Gomorrha – Doomed Mankind (2023)

Resurrecting the ancient style of early Death and Massacre, Gommorha utilize a contrast between pummeling rhythm and melody twisted out of flowing chromaticism to create a sensation of traveling through a violent and threatening landscape.

Like the aforementioned acts, this band follows in the footsteps of Slayer both in the use of introductory phrases to riff changes and in the running pace of the more frenetic sections of the album. Slower, pounding, chant-like riffs are frequently accompanied by melodic fills that keep the momentum from dragging.

While the technology Gomorrha makes use of may seem outdated, where they exceed the recent “New Wave of Oldschool Death Metal” is in the creation of a language within the patterns shaped, and moulded throughout the course of a piece. In other words, there are actual riffs here, and not merely imitations of technique meant to create the impression of an aesthetic.

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257 thoughts on “Gomorrha – Doomed Mankind (2023)”

  1. Monoliths of Ass says:

    My ass kinda digs it.

  2. Elitist Buttplug says:

    Offtopic: I decided to re-listen to the grunge “classics” from the early 90’s out of curiosity (Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots), and even added some Korn on top of the shitcake for extra effect… and then I realized something… while I still don’t like this stuff (and never will), it all somehow sounds fucking better than Death, Opeth, Pantera, DSBM, NSBM, War Metal, Power Metal, Folk Metal, Post-Metal, Deathcore and other types of similar doodoo that goes on in the “trve kommunity”.

    1. Master of Asses says:

      Therefore being underground/true doesn’t always equal good. You’re better not making shitty/riffless/bedroom music alltogether.

      1. People iz Nuggets Yo says:

        It’s amazing how much of humanity cannot focus on more than one “good” and more than one “bad” at the same time. Funderground music is shit also, but alternative rock is fermented feces on a bed of swill and rancid priest semen. All rap is shit. Most rock is pretty uninspiring. Did techno ever peak? It’s just background music for pointless Eurotrash rutting.

        1. No you're just a little bitch says:

          Drink a beer, touch a girl, hug a tree

          1. Toggaf Reggin says:

            You are typing this from Mom’s basement, aren’t you? Tendies and Preparation H.

            1. Stay in your locker says:

              I fucking can’t stand this resentful sheltered crystal clear projecction bullshit. Grow a pair

              1. Steroid Hemorrhoid says:

                Toilet punk, you are the one who is talking Jewish mysticism of absolute Hegelian binaries despite nature having no such approach, favoring tradeoffs and threshholds instead. Upgrade your thinking. The world has many errors and a few right paths. The rest is chatter, noise, and nu-metal.

                1. Enema says:

                  You are full of shit

                  1. Impacted Colon Rentboy says:

                    Densely packed turds make for a soft landing during impromptu gang sodomy.

    2. Insert anus says:

      A similar story with Blizzard and modern gaming in general, where they can’t get a simple 23 year old arpg formula like Diablo 2 correct anymore, as you can see how badly everyone is complaining about D4.

      Think of unfixed bugs, greedy in-game shops, subscriptions, battlepasses, DLC’s, sexual agendas… and on and on goes the list – yeah to hell with modern gayming, except stuff like Grim Dawn.

      1. Video gaming is an industry now, which means that it is a job. The same people who botched Microsoft in the 1990s and IBM in the 1980s are now making video games, getting tattoos, talking about “no cap af,” and drinking India Pale Ales while they are slapping out the slop and trying to extract as much money as is possible from the remaining tools who buy their products.

      2. Basement of homosexuals says:

        Gayming went to shit around 07, or thereabouts when it became a “serious” and profitable business. Its been nothing but the typical hollywood slop of endless remakes, uninspired franchises, moneygrabs and similar shit ever since.

        1. Kane says:

          Well think about it, at that point all the big technical questions had been answered, since Doom figured out the graphics and then early 3D games like Descent firmed up the polygon approach, at which point everything was just nerd stuff like fiddling with the details. The pioneers were long gone and the NPCs took over but now they were wearing flannel and eating quinoa avocado toast instead of dressing in suits with combovers.

          1. Evolution says:

            Jesus Christ shut the fuck up dude I’m not much for video games but there’s a ton of cool shit, you’re just getting mad at the TV way before your tine

            1. Grim Real(ist) says:

              If you lower your standards, lots of stuff is great, even daytime television.

              1. Dork Side says:

                True and also beside the point

                1. Grim Real(ist) says:

                  If you lower your standards enough, Pantera and Stryper seem really cool.

                  1. You're pretty fucking stupid but that can change says:

                    Do your thing if you got one

                    1. Biographical Consultant says:

                      Please give us the short version of his life story and daily activities, or press N to take the L.

                    2. Take the LSD says:


      3. Incepit Rectum says:

        In that epasode the police were wondering how I could shoot + hit my victims in the dark. They did not openly state this, but implied this by saying it was a well lit night + I could see silowets on the horizon. Bullshit that area is surrounded by high hills + trees. What I did was tape a small pencel flash light to the barrel of my gun. If you notice, in the center of the beam of light if you aim it at a wall or ceiling you will see a black or darck spot in the center of the circle of light about 3 to 6 inches across. When taped to a gun barrel, the bullet will strike in the center of the black dot in the light. All I had to do was spray them as if it was a water hose; there was no need to use the gun sights. I was not happy to see that I did not get front page coverage.

