Whiny Leaf Metal Singer Disparages American Workers

Ivor Whitten, the useless vocalist of the D-grade Canadian thrash metal band Anvil, complained in a recently published radio interviewtarget=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external” about how American workers are lazy and would all take welfare if they could. As many of us know, Ivor and Anvil’s entie legacy is their depressing but well marketed documentary on how being in a metal band is hard and they don’t have any money to go to the Asian sushi place near Niagra Falls after 20 years of playing generic thrash metal that was never good. Obviously triggered by the bored response the band receives at their American shows along with the tragic realization that he and his fellow musicians only were able to make money by getting people to feel sorry for them upon seeing their pathetic life story, Ivor foolishly proclaimed:target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow external”

From my personal experience, in America, it’s pretty much taken for granted and people kind of look at it like, ‘So what?’ Because people in that country, generally speaking, are lazy, and if they can go on welfare, they will. They don’t have work ethics. So how could they relate to a story about somebody who keeps trying and being faced with adversities and failures?”

Ivor seemed to forgot that in the Anvil documentary the only job he could get was selling sunglasses before getting fired for not getting any sales (the same problem Anvil has ironically had for 30 years) and borrowing over ten grand from his sister to pay for Anvil’s 13th terrible album.  Even aside from this, there are many faults with Ivor’s statement including but not limited to the fact that:

a.  The number of decent Canadian metal bands can be counted on one hand

b.  Canada is a nanny state that hands out money to the terrorists that kill it’s citizens

c.  Canadians flock across America’s borders to use our healthcare because their doctors are shit-tier

d.  Canada is such a meme country that if you are a child who wants to chop off his dick, and your parents say no, the government will take your kid away and chop his dick off at the taxpayers expense.

In fairness, Ivor later quickly issued an apology for this statement, but hopefully he damage will be done with Anvil’s American fans will realize the band never mattered and promoters will start using those bookings for American bands instead.  Leaf metal is an abomination and should be shamed and rejected- boycott leaf shows, ignore leaf musicians, do not listen to leaf music.  Canada has produced nothing but waste and deserves the societal collapse it’s working hard to accomplish. We don’t need to build a wall, we need to build two walls and keep useless Canadians like Ivor and Anvil out of this country.

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23 thoughts on “Whiny Leaf Metal Singer Disparages American Workers”

  1. Nora says:

    Wait. I’m confused in the first sentence where is says Anvil is an “American thrash metal band.” Is this just a typo? This is a Canadian band.

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      You indeed have discovered the dumbest typo of all time

  2. RIP DMU says:

    Lay off the /pol/ for a while and go listen to Altars of Madness again.

  3. A dick says:

    Cucked Canada should go back to Call of Duty and tranny porn in its mom’s basement.

    1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      Make no mistake here bucko, Canada is getting tired and striking back! Me and my Revenge hoodie clad war metal crew have started taking to the streets fighting back, raping trannies. Granted, we’re still fags but it’s something.

      1. Brock Dorsey says:

        Dude get the fuck out of there before Sharia happens or you’ll be flying from the roof tops

  4. LostInTheANUS says:

    If you want to bleed this system dry and you have access to welfare, I don’t see why you shouldn’t take it. I mean, you’re telling me that the dregs of society can siphon money from society so that they can indulge in their degenerate lifestyles, but that everyday decent people shouldn’t if they have the chance? Fuck that.
    Though the problem is also that those same decent people who can get benefits don’t take them, I guess we have some sort of pride in not having to depend on the government. I had many chances to be able to take government benefits, but I never did because I’m stupid.

    1. pink socks says:

      yeah me too, and i suffer for it every day.

  5. Not every chosen can be KISS says:


    This is the only thing I`ve heard from Anvil, does it get any better?

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    meh. Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, whatever-cans, etc probably all have dead weight bottom-feeders, so will avoid getting into that useless debate.
    The glaring mistake is not knowing who the singer of ANVIL is, a band that influenced many early 1980s speed/thrash/power metal bands (eg. Metallica before Kill ’em All), and who the band members are, such as the leader/singer/guitarist Lips, (not the media guy Ivor Whitten).
    First three ANVIL albums are perfect or nearly perfect heavy metal, then most of their albums afterward, have many filler tracks, among the few killer tunes.

    1. dead butt dreaming says:


      Embarrassing that the editor of an ostensibly metal-focused blog doesn’t know Anvil

  7. Mister Syre says:

    The only good thing in Canada is the province of Québec.

  8. Robespierre says:

    Anvil plays SPEED metal, Brock. Get your DMU terminology right.

    1. Brock Dorsey says:

      Only anal retentives differentiate between thrash and speed metal

      1. ihateeveryone says:

        So your best response is an insult?

      2. LostInTheANUS says:

        Heh I get it. ANUS… Anal-retentive…

    2. this post gave my autism autism says:

      they barely even play speed metal, for the most part they were like Canada’s answer to NWOBHM

  9. this post gave my autism autism says:

    On one of their later albums there’s an anti-gun song called (I shit you not) “Gun Control.”

    Their early stuff is some undeniably good metal–assuming your idea of ‘good metal’ goes anywhere beyond Massacra and Ildjarn–but fuck em, they’ve lost the plot.

    1. assuming your idea of ‘good metal’ goes anywhere beyond Massacra and Ildjarn


  10. Robespierre says:

    The distinction has already been made on this site. I suggest you study up and toe the line. https://www.deathmetal.org/news/letters-why-isnt-metallica-thrash-metal/

    “Anal retentive” — Brock, are you calling Brett Stevens a virgin fag?

  11. ProudtobeCanadian says:

    One of the many good things about Canada is that the good ‘ol USA is not part of us. Keep you Trumps you fucking useless racist motherfuckers!!!!!! And keep letting your kids kill each other, What a great country EH!

    1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      Yes! We are trannies and have Revenge! Sharia law and bullwinkle! WE ARE CANADA, WE ARE FAGS!

  12. Richard says:

    The guy’s name is LIPS, you fucking dipshit.

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