Haserot, Sacrocurse, Trenchant, and Sammath Live in Houston (February 24, 2024)

Some shows define an era, and the assault of Sammath on Texas revealed where underground metal is going now: doubling down on what made it great, injecting new creativity, and fleeing from the dual pitfalls of three-chord nonsense and elaborate “progressive” stylings.

The Houston show of this two-date worldwide Texas tour ignited in the Black Magic Social Club, a bar styled after the outsider watering holes of the Montrose in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They charge reasonable rates for drinks, elaborately and morbidly decorated, and are unabashed fans of dark music. A backdrop of skulls made of sound-absorbing foam lines the wall behind the stage, and the bar itself has been designed to absorb noise with softer paint and fabrics on the walls. Portraits of Aleister Crowley and Anton Lavey hang on the wall, as do bits of metal memorabilia and necrotic illustrations in runes, sigils, and esoteric symbols. During the cooler winter months, the outside smoking area is hopping, and although the bathrooms periodically flood the club with tapwater, they are clean like a modern bar, as is the seating area. Drinks range from $5 up and feature a number of craft beers and imported beers as well as — hold onto your hat — a wine list. The dive bar has experienced a Satanic upgrade!

Haserot took the stage first with their set of later-style death metal, which means a lot of surging rhythms where drums, vocals, and stringed instruments hammer out the same pattern. It was catchy like later Kreator, aggressive like Exhorder, intricate like the final era of Death, and the band spent a lot of time varying up song structure. The good: instrumentally, this band is near the top of the stack, below Morbid Angel but above your average, and their show was completely professional and high energy. The bad: vocals lead these compositions like in most later-style death metal, and the band members seem to be playing as if in different bands, so songs sort of collapse in a jumble of contradictory impulses. It was good to see these guys for the first time and their set was impressively complete.

Sacrocurse slammed out a set of their music which sounds like a hybrid of old Sodom and Nausea with Massacre riffing in the middle, keeping high energy throughout and utilizing a fast strum that made this music move like waves in the midst of depth charging. Instrumentally, the band were quite good, with the drummer leading and guitar/bass providing a dominant voice while explosive gut-wrenching vocals gave each song form. The good: for that feeling of simple songs capturing an era, this band evoked a sense of the old school sound and attitude. The bad: the songs were written with a similar approach and like grindcore, presented what they had and then hammered it into repetition before a sudden ending. Having never heard Sacrocurse, many in this crowd appreciated how much this band stayed within tradition and churned up a dark and morbid mood.

Trenchant presented the most complete set, with atmospheric intros before each song and a carefully choreographed stage performance in martial clothing and matching Ironbird instruments. The drummer attacked the set with extreme but precise violence, capturing the sound of the drumbeats of war in an age of uncertainty, and both guitarists demonstrated precision playing, with vocalist/guitarist NRS commanding an intense performance with vocals matched to intricate but not formless leads. The music falls somewhere along the lines of martial industrial like Lycia but with early technical death metal guitars, and although the band is war metal, they approach that genre with an atmosphere more like that of doom metal, with touches of black metal in ambience and vocals that verge on RAC/Oi at times. The good: this band delivers an impeccable performance, exacting instrumentals, and a no-nonsense style of songwriting that eliminates the chaos and superfluity in order to state exactly what it means. The bad: like Grand Belial’s Key or martial industrial, Trenchant focuses on establishing a mood and circling around it for some depth, but then concludes without any transformative motion in the song. They will probably work on that next album. It would be difficult not to be awed and somewhat subdued by this performance where all the parts come together to transport the listener from a moribund era into one where order prevails over the neurosis of mortals.