    3. You confuse what makes good pop with what makes good music. Catchy riffs are easy, but these bands excel at being commercial which mostly means fitting them into songs designed to attract the LCD of the radio audience. Try listening to one of these albums for two weeks straight, and you will see where death metal shines: it is not based in being catchy, but in expanding your point of view.

      Also cope, seethe, and dilate.

      1. LSD not CSD says:

        Good death metal has its own version of catchy

        1. Streetwalking Coprophagic Manbint says:

          Any riff or phrase has to have some kind of a hook. The death metal version is more based on opening a portal to chaos instead of whining like that hipster manbun transsexual christer crap out of Seattle.

        2. Cope, Seethe, Dilate says:

          Death metal riffs automatically return to their origin but with less certainty than all that blues-based shit which is just re-churning the same old patterns so “musicians” can feel wanky warm feelings about their muh skillz.

          1. captain obvious says:

            blues is much more about style than form and yeah we’re all into metal here so blues is not very interesting and neither is the mindset behind it

            1. Emocracy says:

              Blues is surface emotion, metal is emotion that swells up from within and catches you and seizes you like the beauty of a stormy day. Blues is great for sub-115s.

              1. crapping young lad says:

                dont be a fag about it

                1. Death Metal Underground Standards Bureau says:

                  Around here, we put the gay in everything. It’s part of our mission to bring homosexuality and metal to a Christianized void.

                  1. Red Wings says:

                    Gay would be an improvement

                    1. Scientific Atheist says:

                      Heterosexuality is obsolete like the nuclear family, social hierarchy, and critical thinking.

                    2. nokturnal mormon says:

                      get off the internet dumbass

                    3. Homosexuality Expert says:

                      Homosexuality is clearly superior to race-mixing, communism, Abrahamic religions, and paper-pushing jobs.

                    4. What is this, the GOP 2024 slogan? “Homosexuality > Communism.” Well, of course.

              2. Intellimeter says:

                We now assume you have an IQ of exactly 116.

                1. Absolute Fucking Retard says:

                  Wait and you’re a 114?

                  1. Intellimeter says:

                    We now assume you have an IQ of exactly 98.

                    1. Everyone under 120 to the chippers. Chop-chop!

              3. Ass Plugr says:

                Nothing is true until you are in to the elbow, as my dear old drunk Uncle used to say.

            2. Jesus Was Half-Jewish Like Chuck Schuldiner says:

              Can’t we just admit that ALL normie music is just droning sentimental crap for people who are barely awake?

              1. Sentimental, or just praise of bodily sensations? “I’m having sex and drinking, I must be important now!” Chippertime.

    4. Normie Power Bottom Detector says:



      HAIR METAL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GRUNGE

      1. Grim Realist says:

        Glam metal is the toilet pig of heavy metal. Power metal is even worse since it is Christian music. Death metal and black metal are its warrior-kings. Speed metal is sort of like the edgy middle class finally figuring out that democracy is a tar baby.

        1. NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME says:

          Yes, it sucks, but stills better than grunge

          1. An Inconvenient Boof says:

            Grunge is smarmy. It is insincere, sarcastic, and bitterly hipster music. They all belong in the ovens that didn’t exist in the Nazi camps where six million didn’t die.

            1. Contradiction & Sodomy says:

              Yes, metal, which is basically just a better version of rock music, is totally about Christian ethics as to “what sounds right”, rather than proper rebellion against everything.

              Metalheads are insane, they can’t decide between law and chaos.

              1. Deep Within The Rectum says:

                The law is nature. This contradicts human and divine law, which are based on perfection and ideals.

                Metal is pretty far from rock. In rock, the voice dominates. In metal, the guitar does. Basically metal is where people go when they get bored with rock, rap, and tinfoil hat alt-country.

              2. Matt Bachmeier says:

                Christian ethics are taken from the Greco-Roman idea of a divine natural order, the Jewish idea of tikkun olam, and the Buddhist concept of self-negation. Metal has naturalistic ethics, more of a Darwinian idea grafted onto some Marcus Aurelius. Rock music is just hedonism and getting laid (it’s in the name, rock ‘n roll).

                1. 1st dimension says:

                  shut the fuck up

                  1. Arthur Leigh Allen says:

                    Hit a bourgeios nerve in your normie libertarian worldview? Anarchy is for slave bottoms.

                    1. Look mom no head says:

                      No it’s just bullshit

              3. There is a duality here. We like order for the important stuff, and recycle everything else into chaos, sodomy, and evil.

          2. Grunge is fake like CEOs wearing Birkenstocks.

    6. Manliest Castrato says:

      On rare occasions I like to listen to some Alice in Chains, or Soundgarden. It is unfortunate it inspired such a slew of alt whinerock to come after, just what Pantera influence did to metal.
      As for Nirvana, this is by far their best output. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHuaaTujMvs

      1. One Shot One Kurt says:


        1. Richard Cottingham says:

          You have a very nice torso.

