The Lurking Fear – Out of the Voiceless Grave (2017)

The Lurking Fear ludicrously claim that:

The Lurking Fear is bringing sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as we want our death metal ugly, twisted and possessed.

Riffs should stir up real feelings of repulsion, and disgust deep down in your soul, and vocals should sounds like hounds of hell howling at the moon.

The Lurking Fear, Century Media, and their shills are lying: The Lurking Fear do not play death metal on Out of the Voiceless Grave; The Lurking Fear play deathcore. Deathcore is hardcore punk, fundamentally rock music, played with superficial death metal aesthetics. No song (Yes, songs. The Lurking Fear are really a rock band) on Out of the Voiceless Grave is twisted or possessed. There are no crazy, extra-dimensional Morbid Angel riff mazes in the song structures. The Lurking Fear do not sound like Possessed at all. Vocalist Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates) does not sound possessed by spiritual or otherworldly entities like Franta Storm did on Master’s HammerRitual and Oovenmeester on KaeckStormkult either; Lindberg sounds like a generic screamo vocalist now.

Out of the Voiceless Grave is what would result if metalcore bands were listening In the Embrace of Evil in the late nineties instead of Slaughter of the Soul. Riffs are made up of Grotesque licks, pale imitations thereof, or bouncy hardcore riffs that not even Benediction was dumb enough to use. These are all repeated in strictly verse chorus verse song structures for Tomas Lindberg to scream H.P. Lovecraft lyrics over, sending Lovecraftian themes to the dustbin faster than all the tekdeaf post-hardcore Gorguts and Demilich knob gobblers could ever hope to. “The Call of Klutu” is crying in the corner.

The Lurking Fear are just another mediocre rehash band populated with middle-aged musicians who think that writing a crappy, phoned-in punk album in a week makes them so cool and that all the people who liked the death metal bands they were in almost thirty years ago should give them money as now they are back and want to get drunk and make out with pushing thirty scenester girls who are twenty years younger than them with HPV. The Lurking Fear are more Verminous than Grotesque: The Lurking Fear and Verminous are punk rock bands while Grotesque was a death and black metal band. Like The Unholy Communion, the best use of Out of the Voiceless Grave is as a makeshift discus for throwing at gypsies like Xena: Warrior Princess.

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5 thoughts on “The Lurking Fear – Out of the Voiceless Grave (2017)”

  1. death spiral says:

    Reusing other comments:

    “Half of them are just crust fund kids stealing death metal and black metal riffs, and mashing them into punk music”,”punk is for babies”,”grind is so heavily influenced by the aforementioned baby genre”,”and it’s all the more homosexual for it”

  2. Fenrir says:

    That track on Youtube, ‘Vortex Spawn’, is singularly bad.

  3. Lance Viggiano says:

    Dan this was a good review and I agree with you. I played the record to my crystals man and the images it was casting all over the wall we’re just not warping Reality around me at all. The chi was just fucked dude. I had to spend an hour in divination and banishing rituals just to realign my chakras you know. Granted I probably did some serious misalignment through the beer I had to drink to get through it but that’s nothing a little of the plant teacher combined with deconstructive readings of platos divided line in light of esoteric understanding of Rocket Power can’t fix.

  4. Donald Trump says:

    This is one of the better Maallrat articles. Actually, it’s spot on.

  5. Yuzerneigm says:

    Funny writing.

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