Sammath approached this event like a streetfight, taking to the stage without any more introduction than the backing tracks of WW2 combat that were used on their most recent album, and launched into an ultrafast tremolo attack of songs from throughout their catalogue, bringing new life to the older ones with a stripped-down assault. Hearing the range of their work played in the same way with the same sound brought out the consistency of the vision behind this band and also showed how many voices they have found to express that over the years. Older songs, with the keyboards gone, fit right into the newer work as if a grimoire of war and the human conflict between idealism and reality behind it were being written before our eyes, with what looked like a few hundred riffs fitting together into songs that in turn fit together with each other for an experience of transcending the surface pretenses of society and looking into the atavistic nature of survival. These songs are designed like the old European towns to be naturalistic, meaning that they resemble patterns we encounter in daily life or in the growth of our souls as we accept reality for what it is and turn toward it with aggression in order to master it, and nothing stands out as extraneous or needlessly repetitive. If we are lucky, at some point they will make a live album of sets like these, since this performance left no doubt of their mastery of the domain of metal that without being political or social, speaks to the need for a hard confrontation with reality and the discovery of a desire to ascend within that framework of patterns.

The good thing about a show like this, in addition to the intense performances led by Sammath and Trenchant, is that when it is done, there is almost nothing to say. The fans stagger out into the cool night with heads full of riffs interlocking to portray experiences that challenge our everyday beliefs about reality, the bands pack up and leave, and the hive-like warmth of normal human activity takes over and adulterates the moments of clarity achieved onstage. Sated, challenged, and pummeled into submission, the listeners board their cars and drive home in stunned silence. For a few hours, in the darkest expressions of humanity, we found the best of humanity and a hope that our stupefacted species might someday grow up into beings capable of crossing the void of our fear of emptiness and embracing fate in all of its wild, snarling, and terrifying forms.

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    1. For me, the idea of combining hip-hop and heavy metal is just mentally broken. They have entirely different rhythms and needs in each song. To mix them together is to make both weaker (proof: deathcore, nü-metal). But really, I think jazz should re-absorb hip-hop. Bernie Worrell, Charles Mingus, even Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk (I used to use the handle “Felonious Monk”), Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane… have musicians like that play and let someone rap in structured metrics like classical poetry did on all continents. In modernity, everyone wants to belong so much that they accept mediocrity, when they should be demanding something that treats them like they are not total morons.

      1. Health upon death says:

        There are plenty of rappers who appreciate and use samples of good jazz and who understand rhythmic structure whether intuitively or otherwise.

        There are also plenty of people who like rap but don’t know shit about it

        1. It’s a spook. The genre is a mile wide and an inch deep.

          1. I also enjoy classic extreme metal says:

            Ye rap is some kult shit bru

          2. Linda says:

            Hip hop is too self absorbed. If they’re not bragging about their car, their penis, deyz jewelry, or other materialistic crap, then they’re complaining and protesting about the system and how much their life sucks because of the system. It’s victimhood and protest music if it’s not gangster and thug admiration. No thanks.

            1. War metal purist says:

              No shemales allowed!

              1. Linda says:

                @war metal purist I know, that’s why no one invited your mom. ;)

            2. Pop Music ANAL-yst says:

              Most popular music is about consumption (including sex) or being a victim (including all left wing politics).

              1. Linda says:

                That’s why I’m into Death and Black metal. Not much similarities to popular music

                1. Same for many of us who listen to classical and/or enjoyed jazz in the past.

                  1. Linda says:

                    I agree.

                2. Hamilton's Head says:

                  Pop, rok, blues, jazz, rap, show tunes, jingles are all the same, a melody hook, a sex or eating rhythm, then a major-minor transition to create a sensation of bittersweet hope as you buy the product.

      2. trad > death says:

        Jazz reabsord rap? I’m guessing you’re a fan of A Tribe Called Quest?

      3. Rectal Rouster says:

        Rap is music for third world pops w/an avg iq of 67-89

      4. Christianity = Zionism says:

        Any foreign music is bad. Even if all we had was Bach we still would have made it to black metal.

  2. Sphincter Supremacy (SS) says:

    Decent/ok bands, but this is clearly written by a severely autistic man who thinks humanity begins and ends at some rock show.

    1. Keep it clean says:

      “Sated, challenged, and pummeled into submission, the listeners board their cars and drive home in awkward silence. I really tried talking to people this time, but that cursed autism is always in the way. Real people of flesh and blood taunt me with promises of meaningful connection. But always the autism turns my attempts into timid whispers or nervous barks. Yet there was clarity tonight. Must. Not. Adulterate.”

