy)

Erupted (witchcraft)

Exhumed (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Eyecult (witchcraft)


Flavros (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Folie a Deux (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Frantic Amber (female indecency)

Frozen Winds (witchcraft)

Graviators (witchcraft)

Grief of Emerald (blasphemy)

Grime Bath (blasphemy)

Grotesque (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Gutter Instinct (blasphemy)

Habitat (witchcraft)

Haimad (witchcraft)

Helsefyr (blasphemy)

Hidden (witchcraft)

Hin Hale (witchcraft)

Holocaust Winds (witchcraft)

Horde of Hel (blasphemy)

Horned Serpent (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Hyperion (witchcraft)

Hysterica (female indecency)

Icon Blood (blasphemy)

Imperialist (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Imperious (blasphemy)

Imprecator (blasphemy)

Kaos (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Kaos Sacramentum (witchcraft)

Keks (witchcraft)

Lefay (witchcraft)

Likblek (witchcraft)

Loch Vostok (blasphemy)

Lost Concinnity (blasphemy)

Lost in Lunacy (witchcraft)

Mardrom (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Marduk (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

MarysCreek (blasphemy)

Matricide (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Manifestor (witchcraft)

Mindless Sinner (witchcraft)

Morgana Lefay (witchcraft)

Mork Grning (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Morticum (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Mortum (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Nahvas (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Nattfrost (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Necrophobic (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Raging Steel (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Rev 16:8 (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Obscura (blasphemy)

Obscyria (blasphemy)

Obscuratum (blasphemy)

Octinomos (blasphemy)

Oferd (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Okkulta (witchcraft)

Ondskapt (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Of Fire (blasphemy)

Polterkrist (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Plague Angel (blasphemy)

Posk (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Sacramentum (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Sanctum (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Sanguis (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Sanity Assassin (blasphemy)

Sanity of Impiety (blasphemy)

Satans Helvete (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Saturnalia Temple (witchcraft)

Scourge (witchcraft)

Seid (witchcraft)

Skarseld & Mjod (blasphemy, witchcraft)

Satanicus (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

SlaughterCoffin (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Sleeping Majesty (witchcraft)

Snakeskin Angels (witchcraft)

Sordid Flesh (blasphemy)

Sorghegard (blasphemy)

Skymning (blasphemy)

Snotarar (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Sordid Death (blasphemy)

Soulreaper (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Strykjarn (blasphemy)

Svartus Krakus (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Svartur Dodur (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Taetre (blasphemy)

Terato (witchcraft)

Therion (female indecency)

The Abyss (blasphemy)

The Crown (blasphemy)

The Graviators (witchcraft)

The Moaning (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Trident (witchcraft)

Turbocharged (blasphemy)

Tzaraatg (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Undivine (blasphemy)

Unleashed (blasphemy)

URX (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Vanhelgd (blasphemy)

Vargheim (witchcraft)

Vargagrav (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Vanmakt (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Vergelmer (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Verminous (blasphemy)

Vomitory (blasphemy)

Vorgus (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Terrorama (blasphemy)

Wan (witchcraft)

Watain (blasphemy, homosexuality, witchcraft)

Wicked (blasphemy)

Witchery (witchcraft)

Witchgrave (blasphemy, devil worship, witchcraft)

Witch’s Coven (witchcraft)

Wormlight (blasphemy, witchcraft)

$ilverdollar (witchcraft)


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39 thoughts on “These Musicians May Be Executed When Sweden Institutes Sharia Law”

  1. Metal Cleansing says:

    Cool list

    1. At the Bill Gates says:

      Nigga u forgot ENTOMBED

  2. Elvis says:

    I live in a 100% Muslim country (Morocco) and we have black metal, alcohol, sluttiness and raging feminism just like the west. You are just being paranoid

    If 10 years pass and no shariah law comes to Sweden will you concede you are wrong?

    1. Brock Dorsey says:


      1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

        Never concede! They’re turning us into shemales for Muslims to rape! I bet there’s no trannies to rape in Morocco hence migration!

    2. Life is a disease and death the cure says:

      If nothing happens, then you must take matters into your own hands. Make shariah look like kindergarten in comparison.

    3. Ez E says:

      Phew! I feel better now!

    4. Nicholas Vahdias says:

      Morrocco is a dirty shit hole that has completely been destroyed due to a mixture of culture and Islam. Maghreb does not have sluts but prostitution and sexual tourism. 20 years ago it was a great country but now it’s full of liars and thieves.

      1. At the Bill Gates says:

        How do you know that?

        1. Nicholas Vahdias says:


          1. Kekkonen says:

            Tourists of all forms are cancer.

  3. I am the wack blizzards says:

    And nothing of value will be lost

  4. Black Lesbian in a Wheelchair says:

    I like the Watain part.

  5. Waffle House Exists says:

    I don’t see Opeth listed for homosexuality. This list is too incomplete!

