Ossuary Insane – Possession Of The Flesh (2016)

Article by Lance Viggiano.

A few years ago a mallcore band named Waking the Harbinger posted demo tracks on Metal Archives. The music was assailed by regulars whose corrective actions coerced the young upstarts into adopting a formulaic approach to Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse tier artistry. Ossuary Insane play relentlessly empty upgraded pizza parlor speed metal with all the bells and whistles of intensity innovated by that movement within the metal tradition.

Under the divine tutelage of their forbears these new old schoolers Ossuary Insane built their songs like a vocal driven mallcore band who opted for Deicide-lite cadences which trade the djent squeal for the upper register placed pedantically and abused into inefficacy. The vocals sound like your typical 130 pound vegan, straight edge wimp attempting to front a wannabe beatdown hardcore band full of hipsters with whispy face pubes for mustaches and hair that hasn’t seen conditioner in years. The basic riff formula recalls As I Lay Dying, Entombed and Autopsy, in the slower sections. The faster parts sound like a slightly sped up, more “fun” Pantera if Pantera were slowed down and simplified grindcore (Repulsion, Bolt Thrower) rather than brain-damaged, lobotomized¬†Metallica¬†. Structurally random but not circular, Ossuary Insane’s songs unfold from one -cool- riff to the next with little regard for melodic progression and conclusion.

Although sold as a true LP, Possession of the Flesh is an anthology of demos: the production and songwriting abruptly changes midway or so through the runtime. It’s difficult and pointless to say much more about this music: Ossuary is best enjoyed as an opening act to not pay attention making Possession of the Flesh worth purchasing for use as anything but a oversize¬†coaster or a frisbee for your dog.

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5 thoughts on “Ossuary Insane – Possession Of The Flesh (2016)”

  1. Memoncy - Joined in Dankness says:

    Like many modern metal bands, these guys stumble on to a few good riffs here and there. It’s a waste though, because as Lance points out, they are arranged arbitrarily.

    All this waste of good riffs is accelerating riff depletion. We reached peak riffage in the early 90s and pretty soon there won’t be any good riffs left to write.

    1. Prophet says:

      A waste of good riffs, eh? So you enjoy the riffs, but shit all over the very fact that there’s killer riffs all over due to the composition of the riffs?! And the “review” is a pathetic, weak, falsified attempt to be a “Grimoire of exalted deeds” ‘zine which gained its fame by shitting on certain bands. I’d sure love to hear the “reviewer” own band and music! Please post some! Punk ass little pussy faggots with zero talent talking shit about talent that they can never achieve themselves. Everyone knows an angry “reviewer” is simply a failed musician that can offer nothing except cry baby tears.

      1. -_- says:

        Assblasted band members will always be my favorite aspect of the DMU experience.

      2. Lance Refridgianno says:

        You have no idea how difficult it is having to review music that is this mediocre. Painfully bad music? that’s easy to mock and joke about. Ossuary Insane however is not bad enough to be entertaining to sit through nor good enough actually want to sit through and think about. Id sure love to read your reviews of dreadfully middle of the road albums to watch you scramble trying to come up with something clever if not just one grade school joke. Please post some!

      3. strawberry milk stout black IPAs with grapefruit flavored hops says:

        Four stars for prolapsed anus level soreness.

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