      1. triggered tard says:

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      2. Retard Investigator says:

        Absolute autism is all the people whining about those who treat metal as art and not plastic trash miscegenated distraction produkt like everything else. I dont trust jazz any longer nor any classical music recorded by attractive women.

        1. Shemales only says:

          Metal is not some holy church music that must not be blasphemed. If it’s evil, trashy and fucked up, then it’s done its job. Fuck your autistic ass with a shemale cock for saying all that.

          1. Yeah fuck your shemale ass with an autistic cock as well.

            1. IQZERO says:

              Positive correlations between testosterone and homosexuality, even more so bisexuality, have been observed, as have positive correlations between testosterone in utero and autism.

              1. Homosexual master race!

              2. The plot thickens says:

                There are correlations between autism and trannies you forgot to mention.

                1. The pulse quickens says:

                  That’s in utero testosterone. All the power postures in the world won’t change your ugly mom and unresolved social anxiety.

    2. Rama Lama Ding Dong says:

      Negative Sphincter; Brett may be an autistic shitheel, but this is actually when he’s at his best and most useful.

      1. Honesty goes a long way…

      2. Nigella Lawson says:

        Robots are the best analysts.

        1. Sara La Fountain says:

          What is this anal cyst everyone keeps talking about?

  3. mapumba says:

    Cool write-up and all, but I think I’ll pass on embracing anything wild, snarling, and terrifying, thanks. :|

    1. Linda says:

      @mapunga Then why are you here? This is what Death metal is about.

      1. mapumba says:

        @Lando Hardly literally, I don’t think! But you go have fun embracing grizzly bears and meet with a very painful end. :|

        1. Linda says:

          @mapunga “I don’t think”

          Sounds about right.

          1. mapumba says:

            Help us idiots out, then. Is death metal literal?

            1. Linda says:

              It can be.

              1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

                Well urmom was indeed “Pierced From Within” and/or “Forkraped by Horny Demons for 666 Hours” so you tell us :(

                1. Nugget of Niggard says:

                  Not “Blacker Than Darkness”? lol

                2. Linda says:

                  Well, I literally brought your mom to the “Sewer” and strangled her until she died by “Suffocation.” How’s that for being literal Death metal?

                  1. Literal death metal: someone must die in the creation of the music.

                    1. Cynical says:

                      De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas confirmed as only true death metal album.

                    2. It has its deathy moments for sure. Somewhere I drifted off into Burzum and Emperor land and never really returned.

                    3. Linda says:

                      Yes, Brett. Only death is real.

                    4. Linda says:

                      To be honest, I would put Damnanus Dominion over DMDS anyway. Black metal may have died in 1994, but I feel like there were a few releases after 1994 that produced better albums than some Scandinavian bands. Although it sucks the Nox Intempesta members went on to create shit music with Necros Christos. Bleh…

                    5. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

                      “It has its deathy moments for sure. Somewhere I drifted off into Burzum and Emperor land and never really returned.” – Brett

                      Interesting. I regard DMDS as perhaps the pinnacle of black metal, although the first fo-THREE! Burzums are quintessential close seconds (as is Pure Holo). So this take has sparked my interest.

                      Which “moments” would you call “deathy” and which ones are Burzum & Emperor land in your opinion?

                      I’m guessing Freezing Moon is more deathy, as well as the intro to Pagan Fears. Maybe some parts on Buried could pass as a Norwegian take on US Upper East Coast percussive DM (Incantation/Suffo). Life Eternal is definitively Burzumy, as is the title track. The Dark Past is really the most atmospheric BM, besides the intro riff (written by Thorns I believe), as is Cursed in Eternity. Funeral Fog is its own thing – BM for sure – and I think it’s the first post-Deathcrush (aka “true” BM) Mayhem track ever written (or second to Freezing Moon?) but I don’t feel much death metal.

                      Anyway I don’t hear any pre-Nightside Emperor in DMDS, and Nightside was recorded well after DMDS. If anything, I would say it’s tracks like Into the Infinity & Inno a Satanna that heavily “draw inspiration” from DMDS and Burzum. Would love to hear your take.

