The Unbearable Boredom – On The Irrelevance of Ares Kingdom’s Music

Article by David Rosales (read the original by Dan McCormick here)

Ares Kingdom has brought yet another stillborn child into this world. It has all the ingredients, but somehow it is not alive. It possesses such an unbearable need to be metal that it becomes so self-consciously metal that it could be considered tongue in cheek, but it isn’t. This makes it painfully embarrassing to listen to, the annoyance it causes being staved off by a feeling of uncomfortable pity. While this will entertain and even have the superficial effect of caffeine on the young metalhead, it will translate into a sure headache for anyone expecting the music to say something besides “I am so cool”.

The Unburiable Dead is the sort of album that a band with a lot of metal in its “system” but altogether too few neurons could put together in about a month or so. It suffers from a reliance on rhythmic riffs completely divorced from strong themes that it is borderline nu metal. As it replaces concrete content with emotion, this music is a huge mess. In order to counter the effects of its own unfocused babbling, Ares Kingdom resorts to the simplest means of keeping the music on some sort of track, namely, bringing the song back to early riffs and verse-chorus appendages within the incongruous mass of wacky solos completely out of context running over riffs with little to none motific connection most of the time.

The previous review on this site placed the album squarely in an ultra-musical context to better appreciate it. This is very appropriate and we could argue that it is the best way to appreciate music. Music nonetheless must deliver powerfully, especially from within its intended context and mentality! If it fails to exploit the ground from which it grows, expanding from the idea to musical moods concretely and coherently expressed, then it simply has failed as music, no matter how interesting the original idea was. Rather than a metaphysical reflection of the world thrown into chaos, I get a picture of a drunken brawler swinging an axe at imagined foes in the middle of a forest. Perhaps this picture is also an accurate representation of civilization’s thin veneer, after all. Perhaps Ares Kingdom has succeeded in portraying the self-deceiving nonsense and purposeless chaos they criticize in civilization through the literal mediocrity of their music.

While at first one could be tempted to say that Ares Kingdom speaks a language of its own, that it has stylistic coherence, the microscope reveals something different. Their music, not only on this last fiasco but throughout the band’s play discography, is namely an extremely distracted riff salad in which the individual riffs can be brought in from sources as different as galloping power metal to thrashy death metal to alternative nu and groove “metal”. This is headbang-core for beer metallers and other social metalheads (those who listen to metal in social contexts only and are not actually addicted to it).

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75 thoughts on “The Unbearable Boredom – On The Irrelevance of Ares Kingdom’s Music”

  1. Daniel Maarat says:

    The songs only serve to get from one lead to another. I’ll elaborate on this later.

    1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

      I wouldn’t exactly call them leads, more like a kid playing pin the tail on the donkey with a fret board. This has non of the rawness of blasphemy. I used to be into slipknot, coal chamber, icp…i still like those bands but blasphemy are probably better musicians.

      1. Clifton Degrimston says:

        Hey cool, to see you’re still posting with my name on sites. You’re really funny. Almost as funny as your wife asking people to stop bullying you because you’re mentally retarded.

      2. Cherish Gafford says:

        Are you too much of a pussy to write shit online using your real fucking name? OH I GET IT. You’re posting with my name because you’re an annoying fucking worthless piece of shit and no one cares about your opinions or your band. So using my name… will at least be a better way to actually get people to read your comments about bands that are actually doing shit. Not just trying to get more forced likes on Facebook with bomber jackets that look like a garbage bag with a wigger logo. “SHARE MY PAGE TO WEAR A GARBAGE BAG WITH A BAND THAT SUCKS ON THE BACK.” Are you ever going to fuck off? Or are you still angry someone doesn’t like your band? Make a meme about it, just let the tears be your guide. NOCTURNAL TEARS HAHA GET IT? Because you’re still fucking crying about Blasphemy and whatever other bullshit you can’t shut the fuck up about.

  2. vOddy says:

    Well. Damn.
    And the previous review made me want to just buy this. Luckily I haven’t bought it yet, because now I will illegally steal it via the internet first, and buy it after listening to it if I like it.

    1. fenrir says:

      Try their older stuff for a whiff of this turd

    2. hypocrite says:

      Just check it out on the NWN bandcamp page.