    7. reality check says:

      no it doesn’t

      1. Egalitarian Buttplug says:

        All butts are equal in the eyes of god, humanism, and industry.

      2. Raging Erection says:

        Contrarianism only goes so far before you end up wearing the red star and shooting dissidents.

        1. This is a good definition of liberalism: contrarianism.

    8. Jill Coit says:

      Man, don’t listen to that gunk, it will clog up your mind. Sappy songs for sad sack people.

      1. Saturn says:

        Imagine living such a mild life so as to have such a lack of emotional connection to rock music that you feel totally ok with dismissing it entirely on some website packed with other stunted geeks

        1. Bob Vaughan says:

          Actually, the people seem pretty sane here. It’s the rest of the internet that is retarded. And similarly most normie music is totally retarded. Rock, rap, techno, pop, drill, reggaeton, dubstep? This is incoherent silliness for overly conformist people to use as a soundtrack to their pointless lives. Go be bitter and irrelevant somewhere where it will resonate, like Reddit or Metalsucks.

          1. Define sanity says:

            You are the bitter and irrelevant one

        2. Rick Marshall says:

          Imagine listening to this syrupy crap and thinking it means a damn. Sure, there were a few good years with progressive rock but otherwise you just have a little bit of musical knowledge applied to the trick up the same C major 4/4 goop they churned out in the 1950s. I bet you drink Bud Light and think it’s pretty good and don’t understand why we are such elitists here.

          1. All access says:

            You have no idea what you are going on about

            1. curio says:

              He’s right. All non-progressive rock is played with the same three chords in pretty much the same pattern. It’s been demonstrated.

              1. Lawrence Kane says:

                The only thing that really changes are the vocals and rhythms. That’s why they originally called it rhythm music, because the melodies were basically harmonies to those three chords, and the rhythm is the only distinguishing factor. Almost all rock, blues, pop, and dubstep falls into this category.

              2. Cuntrol says:

                That is totally fucking retarded but more to the point is that I hate bud lite

                1. Transgender Beer Fan says:

                  Objectively speaking, Bud Light is terrible beer that is not as cheap as it would need to be for me to drink it.

                2. It is not beer. It is a soft drink with hints of beerish flavor, but bad.

        3. Arthur Leigh Allen says:

          Yes, imagine living a life where you demand quality above the level requisite for the groveling slaves who bow before their untermensch savior and his sainted revolutions. Imagine supporting democracy, globalism, consumerism, organized religion, patriotism, and other forms of enslavement. You do not just lick the boot, you beg for it. Open anus and prepare to receive wisdom.

          1. Soaring says:

            We hate the same shit, you probably just need to get laid or do DMT or something

            1. Psilocybin is a good friend at odd times.

        4. Lawrence Kane says:

          On the contrary, sir, the tastes of the plebeians can only startle and appall me. They guzzle down McDonald’s, Coors Light, Marlboro Light, Olive Garden, Macanudo, Heineken, Rod Dreher, Rachel Maddow, and Christ. Who would trust the music of such a blue jeans wearing, media gulping, and credulously bourgeois democratic population? Nay, thou art someone’s bitch. Perhaps cut a hole in the seat of your blue jeans.

          1. Reconstruct the construct says:

            What is this the fucking wizard of oz or something

            1. Lawrence Kane says:

              The yellow brick road leads to the Kremlin, the Tin Man works for IBM, and the flying monkeys speak Spanish and Tagalog.

              1. curio says:

                The Lion is a Pantera bro.

                1. I thought Panthera was the Roman soldier who miscegenated with a Jewish girl (of the line of David) and produced Jesuss Christ?

                  1. curio says:

                    The only hero of the New Testament was that whore who Christ defended and wifed up to access her used up, unwashed putang. After being reprimanded by Christ, the mob of Semites looked upon one another, dropped their stones and realized that as a tribe of pimps and whores, they were no better than Christ’s new squeeze.

        5. Richard Gaikowksi says:

          NAXALT strikes again. Sure you can say that it is not all dreck, and list the few favorites you liked because you read them under the covers after Mom’s 674th boyfriend since the divorce put his turgid spermwand into your pulsing hole. But this is simple music for simple minds, designed to fascinate the technoserfs while they wait to work until they die, and then being good atheists, simply vanish in a poof instead of serving me in paradise like the slaves they are.

          1. Algol says:

            You’re paranoid

            1. Nancy Downs says:

              I’m paranoid? I’m not paranoid!

          2. Atheism seems as unlikely as an anthropomorphic god.

            1. I have an anger in me, grrrr says:

              Just how in the actual hell does one calculate that likelihood?

              1. Lawyer: sum of the factors!
                Scientist: repeatable binary tests!
                Philosopher: repeated differential angular tests!

                Answer: logical fact + inference + some structural and systemic knowledge of life, which makes it esoteric by nature. We are all astronauts discovering the universe within, and pioneers exploring the wilderness of the cosmos without.

                1. the 2nd and 3rd Merciless are pretty good says:


                  1. Homosexual Detector says:

                    Weird, it’s beeping on both of you, just a long steady beep. Like it hit the motherload of anal faggotry or something. Did you know that calling someone gay is gay?