                    6. Alpha blue says:

                      As much as I like mayhem and burzum I think darkthrone is better

  4. The Afterparty says:

    …after the show we headed to the hotel room. 213. 5 shemales bound, gagged and ready for war metal ejaculation storms. We took off our Conqueror hoodies, popped the viagra and proceeded to violate their mouths and anal cavities. After the battle jizzing, there was blood and shit everywhere. We stole their cocaine too. The war metal hatred continues to burn… (chlamydia)

    1. The Religion of Brown says:

      And we cannot forget Black Witchery.

    2. Florida Man says:

      So Brett pulled an Andrew Gillum. Given his obsession with ass play, it should cum as no surprise.


      1. A.N.U.S. Observer says:

        If it was not obvious long ago that the writers on this site are seven billion times gayer than Rob Halford, you missed the signs hard, brother.

  5. Magma says:

    Brett, do you enjoy Zeuhl music? What’s your take on Shubb Niggurath?


    1. Praise the man who questions says:

      Only magma is great, the rest is like the new Demoncy = so bad this site doesn’t even have the courage to write about it

      1. Magma says:

        A lot of it is as bad as you say, but some of the Magma offshoots are good, as is Univers Zero (if you don’t hear the origins of Nespith in some of their songs such as Chaos Hermétique, then you’re deaf).

      2. Deep Rectum Worshiper says:

        New Demoncy, new Havohej, new Gridlink… more “meh” than “gay.”

  6. Evil Sinus says:

    Anyone have a link for Ildjarn wavs?

    1. are you brother of the forest says:

      Can we post Mega links? Here:


    2. are you brother of the forest says:

      I have a link but it’s not letting me post it…?

      1. We use the usual anti-spam system and it has learned to become leery of mega.nz links, rightly or wrongly.

  7. test test says:

    [b]Does this work here?[/b]

    1. Cynical says:

      This isn’t a BBS. I’d recommend trying html instead. Like this.

      (I wonder if the bug where an open tag messed up the formatting of every comment below it ever got fixed? Like this

      1. This isn’t a BBS.

        We have a BBS, it’s just in alpha testing stages. We need one for all of the different interests that come together under the Arete Inc umbrella, bring together the metal, guns, satan, politics, and natural health sides.

        1. ButtMuncher69 says:

          No sodomy!?


    Hey Brett, I didn’t really read this. But I just wanted you to know that the article about russia with the picture of jesus being raped is gross and weird and gay. I’m not being sarcastic or whatever, you’ve made yourself look foolish once again by posting it. It makes my skin crawl you are so cringe. All you do is be proud of urself for pooping from doing nicotine.

    1. Rape Rape says:

      We rape and kill all shemales here! Have a blessed day faggot.

      1. At least we ensure a proper fisting for all non-shemales and heterosexuals. Your anus is our playground.

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  9. Empire of Shemales says:

    Brett, are there any good fantasy books besides LotR and Conan the Barbarian?

    1. Fight for your right to party says:

      LotR is not a good fantasy book.

    2. AllThePrettySheep says:

      The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
      The Gormenghast Trilogy
      Malazan Book Of The Fallen
      The Book Of The New Sun

    3. Flying Kites says:

      Julian May’s “Saga of Pliocene Exile was enjoyable. I picked up “The Adversary” while in jail. It’s a mix of sci-fi and fantasy and Luciferian mythos.

  10. Cynical says:

    Judging from the preview, it looks like html tags are no longer allowed, probably to fix the bug/exploit referenced in the above post!

    1. I remember that one. I think they put in a filter eventually. Sort of sad, it was fun wrecking comment threads.

      Pageantry won out as usual.

  11. Christgau says:

    What’s your biggest criticism of your favorite albums?

    1. 1. They aren’t symphonies
      2. Their strengths were not recognized and followed
      3. They were developed into end-points not languages
      4. Too often, they were still composed as songs not parts of a whole
      5. Not enough Satan, sodomy, and eugenics

      1. Balance says:

        Since micro-evolution is real, but no macro, there’s a hard-cap with diminishing returns (good thing too). Besides, if everyone was “great”, then what’s great? You need a contrast with everything.

