Sadistic Metal Reviews mini-feature – Infernal Curse – Apocalipsis (2016)

infernal curse

Article by David Rosales

When listening to most of these modern funderground bands, one gets the impression that a group of random guys eating hot dogs suddenly came up with the idea of recording a death metal album to give some variation to their Saturday afternoons in which they normally just discuss fantasy football. Is this derogatory? You bet. Is this accusation completely out of hand and unjustifiable? Not really, there are very clear reasons to say this.

For starters, a release like Apocalipsis by Infernal Curse amounts to nothing more than foggy noise, lacking any memorability but the memory of a passing metallic cloud of percussion and occasional chords. You might perceive this as being only the personal impression of the author, that it amounts to nothing more than another opinion on an otherwise objectively tolerable and enjoyable work of music. But nobody here is objecting to the idea that someone might enjoy this music. The point is that it is indistinguishable from anything even vaguely similar and devoid of its own character.

Apocalipsis is only the reflection of the disaster that war metal has been for death metal, a poor and superficial of what being an underground art movement is. This is usually the result of becoming self-referential, very much like university “revolutionaries” and other posers who confuse image with content. The trap is believing that through imitation of appearances you might somehow bring about the essence of what is being imitated. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and this piece of unrecognizable shit is just more ammunition for our poser-bashing posts.

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6 thoughts on “Sadistic Metal Reviews mini-feature – Infernal Curse – Apocalipsis (2016)”

  1. Poser Patrol says:

    Just looked these guys up on youtube. They sound like a washing machine when it’s running at full speed. In other words, they sound like every other war metal band.

    Also, WTF is that pingback… apparently DMU is now part of a metal news aggregator.

  2. Demonseed says:

    The best war anthems historically like Overture of 1812 have melodies and harmonies . Rev. and Civil war had anthems . I don’t get why war metal cant have better melodies and harmonies. I posit that the bad economy has made guitar lessons unaffordable and that cuts to school music appreciation classes and jazz band are affecting metal just like they rotted r and b and other genres already.
    How is it war to follow every metal trend anyhow? I understand the fascist concept “metal must be oppressive”. but then everyone is forced to be just a follower not a leader.
    The only problem I see with my opinion is this voice in back my head asking would “peace metal” therefor be rebellious ? It would be cool if there was a rabid screaming Ghandi type singer and he could light himself on fire or something . That would be neat I think.I realize I might be creating a red herring. But I think its a sorta interesting question.

  3. Demonseed says:

    Also I have one more question. I love Bestial Warlust . They started before I heard the term war metal . Would people retroactively consider them war metal or is stuff like that just black metal still?
    I used to be angry that atmospheric style lost out to the straight ahead agro style . But a few bands like Bestial Warlust and Plague Phalanx really actually transcend that genre by doing their own thing more with it. I’m not 100 percent sure people would count them as war metal or not though.

  4. SomberSun says:

    “War Metal” seems to have sprouted forth from the failure to be an Incantation clone.

  5. Demonseed says:

    Dang I didn’t put 2 and 2 together but looks like you re right . I don’t think Incantation is as one dimensional as their imitators?
    There’s a decent amount of variation in their first three or four albums.
    Immolation is the one that really always every album is the same you buy one and you own them all . I get what you mean though . I opened for Incantation in a clone a long time ago when I was 16. Their drummer said he liked my playing so now I assume to be war metal certified. I should get him to sign it for me and I can frame it .

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