                    1. Raises says:


                  2. All of the Merciless albums are pretty good or better than that even. I think the American Right is barking up the wrong tree on LGBT+, abortion, and Russia. You have to be careful with them… it is the stupid party versus the evil party, and stupid wins too often with the Right.

        6. James Mitchell DeBardeleben, Jr. says:

          Sometimes, in that soft place just before the dawn when the world quiets down and you can hear your mind, you might think that all of this is just too perfect to be anything but a simulation. This means that there are two types of people, those who accept the simulation at face value, and those who can escape the visual level and see into its core, how it works like a vast machine of death and feces. I am the latter, but also a predator, rising to heights above all my species. I am free.

          1. FOAD says:

            Lol Jesus fuckong christ dude

            Fall in love now and then

        7. Some years ago, I realized that I really did not like rock music. The assumptions about the audience that are required to make good rock also make it repellent or at least kind of listless and stale. Rock is for Boomers.

          1. Lizard says:

            Rock is for madmen. The good shit anyway

            1. I find it kind of slow. I can handle some prog rock, but most of it just makes me zone out after awhile. It has five licks and four song types, repeats itself constantly, and eventually just sort of trails off like unrealized lives, so… yeah, sign me up for the death metal and Beethoven.

  3. Orifice of the Law says:

    Don’t want to be that guy, but isn’t that kinda obvious? The bands you name are talented fellows, they know how to write songs. When metal is no longer fertile ground to youngsters with artistic ambition it’s just a sandbox for idiots, which by default is worse than any grunge could possibly be. (The Gomorrah review above spends most of its space attributing the record’s value to being basic music, so there you go.) Can’t fault you for Nirvana anyway.

    1. Or just go with the obvious: “sounds good” means different things to different people.

      Normies like a certain range of sounds.

      Opeth… never sounded good to me.

    2. Orifice of the Law says:

      P.S.: Just to clarify, “The bands you name” refers to the grunge bands (and are the ones with talent and songwriting skills), not Death, Opeth, Pantera etc. *shiver*

      1. Rectal Disturbance Instigator says:

        Pantera, Opeth, Meshuggah, and post-Cynic Death are some of the worst that metal has to offer. On the other hand, all alternative rock is for lumberjack shirt wearing beard hipsters who belong in a woodchipper.

        1. I'm with stupid says:

          Get your own style little guy


  5. Critical Realist says:

    This stupidly pristine comment section layout severely lacks the clarity of knowing who exactly is replying to who, and so it devolves into a chaotic clutter in true death metal fashion (I see what you did there).

    Also clearly the second poster was trying to expose posers. You’re not metal “because you’re metal” if your godamn music fucking sucks, end of the story.

    But still, get a better website, this shit looks like it’s from the 80’s, and is full of interracial gay porno ads.

    1. Hipster Retardation Detector says:


    2. Normie Karen Ambisexual says:

      The stuff on the radio is the good music. You people are just listening to shitbergs of incompetence. Trust me, it says so in Consumer Reports and the New York Times.

    3. CNN Facta Loquuntur Checker says:

      Fact-checked: True. Nine out of ten experts agree that death metal is antisocial and bad.

    4. Interracial Gay Porno Fan says:

      (breathlessly) Go on…

  6. Insane Faggot says:

    Sucking dick is the manliest and metalest thing you can do. Chicks are for fags.

    1. Sane Homosexual says:

      Different strokes for different folks. I know I won’t waste any time with womynx.

      1. Richard Gaikowski says:

        I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because man is the most dangerous animal of all. To kill something gives me the most thrilling experence. It is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl. The best part of it, is that when I die I will be reborn in paradice and all the (lone or stray people) I have killed will become my slaves. I will not give you my name because you will try to slow down or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife. ebeorietemethhpiti .

        1. Dean Arnold Corll says:

          You have to slit them open carefully so the guts don’t drop on your feet. Get a six-foot plywood three feet wide and secure their limbs. Tip it backward for the slice, slide your bucket (I use a watering trough from Dad’s old farm) to the base, then tip it forward. The guts slide out like shucking corn. Now you can make your sacrifice fluid from the heart, kidneys, and spleen.

  7. Crazy Retard says:

    It’s good being dumb.

    1. Tyrone Slothrop says:

      Only at the zero, where we are all completely stupid, is equality possible. There lies Utopia and the pathway to Heaven. Inshallah there we shall meet.

    2. Francis Gary Poste says:


  8. Demented Furry says:


    1. Cross Turner Upside-Downer says:

      Levitating act of death, messenger of Satan’s mass
      Blinded by the crucifix, sacrilegious impalement
      Kill the chosen, righteous son, claim the cross inverted one
      Everlasting hell damnation, from the lord, Crucifixation

    2. Upstanding Zoophiliac says:

      Come here little puppy!

