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The Death Metal Underground (DMU) is the net’s oldest and longest-running metal site. It exists to spread two ideas: (a) that heavy metal is a form of art and not “entertainment” and (b) the origins of heavy metal are in the Romantic movement in art and literature, whose imagery and ideals it carries to this day.

It is the sole voice for these ideas. Most people want disposable entertainment that puts no burden of understanding on them. They want something they can project into and then leave without feeling a sense of loss. They don’t want great; they want television in audio form.

With over 25 years experience listening to metal, supporting local scenes, writing about metal and interacting with metalheads and bands, our staff — a diverse group representing artists, technical gurus and professional writers — strive to represent metal for what it is, not how it can be marketed.


jon_wildJon Wild is an unwilling proletarian and aspiring aristocrat. When not navigating the ruins of modern society, or writing for the DMU, he subsists on plant life and wanders the local countryside.


martin_jacobsen-guitar_photoMartin Jacobsen writes the “Analyze it to Life” series where he explores the nuances, details and inner lacework of structure that makes a good metal album. In his spare time, he teaches English and heavy metal in Amarillo, Texas and plays a mean guitar.
brett_stevens-death_metalBrett Stevens writes as a freelance journalist who frequently contributes articles, interviews and reviews. In addition to his columns here, he is the sole author of the Dark Legions Archive and The Heavy Metal FAQ. In his spare time, he is an agrarian and woodsman who prefers to wander the Texas woods in the company of canines.
cory_van_der_polCory van der Pol writes on metal theory and history. A recovered academic, van der Pol now writes mystery thrillers (under a pseudonym) and spends his time cycling the backroads of Syracuse, NY or fishing with his daughter.
mark_crittendenMark Crittenden served as Editor of Death Metal Underground from 2011-2014. A full time worker in Information Technology, Mark became enamored of heavy metal music from early times and has amassed a collection of over 4,000 vinyls which he listens to in a comfy cabin by a lake.