/smr/ Sadistic Metal Reviews: Terrible Traxx Edition

In our search for great metal in the internet age, we are constantly being swarmed by legions of mediocre bands releasing countless albums ranging from terrible to passable. Most bands aim to replicate their idols without understanding what actually makes them great and others rely on gimmicks or illogical hybrids of styles in their attempts to distinguish themselves from the herd.

Sometimes we stumble upon fleeting works that point to something greater but those are few and far between and most of us do not have the time to sit through hours of meaningless music In hope to find a flash of brilliance.  Yet sometimes we come across music that is so bad not through neglect nor lack of skill but through the mental decay of the composers and troubling musical choices. In these situations all we can do is laugh and learn to not become like these people. Here is a list of songs showing various metal musicians at their lowest.

Annihilator – “All For You”

Jeff Waters was pretty much bankrupt in song ideas by the end of Never, Neverland. Though following albums did contain some decent ideas sprinkled finely between mediocre speed/heavy metal nothing can compare to the train wreck being presented here. A song about divorce with a music video that contrasts pop star mannerisms with a wannabe Pantera clone. A simple palm muted chromatic descent that sounds like a retarded Exodus. Drums are pretty much holding the same beat like a metronome due to the shame of playing on such a song. An unrelated guitar break taken from any mid 90’s rock band appears in the middle of the song to break up the one riff. While this may sound like standard midlife crisis metal, one element pushes it above that. Dave Padden’s vocals that alternate between an emo whine and an angry processed whisper with lyrics written by a 10 year old. This is the St Anger of competent musicians and for their crimes: I Nicholas Vahdias issue a fatwa upon the vocal chords of Dave Padden and will reward anyone who rips them out.

Evergreen Terrace – “Wolfbiker”

A wolfbiker is any individual that takes control of his own destiny according to this band. With such an explanation it is a given that the band members are insanely stupid. Metal Blade released this as a free download a few years ago. Not a single riff appears here apart from some droning power chords and chugs and some fills. Brian Slagel was crying out that this band saved metal. Weak half screams tracked a few hundred times make way for autotuned metalcore singing. A band unable to create anything of content yet heralded amongst Cannibal Corpses fans as being the continuation of Death metal. The only difference is that Evergreen Terrace actually make me laugh. One of the leading artists in the Jihad against good music.

Massacre – “Promise”

Floridian death metal makes way for Pantera groove as Kam Lee of all people starts rapping some retarded lyrics until a breakdown appears and a chorus taken from any Machine Head album and the breakdown never ends as the only Death metal riff teases us before vanishing into thin air and Kam raps “You can think you can leave me”. This is so bad that he has denied appearing on this album and understandably so. Nu metal and Death metal don’t mix for a good reason and this is a good reminder why. Massacre have cemented their place in the bible of how not to write good music.  They also have proven they were completely irrelevant pieces of the legendary Leprosy album.

Silencer – “Death-Pierce me”

Starting with the kind of contemplative intro Mercyful Fate would use on their later outings that perfectly sets the tone until two note tremolo picked riffs appear and never stop as the last ever castrati graces us with his beautiful voice that is neither melodic, vicious nor anything really. He yelps randomly for no reason as the music transforms into third rate Mayhem worship. Sometimes we are treated to old man groans as the singer tries to add more variety in his vocals. A piano and a final riff where an actual mental breakdown occurs as the singer almost touches upon the feeling of deep and suicidal sadness but fails due to the timbre of the voice and the lack of musicality of it all. Though depression is a natural step in all human lives and something most of us get out off through hard work and attrition and that forges character. Silencer is the work of charlatans scamming those who don’t have the necessary guidance to escape such situations. Let this singer suffer the torture of the great NWN Tranny Rapist and may all those who have had to hear this be reimbursed greatly.

Pantera  – “Walk”

A half riff, pseudo tough guy pandering meet useless rhythm section and directionless guitar theatrics while being fronted by a literal manchild that reeks desperation his attempts to sound tough. This is the story of the ultimate glam band that managed to stay relevant after glam died away by choosing to identify with the most retarded audience on earth. Possibly one of the most influential bands on earth thanks to their simplified one breakdowns, lyrics that allow anyone to feel tough and the propagation of the idea that just by hitting one string on your guitar to a groove, you are making good music. Can Nathan Gale return to finish the job he started?