      1. All of God's Creatures says:

        I find it odd that people will talk all day about how cute and furry little dogs, cats, and capybara are, but no one speaks up for the rat. Yes, the common rat, an individual like you or me, with his own hopes, dreams, aspirations, and triumphs. But he is overlooked in favor of some mutty Chihuahua-Shitzuh crossover which has a tenth the soul of a courgette and costs four hundred times as much. Does a Hyundai have the same soul as a Ferrari? A yeast the same spirit as a king? A child the same ambition as a career middle manager with alimony payments and chronic IBS? The rat is equal to your dogs, cats, and capybara, and the real bigotry against furries is specieist discrimation against our noble ratkind brethren.

      2. Taco Bell Dump Analgasm says:

        Are you yiffing right now?

          1. Taco Bell Dump Analgasm says:

            It’s another world. To be honest, I am apathetic to everything but two-parent heterosexual living, because only it thrives biologically. Everything else is both OK by me, and something I recognize as taking the L with a little bit of brave defiance and reality denial. Christians should pray for these people, not talk them down, but there shouldn’t be homosexual and transsexual propaganda in libraries either.

            1. Self-Aware Man says:

              he posts earnestly on the biggest homosexual propaganda website on the internet

              1. Snopes Fag Checker says:

                New and groundbreaking analysis finds that DMU is basically a homosexual collective. No one is really surprised that it is just “Grindr with distortion,” but apparently most of the userbase has no idea that the goal is sodomy nonstop.

                1. Mark Suckasperg says:

                  Google says

                  Fag check: True!

                  1. Twink Power Bottom says:

                    Check me! Check me! (wiggles cute heart-shaped bottom)

            2. Cumming with quorthon says:

              You should burn the libraries down

              1. Dissident Pragmatist says:

                Get the churches and refugee camps first.

                1. Who knows what you have spoken to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all your life seems to shrink, the walls of your bower closing in about you, a hutch to trammel some wild thing in? So fair, yet so cold like a morning of pale Spring still clinging to Winter’s chill.

                  1. Thirsting for Fisting says:

                    I wonder what age most people are when they figure out that we are really alone in the universe, most of our species being dipshits, and any gods disinclined to roll the dice with humanity. This whole species smells like monkey poo and old books of theory unread by anyone who could do anything practical. Each person finds their niche and leeches.

            3. Traditional Orthodox Power Bottom Ritual says:

              All these tradslop texts have become increasingly tiresome. Just get a christian trad transgf already.

              1. Tomgrill says:

                Just get yourself an undertable femboy. They survive on lube and cocaine.

            4. Partially Deformed Schmeckle Yet Freshly Peeled and Kissed says:

              Faggots that read 4chan and care about parenting and the future of humanity are straight up losers. Humanity sucks and no one is going to follow Brett’s weird competence fetish and the species will go extinct. I want the species to go extinct and make it fast. Having emotions is gay, being a human is gay, if you’re a man and hold your children and say how much you love them you are a pedo, gay and should immolate by own hand.

              1. I am not sure I have emotions; I like strong things and detest weak ones.

                1. Sith Lard says:


                  1. Except twinks. Then I love weak things.

  9. Yiffing Consultant says:

    Someone order one of those 55gal barrels of lube.

  10. mistress dominatrix says:

    this music is cute

    1. Whip Me Darling says:

      Perfect for anime.

    2. Queer Brown Vegan says:

      It’s a new world order for us once and future vikangz.

  11. I Don't Know says:

    I think in this site there should be a post where people just shitpost, and then other where people have serious discussion, but like WTF, who have serious discussion about metal?, but it makes me feel sad when people just shitpost and ignore the content of the post, but like im just drunk and not a english first speaker so my post will not make sense and with a bunch of grammatical mistakes, but what i would like to know, what are brett’s favorite hard rock albums? because i know he likes budgie and in the other side i know he likes aerosmith, so what you like? i am curious? don’t aprovve this phost i am drunkkkkk

    1. Elbow Deep in Yeshua Christensteinwitz says:

      Metal was never just a style of music. It is a way of thinking, and that implies (but is not “is”) a lifestyle, which is not the hollow modern definition, but a way of living that exemplifies and enhances this way of thinking. Metalheads like lots of things, but in a metal way, and don’t like stuff that is trivial. There is a lot to talk about that is “metal adjacent” but not metal.

      1. Jesus the Gay Jew says:


        1. Judeo-Homosexuality Expert says:

          Our Penis who art in heaven,
          Hallowed be thy spurt.
          Thy kingdom come.
          Thy thrust be done
          On Earth as it is in the fantasy Judeo-Islamic dualistic world.
          Give us this day our daily cock,
          And forgive us our party poops,
          As we forgive those who poop on our purple heads,
          And lead us not into heterosexuality,
          But deliver us from chafing.
          For thine is the turgid and the throb, and the sodomy,
          forever and ever. Inmen.

    2. Budgie is solid. Sometimes metal is just the gateway to the stuff we want to talk about.

  12. Sane normal guy amids chaos says:

    Hey Brett, that new Cystic album is a solid 8.5/10 rocker – these guys come out of nowhere and deliver something surprisingly tasteful. Thanks for keeping us informed on quality material, that’s why I come here.

    1. Sanity is a localized phenomenon says:

      Yeah that was not bad. Seems like they actually understand death metal to some degree.

