Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race (2019)

Blood Incantation return after the heavily flawed but full of potential “Starspawn” that showed songs with a well defined direction lose focus and meander aimlessly. Here the band have devolved into Timeghoul worship for Indie kids and tek-deaf fans who need constant riff changes. The titles are taken from the pseudo-historical documentaries that detail drug addled stories of humans being assisted by aliens throughout time. An obvious sign that something is deeply wrong with both the music and the musicians responsible for this.

There is far too much meandering here as the songs drift into bizarre passages that are either taken from basic Arabic melodies or completely plagiarized from Timeghoul’s short discography. The final third of stupidly titled “Awakening from the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)” is a complete waste of time consisting of never ending solos, atmospheric passages and overlong acoustic guitar passage. Overall that is six minutes of fluff into an eighteen minute riff salad. “Inner Paths” which is ambient fluff and consists of a motif taken from Timeghoul’s “Occurrence on Mimas” while repeated for four minutes. Eventually another Timeghoul riff appears but it’s too late to undo the harm done. “The Giza Power Plant” contains a four minute hilariously cheesy arabic melody that is fit for a cheap airline commercial before doing the inevitable and playing another Timeghoul riff. Over half this album is riffless filler while the other half is Timeghoul worship.

The only fillerless song here is “Slave Species of the Gods” which surprisingly steals Timeghoul’s “The Siege”. All the songs are also held back by their riff salad arrangements that go all over the place and have no narrative intentions as there is no discernible development, climax nor conclusion within these songs that are held together by their recognizable riffs. Though at times the band reintroduce melodies with mutating motifs, they bring nothing to the songs as when the band is not stuck on static ambient mode, riffs come and go without much logic as if an algorithm assembled different Timeghoul riffs into a song. Vocals are pathetically weak with Antti Boman performing the only decent growl on the whole album. The Demilich and Incantation influences have disappeared as the band can now fully ape one of the hardest bands to copy in Death metal. Avoid at all costs and listen to both Timeghoul demos.

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17 thoughts on “Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race (2019)”

    1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

      My new favorite rap song next to white & nerdy.

    2. ignominious says:


    3. Intergalagtic Nigga says:

      Is this the new Ghostemane?

    4. rap music is for retarded primates says:

      All rap music is garbage. Anyone who listens to rap music should kill themselves.

      1. David "Ram Ranch" Vincent says:

        Stfu, Prototype is a Celtic Frost masterpiece.

  1. Jarule says:

    That’s some backlash I see on the web. Is it solely because the music is bad or does it have to do with the kind of people hyping the band?

    1. the left is the truth says:

      It’s always, ALWAYS due to people hyping the band. Faggots and their inverted snobbery.

  2. Harder Than Your Husband says:

    That inner paths track is incredibly bad. They took four minutes just to build up some tension and then immediately pulled the release valve. Listening to new metal releases always feels like this. Why does nobody understand that you can write riffs that connect logically to others riffs and that these riffs can be structured in a way that builds and releases tension? I’m starting my own band just to prove that I can write better songs than any of these clowns.

  3. Paul Riedl's Hairline says: petition for Blood Incantation guy to shave his head. Can we make it happen?

  4. bowelsofendlessness says:

    I wonder why all of you sound so butthurt for a mediocre record just because of the band’s fanbase. Too bad Timeghoul never got their shit together to release an actual album.

    1. yeah man timeghoile really shoulda pulled their meandering gay 80s garage subpar sound together and released something on the same level as their peers’ technical benchmarks like athetits – elements and cynic’s focus… then maybe, just maybe, they would be as good as people tend to hype them up as. it really should come as no shock at all some real niggas trying to come along and consolidate that sound into something that’s actually palateable u feel me? three or four big cocks up my ass or four or five small ones weaving in and out of the fabric of space nihilistic paroxysms of mastodong tropes recontextualized solely for our hessian pleasure.

  5. sarcastro says:

    I listened to the track on bandcamp and it sounded like ISIS leftovers

  6. Bigtime Gay says:

    Saw this band live. They’re good performers. Too bad they’re too spaced out on hash to write more than two real songs.

  7. canadaspaceman says:

    That Blood Incantation ‘Inner Paths’ track had potential, but I got bored.
    Good if it was intended only as background music/soundtrack for film or a video game.
    Time to get serious…
    Rock me Amadeus!

    1. I Only Listen To True Heavy Metal Like HAWKWIND and REINKAOS says:

      hell yes. rock me amadeus is better than death metal

    2. bloodypulp says:

      watched the video to Revenge Of The Maya Gods by Ultrahigh instead and it was an improvement

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