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      hi, hello! I´m all open for homosexuality. Opeth is kinda cool, gets me in the vibe for some rimming. So, do you wanna cyber ??

      1. BONE THUGS says:

        You trippin B

  6. Game of Thrones is gay says:

    Entombed, Dismember, Hypocrisy, God Macabre need to be on the list. Opeth should be executed first.

    1. Paulo says:

      DISMEMBER “Shadowlands”

      Who watches the watchers
      hiding behind the light
      who’ll pay for their crimes
      will you die for their lies
      the star and the crescent moon
      symbol of slavery
      soaked in blood
      throughout history

      Fanatical minds
      enforce the way and law
      pound the weak into submission
      forced into misery
      betrayed by their leaders
      they’re sent out to die
      on blooddrenched fields
      all praise allah

      Deadly, Opium for the mind
      it dulls the senses and kills the soul
      Garbage, Holy verses of the koran
      justify their war on other lands

      No fear of dying martyrdom awaits
      it’s easier to die than to live

  7. Mister Syre says:

    I do not follow the scene that much anymore but can anyone indentify any band who had the balls to blaspheme against Islam in a very open and public manner (not the useless bedroom black metal unlistenable projects no one cares for but a band, a real one)?

    1. S.C. says:


  8. DMX says:

    Where my dogs at?

    1. Ez E says:

      Fuck you X. Get out my hood biatch…

      1. Eazy E's AIDS says:


        1. Ice Cube says:

          Fuck you EZ

    2. Pastor DMX > rapper DMX says:

      Becoming halal meat.

  9. LL Cool J says:

    Bathory’s already dead retard

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      Not all of them

      1. Korrektor says:


    2. Notepadibus says:

      I’m a better rapper than you.

  10. David Rosales says:

    At this point, Sweden would benefit from being under Muslim rule.

  11. Are you a kike shill? Genuine question says:

    Failing to mention the Greater Israel Project & talking about immigration this late in the game…you LARPing faggot. Keep on bitching over the symptoms as the Jew chuckles & intensely rubs its hands in the background.

    All it needs to do is to commit another lazy Mossad false flag on that mosque in Jerusalem blaming it on Deus Vult retards ensuing endless chaos in these multicultural shitholes. So go bomb AIPAC or send one through BB’s head when he returns to cuck your puppet orange fucktard, whatever you have to do than repeating Jew garbage & being a cannon fodder good goy.

    1. LOL you’re afraid of jews? lol. You are a goddamn PUSSY. Let me guess you’ve got jews in your sandwich!

      1. retard says:

        Heh got im

      2. maymays says:

        Nice deflection Hasbara

  12. 1349 says:

    You forgot Lord Belial.
    A melodic black / rock band.
    One of the songs is called “PURIFY SWEDEN” and contains this idea:

    Or are they already long gone from the country?!! =)))

  13. 1349 says:

    Lord Belial, by the way, is about the only swedish band, apart from Bathory, that I can tolerate at the moment.

    Sweden, mighty Sweden
    The time has come for war
    We must purify this land
    These plains of forgotten glory
    We must Unite!
    Upon the mountains we shall stand
    Guarding what must be ours alone again
    Exterminate those who oppose us one by one
    This is our land which must be purified
    Purify Sweden!
    Destroy all which is dedicated to god
    Purify Sweden!
    All fucking mosques must burn
    Purify Sweden!
    Molest all islamic believers
    Purify Sweden!
    Apostolic fathers must die
    Fearless we stand amongst those we hate
    Proud we´ll stand as we walk our land alone again
    Buddha, allah and jesus fucking christ-the whore!
    Must be erased from the memories of every Swedish born
    We must Unite!
    So hear us now-swear allegiance in the name of all Swedishness
    Under the banner of the land of Sweden you all must fight or die
    Let your hate rise with fury, let your fury show you the way
    Guard and cleanse our land which must be ours alone again
    Purify Sweden!
    Destroy all which is dedicated to god
    Purify Sweden!
    All fucking mosques must burn
    Purify Sweden!
    Molest all islamic believers
    Purify Sweden!
    Apostolic fathers must die

    Let the cleansing begin!!!

    1. Bill Baker says:

      Apparently Lord Belial don’t know much about religion, or they’d realize that to put Buddhism in the same category as the Abrahamic revealed religions is fallacious, given that it is an atheistic/agnostic religion{or maybe one could be Buddhist and a deist or pantheist}- like Satanism itself is

      1. 1349 says:

        Buddhism isn’t even a religion.
        And there are different schools of buddhism. Some are idealist, other materialist.

        But in the context of this song, it seems not to matter much. The song is ethnonationalistic, where “swedishness” is assumed as the highest ideal. Buddhism is obviously unswedish.

  14. GGDD says:

    hmmmm… i think the sole member of Bathory left Sweden a long time ago, LOL

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