“One does not kill by anger but by laughter”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

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22 thoughts on “/smr/ Sadistic Metal Reviews: Terrible Traxx Edition”

  1. Just look at that fat, degenerate faggot, Nattram. We don’t need such moronic weakness in metal.

    1. Disciple of Brockery says:

      Metal that declares itself “suicidal” is antithetical to the entire idea of metal and should be immediately suspect. Note that Blackmoon, Nödtveidt, and Grim did themselves in without lyrical histrionics beforehand. Meanwhile most of the depraved individuals fronting so called DSBM acts still walk among us, polluting the air with their terrible vocals and childish understanding of dissonance. They are the kid standing on a ledge above a crowd of “concerned” onlookers because no girls ever liked them in school, but are too cowardly to take a leap. Silencer should take advice from the album they failed to emulate: Dictius te Necare.

      1. Kekkonen says:

        Self-sacrifice goes to waste without taking as many enemies as you can with you.

  2. Nespithe & Burzum says:

    Massacre’s From Beyond is better Death. Funnier too.

    1. Spinal says:


  3. Charles Stuart says:

    Didn’t the Simpsons live on Evergreen Terrace?

    1. retard says:

      Yes it is

      Those guys and fall out boy… It’s like your band is doomed to shittiness if you lift a name from the simpsons

  4. neutronhammer says:

    I’m going to be watching this space for the Tranny Rapist’s comments

  5. fenrir says:

    More fatwas from Mr. V!
    MOAR Islam LARPing; it’s refreshing, and far more manly than Christian piety.

  6. Dead Meat says:

    Any opinions of the band Down? Pantera is mocked here, but Down is a somewhat different animal. Full disclosure, I love Down and I like a few Pantera songs, but maybe the blue collar, hard working, locally soulful thing is viewed as simplistic here. I identify fully with it though I’ve gone through lots of experimentation in mental states in my time. Down just hits home, especially the NOLA album.

    1. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

      It makes you gay.

    2. Kekkonen says:

      Crowbar is the only good band with fat men letting loose on their emotional pain. There is nothing more heartwrenching when a grown man lets loose his emotions, skinny soibois can`t even compete.

    3. neutronhammer says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s got nothing to do with being ‘simplistic’. Pantera is terrible in the same way Limp Bizkit is,

      1. Dead Meat says:

        Comparing Phil Anselmo to Fred Durst is like comparing shit to gold. Down is just well-executed southern hard rock with a lot of manly feeling and expression of hard times. Limp Bizkit is music for pilled-out wiggers who stopped developing mentally in high school. One is for the lower-middle class white folk with charm and redeeming qualities while the other is for the worthless lower middle class wiggers

    4. Korrektor says:

      Sorry but you must be Korrekted!
      Bad taste is something we must be willing to admit to when it rears its ugly countenance. You should consider seeking redemption from the affliction of indulging in Phil Anselmo associated acts. This dumb troglodyte has absorbed entirely too much money from and destroyed the musical experiences of myriad humans over the past decades.
      Enjoy something else.

  7. NWN War Metal Tranny Rapist says:

    All of this is shemale music.

    1. neutronhammer says:

      Hailz, don’t ever stop!!

  8. canadaspaceman says:

    I like Silencer’s Death Pierce Me.
    Guess I am weird enough to have bought the CD.

    1. Exfoliation says:

      Definitely a big enough loser, I hope you live for years a failure and die multiple times being revived by a retarded medic bro who will fucking save you no matter what crushing your ribs during CPR, yet you keep.dying, so your final memories are more painful than the last, isn’t that so metal? Just compounding stuff, aren’t double quad cheeseburgers metal? Just throw a bunch of shit on top each other then, uh oh! There’s more! Did you see all that stuff? Isn’t that great? Me?

      1. Flying Kites says:

        Like a icecream sandwich sandwich. P.S. that’s three icecream sandwiches stacked.

    2. Kekkonen says:

      Silencer along with Nyktalgia/Sterbend are the only things of any worth coming from the whole DSBM ordeal.

  9. fryguy says:

    wow, Pantera’s “Walk” has toughguy lyrics and a simplistic groove riff. never thought about it liek that before. Hottest take of 2018 right here

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