        My suggestion on eugenics is to not expect it to go into godhood – this isn’t Star Trek. We are not living in a spinning space rock where monkeys can become enlightened aliens or something – that’s modern “science” for ya.

        I think most people are OK, as you’d have to be a godamn troglodyte or insecure monstro-hipster not to like Slayer, and most people instinctively do like it when they’re exposed to it, if that’s your litmus test.

        Bottom line, God is love, and both extreme darwinism and modern Christianity miss the mark here. You have to find that sweet spot like my name implies.

        1. The bell curve is within. Remove everyone under 120, and you will still have a range of intelligences.

          1. Shemale Foot Fisting says:

            The “120 rule” would make life a bit better, and if we’re talking about moderate success as opposed to some unrealistic utopia, then I suppose that’s reasonable, but it’s still a pipe-dream because you’ll need enduring superpowers to seize that much control over the world to change it that way. There always have been “anti-modern dissidents” here and there, or something along those lines, but they never made it far.

            But I think things are fine just the way they are, because even upsetting the balance a little would disrupt it where it would just revert back to the same immutable pattern.

            1. Gnostifarian says:

              Hey buddy we stick to obsessive loathing around here

  12. 666 Converted 666 says:

    Brett I’d never thought I’d see this day, but some war metal can actually be good. Takes a bit to get it into, but it was inevitable that these bands opened up my tight rektum for hatefilled tranny aktion!

    1. War metal is, what, descended from Carnivore, Sarcofago, NON, Blasphemy, Impaled Nazarene, and Beherit? It can be done well, but was the trend to follow “depressive suicidal black metal” or some other trendy hipstarspeak, and so most of the bands in the genre are retarded simpleton commercialized bat feces.

  13. ANAL ASS ANUS says:

    Brett: Have you seen Final Fantasy The Spirits Within?

    1. No, but I am a video retard who only likes bad movies and art films.

      1. Jedediah says:

        What are art films?

        1. It’s a general category I use for “serious” filmmaking. Stuff like Alphaville, Hitchcock, Kurosawa, hipster flings like Begotten, exploratory avantgarde like Tetsuo the Iron Man, even deep space shit like Koyaanisqatsi. Then there’s stuff on the edge like Kubrick (2001), the various Gibson-descended movies, u.s.w.

          1. Lynched says:

            Begotten is one of those film that I wouldn’t sit through again sober and possibly not sober.

          2. Counting the days says:

            Soon enough you’ve found too many movies you enjoy that you can no longer say you hate movies. :(

          3. Twitard says:

            Do you like Twilight Zone from the 50’s, I thought that was nice.

            Lacks trannies though, but can’t have em all…

      2. be kind rewind says:

        Then you will love it

    2. Reg of the PFJ says:

      A video game movie? Yeah, that sounds hella tempting.

      1. naggerz says:

        This is better than any movie in recent memory:


  14. Strijd without keyboards = GAY says:

    Make some Sadistic Metal Reviews already before I die from boredom thank you good day.

    1. Warkvlt is High IQ Music says:

      There’s like a ton of new material to sh-t on.

      – “Moon Healer” Job for a Cowgirl (did they revert back to deathcore?)
      – “The Power of Satan’s Evil” Venom (lol)
      – “Nonagon” Blood Red Throne (ew ew ew)
      – Aborted’s latest abortion (this band sucks so bad it hurts)
      – “Dying of Everything” Obituary (:/)
      – “Unholy Deification” Incantation (not *BAD* but also not Incantation)
      – “War Against All” Immortal (lmfao)
      – Suffocation’s 2023 album (didn’t listen but I assume it’s modern Suffo, :/)

      Also I heard Liturgy – yes, that Liturgy – released an album in 2023/2024… anyone brave enough to sit through it?

  15. Bobby Peru says:

    I have to add here to that when this site says an album is “great” it actually means “unpredictable songwriting that’s not random”, and not necessarily a subjectively likeable album.

    The contrast is kind of like with 80’s vs 70’s movies, everybody loves the 80’s because everything is likeable, but has no realism, while the 70’s shit is more depressing (realistic).