  3. Sheesh says:

    This is the epitome of a hipster-written review.

  4. Compendium says:

    Holy fucking christ you’re a moron… borderline nu-metal my fucking ass.

  5. nidefatt says:

    Look i think it’s great that you went to community college but at least try and keep from projecting your insecurities on the music you listen to

  6. Daniel Maarat says:

    Ares Kingdom write the most generic Sodom riffs possible and stick them in pop songs so Chuck can show off his knowledge of historical minutiae and guitar skillz. No different than later Arghoslent, just politically correct. Go blast Order From Chaos instead, shit your pants, and unleash your inner cosmic space Nazi.

  7. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

    This cd was a huge let down, still born? More like an abortion. Tired and uninspiring not even an attempt at originality. It seems only bands like blasphemy can pull off what this band fails at. This is nu metal jnco groove core at its worst. This is the kind of band that would give its left nut to play mdf but they really belong on gathering of the juggalos. The guitar player looks like the toy soldier from js Sebastian’s house in blade runner, that’s not good. My autistic kid i abandoned could do better on pots and pans. This is more like the baby everyone forgot about in trainspotting…the baby girl nobody wants, throw it in the dumpster before it draws flies. Barf! Give me good old blasphemy instead, only 8 songs in 30 years, but it’s better than birthing a meth baby like this!

  8. jesus says:

    Its a masterpiece. album of the year for me!

  9. Ziggy Freud says:

    Wow,somebody has mommy issues! Lot’s of cool, hipster, coffee shops words there. Bravo.

  10. Seth Putnam says:

    Don’t believe this drivel. The Unburiable Dead is a rock solid slab of melodic death metal, with galloping rhythms, passionate leads, and awesome solos. I don’t understand this author’s butthurt.

    1. Daniel Maarat says:

      How is it melodic death metal? It’s not even close to heavy metal or NWOBHM with growls like Dissection, Amon Amarth, or Heartwork. Ares Kingdom is strictly a deaththrash band.

    2. Blabber Mouth says:


      1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

        More like sucks ELEPHANT to COMPLETION!!

        1. The Mad Splasher says:

          Sucks Elephant to Completion? That sounds like quite an undertaking. Is that supposed to be an insult or a compliment?

    3. David Rosales says:

      Being butthurt would imply I have some kind of history with the band. I am actually pretty neutral towards them. Well, not anymore, after listening to their music, I think it’s a bunch of generic and incongruous pap. I would rather recommend you listen to Grotesque.

  11. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

    Slipknot used to be one of my favorite bands, they were original and at least had their own thing going. This band is just a mess of riffs, like the cover art itself, it looks like a truck stop toilet after the taco bell next door was serving bad meat all day. Its almost like they rushed this out, they should have taken more time and it would have been better. The closest comparison would be to a band like birth ad, members of a formerly semi decent black metal band go on to form a pizza party thrash band, that’s what you have here.they should have kept order from chaos going.

  12. fenrir says:

    So much butthurt from the mediocre headbanger community

    1. jinko says:

      don’t respnd to this shits David show some damn RESPECT!

  13. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

    Yeah just re-listening to the album again and I can tell it’s all over the place.

  14. 1349 says:

    “distracted riff salad in which the individual riffs can be brought in from sources as different as galloping power metal to thrashy death metal to alternative nu and groove “metal””

    Didn’t hear any of their earlier stuff, but what you mention is quite evident on this album. I thought “And this one was praised at DMU??” when listening to it.

    When i played music myself, i wrote distracted riff salads, too. They are an outcome of a situation when you have nothing to say with your music and therefore no good reason/impulse to write it, but you want to be a composer because it makes you look cool. Ares Kingdom themselves could be social metalheads.

    1. Daniel Maarat says:

      Well these guys don’t have anything more to say. That’s why Order From Chaos went out with a bang on An Ending.Fire.

  15. Virio says:

    Guys, you criticizing in this way, like a snob New Yorker art critic, are the end of Metal, you seem tender pussies, or little acid high class lawyer fags complaining on the nail polish of the mexican boy you fucked the night before. Metal is becoming a bore because of people like you! And it will end being like jazz soon: full of experts with thick glasses, only difference you are more rude and shouting porcoddio in many languages. “Riffs completely divorced from strong themes” that’s pathetic! Metal is supposed to be like that! To be incoherent is one of its characteristics… And people listening to Slipknot.. shut the fuck up! Will you! Trendy boys! Small, little, poor, delicate trendy souls in weaning of spoiled nervous kids.