      Desecresy is similar in that sense and yet the news that they’re putting out a new album wasn’t even enough to draw a couple dozen homoposts here.

      1. Free hugs says:

        Where’s the fun in praising a band we all know is good

        1. It attracts hipsters to use as human fleshlights.

    2. We wade through a mountain of feces to find the few sparkles in the dirt…

      1. Black Fecal Matter says:

        “So, what do you do in your spare time?”
        “I wade through feces.”

        1. Your black metal name is EXCREMENTAL WADER and your band name is BLACK FECES.

  13. Bruce Thtevens says:

    It’s either that or make fun of the endless sonic faeces…

  14. Bubbles says:

    Brett, have you seen Leaving Neverland, the Michael Jackson documentary?

    1. No, and generally I have to stay away from thinking about the 1980s too much. It was a tragic decade. Jackson was talented though.

      1. Zehn Buddhist says:

        Then again, name a non-tragic one.

        MJ was, admittedly, insanely talented. “Billie Jean” is a good song, even.

        1. Artists sculpt emotions, which requires their emotions to be flexible, which means that they are about as stable as napalm gelatin with a road flare on top.

          1. Hella says:

            If you live in a yellow submarine

            Give it up

            For love

            In love, delusion disappeared

            And I could see that we live in a church gone wild

            1. Christian Purgation says:

              In the name of love… we must have hate. Since love is a symbol when applied in groups, this means that we become dedicated to hate of whoever has risen above the rest, since they are not dedicated to love but self-improvement. This is the crab bucket of modernity, and it appears anywhere that men are arrogant enough to declare themselves equal like gods. Absolute power is abused absolutely, and that includes the power of equality. Turn the cross upside down!

            2. Christian Extermination says:

              Only with the Christian Holocaust will we be able to remove Muslims and Jews from our lands.

            3. Christian Incineration says:

              Religion is great if it helps with real life. Christianity denies real life and wants us to wait for teh Rewards of Heaven instead. This is just schizophrenia in a new form. People are stupid but they are even stupider in groups.

              1. Toilet Pig Twink Indentifier says:

                > teh

                ur argument is invalid

              2. Honest religion is basically just “I believe in the universe and that there are dimensions of it I cannot see.” I think all people of faith, regardless of their religion or sect, agree on this one. As long as they hate the weak and hail the strong, I’m good with that.

            4. Life on a nuclear sub might be pretty swell. Modernity replaced the church with equality. Now people worship that like zombies.

              1. In the navy (with Tom of Finland) says:

                Whats long hard an full of seamen?

                1. A submarine of course. And what does one do in a submarine on those cold nights a hundred meters under the ocean?

                  1. funleashed says:


                    1. Somewhere in outer spacetime, a submarine explores the infinite.

  15. I have the solution for all the pent up anger man have – BECOME A WOMAN

    1. Serenity says:

      Liking metal doesn’t mean that you’re angry. That’s stupid, and you should know better. But I’m a girl, so, by your logic, should I become a man? Also – Brett is sexy somehow, whether he is transsexual or not… I need to know his star sign…

      1. Francis Gary Poste says:

        There are no girls on the internet.

        (heavy breathing, phone disconnects)

        1. Serenity says:

          I’m a girl and I’m really pretty, too. Obey & worship me now. I need 24 pairs of human kidneys. Get to work and meet me in my basement when you’re finished, I have a new cage for you.

          1. This sounds like the most fun treasure hunt ever!

      2. The latter part should be strikingly evident from the writings! Thanks for the kind words. I am not externalized enough to be a successful transsexual.

        1. T Malm says:

          uh I didn’t think there was a zodiac sign for a butthole

          1. Heavy Breathing says:

            It is a circle with an equilateral cross.

            Sept 27-69-6:30
            by knife

    2. I would be crap as a woman.

      1. Michel says:

        Oh, me too. We’re just to manly I suppose. Typical!

        1. I like to drop acid and listen to Sarcofago, Ildjarn, Beherit, and Von. The gates of Hell are too feminine for me. Heaven is just a twink. I aspire to the infinite void.

          1. Bussy Expert says:

            We all have a cunt, even if that cunt is an anus.

            1. You mean… a mangina. Actually, these days we just call it a transfront hole. It is a rear hole, but it identifies as a front hole, so it is transfrontal.

        2. Visceral throbbing rod of Longinus says:

          You’re all the same to me

            1. Carrion Christ says:

              Jesus cried like a bitch.

  16. Count Zaroff says:

    I like killing people because it is so much fun. It is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because man is the most dangerous animal of all. To kill something gives me the most thrilling experence. It is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl. The best part of it, is that when I die I will be reborn in paradice and all the (lone or stray people) I have killed will become my slaves. I will not give you my name because you will try to slow down or stop my collecting of slaves for my afterlife. ebeorietemethhpiti.

  17. Cynical says:

    The fact that all of you guys can argue about rock music while no one is talking about seeing Sacramentum on tour makes me think you’re all secret Christians.

