Petition To Fire Communist Yvette Felarca

A rightfully disgusted Berkeley, Califorinia resident has created a petition to get Communist terrorist organizer Yvette Felarca fired from her job as a middle school humanities teacher in the Berkeley public school district. The resident was horrified at Felarca’s behavior in firebombing the University of California at Berkeley, physically attacking protesters with contrary political opinions to her own, and threatening acts of terrorism against the nightclubs and venues booking metal bands she finds politically incorrect such as Disma and Marduk.

Yvette Felarca runs the Communist and anti-fascist terrorist organization By Any Means Necessary, which advocate the use of violent action to shut down anything and anyone who refuses to chant the Marxist creed. By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is the organization behind the recent Oakland Police Department cancellation of Marduk’s gig and California Deathfest pulling Disma. By Any Means Necessary is also the terrorist group to which confirmed Bolshevik Angela Dancev belongs. Proof:

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13 thoughts on “ Petition To Fire Communist Yvette Felarca”

  1. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Lock them up in Guantanamo, rape them with red hot pokers then beat their heads in with em.

    Too bad McCarthy isn’t around to put a stop to it all.

  2. Marc Defranco says:

    BAMN = Be A Mean Nini

  3. S.C. says:

    A local restaurant in my hometown, that is an institution of our area, got shit all over (figuratively) because the owner would not shut down for a day to participate in a local anti-trump protest with other restaurant. As well the owner is a Trump supporter. But I’m sure his not shutting down was due to money and not politics. Ironically, the restaurant is named Tecelote (Spanish for owl) and employs mostly Mexicans.

  4. Anthony says:

    What’s with all these social justice Asians? The general public is barely tolerating black chimp-outs at this point. What makes the gooks think that they can get away with all of this nonsense when they make more money than us? If she hates whitey so much, maybe she should go back to the Philippines where Duterte will hopefully give her a free helicopter ride.

  5. Shia LeBuff says:

    So the End justifies the Means after all…

  6. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

    You wouldn’t know a confused left-liberal from a real communist if they hit you in the face.

    1. Alex says:

      Are you really trying to make that argument? In DMU? Good luck with that, my man. Good luck.

      1. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

        Yes, when the boredom is right I’m up for impossible challenges.

  7. Exfoliation says:

    The obnoxious child tantrum approach to getting your way makes my brain shut off and stare in awe at their hideous faces and spoiled brat body language

  8. Parasite says:

    You americans… you have the right to form a militia and remove these swine from existance with probable cause but choose to use diplomacy with your ass in the air.

    1. you can only die once says:

      I’d argue its just that these activists are separated from one that would own the land and means to form a militia by many,*many more miles of land. Cities are ticking time bombs and utter drains on the rest of the country and world, less people, less problems. When the shit hits all these fucking shambling helpless babies will die huddled in the cold snatching food from each like the fucking vermin they are, while others will be roughing it in the security of isolation.***************************

      1. Slit the throats of the war pigs says:

        Thinking like that, the real leech is the countryside, people constantly needing a car (SUV often), one for each family member to go anywhere interesting, bad use of surface with needlessly big houses, miles and miles of power lines, telephone lines, etc just to reach one or two families…

        1. says:

          Yeah, fuckers should just live in a single compound…

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