Antichrist – Sinful Birth (2017)

Antichrist are yet another group of millennials who want to LARP 1987 thirty years later. Sinful Birth is their second campaign in the eighties and of course Antichrist come armored with denim, leather, spandex and high tops of haste +2. Antichrist are of course of great appeal to the funderground as they ape records everyone loved as teenagers, they have riffs beer metallers have heard a thousand times before and can recognize whilst blacked out, and the vocalist isn’t aggravatingly annoying.

Sinful Birth is therefore safe space metal for hipsters too afraid that Morbid Angel, Darkthrone, and Burzum “are racist” and that they will go to the politically-correct, liberally yuppie hell of being 86ed from the shitty hipster “not really a dive bar” bar where all the employees sport facial piercings, lesbian haircuts regardless of sex, and tattoos of cartoon characters. Such bars host local scenester punk shows, funderground metalcore and pride parade drag fundraisers on off nights. The funderground fears being banned from shitty hipster bars as much as Catholic school boys fear going to hell for telling the police that the priests are fiddling them.

Antichrist are clearly schooled in the music and mannerisms of the old popular speed metal bands such as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Dark Angel, Sodom, and Artillery. Almost every song on Sinful Birth is themed around a riff or lead used better by more talented musicians in the 80s, including of copying the overused motif from Holst’s “Mars, Bringer of War” which has been used by everyone from John Williams (Star Wars), to Diamond Head (“Am I Evil?“), to Nile (“Ramses, Bringer of War”). Antichrist ride out these rehashed riffs in a repetitive riff salad speed metal format similar to Kreator. This lack of effective metal composition on most of the tracks on the album shows that the band are merely posers.

Unlike Ripper, Antichrist have developed no true style of their own. Sinful Birth is merely a pastiche of metal’s past simplified down into mosh, core, fun, and trends. The band can certainly play their instruments but musicianship is no excuse for such poor arrangements. Speed metal die hards looking for work from this millennium would do better to seek out the aforementioned Ripper’s Experiment of Existence, Sammath‘s Verwoesting Devastation, or Fourth Monarchy‘s Amphilochia for quality modern metal influenced by the triplet thrashers of the past. Antichrist are aping the success of the past like nude tribesmen kowtowing before a wooden idol of an airplane in the hope that the white gods will cast cans of Spam from the heavens. It’s about time to torch the cargo cultists.

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8 thoughts on “Antichrist – Sinful Birth (2017)”

  1. Attention Defecate Disorder says:

    this reminds me that i haven’t seen an SMR in a while. is it just all hands on deck at the news desk warding off the left totalitarian state?

  2. justfuckinglol says:

    …in that it says practically nothing substantive and instead serves as a conduit for an entire lifetime’s worth of rage resulting from being a mentally-ill depressive loser? Yeah, I agree. If it’s not Brett or Rosales when he was around, I really just laugh at all of the autism radiating off the page. Those poor other guys. It must suck being them.

    1. Rainer WEikusat says:

      Randomly stacking medical terms you don’t understand on top of each other isn’t particularly »substantive«, either.

      1. goodpals says:

        ,” he lisped softly at his computer screen.

  3. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Is that hole in the window the vag creating the queef haunting the chapel?

  4. shart-her says:

    I just sharted myself

  5. justfuckinglmao says:

    Brett and Daniel are the same person.

  6. poser basher says:

    I will LARP 1987 like I motherfucking want to and you will suck. my. balls.

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