    1. David Rosales says:

      No, metal is becoming a bore because people like you want to headbang rather than learn to appreciate why classics are classics: superior quality in thought and realization, not just wanking or “metal attitude”.

    2. vOddy says:

      Metal expresses things like hatred, violence, valour, courage, mental fortitude, death, war, fear, darkness, conviction, devotion, rebellion, savagery, freedom, and more.

      But it’s not supposed to be incoherent. It appears incoherent to outsiders who think it’s “just noise”.

      1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

        These guys, Faries Queendom are just part of the trend called SOCIAL METAL. these guys are probably at work every monday morning at best buy. You can’t deny this cd sounds like Tuesday afternoon at guitar center. This is beer metal for college dudes, frat party music for guys who got into metal two days ago. This band isn’t as bad as birth ad but they’re close, beyond generic. Give me ICP any day over this. Just my opinion.

        1. Daniel Maarat says:

          This is for Order From Chaos fans to listen to a few times in the car. Then you put it on the shelf and forgot about it. It’s a C-grade album.

          1. I blew my head off like Per Ohlin says:

            How do you know this?

          2. Orogenesis says:

            “Daniel Maarat says:
            October 23, 2015 at 2:55 pm

            Very strong album. Incredibly thin kick drums.”

            Haha yea sure whatever.

            1. Daniel Maarat says:

              First impressions are not lasting impressions. I grew tired of it after about four complete listens. One can be lulled by Sodom riffs and pop music for a time.

  16. Virio says:

    WHAT!? It is not me saying I find those riffs incoherent… come on! What are you talking about! Now I have to put up with a sermon on metal! Wonderful! Reverends and religion everywhere!
    To me AK they are perfectly fine with the genre they make. So if someone talks about these “incoherent riffs” maybe he is the one who does not know what he is talking about.
    But that’s not the point! The point is idiocy! Nature distributed generously!
    Look, it is very simple to explain, once I was fine in metal ambient 90% of people were ok, no problem cool people, and much better music; today there is a strange “aristocracy” of jackasses who consider themselves better than everybody else, something that was impossible before, because we started without these classy bullshits.
    Furthermore most of the stuff people appreciate is wordy, repetitious, pretentious… they sound like grumpy spoiled teenagers with no problem in their lives. And they talk about pompous NOTHING!
    On one hand it seems like a sect of gourmet (jazz), on the other hand it is apreciated stuff that is complete shit! But most people feel blessed by some stocazzo minds!
    Come on, in Europe people like shit like “Medieval Steel” … everything that is from the 80s is glorious… I am not one! At least they have fun! You are a bore!
    And you guys here criticize with arrogance, clumsiness, no respect. That’s the worst and something completely different than to like ok dislike one band or album.

    1. hhhhhh says:

      So your criticism is that these people don’t like fun metal? That was exactly the entire point they were making. The great works express something beyond fun; fun songs lose their appeal quickly. The problem is really that people like you are trying to lump all metal together in one group, which would specifically destroy metal (seems to be your goal since it appears you want all metal to be fun). Since essentially all people have been saying is that this album is fun metal, I don’t see why you’re arguing if you think that’s a positive thing. Your only arguments in defense of fun metal is that the critics are boring and mean to you. Not everyone is nice in the world…you would know that if you actually listened to metal. You’re terrified of the world, but the works espoused by reviewers here help inspire you in opposition of the world. There’s no need to be terrified because it is the just path and death is not to be feared. Again, you’d be familiar with these ideas if you listened to actual metal, but that would kill your buzz bro. I’m wasting my time because you’re just going to take the soma and forget this ever happened.

      1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

        Not only is the disc terrible but the cover is upside-down this is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight! You know how some guys drive huge raised pickup trucks because they are sooo insecure with themselves, well these guys made a band, they only exist to stroke their own egos, like star trek nerds who learn to speak Klingon, nobody is impressed but everyone is embarrassed for them. Pete was the only talent ever associated with OFC and now Angel Corpse is kicking ass. Chuck is strictly remedial class amateur hour, this cd is more depressingly bad than charlie sheens day when he found out he has aids.

