Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon Streaming

Desecresy’s The Mortal Horizon, the best album of the year thus far from the band of liquid evil, is now streaming on Youtube.

Check it out Hessians and buy the CD when it comes out in a couple weeks. This video is almost certainly a lossily compressed MP3 (or even worse: a recorded stream) that was uploaded to Youtube and lossily compressed some more by some script kiddie:

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6 thoughts on “Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon Streaming”

  1. sorry to disappoint you guise but JewTube doesn’t accept lossless audio yet

  2. you're gay says:

    when I think of liquid evil, it’s either diarrhea or liquor (or both)

    not these fuckers

  3. liquid evil (diarrhea) says:

    The 2nd album is ok, the rest is somewhere between boring and bad. The formula is not working anymore and it’s getting bouncy. This might be their worst yet.

    1. Svmmoned says:

      Chasmic Transcendence and Stoic Death FTW.

  4. Yet another random asshole says:

    The Doom Skeptron is really all you need from this band. Same formula on each album. The snare sounds like a plastic trash can lid on this new one.

    For those who want to listen and not support Google/YouTube:

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