    Personally I like both worlds, like a well-proportioned tranny that has the catchy and the gritty.

  16. thumbs up the ass says:

    Philosophical rambling and trolling aside, this site is still helpful to find good metal. Saves me the trouble of sifting through shit all day to find something listenable. Keep doing the dirty work for us Brett-o.

  17. BIG AIDS says:

    A long time ago I had my hands on a sticker printer that would print any text you’d type in and I did a series of “Chuck Died of AIDS!” just a simple text and put them on actual Death CDs in the one remaining 90s mall style music/movie shop in town. I never knew what came of it but now I am re-inspired to do CHUCK DIED OF AIDS stickers in the Death font and I know someone that can help make it look right. Distribute across the land, on band vans, dive bar venues, let it be known!

  18. horny says:

    Looks like Autopsy and Helstar will be playing this Thursday in Houston. Will we be getting a review from this site?

    1. If someone wants to write one, yes. Unfortunately I could not make it to this show.

  19. Invagus says:

    The first Deathstars album released after changing their name was better than the material they released when they were called Swordmaster. Shinsei Kamattechan have had more cohesive songwriting in songs spread throughout their entire discography (but mainly the first three albums) than there has been in metal for a very long time, perhaps even before the nineties. Sammath fuckin’ rock but I’m afraid that the genre’s tropes are too apparent to the least inquisitive subset of listeners while the elements that would attract more rigorous inquiry are tenuous and short lived at best. The consequence is that the tropes that dummies enjoy get repeated ad nauseam by said dummies while the more arcane elements are foregone because writing interesting music is not an easy task.


    This at least has long melodies that are harmonized with each other in different contexts and a breakdown section that does not use a single guitar chug, opting instead to use harsh vocals while the instruments repeat the theme that the vocalist had presented earlier. The decline of quality in metal music has gotten to such an extent that any musician that reads this website is likely looking for an objective list of what not to do and it comes from the metal bands that we all idolize so much. SAD!

    1. And so, our first job is not to provide that objective list of methods. If you are familiar with the Other Site, you know my distrust of means-over-ends thinking.

      1. Invagus says:

        I’ve come to agree with several articles on that website, been a reader for many years hence my concern at the fact such extraordinary bands I mentioned above that are worth sharing will be ignored in favor of samey copycats (at least I think they’re all extraordinary in some regard or another) I’m under the impression that new songwriters today put more on the line at later ages with less support and less employability, that is of course if they are anticommunist, antisocialist, anti pop culture and truly countercultural. Guess it could be called a resistance and thus something to strive toward instead of enforcing the same mentality people here seem to disparage here. I’ve seen the increase in activity in this blog that has occurred in the last two years or so I guess what I’m trying to do is indeed acknowledge a more Kantian, less Machiavellian concept of both ethics and aesthetics. So I won’t talk more platitudes. I think rap is message as form and in so doing it subverts itself, the platitudes we hear on mainstream websites and magazines about “the culture” seem largely hiphopified; and reactionary progcore instrumentals will not suffice to make something interesting, both sides shall burn for new grass to grow. Perhaps if I were more the type to be in groupchats I’d find answers to some of my questions more quickly. Thankfully there seems to be small group of likeminded people on different platforms and in different countries

        Now, I would like to know what you mean when you say about your favorite albums being ‘languages’ I do not understand what you mean and if it has been explained on DLA or some place in the building that Sacred Elevator is in so please do let me know if I can read more there as well.


        1. First, thanks for reading The Other Side. It’s a challenge.

          I guess what I’m trying to do is indeed acknowledge a more Kantian, less Machiavellian concept of both ethics and aesthetics.

          This is where I started. I am still in love with Kant for a number of reasons. However, a realist measures ethics only in terms of results. Aesthetics are only useful when realistic, although there’s a lot of room there (!!!) which is generally untouched (!!!).

          The Machiavellian/Darwinian angle is simpler… it is a precondition for ethics, a recognition of how things are.

          1. Invagus says:

            You know your stuff forsure. Keep writing, thanks for the insights

  20. M says:

    Check out this performance of Constellations by Coeck (not “cock”):


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