        1. Virio says:

          Well, let’s finish this! I do not express myself well enough in english, that’s the only conclusion i can get to.
          The only thing I can add, to be clearer, is that your criticism is completely WRONG, not only boring! It is wrong, first! Objectively wrong in the content!
          And just then (and it is worse, and i was talking just about that) clumsy, rude, stupid, childish. In order to communicate something and be taken seriously, try not to be so clumsy, rude, stupid, childish
          On the internet is impossible to have a serious conversation, since there is no face where to put the shame of the words that are said.
          I am not afraid of anything, in general, Virio is my real name, by the way, I am a person, I try to do my best and be serious, when I judge other people’s work, that’s it! It is sorry not only the level of the comments, but the review itself, I have to say a serious online magazine do not let publish stuff like this, it sucks completely, and it is badly written, illogical, not supported by any reason or evidence! A review is like a sentence! You need to prove and reason. Especially to condemn!
          I would like to know how would it be possible, to take seriously such garbage, and exact authority and respect doing such a bad job. Learn how to do your job first, how to write an opinion, then and only then, in some years, maybe you will be able to say something strong without appearing ridiculous.

          1. Daniel Maarat says:

            Every Ares Kingdom CD is Chuck Keller guitar masturbation that’s worth a few listens and then you put it on a shelf and don’t touch it for five years. Every record has the THE SODOM BREAKDOWN multiple times just so he can do another random solo a few measures later without having to repeat the verse or the chorus in his pop song structures.

            Nothing from any post Order of Chaos band (Angelcorpse, Ares Kingdom, Vulpecula, and Revenge) can touch compositions like The Edge of Forever or There Lies Your Lord Father of Victories. Angelcorpse is usually less offensive than AK but I can’t recall any of their songs off the top of my head without actually bringing forth Morbid Angel, Zyklon B, or Blizzard Beasts.

        2. Shank Hermann says:

          Hi Pete how’s the new HHR project coming along? That is you Pete, isn’t it Susy?

        3. Hairy Scruff, TTDFcrew says:

          “Pete was the only talent ever associated with OFC”

          And here it is. Rendering all your comments utterly worthless. Pete’s best work was in his high school rap band, The Triple Trouble Double Fresh Krew. Ask him about it next time you’re stroking his ego.

  17. Egledhron says:

    Holy fuck the comments section has me in tearing up in laughter. Thank you Rosales.

    1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

      I guess if people want to cry about this review they don’t know anything about metal, plain and simple this is elevator music if hot topic had two stories and an elevator. The weakest link is the guitar playing. Chuck is like the runt of the litter, always on someone else’s coattails in the game of life, it’s as if he picked up the guitar to give himself an identity without it he’s a cardboard cutout imitation of an imitation. I believe he first got a pointy guitar to pose in front of the mirror and practice came second, he’s the real handicap of the band, the whole package seems like a passive aggressive swipe at society or at least the lament of a beta male runt who could never measure up and is an utter failure to his mother. I feel so sorry for him, this public spin out is a huge misstep, but perhaps a record of a time in his life which he can just move on from. I hope he has a support system this just seems like an embarrassing cry for help and we can’t help but feel like voyeurs in this bizarre debacle.

    2. Sackramentum - Cum Shall Be Spilled says:

      my autism levels increased by 9001 LOL xD

  18. The Mad Splasher says:

    Some people like a Steak and Potato. Some people like Lasagna. Some people like Pizza. Some people drink beer, some drink wine, some drink whiskey. Clearly the reviewer prefers a different diet than AK offers. I think it all can be summed up in the classic Spinal Tap review of their classic album Shark Sandwich: “two words, SHIT SANDWICH”.

    My review of this review (and half the comments): “SHIT SANDWICH”.

    I for one love the new AK release. I understand why some might not like it. But I, for one, am thrilled to see them get a bad review. There’s no such thing as bad press. Keep making shit sandwiches, Rosales. Someone is bound to eat one.

