Sadistic Metal Reviews: Metal as a Service (Mucho, Mucho MaaS)

What happens when something succeeds? It fixates on that success because now it has something to lose. Forget all those stupid alt-right tropes about “hard times make hard men weak, weak times make weak men hard” because they are like most things Right-wing merely a prelude to the type of sodomy that Jesus does not mind. Metal reached its peak in the 1990s with underground death metal and black metal, but now the little people have come in to munch the carcass while loudly demanding attention.



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Citizen X (1995)

In theory, Citizen X focuses on the discovery, prosecution, and capture of “necro-sadist” Andrei Chikatilo, a serial killer who claimed 52 victims whose raped, stabbed, beaten, and chewed-on corpses were found strewn through the woods and fields often years after they were killed.



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Apple Releases New iSpoz™ Social Media Portal

The new Apple iSpoz™:

  • Smaller than the iPod, iPhone, or Apple Watch
  • Communicates through your auditory channels like schizophrenia
  • No keyboard, reads nerve impulses directly from your spine
  • Self-powering from bodily warmth
  • Attractive, Euro-modern design in a tiny package
  • Fits securely in the rectum for secure and uninterrupted use

Available exclusively on Death Metal Underground paired with the war metal or post-metal release of your choice.


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