What does it take to destroy metal?


People think like they eat, so when someone talks about heavy metal being destroyed, they envision it being completely consumed like a donut before coffee. In reality, destruction is more like tainting, namely that if I spill a thousandth of a drop of nerve gas on your donut, you won’t want to eat it, ever.

Heavy metal can be destroyed if enough of it becomes hogwash that the smart people flee. Someone would say that has already happened, but I go for the more cheerful “in progress” designation. When a certain amount — say, 20% — of people surrounding metal are the same idiots that one finds everywhere else, or worse highly specialized types of idiots like hipsters, then the good people abandon the genre and it becomes swallowed up by people who do not understand it. They quickly convert it into the Same Old Thing the way they do to every genre and soon it sounds a lot like regular rock music with some heavy distortion and a metal riff now and again. It “lives on” in a different form, but for practical purposes, it is dead.

With revelations emerging that SJWs in punk bands who banned Disma from the Netherlands Deathfest wanted to go after another band first, but when they couldn’t find an excuse for a beatdown there had to attack Disma instead, it has become clear to metalheads that they are under attack. Because of the way SJWs behave, you can no longer not take a side; you are either with the SJWs, or their enemy, in their view. This is driving many metalheads to the anti-censorship side because, independent of political view, we realize that allowing bully gangs to form lynch mobs to witch hunt “bad” thought will result in the destruction of metal.

These incursions are part of a larger pattern. When Mastodon gets shamed and forced to apologize for having scantily-clad women in their hard rock videos, and then Metalgate was launched when SJWs tried to censor non-SJWs on metal mailing lists, it seemed that it was a cluster of events. Then we saw SJWs faking the news and a series of new attacks on actual metal bands by these pretenders. There’s a list of articles published since AD 2000 in which journalists and their lackeys in certain hipster bands and labels push for guilt that leads to censorship. In their view, there is one good way to be, and everyone else is pure bad. Like a light switch: it’s either set to “Full SJW” or it is off, and you should feel bad.

What is frightening about this is how easily SJWs can succeed. Different groups have been trying to take over heavy metal for years because heavy metal is a media signal for rebellion that cannot be bought out with ready cash money like every other “movement” in our time. We’re used to politicians pretending to regulate a group when they are in fact working for that group, or journalists representing entrenched political interests while pretending to be objective. When the FBI talks about corruption threatening the soul and fabric of the US, this — in part — is what they mean. It is relatively easy to take over a genre, turn it into a megaphone for political views, and then discard it when the trend is over. Christians, the far-right, the far-left, and other groups have tried to assimilate metal in this way.

Industry is backing the SJW incursion because it will allow them to make a lot of money in the short term and then transition into selling rock music, which is what they do best because it is easy to make a lot of it and if no stronger option, like metal, exists, to sell a lot of it to an audience bored with pop. Like the Republicans, rock and especially heavy rock are the controlled opposition to sugar-pop but if the industry has its way, will not be really all that different. Media supports industry. Apparently, so do the metalfests. We are seeing a situation where once again metal stands alone, hated by all, but this time our enemies are using passive-aggression to try to take over metal, instead of trying to outright ban it.

Those who love metal will be standing up to protect it. Unlike SJWs, the anti-censorship side does not demand that you adopt a political orthodoxy. It simply says that we need to stop pre-filtering music by whether it has the “correct” political outlook, and need to start being more open-minded. Mention any group and you have immediately assumed they are all the same; not all Democrats or all Republicans are identical. Among there, some interpretations of those belief systems are in fact more advanced than others. Having free speech allows, much like natural selection, better ideas to rise to the top, and this means that we all benefit from clearer information. It’s questionable why anyone would want to stop that — well, unless they want to control your minds through music, of course.

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4 thoughts on “What does it take to destroy metal?”

  1. Francis says:

    Nazi bands and people who hate Nazi bands have existed for a very long time, yet you’re framing it as a new phenomenon and product of the current Western context, making your argument kind of fall apart.

    1. LordKrumb says:

      You seem to be missing the point.

      In the past, accusations of immorality and calls for censorship came from people who were distinctly outside the metal community.

      Now, those protests come from hysterical poseurs who have migrated into metal territory, desperate to adopt its edgy aesthetics — but at the same time repulsed by its feral views on life. They’ve realised they can never fit in with — nor be accepted by — the natives, and so have elected themselves as bumbling witch-finders in an attempt to reform metal into a more agreeable neighbourhood.

    2. Nuclear Whore says:

      For me, the novelty is that it is *only a member* of the band.

      It’s not fair for the rest of the band.

      “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” John 8:7

  2. morbideathscream says:

    Metal to me, has always been opposition to mainstream society whether it’s Christians, sjw’s, liberals, sugar pop and other assorted trendies. If metal conforms to mainstream society’s standards it will no longer be metal. The overly PC politics prevalent in punk is what turned me off from getting into that genre or scene. I do like me some Misfits, Discharge and Amebix, but I’m not gonna sit there and listen to a band constantly whine about fascism and racism. It comes as no surprise that there’s sjw’s in many punk bands. That’s the problem with fests like mdf they have just as many punk bands play as they do metal. That’s why sjw’s have alot of say as to what goes hence why disma keeps getting booted. Satan forbid, bands like vitamin c cancel cause there might be a band at the fest with a racist member. What a fucking joke!

    To put it simply, metal is about death, chaos, nihilism, Satan, anti-white light religions and realism. Not about worrying if some crackhead, homosexual or feminist cunt is offended. Of course, industry and other mainstream outlets support sjw’s, they’re on the same side with the same goal. They want a Marxist communist state and any voice of resistance shall be silenced. There’s a reason why us metalheads are social outcasts, we are not part of the collective hive.

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