    1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

      I really don’t understand the big deal, these guys remind me of black label society and pantera with sodom breakdowns, this is SOCIAL METAL. if you like it you like it, but flat out, this is pop music with sodom recycled riffs. Chuck is like a guy who’s been in community college for 10 years and he’s still a freshman, but he’s content to be a know it all to the mentally deficient. How many years do you listen to metal but you’re still emotionally in the 3rd grade. I personally think his jealously of other more successful bands has sapped his creativity and the only ones to suffer are his band mates that he is simply holding back, just as he did pete…and pete dropped him like the plague and continues to talk shit about him to this day, about all the wasted time with this loser. This is just pizza party thrash metal…like birth ad and other awful bands, this is what’s wrong with metal. This disc is embarrassing and disgusting total waste of money. I hope chuck gets the psychiatric therapy he needs and is able to work his problems out, he’s too young to be homless and pushing a shopping cart and talking to his history 101 books.

  19. Anthony says:

    ha ha surprise surprise people let that Satan review go like it’s nothing, but as soon as someone trashes the NWN band, the metallic autism spectrum shows up to fag up the comments

    1. NWN has been instrumental in gaining re-releases of some important albums. On the flip side, they promote some music that you can only appreciate if you are oblivious to everything but yourself because without that kind of projection, it is mind-numbingly boring. I’m thinking of war metal there.

      Regarding Ares Kingdom, I met Chuck Keller once and he seemed like a really good fellow. I listened to a couple Ares Kingdom releases and thought they were reasonably well-done but that he was making the wrong production choices for his audience, because those bands are straight 1987 speed/heavy metal crossover worship. Since I don’t really listen to that genre, I haven’t returned to Ares Kingdom since, in the same way until yesterday I hadn’t listened to Kreator in 21 years.

      1. Daniel Maarat says:

        NWN is a record label. Record labels are publishing businesses. Publish or perish and volume matters. The stuff Yosuke actually praises such as bestial Brazilian thrash, Blasphemy, Order From Chaos, Mystifier, Mortal Throne of Nazarene, Martire, and Sacriphyx isn’t bad at all. He just presses a ton of mediocre black metal as if he doesn’t, somebody else will send it to GZ and get paid. People should be glad he presses a ton of stuff, actually pays the bands, and only asks six bucks for the CD.

        The Order From Chaos diehards want some dirty, Voivod-loving, blackdeaththrash. OFC had moved far beyond the straight Sodom worship of their early demos by their LPs and those LPs built a cult following due to highly refined, progressive material being presented with a very raw but organic analog production. An Ending in Fire is ridiculous and maybe the best Teutonic thrash inspired metal work. So Chuck Keller built this cult following of people (including me) who will buy all his shit, play it for a for couple weeks, and put it on a shelf next to their Order From Chaos CDs that they actually still listen to. AK is VCV German thrash with Chuck’s guitar heroics but no real creativity or edge; there’s no dirty biker rock aesthetic with some former coal miner barking lines from The Book of the Law like actual early Sodom. The situation is not really any different from post For Victory Bolt Thrower or countless other bands.

      2. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

        Ares Kingdom, HOD, Birth AD…is this metal 2015? No, this is asbergers/autism SOCIAL METAL pop music, what is the best they can hope for? Sell a few t shirts? I must disagree, I think Chuck is a deeply troubled individual with social identity dysphoria disorder, this disc is proof. MYRKUR has more integrity than this disc, and blasphemy even though they only have 5 songs in 30 years at least can sell merch. What war is keller fighting? One for his very identity. He lives with his mom and subsists on a steady diet of doritos and mt dew. Much like Kelly Soler life has simply passed him by and his band mates have gone on to do great things, all he can do now is claw the sides of the walls as lifes failures pull him down in a walter mitty style mobius strip in an endless vortex of mediocrity and disappointment.

  20. life sucks says:

    Ares Kingdom performing a cover of Metallica’s Wherever I May Roam:

    1. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

      This embarrassing disc will be a huge albatross around chucks neck for the rest of his life. Yes,the main riff sounds like kid rocks “cowboy” how ares kingdom thought no one would notice is beyond me. This is asburgers/autistic SOCIAL METAL pop music structures with sodom breakdowns. Maybe they’ll get lucky and get on one of those martyrdoom shows or synogoge of the black goat shows opening for impacted fecal devourment.

