Vader – The Ultimate Incantation Reissue

VADER ultimate incantation reissue 2cd
‘s debut, The Ultimate Incantation, is being reissued on June 3rd on both CD and LP by Polish label Witching Hour. The original, discarded recording session produced by Tomas Skogsberg at the famous Sunlight Studio in Stockholm, Sweden is included as a bonus disc. The lost Swedish session released for the first time should make this reissue worth checking out for fans of the band along with those of Swedish and Slayer-style death metal in general.

We are proud to present the long awaited reissue of VADER’s debut album “The Ultimate Incantation”. This album was a milestone in death metal history and a groundbreaking masterpiece for the Polish scene allowing our bands to be heard beyond the Iron Curtain. With this record VADER’s international career begun and it’s a cult classic since then. Once again we made our best to deliver this classic album as a top notch release. To match our words we will attach an extra stuff with never before released original album session done by THOMAS SKOGSBERG in SUNLIGHT STUDIOS. And that’s not all. We also asked the master himself – DAN SEAGRAVE to prepare new artwork for this release.

The 2xCD digipack may be pre-ordered from Witching Hour here.

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15 thoughts on “Vader – The Ultimate Incantation Reissue”

  1. resuscitator says:

    Guys, don’t forget to review Ripper – Experiment of Existence.


  2. David Vincent's gerbil says:

    Bad vocals and half stolen Slayer and Morbid Angel riffs with Britney Spears like predictability. Maybe they’re the best band from Poland and they truly are metal, but that’s just not good enough.

    1. Abominable Goatpenis says:

      Only sodomy worthy stuff to come out of Poland is of the black metal flavor.

      1. vOddy says:

        Where does your fascination with anal sex come from?

        Why not vaginal? Why not oral? Why not inter crural?

    2. thewaters says:

      I disagree to a certain extent. Early Vader is well crafted death metal that falls well within the extreme metal lexicon. Although the language itselg might rely heavily on its greater predecessors, the music of Vader, despite all that, does have a voice of its own. However, I do not disagree that the lingering Speed Metal influence might give it an element of “predictability”. That is probably why this album gets thrown on relatively often but I rarely listen to the complete album in one sitting. In addiiton, and I hate to rag on production, the production is very flat and takes away from some of the viciousness of Vader as can otherwise be heard on the demos. Early Vader is solid B/B+ metal.

      1. Poser Patrol says:

        Staying on the cutting edge of underground metal was probably not an easy task from behind the Iron Curtain. I wonder if Vader’s riffing style is so Slayerish because that’s all they could get their hands on.

    3. ssszzzzmmm says:

      sothis is their best

    4. Anthony says:

      Bad vocals (subjective aesthetic argument)
      Half-Stolen Morbid Angel and Slayer Riffs (citation fucking needed)
      Britney Spears-like Predictability (citation fucking needed also snobs are supposed to compare bad music to Justin Bieber, Britney is like sooooooooo late ’90s/early ’00s)

      Necrolust demo through Reign Forever World is essential death metal.

      Also, “best band from Poland” implies that you would think less of Graveland than you do of Vader, which given your above assessment of Vader makes you a gigantic faggot.

      1. Shank Hermann says:

        post of the year

  3. Agree to disagree says:

    Vader were pioneers in their country, I’ll give them that, but their music was so boring. I saw Yattering in the early 00’s just before they disbanded. They were playing a 30 minute set in some shithole in Paris to 20 blokes, but still looking like they were having the time of their lives. They ended up sleeping at a fan’s place that night because their management and label had dumped them and they had no financial support. I thought that was the “metalest” thing I’d ever seen. Meanwhile, Vader and Behemoth were packing clubs, their inhebriated fans shouting “POLSKA!!!” outside gig venues. That’s around then that I started losing interest in DM.

    1. Polska, beeeeeeeeeyotch.

      1. C.M. says:

        Using ebonics ironically? Tumblr has done terrible things to you, Brett.

        1. Poser Patrol says:

          His writing seemed to be unusually peppy in the codex obscurum article. Maybe he scored a hawt tumblrina?

          1. C.M. says:

            Ha! “hawt tumblrina”, that’s a good one!

  4. morbideathscream says:

    The ultimate incantation is the only Vader album that got regular spins in my CD player. Their early demos were killer as well. Vader was definitely a relevant death metal band in their early days.

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