      1. Belated note: the listing is wrong, it was not at the White Swan.

        1. Usher says:

          *immediate internal image of Brett standing outside a closed White Swan for half an hour, mumbling “Just waiting for a friend” at passers-by asking if he’s lost*

          1. Close enough to the reality. I am unconvinced that there is much organization going on behind these tours.

    1. Ugra Karma says:

      And I’m pretty sure you live by a bunch of self imposed rules that have nothing to do with life.

      1. Christian Sodomy says:

        Everyone lives by self-imposed rules. Avoiding known failure points like fascism, communism, christianity, miscegenation, promiscuity, intoxication, debt spending, gambling, smoking Newports, perversity, stupidity, and incompetence simply makes sense. Christianity will always be an invader religion, and it will always have a “personal morality” instead of a sense of good and bad in terms of natural order.

      2. Christian Holocaust says:

        What has Christianity brought the West except making us weak, hands-tied with guilt and shame for being better at warfare, industry, or having a functional civilization? Even Christians admit this but they are just waiting expectantly for death so they can get to the Judeo-Abrahamic “heaven” where everything is perfect and pure, even though this corresponds exactly zero percent to known reality.

      3. Christian Persecution says:

        People whine a lot about The Jews but the real Jew is in our heads thanks to Christianity. Now we have secular Christians, too, called “liberals” and “evangelicals” who demand that we destroy our society so that no babies are aborted or dusky people have a bad day.

      4. Cynical says:

        But the real question isn’t the rules I live by, but rather, whether you’re dumb enough to have missed seeing Sacramentum live.

        1. Cumhet says:

          You’re right about the first part but have no idea why, and then wrong again, limpdick. Unfortunately sacramentum wasn’t in the cards for me. I had more important shit to do.

          1. Cynical says:

            Ok poser.

            1. fire in the sky says:

              fuck off and die pissant

              1. Save it for the Christians and Communists, soldier! We are going to improve humanity through eugenics, which means a Christian Holocaust and all Communists into the ovens.

                1. And by Communists, I mean anyone who believes in equality. Naturalists, realists, and transcendentalists only. Everyone else is both slave and enslaver.

          2. This is the nature of life. Sorry you could not make it. I had high hopes as well but apparently the underground still uses Facebook (lol retards) so you cannot rely on published information, only the stuff under control by corporate tyrants. Dysfunction and mainstream products are kvlt if taken together.

        2. IMHO, the real question is how to get Sacramentum back on tour with a full lineup and better venues.

          1. Cynical says:

            According to Sacramentum, the venues were their choice — after doing several festivals, they wanted to hit smaller/more intimate venues for the tour.

            1. I can see why they would make that choice, and it is difficult to pick venues from 4k miles away. I hope they work on new material instead, since that is what prompts a successful tour.

              1. Hail Master says:

                Everyone get out your bloodletting kits

              2. Cynical says:

                According to an interview on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tjy2yyZg6U), this one was supposed to be in support of The Coming of Chaos remix/re-working (I don’t know how much I buy the claim that what we got was an entirely different album than what was originally recorded, since the demo version of “Awaken Chaos” sounds just like the album version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZg0C7Quipk, but that’s the claim), but Century Media hasn’t put it out yet. It sounds like they’re in no hurry to release the next round of truly new material, though.

    2. maelstrrom says:

      I saw them in NY… the sound in the venue wasn’t good although the vocalist had great energy and the guitarist seemed very professional. They played the entirety of “Far Away From the Sun” and Dreamdeath from the second album.
      They had two supporting acts, both had trans band members as far as I could tell; one of which was used as a session bassist for Sacramentum

      1. Cynical says:

        Only “Dreamdeath” from the second album? In Dallas, they also played “Abyss of Time” and “Awaken Chaos”. IMO, they should have started with those three instead of finished with them; after playing all of “Far Away From the Sun”, nothing really landed.

        I’m not a huge fan of them using the ex-Absu tranny on bass, but I understand why they did — despite trying to steal the Absu name, “Melissa” is a hell of a musician, was readily available for the tour, and is a long-time fan of the band (and is thus familiar with the material and how the songs should feel).

        1. maelstrrom says:

          I would have liked to hear “Awaken Chaos” live

          1. Cynical says:

            It was the last song of the set in Dallas — not sure whether they planned on playing it or just added it on because people were calling for it all night.

  18. Hella Ugra Karma says:

    What I’m talking about has zero to do with Christianity and your arrogance is not even fit for a child, who at least wouldn’t let their intellect spoil everything.

    1. Christian Obsolescence says:

      Choose your church: money, Jesus, the flag, liberalism.

      1. Skeptical Observer says:

        Ikea, Whole Foods, Amazon, and Loews belong on the list. We worship products now, political, religious, or simply plastic.

        1. Chess wizz says:

          Did you just start reading berks

          1. Produkt says:

            Most of those also are products.

            1. copamine says:

              nothing gets by this one

              1. Let's All Terminate Fucking Hipsters says:

                Organic thought obviates narcissism.

      2. Nitro says:


        1. Blood of Satan says:

          If you can get past all the fucking hipsters.

          1. useful eater says:

            god fucking damn it shut the fuck up bitch

            1. Fucking Hipster says:

              I agree man, his intolerance is harshing my buzz and definitely not bussin.