  21. Cherish Sue Gafford says:

    A true warrior wears a helmet, a soldier wears a helmet even a 1% biker wears a helmet. Well so does a kid with autism so he doesn’t smash his head thru a glass table when he tries to suck himself off. Autistic Kingdom is that kid with the white helmet singing about imaginary battles and wearing a jacket mommy bought from the army surplus store for his 35th birthday. Look everyone likes what they like, but faaar to many bands do a better job, I’m guessing this album was done as a favor to chuck for the OFC tapes, who knows? The cover art looks like my lawn after my dog ate a can of bad spam that was sitting in the July sun for 8 hours. As for the music inside? Well, it’s just a colostomy bag of recycled riffs, triggered drums and a bass player that is an “E monger” he makes tom araya look like paganini. Just pass on this.

    1. Daniel Maarat says:

      Ares Kingdom is… Manilla Road?

    2. S.D. Plissken says:

      Did Chuck turn you down for a date or something? You seem to have a real personal problem with him. Why the hell do you care so much? My suggestion for you: Get off the Internet every now and then and calm down.

      1. Hairy Scruff, TTDFcrew says:

        Methinks she’s in love with Pete. Judging from her comments she’s either on his jock or wants to guzzel upon his load.

        1. As opposed to all the NWN fanbois who want to discuss the art of Arno Breker with him? In a hot tub?

          1. Hairy Scruff, TTDFcrew says:

            Sure, she can guzzle theirs, too.

  22. jinko says:

    It’s a message. yet again times have changed.. in such short periods it only makes you wonder what this illusion is about. i still listen to death metal nonstop and its become more of an obsession to me, since i like to look at death/black as classical music 200 years from now. Mozart & Beethoven werent given much credit in their time, the fact that genius musicians are nothing other than transient bums never seem to change. its only today that society trys to remake Mozart etc in their own luxurious artistocratic ways.. makes you wonder who the sinner really is.. the ignorant human or the foolish shadow. Classic oldschool death metal had this almost organic ultra-spiritual feeling.. perhaps this was the message from the ancient ones within us. its a cruel uncaring world.. its not about the liberation or freedom anymore.. its just one big fuckin mess of an age. hornz up!

  23. Gabster Lewis says:

    I was expecting much more from this disc. To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatment!! This band seems to be obsessed with 90’s nu-metal and breakdowns. This is a ship without a rudder, it’s all over the place, and it’s obvious why, without Pete around to hold chucks hand this is an autistic mess of pantera riffs and horrible writing, especially the lyrics. The cover art, what can you say? It’s a joke! What a mess!!

  24. what the —- ??
    many of the comments are ridiculously unbelievable.

    I will still buy the vinyl version of Ares Kingdom “The Unburiable Dead” when released,
    AND as a “blind buy” too.

  25. Gabster Lewis says:

    This disc isn’t even really metal in any sense of the word, if it is then I’m ashamed to call myself a metal fan. This band lacks zero integrity when it blunders through its monotonous material, I am literally furious at this garbage! How depressing that this is considered metal, I feel like chuck keller did at the age of 15 and he was only five foot one and the doctors told him “this is it” you’re done growing…his intellectual growth seemingly stopped as well. There’s nothing new here that a million bands haven’t done before, the only difference being others do it with hatred and fury, piss n vinegar…and leave a trashed hotel room in their wake. This is a cocktail party with a shrimp wheel, and Perrier water in comparison. I wouldn’t even line my birdcage with this turd!

  26. Gabster Lewis says:

    This disc made me physically ill, it’s like eating a gourmet seafood dinner, you dig in earnestly only to discover halfway through the meat is spoiled and you erupt with violent projectile diarrhea. I am furious that this disc was released all remaining copies should be burned. If you like icp, pantera, papa roach etc you may like this disc. Any promoter who books this band is a traitor to his family.

