Master’s Hammer – Live in Prague, 13th June 2017

Master’s Hammer played their first live show in over twenty five years recently at the Futurum bar in Prague this June. Most of the set, which entirely consisted of tracks from Ritual, was filmed by Tomáš Havránek who uploaded it to his Youtube channel. The performances are excellent and energetic so fans of the band should watch it. Word of warning, the presence of nude models makes this not safe for American workplaces in contrast to the Cronenbergian imagery our staff loves.

Not even the presence of tattooed nude models dressed as Baphomet, Nergal from Behemoth dueting with Franta Storm for “Jáma pekel”, and Nergal going full fanboy and showing the crowd his original LPs in a pathetic attempt to prove he is one of them could kill the performance. Central European black metallers  should check them out at Brutal Assault 2017  and Norwegians at Bjorgvin Black Mass 2017.

Set list

  1. Pád modly
  2. Geniové
  3. Černá svatozář
  4. Vracejte konve na místo
  5. Jáma pekel

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7 thoughts on “Master’s Hammer – Live in Prague, 13th June 2017”

  1. aol instant messenger says:

    I wonder who takes themselves more seriously, Fanta Storm or Tom G. Warrior

    1. Tom G. Warrior definitely.

      1. ttt says:

        Who’s Fanta Storm?

  2. Syphilis says:

    Iron Maiden has a better mascot.

  3. Svmmoned says:

    Baphomet’s carefully trimmed cunt took away all credibility of the visual aspect.

  4. GTFO says:

    These guys have always been a joke.

    Metalwise, a joke.
    Ideologically, a joke.
    Boring music, lame occultish book lyrics.

    Kinda ok demos, boring first album, and a second album full of hilarious stupid shit.


    Oh, and do stop pandering that Eliphas Levi (THAT IS THE JEW-VERSION) of “Baphomet”, the one made up by frightened Judeo-Christianity.

    1. fenrir says:

      Wrong wrong wrong. You just don’t understand.

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