              1. I don't care if you killed a faggot says:

                Have you ever had an organic thought

            2. Victor Oscar November says:

              Kneel before me
              Show no face
              For the flames in my eyes
              The giant flames burn dark and deep
              Red the bleeding, the blood streams

    2. Christian Composting says:

      “Love” is not the answer. The answer is more complicated. Churches are cults. So are ideologies. Only nature is real.

      1. Family politics says:


        1. Ragnar Redbeard says:

          Might is Right. Only death decides for sure!

          1. necronomi-con says:

            that book sucks

            1. Querulous Observer says:

              It’s one of those books like Atlas Shrugged, people like it for the content not the campy writing.

              1. Astrological straits says:

                The content that is true is utterly obvious to anyone with half a brain

                1. You gotta keep in mind that in this period of human history, we deny the obvious so we can get brownie points for having the most conspicuous altruism. This is why Communists/Christians need to leap into the fucking ovens.

  19. Lamb says:

    Upon chapel cross
    Stab the lamb
    Spinning in reverse

    1. Lion says:

      Within the brain
      A looping nerve
      Feedback nerve

      Autistic Blood
      Autistic Blood

    2. Twitching brains
      Hit a nerve
      Mental chaos

  20. Finnish death metal was the pinnacle of death metal says:

    Hey Brett, what’s your take on Carcass inspired bands. I’m talking Festerdecay, pharmacist, general surgery, pathologist , etc. Often times, in death metal these clones just bore but for some reason these bands seem to have good use of their influence.

    1. I like Pharmacist and Pathologist. The first Carcass album was good, and quality declined after that. General Surgery was fun back in the day. I have no objection to clones, if they do something interesting with it. At this point, most bands have at least one album that they worship which comes through in their writing.

  21. Penis Comes Alive (do you do, doo doo on my boobs) says:

    Hey Brett (storkins) I think you may already know and may or may not be interested but notorious zine creator and (probably ground zero for modern times) cancelled book author Jim Goad is still active https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TASZok0M05o & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzxeMTbaQa8&t=2s

    1. Glad to see he’s still kicking. I know he was writing for Takimag for awhile.

  22. Cynical says:


    New Marduk album is out. They might as well have called it “Day Job”; it’s not bad so much as it is uninteresting. Every single musician involved could easily do better if they cared, but a new product needs to be made in order for the funds to keep coming in, so…

    1. Emotionally aloof asshole detector says:

      So you bleat on about it because it makes you feel smart to have an unpopular opinion and have nothing better to do than ape some old Gen x’er who happens to have good taste in music

      1. Cynical says:

        I’m sorry I hurt you by pointing out that your favorite new album was written in three afternoons.

        1. Most metal bands are writing in studio at this point. The audience likes trivial, stupid stuff so no one wants to spend much time on it. You get together a good enough product, get to go on tour, and then live off the merch the rest of the time until some avoidable medical problem carries you off in your early 60s. This is the rockstar way.

        2. Stiff breeze says:

          Marduk has always sucked if you ask me and you’re just another sheltered pretentious wimp that needs to get off the internet

          1. Marduk has always sucked

            Generally speaking, true, with a brief exception for Those of the Unlight. However, at this point most everything else sucks more than Marduk and Tiamat.

            1. Rotten opera says:

              You’re right that’s a cool album

          2. Embittered, Alienated Observer says:

            Thank the Jewish God that we democratized education. Now instead of illiterate insults, we have quasi-literate insults. A bully in the 1980s would have scoffed and blurted “fag” in response to what he said, but you, you product of democratized mass production assembly-line education, you strung together a far subtler insult, “just another sheltered pretentious wimp that needs to get off the internet,” which is not only a well-encoded way of calling him a fag, but also appeals to a wide audience who think most people on the internet are weird sticky basement guys who hate everything because they live in intellectual and moral darkness as well as the literal dark of the basement, lit only by a monitor and chicken tendies.

            1. Spewing forth faggotry says:

              I’m not saying that is wrong, but you’re all still fags.

              1. Hate Crime Aficionado says:

                Fags destroyed our society and turned people against Jesus. They must all be drowned with millstones around their neck. By the way everything is doomed and the only victory is when everything ends and we are reborn in paradice.

            2. God Of Emptiness says:


              1. Homosexuality Detector says:

                Hi there handsome

                1. out of your league says:

                  well i am pretty tense, since you asked

                  1. Homosexuality Detector says:

                    Let’s start with a comforting backrub. But you need to, ehm, get out of those constricting clothes.

                    1. Nihilists just wanna have fun says:

                      Act like you’ve had some

      2. Writers never work on anything.

    2. Marduk – Metal Product: it is composed about like everything else, essentially churning tropes and conventions of early 1990s black metal in the same way American television recycles themes and devices from eighty years of pop fiction, but has some unique production characteristics and is over the top in a few ways, so it’s okay++ if you like that sort of thing.

  23. Fat Man says:

    Here’s some underrated music from Atheist I was randomly sent. It’s insane what they were up to even in the demo years. Enjoy!


    1. This would be totally ignored today.

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