  27. Gabster Lewis says:

    Pete Helmkamps new band Abhomine blows this away! Pete really shows his creativity. Even in Order From Chaos the band was limited, it always had to be chucks way, he always had to mess with the lyrics he always made bad calls in the game of life. That’s probably why Pete had to move on. You’re better off waiting for new Angel Corpse which will be much heavier and will be available in a limited colored vinyl edition, i mean im just a “fan” I’m speculating. It will actually be even better than Abhomine which is basically rocks in a blender and a way to pad time until the new AC lol, but people will STILL buy it…anyway Im really disappointed in chuck with this garbage release I’m just really embarrassed for the little guy.

  28. Megan Halpin says:

    This disc is as bad as the time I got my ass beat in Boston!!! I hope that doesn’t halpin again.

  29. Ivana Rodjikov says:

    This is REAL gafford! Other girl sound like a big stupid to me and probably ugly like cheap moldovian hooker, cheap family to poor father not even pay dowry for weddings, i make big time fan for heavy metal! You probably listen to twister sister, dumm hore. This is real gafford everybody jealous of me so just clothes you mouth before I make big time porblem.

  30. Ivana Rodjikov says:

    This disc sound like backfire from old tracror no good sound and don’t put this in you’re a record collection if you don’t want to have a big rip off in your a wallet. I have headache from two days ago or 5 hours from only one listen of this! How I can listen to this i made big mistake!!

  31. 666 says:

    Make a big problem? What’s bigger than your pussy? U MAKE A BIG PUSSY “PORBLEM” YOU have to be the dumbest most annoying bitch to ever come out of a big fat Russian twat. Was your mom squatting Slavic style. While giving birth and dropped you on your fat ugly head on a bottle of cheap vodka? Would explain why you are an obsessive fat alcoholic.

  32. Real Garish Sue Chafford says:

    YOU WATCH A YOU’RE LANGUAGE AMERICAM BIM-GO! This is the REAL gafford! Fake gafford wear makeup like moldovian cattle rustler and live in trailer with pizza boxes and beer cans like american! You can’t afford russian vodka you porbably like cd of band made by stupidos who can’t write song even drunk russian can wright better song!! Fake gafford is teen crack mom abandon baby…and part time musician get merch last!! Only good american is eileen of canada in usa!! This arez kingdon cd is not even worth five pounds of coffee or two gallon of a petrol!!!!!

  33. Aaron W. Davis says:

    These reviews are ridiculous. Cherish is a single mother of impeccable character she said people were picking on her and came crying to me so real gafford and ivana please be civil.

  34. Bang You're Skuld says:

    Real metal come form Europe I not like this cd give me big time headaches and metal fan girl from usa just a BIM-BOWL no class. Aries Kingdon is just typacal band of american no good soud and futuristic production potbably gafforgs favorite band!!

  35. Alexis says:

    I love how this is all coming from a a guy with an erectile dysfunction who delivers pizzas and lives with his mom. Other one lives in a mobile home in Detroit and a wife that has to beg people to leave him alone. He’s just a hurt boy. You are all pretty stupid to say someone abandoned a kid when both kids are with this person and she’s engaged to the person she just had a kid with. I’m pretty sure that’s not Ivana either as she’s a lot dumber when she talks types it or not. Threatening to kill someone online is really cool. Funny, no one has died yet but you should all kill yourselves. Obviously obsessed with Cherish and it’s almost as gay to be online all day writing this trash as this CD is.

  36. Cherish Gafford says:

    Holy fuck. Haha. Alexis, I don’t need anyone speaking on my behalf or “Aaron”. It’s one idiot typing nonsense paragraph after paragraph. With names I’m connected with. “Real Gafford” what the fuck is this shit?

  37. Marija Veljkovic says:

    Most comfusing day in Gafforg’s house is father’s day she is spanish bim bowl form jerry springer show…never in pictures with her child lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gafforgs has asburgers, autism, epilepsy, trailer, pizza box, food stamps from post office, is a juggalo, and her virgine hang like sleeve of wizard lol.
    Aries Kingdon cd no good just futuristic.

  38. Cherish Screw Gafford (Not Verified) says:

    Aaron W Davis can Patterson Thuente sue Ivana? When phil gets sick of my shit and kicks me out can we hook back up, i plan on being married till I’m 70 at least but I don’t know new zealand has laws against trolling and it’s just no fun, i can’t NOT be on Facebook all day…being a mom is a bummer. Halp!!

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